Tell Us About Your Boyfriend, And We'll Reveal If He Really Loves You

Do you have a boyfriend? Think about it, you’ve been together a while and you want to know if this guy is the one or not, right? It’s only natural. You don’t want to waste your time because your clock is ticking. There is no sense in being in a relationship with someone who isn’t in love with you just for the sake of being in a relationship, and you want to get to the bottom of if this guy really cares about you or not. Never fear, you have come to the right place.

No longer do you have to fret about if your boyfriend is in love with you or if he is merely with you because he wants the comfort of not being alone. Sure, it can be hard to say goodbye to someone you have been with for so long, but you would rather be with someone that loves you rather than someone that doesn’t really care about you. On the other hand, if he does love you want to make sure you don’t lose him either. Take our quiz in order to figure out if your boyfriend truly loves you or if it is time for you to move on.

1Does your boyfriend help you with house work?

Does your boyfriend help you with house work? Even if you don't live together, it's always nice to get a helping hand with things like meal prep. Plus, it's fun to cook together am I right? Does your boyfriend step up to help when he knows he is needed, or does he just let the weight of the world fall on your shoulders all of the time?

2Do you live together?

It isn't the end all be all if you don't live together, but it sure is that step between engagement and being official boyfriend and girlfriend. It can be hard for some people to take this step, but it is an important one to take if you are looking to get married in the near future. You learn a lot about each other when you live together that is for sure.

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