Tell Us If You've Seen These RomComs To Get A Heartthrob Hubby

Alright ladies, time to see who has been watching some romcoms! We know this genre of film may not be for everyone, but we also know there are a ton of people out there who swear by 'em! These heartwarming films tell us all kinds of fascinating tales of love and adventure. While there are usually a few hiccups along the way, we can always bet on a happy ending when it comes to this kind of movie (which is way more than we can say about the action genre)! It is time to see which of these movies have been watched, and which ones should be added to the list of films to see!

In this quiz, we have handpicked 50 popular romcoms. All everyone here has to do is pick out which they have seen, and which they have not. Once we get an idea of where everyone stands with each of these movies, we will be able to pick out the perfect heartthrob hubby for each person! This one is sure to be an entertaining one, so we suggest calling up the gal pals before even starting it. Let's see who ends up with which handsome leading man!

Question 1


Even before George lost his job, he and his wife Linda had been struggling to keep up with their fast-paced Manhattan lifestyle. Not being able to afford their lives anymore, the couple has said goodbye to New York City and have hit the road. Once happening upon a small community called Elysium, they figured all of their prayers had been answered. This new community may be filled with hippies, but it seems like stress, money and clothes just don't exist here!

Question 2

To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Everyone has their own ways of going about dealing with a crush. Some are brave enough to go right up to the person and say something, while others will ignore the feelings until they physically cannot any longer. Lara Jean though, has come up with a completely unique way of dealing with her feelings towards the boys at her school. She has never told a soul about any of here crushes, but she has written everything down. Seen this one?

Question 3


Even though there is plenty of magic to be found in our world, the leading lady from this film actually came from a place that was bursting with the stuff! Giselle was an animated princess from a far away land. Everything about her life was a perfect as a fairytale. Or at least it was, until a wicked witch decided to get involved. The witch cursed away poor Giselle, and now the princess has found herself smack dab in the middle of Time Square!

Question 4

Silver Linings Playbook

This movie teaches us the importance of accepting who we are, and not changing ourselves for anyone else in the world. When Pat discovered he was Bipolar, he immediately started thinking of ways to overcome it and to ultimately become the person he thought his wife wanted. However, after meeting the slightly crazed Tiffany, he began to wonder if he really needed to change himself at all. Sometimes finding someone who's crazy matches our own, is our best chance at true love!

Question 5


Even though Juno did typically try to do things in her own style, she was not exactly planning on becoming the pregnant girl at her high school. However, these things do happen sometimes, and now she has got to figure out a game plan. Not ready to become a parent herself, Juno has decided to give the child up for adoption. It's a wonderful thing to do, but now she is looking at a really awkward 9 months at school.

Question 6

Crazy Rich Asians

When Rachel agreed to travel with her boyfriend Nick to Singapore for his best friend's wedding, she was really only given half of the information. As it turns out, Nick belongs to one of the wealthiest families in all of Asia. To make things even more interesting, he is considered to be the most eligible bachelor in the country. Clearly, his family and friends do not consider his longtime girlfriend Rachel to be the real deal. Should be a fun event!

Question 7

Yes Man

Ever since his wife left him, Carl has been in a downward spiral. He has no motivation at work, he ditches his friends at every opportunity, and his blockbuster rental card is getting way more action than it should. After an intervention thrown by a few of his buddies, Carl has decided to attend a self-help seminar. Of course, he never quite imagined it would change his life as drastically as it has. The key to life apparently? Say YES to everything!

Question 8

About Time

Tim has recently discovered a rather fun fact about himself and the rest of the men in his family. It seems, when the males in his family turn 21, they all come into the ability of time travel. Now that is a birthday gift! While Tim's father has told him of all the cool things he has gone and seen thanks to this power, Tim has a different plan for his. He is going to go back in time and find himself a girlfriend!

