Tell Us About Your Kid And We'll Guess If They're A Boy Or A Girl

Moms of girls, moms of boys, moms of girls and boys... let's take a small time-out from your long day of skillful parenting and play a little game. Put the kiddos down for a nap, put on a brainless television show in the background, and let's see if by answering these quick questions, we can guess which gender your child is. Have more than one kiddo? No problem! Just choose one of them (make it your favorite one- just kidding. Kind of.)

Seriously though, answer the questions on this quiz with just one child in mind, favorite or not (wink, wink). Consistency will give us the best shot at accurately guessing if said child is a girl or a boy. Or maybe he is a boy with girly tendencies, or maybe she is a girl with boyish tendencies. Anything goes nowadays, so let's get on with it!

After these quick questions, we bet we can totally tell if you are the parent of a little princess or a little prince. Or, you know, a little witch or a little devil (depends on the day, we get it). Do you think we can do it? The only way to find out is to take this quiz. And, go!


Question 1

Which of these toys would your child rather play with?

This is a pretty straightforward question, with a very straightforward answer. It comes down to a traditional boy toy, the Hulk, versus a traditional girl toy, My Little Pony. Of course, any child of any gender can play with either one, but which your child is most likely to choose will help us with our guess!

Question 2

What does your child want to be when he or she grows up?

This is a question with an answer that changes by the week, or maybe even more often! From a very young age, kids have very strong ideas about what they want to be when they grow up, from an astronaut to a princess mermaid and everything in between.

Question 3

What are your child's favorite books?

Bedtime stories (or stories anytime) are par for the course as a parent. Many times, kids like to read the same few books over and over again. As parents, that can get old quickly, but one thing that we will never tire of is seeing children get joy out of reading.

Question 4

What is your child's favorite thing to wear?

Kids often have very strong opinions when it comes to their wardrobe. This could be an outlet for creative expression... or a total disaster. But every kid has gone to school looking a little crazy at least once. Hey, it is all a part of being a kid. What is your kid's favorite thing to wear?

Question 5

Where is your child's favorite place to play?

Kids nowadays have the luxury of so many cool places to play. Besides the typical playroom, treehouse, or friend's house, there are children's museums, inflatable bounce house places, zoos, malls with play areas, etc. The sky is the limit for fun things to do for children!

Question 6

Who is your child's favorite Disney character?

One of the best parts about being a kid is the magical world of Disney. It is so wondrous and elaborate and easy to get sucked into. At the end of the day when they are tired but still want the magic, you can just pop in a movie and the rest will take care of itself as they are transported into the enchanting land of Disney. It is a godsend for parents.

Question 7

Which word best describes your child?

Every kid could be described in so many different ways, but more often than not, there are a few adjectives that totally describe your child's personality more than others would. From these words, which most closely describes your little one?

Question 8

What is on your child's Christmas or birthday list?

Anytime a child knows he or she is getting presents, it is pretty much all they can think about. If their birthday is in July, you can bet they are talking about their party by January. And when school lets out for the summer, Christmas is already on their minds. So any parent should have a pretty good idea of what is on their kid's wish list.

Question 9

What does he or she want to be for Halloween?

Kids know what they want when it comes to the one night of the year they can dress up like whomever they want. From Princess Elsa to Captain America, some costumes are more popular than others, and some kids want to be the same thing every single year! How about your kiddo?

Question 10

What is your kid's favorite movie?

When your child has a favorite movie, it will likely become your least favorite movie very quickly. This is because kids get fixated on what they like, and for awhile, it is the only thing they will want to watch. Hopefully, they get fixated on one that is not too annoying.

Question 11

It is pouring down rain. Your child...

Rain is super fun when you are a kid- that is, if your mom or dad is cool enough to let you go out and play in it. Then again, some kids like to stay nice and clean and dry and prefer to play indoors, anyway. And when it comes to babies, sometimes they are mesmerized just sitting by the window and staring out at the falling drops.

Question 12

Where does your child most want to go on vacation?

A vacation is something super exciting for a kid. To change up the daily routine is huge for them, and it could be a good or a bad thing. Some kids do not deal well with change, while others love it. Where would your child most like to visit during a vacation?

Question 13

What has been your biggest parenting struggle?

Unfortunately, when it comes to parenting, the list of struggles is long, and it only ever seems to get longer. While it is the most rewarding job in the world, it is also the hardest, and there is no arguing that. If you had to name your biggest struggle thus far, what would it be?

Question 14

What are you a pro at?

Depending on the age of your child, maybe the only kid skill you have mastered as of right now are the gross things like changing diapers and wiping puke off of yourself (and everything else). But if your child is older, maybe you have become quite skillful at things like tea parties and ninja warrior play-flights.

Question 15

What is your child most excited to learn about?

There is an exception to every rule of course, but in general, depending on your child's gender, certain subjects at school are likely to be easier for them to pick up. And often times, kids enjoy the subjects that are easier for them to learn. What does your kiddo like best to learn about?

Question 16

How gross is your child, on a scale of 1-10?

All kids are gross to a certain point; they just are. From the moment they are born, babies poop, drool, and spit up on everything. But some kids continue their grossness on into adulthood. Little boys, in particular, love burps, farts, and anything stinky. Where does your child fall on this scale?

Question 17

Most of your kid's friends are...

