Tell Us About Your Boyfriend, And We'll Reveal If He Really Loves You

Do you have a boyfriend? Think about it, you’ve been together a while and you want to know if this guy is the one or not, right? It’s only natural. You don’t want to waste your time because your clock is ticking. There is no sense in being in a relationship with someone who isn’t in love with you just for the sake of being in a relationship, and you want to get to the bottom of if this guy really cares about you or not. Never fear, you have come to the right place.

No longer do you have to fret about if your boyfriend is in love with you or if he is merely with you because he wants the comfort of not being alone. Sure, it can be hard to say goodbye to someone you have been with for so long, but you would rather be with someone that loves you rather than someone that doesn’t really care about you. On the other hand, if he does love you want to make sure you don’t lose him either. Take our quiz in order to figure out if your boyfriend truly loves you or if it is time for you to move on.

1Does your boyfriend help you with house work?

Does your boyfriend help you with house work? Even if you don't live together, it's always nice to get a helping hand with things like meal prep. Plus, it's fun to cook together am I right? Does your boyfriend step up to help when he knows he is needed, or does he just let the weight of the world fall on your shoulders all of the time?

2Do you live together?

It isn't the end all be all if you don't live together, but it sure is that step between engagement and being official boyfriend and girlfriend. It can be hard for some people to take this step, but it is an important one to take if you are looking to get married in the near future. You learn a lot about each other when you live together that is for sure.

3How does he treat you in front of his friends?

How does he treat you in front of his friends? This says a lot about your guy because his friends mean a lot to him. You aren't another run of the mill person, you are his number one! Does he treat you like you are one of them and you belong with them? Does he kind of ignore you in front of everyone? Is he pretty rude to you? Or does he treat you like a princess?


4Do your parents like him?

Do your parents like your boyfriend? Let's be honest, your parents are only looking out for your best interest, so if they don't like your boyfriend it is probably for a good reason not just because. You should take a deep look into this one if that is the case because your parents don't want you to get hurt and want you to have the best.

5Does he say I love you?

Does he say I love you? Although these words can be empty if they don't have the actions to back them up, they still can be great to hear from time to time. If you have especially been together for a really long time, it can be hard to never hear these three magical words come from his mouth. It is about making you feel special.


6How does your pet act around him?

How does your pet act around him? Pets are very intuitive when it comes to the people you bring around your home. They truly want to protect you, and if they don't like the person you have hanging around you—they will let you know pretty forcefully. It is important to key into this because you pet can tell a good egg from a bad one pretty easily.

7Does he buy you gifts?

Does your boyfriend buy you gifts? It's one of those small gestures that lets you know he is thinking about you. Not that you need gifts on the regular, but it is nice to be thought of from time to time. Even a small sentimental gift is nice to get on occasion. It doesn't need to cost much, it is the sentimental value that you care about.


8How often do you fight?

How often do you fight? Let me just state that fighting is normal and healthy, but if you are fighting on the regular then it isn't so healthy anymore. How often are you and your guy fighting? Are you fighting every single day? Are you fighting at least once a week? Are you fighting about once a month? Or do you not know because it isn't super often?

9Honestly, does he enjoy being around you?

Here's a pretty basic question, does he even like being around you? Truth be told, you have to like being around each other in order for this relationship to work out. That is half of the battle really. If you don't like being together, you might as well cut and run right now because there is no fixing this situation. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


10How do you spend time together?

How do you spend time together? There are many ways to spend time together. Some ways a super fun whereas some ways are not so fun. When you guys are together do you find the fun in pretty much everything and enjoy it to the fullest? Do you keep things simple because being together is enough? Do you spend it fighting? Or do you not see him much?

11How romantic is he?

How romantic is he? Again, it makes you feel special when he is being romantic and putting all of the focus on you. It just feels good to have a man that shows that he cares about you and only you. Is he extremely romantic and you love every minute of it? Is he not very romantic at all? Does he try his very best to be romantic or can he be but he doesn't really try?


12Does he get along with your siblings?