Question 9

Along Came Polly

Reuben was never really a risk taker. This trait just intensified when he grew up to be a risk calculator for an insurance company. He is able to asses every possible outcome of any given situation, yet he still wasn't able to predict his wife being unfaithful during their honeymoon. Back home and single, Reuben attends a party with his friend and reconnects randomly with an old classmate. Everything about this girl seems risky, but Reuben can't pull himself away.

Question 10

Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!

Poor Pete was a guy in love with his best friend. Not exactly the first time we've heard this story, right? Well, things are about to get even more complicated for Pete. His best friend Rosalee, has just won a contest to go out on a date with dreamy movie star Tad Hamilton. Thinking it to be just a silly contest, Pete did not stress over it too much. However, Tad has now decided to move to their smalltown, after enjoying his date with Rosalee quite a bit.

Question 11

Under the Tuscan Sun

Frances thought her life was rolling along pretty well, up until an angry writer decided to inform her that her husband was not exactly being loyal to her. After spending months in a state of depression, Frances's best friend finally convinced her to take a trip. While touring through Italy, Frances made an impulsive decision to buy a Tuscan villa. If she was going to be forced into living a brand new life, why not make it a beautiful one?

Question 12

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Cal has recently separated from his wife. This was not exactly his decision, but after his wife asked for a divorce, his hands were pretty much tied. He is now a newly single 40-year old man, and the idea of dating has never seemed scarier to anyone. Luckily for Cal, a handsome young bachelor has just spotted him and agreed to help him out a bit. With a fresh makeover and some new pick up lines, Cal is turning into quite the catch!

Question 13

Easy A

Since Olive had never exactly been the life of the party, she never had to deal with any kind of spotlight before. Her best friend loved attention, so Olive always managed to float by unnoticed. After accidentally starting a rumor about herself though, Olive is beginning to learn what it is like to be the talk of the town. Even though she was able to make the best of it for a while, once rumors start, they have a tendency to change and spread pretty quickly.

Question 14

The Switch

Wally and Kassie were a pair of very close friends. This is why, when Kassie announced her plan to be artificially inseminated, Wally figured he would be her first choice for a donor. However, Kassie decided to go in a different direction. Wally, having one too many cocktails at Kassie's insemination party, decided to switch the donor's cup with one of his own. While he remembered none of this the next morning, he did notice some familiarities when he met Kassie's son 7 years later.

Question 15

Serving Sara

Joe was just a process server trying to get his job done. However, when it became his job to serve Sara with divorce papers, she was ready to avoid him at all costs. Not willing to believe her husband would pull such a dodgy stunt, Sara has just come up with a plan to turn the tables on him. If she can get Joe to agree to serve her husband first, she won't lose the fortune she helped him make during their marriage.

Question 16

The Bounty Hunter

Things had not been going to great for Milo. He was a bounty hunter, but work had been slow for quite some time. When he got the call to bring in his bail jumping ex-wife though, he figured it would be the easiest cash he ever made. Little did he realize, his ex was off on a mission of her own. While the two play an epic game of cat and mouse, they eventually find themselves stuck in some serious trouble together.

Question 17

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Jenny and Matt fell for each other pretty quickly. It was a classic tale of two strangers meeting on the subway. While this was all very romantic at the beginning, it didn't take long for Jenny to show her rather needy true colors. When Matt broke things off, he knew it would be tough, but he never imagined it would be dangerous. As it turns out, Jenny is actually a secret superhero. With powers like hers, there is no limit to the amount of revenge she can get.

Question 18

The Rebound

After Sandy found out that her husband was not exactly the man she thought he was, she was left with no choice but to take the kids and start a new life. Choosing New York City as their new home, Sandy thought she and her kids would be able to meet all kinds of new interesting people. She wasn't wrong, but she didn't really expect for the new interesting person in her life to be 15 years younger than she was.

Question 19


Cher is the daughter of one of the best lawyers in the whole country. Because of who her father is, Cher learned early on how to argue for what she wants in life. Even though she already has just about everything a teenage girl could ever want, she is still missing a boyfriend. While she has been able to argue her way to better grades ever semester, arguing her way to true love may be a little more difficult. Who's seen it?

