Tell Us About Yourself And We'll Guess Your Major


Okay, you are the new man (or woman) on campus this year, and you need a major to commit to. It can be really hard to pick one of the many majors that are offered at your school, but maybe your personality can help you to decide which major is the right one for you to choose. Perhaps you are more shy person that enjoys working on their own, well a major that likes to be in the spotlight wouldn’t be for you, would it? Likewise, if you are an extrovert and get a charge from being around people, you wouldn’t want a major that has work done by yourself all of the time either, right?

Using that logic, we're going to try to figure out exactly what it is you chose to major in. We bet we can get it on the first try, and barring that, well, maybe you break the mold doing whatever it is that you're doing.

So, try to fool us or see if you're on the right path and doing exactly what you're built to do. This quiz will let you know if you made the right choice...and if you haven't yet, then hopefully it'll point you in the right direction!

1What's your ideal Friday night?

TGIF! It's Friday and you have the world at your fingertips because it's the best night of the week! What do you choose to do during this night of freedom? Do you want to do, do catch up on some alone time, do you want to rage, do you want to keep up with the competition, or do you want to help others?

2Favorite sport?

Although sports might not be everyone's thing, everyone has to have a small appreciation for them. Whether you watch them on TV, play them, or just listen to others talk about them, you understand that they can be fun. So out which sport speaks to you the most?

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