Taste Or Toss These Wedding Treats To Get A Handsome Hubby

Which handsome hubby is everyone going to end up with? We can find that out now if we taste and toss all the right treats! Some of the treats here are sweet while others are savory. Some of them are a combination of both! Sweet treats are amazing at weddings because everything about a wedding day revolves around the notion of romance and love. That is why Rice Krispy treats dipped in white chocolate, red velvet flavored cupcakes, and spouse decorated cake pops simply make sense! Enjoying sweet treats like these, alongside the wedding cake, is a great thing to be able to do.

Savory treats belong on the same plate as the main entree! We have things like heart-shaped pizza, shish kabobs, and mini spinach-artichoke potato skins that we can add to the dinner plate. How could anyone complain about savory treats like those? Savory treats really add some spunk and flavor to a dinner plate and there is no denying that. How can a plate be boring with a savory treat like wonton tacos?

Time to taste or toss all of these delicious, tasty, yummy, and fabulous wedding treats, whether they are sweet or savory, and find out who that handsome hubby will be!

Question 1

Chocolate Covered Strawberries?

There is a reason why companies like Edible Arrangements are so popular in this day and age. Want to know what that reason is? It is the combination of gourmet chocolate and the extra sweet fruit! Chocolate covered strawberries are the perfect sweet treat to give to a loved one on a holiday like Valentine's Day so why not serve these up at an event like a wedding? This dessert really makes a difference when it comes to flavor and goodness!

Question 2

Chocolate Dipped Pretzels?

Chocolate Dipped Pretzels are another popular wedding treat to try! These particular ones are dipped in white chocolate which is nice but dark chocolate can be used instead of the people ordering would prefer that. milk chocolate is another type of melted chocolate that can be used for this special wedding dessert. Pretzels are a great base for chocolate because they are salty. Sakty and sweet combos usually always turn out totally amazing and awesome. Taste of toss this treat.

Question 3


It is time to either taste or toss a batch of wedding donuts! Donuts taste good all of the time, but they seem to taste even better on the wedding day. When donuts are covered in white frosting, pretty icing, sprinkles, and other cool decorations, they can be perfect for adding to the decoration of a wedding table set up. Donuts are considered a really great treat to be served alongside a wedding cake. Taste or toss them right now.

Question 4

Heart Shaped Mini Pizza?

Heart shaped mini pizzas are such a great treat to be served at a wedding. The fact that they are heart-shaped reminds us that we are celebrating something that revolves around the notion of love and marriage. Pizza is such a decadent and rich food item to be enjoyed! Some people might think that having pizza in any capacity is tacky at a wedding, but other people know that this savory treat really deserves to be enjoyed no matter what day it is.

Question 5

Red Velvet Cake?

Time to taste or toss some red velvet wedding cake! If we are going to taste red velvet wedding cake, then we must know that we are not about to be disappointed anytime soon. A red velvet wedding cake is extremely rich and super delicious. The flavor of red velvet is actually a deviation of the flavor of chocolate. That alone says enough! The cool thing about red velvet cake is that it can be served with chocolate frosting, cream cheese frosting, vanilla frosting, buttercream frosting, and other options.

Question 6

Chocolate Chip Cookies?

Chocolate chip cookies are the type of dessert that we might think about when we think of Christmas time. That is because children believe that they are supposed to set out a plate of cookies and a glass full of cold milk for Santa Claus to eat when he comes to drop off their Christmas gifts. We should also think about chocolate chip cookies as a dessert when it comes to weddings… Not just when it comes to a holiday like Christmas!

Question 7

Mini Belgian Waffles à La Mode?

Everyone loves Belgian waffles! There’s no doubt about that… But has anyone ever considered trying Belgian waffles in miniature form? If so, the miniature version of Belgian waffles is what makes them so much easier to distribute and give to party guest at a wedding. Large sized Belgian waffles are really difficult to serve in bulk because it takes a long time to get them perfectly arranged and set up to be eaten on a large plate. But in the miniature version, we are good to go.

Question 8

Cake Pops?