Question 20

Just Friends

When he was growing up, Chris was known as the big kid in school. While his best friend Jamie was always there for him, he couldn't help feeling trapped in the friendzone. By graduation, Chris had fully accepted that Jamie would never feel the same towards him. That being said, he decided to leave his hometown behind and start a brand new life. He has lost the pounds, earned the cash, now it is time to see if he can finally win the girl!

Question 21

Bridget Jones's Diary

Bridget was ready to make some serious changes in her life. She would be dropping any habits that didn't bring her joy, and she was determined to not fall for anymore men who were bad for her. She would also begin keeping track of her life in a diary. Almost as soon as she started this diary though, everything in her life began to change. With her positive vibes being sent out into the universe, it seems like the universe started sending them right back!

Question 22

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Peter was not exactly the most motivated guy in the world, but he loved his girlfriend and he did still have dreams for their future. However, when his girlfriend decided to break things off, Peter lost whatever small amount of motivation he had completely. To pull himself out of his funk, he has decided to take a trip. Not such a bad plan, but he maybe should have picked a different resort. He is now stuck vacationing with his ex and her new boyfriend. Yikes!

Question 23

50 First Dates

Henry never really pictured himself settling down with anyone. He had lived his life as a bachelor thus far, and things had been working out well for him. That being said, after meeting the charming Lucy while out for breakfast one morning, he was surprised by how much he liked her. Attempting to run into her again the next day, Henry was confused when she acted like she had never seen him before. That's when he discovered that Lucy had no short term memory at all.

Question 24

It's Complicated

Love triangles can be tricky for the young and infatuated, but they become even more complicated when the people involved all happen to be over 50 and either married or divorced. Jane had been divorced from Jake for years, but after just one meal, she has found herself playing the role of the "other woman" in his life. To make matters even messier, recently divorced Adam has started to fall in love with the already entangled Jane. Who's seen it?

Question 25

My Best Friend's Girl

When Dustin first started dating Alexis, he couldn't believe his good fortune. This girl was everything he had ever wanted in a partner. That being said, when she broke things off because he was coming on too strong, he became desperate to win her back. He enlisted the help of his best friend, who agreed to take Alexis on a truly awful date, hopefully sending her back into the arms of Dustin. A solid plan, except now Dustin's friend has fallen for her too.

Question 26


Had Annie's best friend announced her engagement any other time, she would have been the best maid of honor in the world. However, the news came just as Annie was hitting the lowest part of her adult life. Her business was shut down, her boyfriend left her, and now she was living with her mother again. Even though she is happy for her best friend, hiding her jealousy is not exactly going to be an easy thing for her to do.

Question 27

I Feel Pretty

Living in a city like New York, can be tough on those who feel self conscience on a daily basis. Take Renne for example. She is successful and beautiful, but with all the models walking around everywhere, she has never been able to view herself in this light. Not until she hit her head anyway. After waking from a fall, Renee sees herself in an entirely new light. Thinking her body has magically changed, Renee is walking around with more confidence than ever before!

Question 28

The Princess Switch

Stacey is the kind of girl who plans out every second of everyday. Even though her best friend is always trying to get her to take risks, she prefers to know exactly how things are going to play out. After her friend secretly enters her into a world famous baking contest though, Stacey finds herself in the middle of a situation she could have never possibly predicted. Without her day planner to fall back on, she has no idea what she is going to do.

Question 29

Couples Retreat

When a group of friends agreed to go on a vacation together, they thought they were signing up for a week of hanging on the beach and getting pampered. However, once arriving at the resort selected by one of their friends, they all realized they would be spending their vacation at a couples retreat. Since counseling is mandatory, each of the couples is finding out about issues in their relationships that they didn't even know were there! Who's seen it?

