Tell Us How Many Of These Netflix Shows You've Seen And We'll Tell You If It's Too Many

Alright binge-watchers, time to figure out who has really seen it all! While back in the day binge-watching was not exactly possible, now with streaming sites like Netflix, we have unlimited watching material. That being said, it is not everyone who can really sit through it all.

It takes a special kind of TV watcher to be able to make it through everything Netflix has to offer. In this quiz, we have listed some of the more popular and some of the lesser-known Netflix series. Once we get to the bottom of how many of these shows each person has actually seen, we will be able to tell who has watched too many, and who can still stand to squeeze in a few more! Who's ready for this ultimate Netflix quiz?

Question 1


For FBI agents Holden and Bill, catching a criminal means a lot more than just following a few bits of evidence. These guys must fully understand the mind of the criminal they are after, if they wish to have any hopes in bringing them to justice. Who has seen this popular series?

Question 2


When an average family man tries his hand at money-laundering, he finds himself in way over his head. In an effort to escape the men he owes money to, he moves his entire family to the middle of nowhere. While they try to keep each other safe, they slowly start to learn things they never knew about one another.

Question 3


Even though they had never met each other before, 8 people from various parts of the world began to see the same violent visions all at once. Before they knew it, they could feel their minds connect. These 8 strangers now have the ability to read each other's thoughts and actions.

Question 4

Luke Cage

After an experiment went wrong, Luke Cage was left with superhuman strength and skin tougher than steel. Even though he is basically invincible now, all he wants is to lead a quiet life in the city that he loves. Too bad he can't seem to stay out of trouble for longer than a day!

Question 5

Master of None

Dev is just a young single guy living in New York City. While he has the whole world right in front of him, he can't seem to make a decision to save his life. Whether we are talking dating or profession, Dev has no idea what he wants from life.

Question 6

On My Block

While this series is very much a comedy, since it is about the lives of four friends all trying to make it through high school, there are obviously some tough times along the way as well. Their life-long friendships are about to be put to the ultimate test. Who's seen it?

Question 7


Back in the 80s, the world was facing an epidemic. With criminals running the streets and black market products popping up left and right, law enforcement had to come up with new ways to fight the wars taking place right in their very own neighborhoods. Who here has seen this popular series?

Question 8

One Day at a Time

Here we have an emotional comedy series, about the ups and downs of family life. We watch as Penelope raises her two children on her own, works as a full-time nurse, and still finds time to hang out with her own mom. Not all superheros wear capes! Who's seen it?

Question 9


Bean is just an average medieval princess. While her father wishes for her to be more ladylike and to find a worthy man to marry, Bean would much rather hang at the local bar with her friends Elfo and Luci. It seems no matter what age we live in, impressing our parents is always difficult!

Question 10

Stranger Things

The day Will Byers went missing, everything in his small town changed forever. As authorities, his family, and his friends all take their own approach to finding him, they each begin to discover some heavily concealed secrets. Once the doors start to open, the inhabitants of this town may find it pretty hard to close them up once again.

Question 11

Black Mirror

Instead of following one storyline, this series takes on a completely new story in every single episode. The actors and characters are always new, though the meaning behind each story is usually the same. The ultimate message in this one? We should all be wary of how much trust we place in technology!

Question 12

Peaky Blinders

Back in the year 1919, Thomas Shelby and his family were running one of the most successful criminal gangs in all of Britain. That being said, when Thomas began to realize that a legitimate business might actually pay better than an illegal one, he started contemplating how to turn his life around.

Question 13

Big Mouth

Now here is an animated series most people can relate to. In this show, we watch as these cartoon kids enter into the scary puberty phase of life. Their bodies are doing things they never thought possible, and all the while they are just hoping none of the other kids notice.

Question 14


When two mentally unstable people meet at a trial testing out a new pharmaceutical-drug, they feel an instant pull towards each other. While the hired testers are instructed to stay away from one another, these two just can't seem to avoid bumping into each other. Who's seen this popular series?

Question 15


Sam is a teen who happens to be on the autism spectrum. Because if this, his mother has always been very protective. That being said, Sam is finally ready to start making some independent decisions. Now that he is taking control over his own life, he is feeling like he may be ready to find love.

Question 16

BoJack Horseman

Once upon a time, BoJack was a famous television star. While his show used to be all the rage in the 90s, these days he has all but been forgotten. Not for long though! BoJack is planning a comeback, but first he will have to get used to the new Hollywood.

Question 17

Lady Dynamite

Maria Bamford plays herself in the popular comedy series. The show tells the story of how she seemingly lost everything after spending six months in a recovery center dealing with her bipolar disorder. Now that she is back and better though, she is ready to start rebuilding her life and reputation.