Cake pops are popular for a reason. It is because it makes is it easier for people to enjoy a bite of cake and one lollipop style bite! How cool is that? The cake pops that are pictured here are meant to look like a bride and groom. The person who designed these cake pops got really creative and knew that these cake pops were going to be served at a wedding. They probably followed the directions of the couple that was to be married!

Question 9


Gourmet Popsicles are another delightful treat that can be served at a wedding. When we think of Popsicles, we usually think about what summertime felt like when we were children. During the summer as a child, we often times were able to eat a popsicle by the poolside or enjoy a popsicle at the park with our friends. We were even able to maybe purchase a popsicle for a dollar from an ice cream truck! What a great way to bring us back to childhood.

Question 10


Cupcakes are another delicious wedding treat that can be served alongside the wedding cake. Cupcakes are just a miniature version of a cake which is awesome! They can come in any flavor that a couple might ask for on their wedding day. They can come in vanilla flavors, chocolate flavors, strawberry flavors, red velvet flavors, or any other flavors that might interest a couple on their big day. Cupcakes can truly also be stacked and designed in really beautiful ways.

Question 11

Vanilla Cake?

Who said that vanilla cake was boring? Vanilla cake is far from boring! Vanilla is the staple when it comes to delicious flavors that people know that they can depend on. The cool thing about vanilla is that literally anything can be added to it, and it will taste good. That same rule does not apply for other flavors like chocolate, red velvet, mint chocolate chip, and other various flavors. With vanilla, anything goes and anything can be added without a hitch.

Question 12

Apple Pie?

Wow! It is now time to pick or pass on a delicious dessert like apple pie. Apple pie is one of those traditional family style pies that a lot of people know and love. It is the best when it is homemade because the person making it usually has a lot of love in their heart and they put their love into the ingredients as they are baking the pie! They know that their loved ones and family members will be enjoying slices and that is why they add extra love into every drop.

Question 13

Peanut Butter Cookies?

Peanut butter cookies are absolutely decadent and amazing! The reason that we love them so much is that they taste just like peanut butter and peanut butter is the best. When we think of peanut butter, the first thing we probably consider is the fact that peanut butter tastes really good with jelly in between two slices of bread on a lunchtime sandwich. Papino but also taste really good by itself and does not need to be accompanied by jelly.

Question 14

Mousse Cups?

Wow! Time to consider these delicious desserts that are served in a cup! Anybody who has tried this type of dessert knows that they taste really amazing. They are not as popular as some of the other desserts that may have landed on this quiz, but they are still wonderfully amazing in their own right. One of the best things about mousse cups is the fact that they are topped off with a delicious piece of fruit! Whether that fruit is a strawberry or a cherry, it does not make a difference.

Question 15

Chocolate Lava Cake?

Ever tried chocolate lava cake? If so, those of us who have done it no exactly how amazing it can be! This spongy chocolate cake is covered in vanilla ice cream and a hard shell of chocolate! Once we dig in with our spoon, hot melted chocolate begins oozing out from the center of the cake. It is absolutely amazing and wonderful in every single way. This is a dessert that is very popular to be served at restaurants for people to order.

Question 16

Snickerdoodle Cookies?

Snickerdoodle cookies are a combination of cinnamon flavors, sugary flavors, and buttery flavors! Snickerdoodle cookies are the best and usually become more popular on the holidays. Yes, that is right. There a cookie that is comparable to gingerbread cookies and chocolate chip cookies at Christmas time! They are never usually really compared to peanut butter cookies since they are so different but they definitely are compared to chocolate chip cookies and gingerbread cookies often. Taste or toss these cookies now.

Question 17

Mini Ice Cream Cones?

We all scream for ice cream! This delicious dessert focuses on the miniature versions of ice cream cones to be distributed to party guests. Full-sized ice cream cones might be a little bit more difficult to distribute because there’s more chance for the ice cream to totally melt and make a mess. When it comes to miniature ice cream cones, we are not dealing with too much of a chance for a mess. We are dealing with a small amount of ice cream on top of a miniature cone.