Question 30

Obvious Child

Donna was kind of working as a stand-up comedian, though keeping a steady gig was not exactly one of her strong suits. In fact, Donna was struggling with just about every grown up aspect of her life. She couldn't keep a job, she didn't have an apartment, and most nights, she was more concerned with having fun than any of these real life issues. That being said, Donna has now just figured out that she is with child. This is one issue she can't ignore.

Question 31

13 Going on 30

For 13 year old Jenna, being popular means everything. Even though her best friend Matty thinks she is perfect just the way she is, Jenna is determined to win over the cool kids. When her plan to do this doesn't exactly work out, Jenna finds herself making a birthday wish to be done with high school and to be a successful (and beautiful) 30 year old. Of course, she didn't actually think she would wake up to this reality the next day.

Question 32

The Princess Diaries

Mia was used to being the invisible girl in town. Even though she didn't really mind it, it would be nice if just one of the cute boys at school noticed her. When an estranged relative shows up for a surprise visit, quiet Mia discovers she is actually the princess of a far off country. Not only does she have the boy's attention now, but just about everyone's in the world as well. Who here has seen this classic romcom?

Question 33


Charlotte and Kevin were as in love as a new couple could be. When Kevin finally decided to propose to Charlotte, she was over the moon with excitement. This excitement lasted all the way up until the point she met Kevin's mom. Clearly, his mother is not yet ready to lose her son to another woman, and when we say she will do anything to ensure the wedding doesn't happen, we truly mean anything! Maybe wait before purchasing a dress Charlotte.

Question 34

Leap Year

Anna has been waiting years for her boyfriend to pop the question, but as the anniversaries keep passing, she is yet to have a ring on her finger. After learning of an Irish tradition where a woman can propose to her man on February 29th, she thinks it will make for the perfect surprise. However, after a few mishaps, Anna finds herself in Ireland with a completely different man. Maybe she had been planning on proposing to the wrong guy this whole time!

Question 35

Just Like Heaven

After losing his wife, David decided he needed a fresh start somewhere new. He found a gorgeous new apartment in San Francisco, though the place wasn't as welcoming as he had been hoping. Almost as soon as he moved in, he began being pestered by the ghost of the woman who had lived their previously. Not being able to shake the spirit, David and the ghost start spending quite a bit of time together. How on Earth is this kind of relationship ever going to work?

Question 36

Kate & Leopold

Kate is very much a modern woman. She is driven by her desire for success, and cares very little about finding true love. Leopold on the other hand, is a man from the 1800s. Being a man of status, he has been reluctant to fall for any women, thinking their motives may not be trustworthy. When a rip in the fabric of time sends Leopold into our world though, he and Kate both may be in for the romantic ride of their lives.

Question 37

When in Rome

Even though Beth was born and raised in New York, she has managed to cling onto the notion that true love is in fact a real and achievable thing. With no one else in her life believing the same to be true, Beth hops on a plane to Rome. See, there is a fountain in Rome that is said to be able to bring love to anyone. Determined to find her happy ending, Beth begins plucking coins from this magical fountain.

Question 38

Something Borrowed

On Rachel's 30th birthday, she made one of the biggest mistakes a girl can make. After one too many cocktails, Rachel found herself in bed with her best friend's fiance. To be fair, Rachel had been in love with the guy since before her best friend had even met him, but the betrayal was still the same. With her own feelings for the guy still very much alive, Rachel must decide which relationship means more to her. Who's seen it?

Question 39

Fever Pitch

Ben and Lindsey were a new couple, but they were surprisingly a really good fit. They didn't have too much in common, but sometimes being different just makes things more exciting.This is what Lindsey was thinking before baseball season started anyway. Ben may just be the biggest Red Sox fan on the planet, and while Lindsey understands nothing about the sport, she is thinking she either has to get on board, or find a new boyfriend. Who has seen this one?