Does he get along with your siblings? Like your parents, your siblings just want what is best for you and that means they want you to be with the best man that will make you truly happy. they don't want you with someone that is rude and disrespectful. Key into them. Do they really like your man or do they have some major issues with him?

13How often do you see him a week?

How often do you see him a week? Men make it obvious when they really care about you. When they care about you, they want to see you as much as humanly possible. They aren't going to blow you off or make themselves unavailable. they are pretty easy to read in all reality. Are you seeing him on the regular or are you lucky if you see him once or twice?


14Do his parents like you?

Do his parents like you? Think about it, this one is pretty important. This is how he is shining the light on you to them. How does he talk about you to them, how does he make you look to his parents? Does he blame you for things, or does he make you look like the perfect girlfriend? of course they will make their own judgment, but his opinion says a lot to them.

15How does he act in front of your friends?

How does your boyfriend act in front of your friends? In all reality, they aren't his true friends, so he really doesn't owe them anything, but a great boyfriend is nice to your friends because he loves you and wants to make a good impression. Eventually, your friends will become his friends as well. That's what someone that cares about you would do anyway.


16Do you talk about having children?

Do you talk about having children? Of course this is talk about the future, but you can get a feel about how he feels about you both having a long-term future together. Does he not want to be with you far down the road? Why would he not want to talk about this? If he does want to talk about it, he must see you as someone he can spend his life with.

17How does he react to the word marriage?

How does he react to the word marriage? Some people really flip their lids when they talk about marriage without being engaged. It is a large commitment, but if you guys have been together for a long time it isn't fair to keep stringing you along either in hopes that you one day will be walking the aisle if that isn't a possibility.


18Do you guys have a song?

Do you guys have a special song that you consider yours? Many couples have a song that gives them butterflies every time it plays because it is their special song that they picked to represent their relationship. It is something cute to do together that just makes you both feel special and more official with each other. Why not do it, right?

19Do you travel together?

Do you travel together? You can't always sit at home staring at each other, that gets boring pretty quickly. Whether you are going to visit family or going to take an exotic vacation, it is just another one of those things that makes you feel special because you are doing it together. If he travels a lot and dis-includes you that isn't really cool.


20Do you have a lot of things in common?

Do you have a lot of things in common? it is always helpful if you and him have a bunch of things in common so you can bond over them. If you have nothing in common, it can be tough to find some common ground. What is there to talk about? Maybe you both work, but doesn't work get boring to talk about after a while? I'd say so.

21Do you think he wants to marry you?

Do you think he wants to marry you? This is a tough question because you have to really think introspectively here. You guys aren't engaged yet, but do you think you will become engaged in the near future or even at all? If he doesn't want to marry you, perhaps you should ask yourself if you are wasting your time and move on.


22Where did you meet?

Where did the two of you meet? Did he just pick you up at a bar one night and he treats you like some chick that he hangs with, or was it somewhere more meaningful than that? Sometimes where you met can actually be pretty meaningful surprisingly enough. There's no right or wrong answer, but sometimes the story behind where you met could be special based off of where you met.

23You went out to dinner, who pays the check?

You went out to dinner, who pays the check? Not that paying is an awful thing, the guy needs to keep up with his rent too, but if you are paying all of the time that is a major red flag. Are the two of you splitting the check or taking turns paying? Does he usually take care of the check? Do you usually take care of the check? Or do you never really go out?


24What does your best friend say about him?

What does your best friend say about your boyfriend? Your best friend is like you chosen person; you invited them into your life to hear the hard things in life from them but to also have your back. If they are telling you that your boyfriend is no good, they are doing exactly what a best friend should be doing. In fact, that's exactly why you brought them around to begin with, right?

25Does he kiss you in public?

Does he kiss you in public? Some people get super weirded out about kissing in public, but a little peak on the cheek shouldn't be a big deal, right? You are his girlfriend after all. You should find it a little odd if he is scanning the crowd and assessing if he should give you a smooch while out and about with you because it isn't normal.

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