One of the great things about being a kid is that before puberty sets in, it is easy to have friends of both sexes. However, a lot of kids gravitate toward those of their own gender much earlier than puberty, and long before they figure out the opposite sex may have "cooties".

Question 18

Your child most wants a...

Most kids want siblings, unless they already have them (a classic case of human nature, wanting what you can't have). Alternatively, if a child has all brothers, they will probably wish for a sister, and vice-versa. Or maybe they have their own reasons for which gender of a sibling they would prefer.

Question 19

What is your child's favorite board game?

Board games are a great indicator of gender to those of us trying to guess the gender of your child. Most kids love to play one kind of board game or another, and luckily for them, there are so many to choose from, with more coming out every day.

Question 20

Which chore is your child best at?

Chores are something most kids hate doing, and if we are being honest, they are something that parents dread, as well. It would be faster to do it ourselves, and we would do it better. And more to the point, the nagging and enforcing of said chores is torturous. But in order to ensure productive adults, chores must be done.

Question 21

When you were pregnant with your child, what was his or her heart rate?

There is little one can do while pregnant to predict gender, other than the ultrasound about halfway through the pregnancy. But there is no shortage of old wives' tales. The one thing that might be reliable (but is not true on every case), is heart rate, as it is said that boys generally have a heart rate under 140 beats per minute, and girls will have a heart rate over 140 beats per minute.

Question 22

What is your child's favorite make-believe/dress-up costume?

Kids' abilities to play make-believe shows just how amazing their imaginations are. You could leave them to it for hours and they would make up an entire fantasy world and be completely lost in it until you yell that it's time for dinner. Parents just want their kids to experience that innocence for as long as humanly possible.

Question 23

What mythical creature does your child think is the coolest?

Mythical creatures are the things stories and fairy tales are made of, and I am not sure how great any of our childhoods would have been without them. Trolls, mermaids, leprechauns, dragons, unicorns, and more are all very memorable parts of growing up, and they are fun to believe in.

Question 24

What is your child fascinated by?

Kids all go through phases, which is only natural. Little boys might be obsessed with trucks for a year, then move on to space ships. Girls might obsess over horses, the move on to nail polish. What is your kid most fascinated by at the moment?

Question 25

What is your child most afraid of?

Unfortunately, being afraid of things is part of growing up, and being a kid. All kids are afraid of something at some point, and one of the most common fears is a monster under the bed or in the closet, the boogeyman, bad dreams, bad guys, etc. What scares your child?

Question 26

What was your child's birthday party theme?

Just walk into any Party City or Target and you will be bombarded by birthday party choices, choices, choices. On one hand, it is fun to have so much to choose from, but on the other, choices mean a lot more dawdling for the birthday boy or girl. Kids like so many different things, so it is best to go birthday party shopping alone, if you have the option.

Question 27

Who did/does your 5-year-old want to marry when they are older?

As we know, young children (especially those around the age of kindergarten, for some reason) always want to marry their parents. Girls tell their dads they want to marry them, and boys tell their moms the same thing. And they have a hard time understanding why they cannot, which is both disturbing and hilarious.

Question 28

What is your child's favorite cartoon?

When parents need a break, cartoons can be a great babysitter! Kids probably have too much screen time these days, between TV, iPads, tablets, computers, and smart phones. But there is something to be said for educational games and programs. What is your kid's favorite run-of-the-mill, non-educational cartoon?

Question 29

Which animal is your little one most excited to see at the zoo?

A trip to the zoo is one of the best parts of the summer, a day off school or the weekend. There are so many cool animals to see up close that we would never get to see otherwise. Plus, most zoos have a playground, and some even have trains and carousels. What's not to love?

Question 30

What is your child's favorite candy/dessert?

Anyone who has children knows what devilish little sweet-tooths they can be. They will do anything for a sucker, cotton candy, chocolate, or pretty much anything else that falls under the candy/treat/dessert category. This makes bribing rather easy, but it makes the trip to the dentist less than fun.

Question 31

Which craft would your child be most excited to make?

There are so many cool crafts available from Wal-Mart, craft stores, and online. Whether it is a rainy day, a birthday party, or your kid just likes arts and crafts, in the day and age, he or she will never run out of creative and fun options. So which of the following would your child choose?

Question 32

Your child has a dentist appointment, and afterward gets to pick something from the prize bucket. What do they choose?

Parents see a so-called prize box and think to themselves, "Oh, crap. More cheap crap to get left on the floor and stepped on." Kids see a prize box, and their whole face lights up and it is like the coolest thing in the world... for the duration of the car ride home. Hey, whatever gets them excited about a trip to the dentist.

Question 33

Which pet does your child have/want?

If kids are lucky enough to have a pet growing up, hopefully it will teach them responsibility and compassion. Of course, this depends entirely on which kind of pet they have, and how strict you as the parent are about making sure they do a good job taking care of it.

Question 34

What is your child's favorite color?

It is no secret that generally, girls gravitate toward colors like pink and purple, while boys gravitate toward the blues and the greens. Whether this is because they were raised that way is up for debate, but as it stands now, these are the gender stereotypes, and have been for a long time.

Question 35

Which TV mom can you most relate to?

Sometimes in life, and especially as a parent, all you can do is laugh, because there is nothing else TO do. Winding down at night after a long day of skillful parenting can sometimes include watching a brainless sitcom, which is nice until you realize you ARE that mom on the television screen that you are laughing at.

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