Question 40

Definitely, Maybe

Will was an excellent father. Even though his marriage did not exactly play out the way he had hoped, at least he got his amazing daughter out if it. While in the middle of his divorce proceedings, his daughter asked how he had met her mother in the first place. Will begins a story involving three different women he had dated, changing each of their names, so that his daughter has to guess which is actually her mom. Who's seen it?

Question 41

Chasing Liberty

Anna doesn't exactly have the normal life of a teenager. Her father just happens to be the country's top dog, so naturally, things like dating are a bit tough for her to get away with. While on a trip to Europe with her father, Anna successfully manages to escape the secret service agents in charge of guarding her, and meets a very handsome boy from England. The two take on a romantic adventure together, but when Anna finds out he was actually hired by her father, all of her feelings change.

Question 42

Friends with Kids

After watching everyone else in their lives settle down and have children, Adam and Julie began working on a plan for their own futures. The two friends both wanted to have a child, but neither of them wanted a relationship. Their plan? Have a child together, but raise it as two best friends instead of a married couple. The co-parenting thing was going great, up until they both started relationships with other people. Sometimes, we only know what we want once it's too late.

Question 43

Bride and Prejudice

Lalita and her three sisters have all reached an age where marriage seems appropriate. Their parents, being extremely traditional, start a hunt to find the perfect suitors for each of their daughters. All of them but Lalita are on board with this. Lalita wants to find her own husband, and to her, true love is a bigger factor than finances. After meeting the very non-traditional William, she is thinking she may have finally met her match. Who's going to tell her parents?

Question 44

Isn't It Romantic

At a young age, Natalie was told by her mother that romance just wasn't in the cards for her. This was about as damaging as one could imagine. Growing up thinking there was nothing desirable about herself, Natalie has instead invested all of her time into becoming a successful architect. However, after hitting her head rather hard, Natalie has awoken to find herself stuck in a real-life romantic comedy! It's time for Natalie to confront her demons, and maybe sing a song or two.

Question 45

A Cinderella Story

When Sam lost her dad at a young age, she thought things were as bad as they could get. However, the older she got, the worse things became. Now the adopted daughter of a wicked stepmother, Sam must play slave in her very own house. Even with her homelife being as rough as it was, Sam found a bright light in a secret texting companion. She has no idea who he is, but receiving messages from him is always the best part of her day.

Question 46

Just My Luck

Ashley is without a doubt the luckiest girl in the world. Things had just always worked out for her in the best ways possible. However, after attending a costume party where she met a handsome stranger, everything about her good fortune changed. Convinced that the kiss she shared with this stranger lead to the loss of her luck, she is now on a mission to track him down and get back what is rightfully hers. How does one go about stealing luck?

Question 47

The House Bunny

Shelley had always been a beautiful girl. After becoming a member of Hugh Hefner's squad right out of school, she never really had to do too much learning about the real world. That being said, now that she is turning 27, she is being told her best years are behind her. Looking for a new place to call home, Shelley finds herself on a college campus. She meets a sorority full of misfits, and figures she may have finally found a good use for her unique abilities.

Question 48

Legally Blonde

Elle Woods had it all. She was beautiful, she was clever, and most importantly, she had the dream guy. Or at least she did, until he broke things off right before heading to Harvard Law School. After telling Elle she simply was not smart enough to be with him, she decided to prove him wrong. Get ready Harvard, Elle Woods is coming and she will be wearing more pink than any other student on campus! Who has seen this classic?

Question 49

What a Girl Wants

Daphne grew up not knowing who her father was. Her mother had told her stories of him, but never a name. Now that she is old enough though, Daphne is going out to find answers on her own. It didn't take long for her to track him down actually, since it turns out he is in fact the head of a very important family. Now the only question left is: can this New York City girl adjust to high society English life?

Question 50

She's the Man

Viola was crushed to find out that her school had cancelled its girls soccer team. Thinking she would try out for the boys team instead, she was left even more ticked off when told there was no way a girl could play at the same level as the boys. Angry and determined, Viola has come up with a plan to prove she is better than any of the guys on the team. The plan? Become one of the guys herself!

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