Question 18


Macaroons are one of the best desserts of all time! They are super popular amongst hipsters and other people who love to take pictures of them to post on social media. It seems like more people keep them around for pictures and photo opportunities, rather than to actually eat them. That is because they look so gourmet and so stylish. It is also because they are able to be baked and served in all different colors! They can be saved in a rainbow of colors.

Question 19

Chocolate Cake?

There’s no getting around the fact that chocolate cake is one of the most classic cake flavors of all time. When served at a wedding, the couple might have the outside of the cake frosted with white frosting but on the inside, as soon as they cut into the first place, their guests will discover that the inside of the cake is chocolate! Chocolate cake pairs well with vanilla frosting, chocolate frosting, strawberry frosting, buttercream frosting, and many other flavors of frosting.

Question 20

Lemon Cake?

Lemon cake is such a sweet cake dessert to try for a wedding. It is really cool because, on the inside of the cake, the cake color is yellow! The frosting that pairs well with lemon cake is usually a lemon based frosting as well. Vanilla frosting also tastes good and sodas white frosting because white frosting has a little bit of a different flavor from vanilla. When decorating a lemon cake, chefs and Baker’s can’t even add lemon slices to the top of the cake.

Question 21

Rice Krispie Treats?

Rice Krispy treats belong at a wedding! Especially when they are dipped in white chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate. Everyone knows that Rice Krispy treats are a great dessert that can sometimes remind us of childhood. Other people think that this is the type of dessert that does not belong at a wedding because it seems a little bit too immature to fit in with the other desserts that will be served. Try to make a decision about this dessert now.

Question 22

Sugar Cookies?

Some people might say that sugar cookies are boring because they don’t have much flavor to them aside from… Sugar. And it is true about that. Sugar cookies are made of sugar, eggs, flour, milk, butter, and salt! There really isn’t much there to work with in terms of flavor. But what is great about sugar cookies is the same thing that is great about vanilla flavored cake. Anything can be added to them to make them taste more exciting and anything added will always turn out great.

Question 23

Mini Blooming Onions?

Time to decide on mini blooming onions! Those of us who love the way onions taste already know that this is a savory treat for a wedding that would totally fit in with other savory treats at a wedding. Mini blooming onions can be served alongside the main entrée like steak or turkey and it would taste amazingly great. They can be dipped in ranch dressing or any other dipping sauce that seems like it would be suitable. Taste or toss this savory treat now!

Question 24

White Chocolate Fondue?

White chocolate fondue is something that we do not want to miss out on. That is because it is something that we can dip anything in the world inside of and whatever we dip inside of it will end up tasting way better than it did before. Melted dark chocolate is also a great fondue option and so is melted milk chocolate. We can dip strawberries, pieces of cake, marshmallows, oranges, other pieces of fruit, other pieces of cake, and other pieces of bread into it.

Question 25

Candy Assortment?

Time to either taste or toss a candy assortment of delightful treats at a wedding! Weddings should always offer a candy assortment table for their guests. If they are having a guest list with a lot of kids included, then this is absolutely perfect. Their guests can take a little cup or a baggie and fill that cup or baggie with whatever candy interest them and whatever tastes good to them at the time. This is a really good idea for a wedding table!

Question 26

Artisan Popcorn?

Artisan popcorn is a great wedding treat to enjoy on the wedding day. When we think of popcorn, the first thing we probably think about is going to the movies and enjoying a big tub of buttery popcorn with a lot of salt while we watch the movie that we want to see so badly. We do not have to think about going to the movies or simple butter and salt with artisan popcorn. All we have to do is think about adding chocolate, sugar, and other sweet ingredients to the popcorn.

Question 27

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies?

White chocolate macadamia nut cookies are the next type of cookie in line to be tasted or tossed on this delicious wedding treats quiz around. They are compared pretty often to cookies like snickerdoodles, chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, gingerbread cookies, and other cookie flavors and brands that are offered today by bakers and chefs. Do they hold up against the competition? time to either taste of toss this awesome dessert now. No one wants to toss these outs!

Question 28

Banana Cake?