Question 18

House of Cards

In this Netflix series, we watch a man and his wife plot and scheme their way to power. While they both put on excellent poker faces while around important members of their community, when they are alone, we get to hear of all their wicked plans to one day take over control of the entire country.

Question 19


Ruth had just about given up on her Hollywood dreams for good, when an unexpected chance for fame presented itself. While she had always pictured herself starring in big blockbuster films, she is now starting to think that being the star of a women's wrestling program could be just as rewarding!

Question 20

Everything Sucks!

Here we have a series that was basically made for 90s kids. In this show, we watch as a group of high school misfits living in the 90s try to make the best out of their boring lives. With nobody around them taking them seriously, they are planning something big to get themselves noticed.

Question 21

F Is for Family

While some shows paint the picture of suburban family life as a happy and peaceful existence, this animated series takes a different approach. Frank Murphy is the head of his household, but thanks to his never ending rants on just about everything, his kids and wife have long ago stopped listening to him.

Question 22

Orange Is the New Black

When Piper Chapman was sentenced to hard time for a crime she had committed in her youth, she figured she would keep her head down and power through until her release date. However, the more time she spends locked up, the more trouble she seems to find herself in. There will be no early release for this inmate!

Question 23

Alias Grace

Here we have a heartbreaking tale that was actually based around some very real 19th-century events. When a poor Irish immigrant girl gets arrested for a truly brutal crime, she winds up getting sentenced to a life behind bars. Her time spent locked up, wound up making her one of the most notorious women of her time.

Question 24

Good Girls

These three women have decided to take control of their destinies. They each have households to run and families to raise, but the money just hasn't been coming in. Instead of waiting for a miracle, these ladies have decided to take what they deserve! Or at least, what they think they deserve.

Question 25

The Crown

She may have only been 25 at the time, but the leading lady in this series had no choice but to take over the throne after the passing of her father. While she tries to learn how to properly rule over a country, she is also left dealing with the average struggles of a 25 year old woman.

Question 26

The Umbrella Academy

On one seemingly normal afternoon, 43 infants were born around the world. Since none of their mother's had been pregnant that morning, it was a fairly bizarre phenomenon. One wealthy man decided to adopt as many of the children as possible, knowing full well there would something special about each one.

Question 27


Nothing about Joe's life made him seem like anything other than a kind normal guy. He managed a local bookstore, he looked out for the little boy next door, and he seemed to have an innocent crush on a pretty girl. That being said, when his innocent crush turns into something more, we start to learn a few unnerving facts about Joe.

Question 28

No Good Nick

A family is thrown into complete chaos, after they decide to take in a homeless girl claiming to be their long lost relative. The girl clearly seems to have a grudge against the family, but she pretends to play nice, while secretly trying to break them down from the inside of their own home.

Question 29

Santa Clarita Diet

Sheila and her family were living a pretty awesome life, up until she fell ill with some mysterious disease. While she did manage to survive this bout of sickness, she was left feeling quite a bit different after coming around. For some reason, Sheila is feeling more like a zombie than a mom these days.

Question 30

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones once had big plans to become one of the world's greatest superheroes. That being said, after spending years as a wicked villain's captive, she has long since given up on those plans. These days, she is working as a private investigator, but she still has a few powers up her sleeve.

Question 31

The 100

Years after humanity was forced into space due to a nuclear war, they have finally started to run out of supplies. Needing a planet more than ever, the men and women in charge of the orbiting spaceship have decided to send 100 teens down to check out Earth's viability. Some chaperons probably would have been a good idea!

Question 32


In this series, we see a whole new side to the characters of the classic Archie comics. In this version of their story, things are much darker and everyone seems to be holding back a secret or two. Hopefully, if they stick together, they'll all manage to make it to graduation.

Question 33

Grace and Frankie

Just as these women thought there were no surprises left, their husbands announced they would be leaving them to be with each other instead. Not having much in the way of options, it looks like these women are going to have to move in together or face living alone for the first time in decades.

Question 34

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

She spent 15 years in an underground bunker, but now that she is free, she is feeling like the entire world is her oyster. While everyone in New York City tries to squash her upbeat attitude, Kimmy knows that nothing on Earth could ever burst her bubble! Who's seen it?

Question 35

13 Reasons Why

When Hannah Baker decided to take her own life, nobody knew what to make of it. While her parents try to get to the bottom of what could have possibly lead her to make such a decision, the kids at her school start to learn exactly why she did what she did.

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