Banana cake is amazing! When we think of banana cake, will usually probably think more so of banana bread. Banana bread is usually made with walnuts and a lot of bananas that are super ripe and sweet. With banana cake, we do not have walnuts mixed into the batter. We simply have the bananas mixed with the same ingredients that we would use to make a basic vanilla cake. Bananas really do you make it so much sweeter and so much better.

Question 29

Soft Mini Pretzels?

Soft pretzels are delicious from places like Auntie Anne’s or Wetzel's Pretzels. Miniature versions of these pretzels are probably just as incredible as the large-sized versions of these pretzels! Soft pretzels can be served with large granules of salt or they can be served with powdery cinnamon sugar. That means that they can either be a savory treat or a sweet treat. Either way, they taste amazing and should not be tossed out for any reason. Taste or toss now!

Question 30

Sub Sandwich Party Platter?

Sub sandwiches are very popular for a reason. When they are served on a party platter, they are easier to be grabbed by guests. They are usually just a small version of a regular sub sandwich. Sub sandwiches are supposed to be a foot-long with people can also order them to be 6 inches. On a party platter, they are served about 3 inches long. They still have all of the same ingredients as before, but they are just much smaller.

Question 31

Watermelon Cubes?

Watermelon cubes are so refreshing and amazing! It is so great to be able to enjoy one of the best fruits in the world in a super easy and simple way while celebrating a wedding celebration. Watermelon is one of the coolest fruits ever because it is predominately made up of water and that means that we are basically drinking our daily water every time we decide to chow down on some delicious and refreshing watermelon! How cool is that?

Question 32

Carrot Cake?

Carrot cake is another cool cake flavor that can be served at a wedding. Not everyone is a big fan of carrot cake because they do not like the idea of having something like a vegetable mixed into their cake ingredients… But what they aren’t thinking about when they think like that is the fact that carrots are actually very sweet. When carrots or diced up and added into the mix of a cake, there is no way for us to go wrong. Carrot cake really tastes great.

Question 33

Shish Kebabs?

Shish kebabs are cool because they include a bunch of really cool flavors of food items on one stick. we get meat and vegetables all together in one place and that is what makes these so special. They are not that difficult to make at home either. Someone who is making a shish kebab just has to know what order they are choosing to put the food items onto that stick in and maintain the same order throughout the entire batch of shish kebabs that they are preparing.

Question 34

Cherry Pie?

Cherry pie is a delicious dessert that people can have if they are in the mood to have some at a wedding. Cherry pie is often compared to its rivals which are apple pie, blueberry pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and more. It really stands up against the competition because it even has its own song written about it! Yes, that is right. There is a popular song called “Cherry Pie” that people used to sing about in the 80s. It is still a very popular song today. Time to either taste or toss the contents of a cheese platter. What we love most about cheese platters is the fact that the various flavors of cheese are offered along with crackers and fruit. We are able to try a slice of cheddar cheese with an apple. We are able to try a slice of Swiss cheese with a saltine cracker. We are able to really mix and match any combination of cheese, fruit, and crackers. It is very delectable and amazing.

Question 35

Cheese Platter?

Cheese platters rock. We can enjoy Swiss cheese with saltine crackers and we can enjoy cheddar cheese with an apple slice. We can enjoy pieces of ham with cheese, grapes with cheese, or whatever other combos we would like to try. They are very experimental and awesome and that is why they are so popular to have at weddings. Taste of toss a cheese platter right about now when it comes to wedding planning and savory treat options for the big day.

Question 36

Wonton Tacos?

Are these tacos the way to go when it comes to planning a wedding? Do these tacos belong on the table alongside the other wedding treats? These tacos are obviously a savory treat and not a sweet one, but that does not mean that they should be taken any less seriously than the sweet treats that were mentioned on this quiz. These tacos are pretty amazing so let’s decide about them now. Should they be tasted or totally tossed out?

Question 37

Candied Apples?

Candied apples are pretty awesome! We can use red apples and we can also use green apples as the base when it comes to candied apples. It is very popular to cover candied apples and Caramel, M&Ms, nuts, and other good and tasty ingredients. But we do not always have to start off with caramel. We can also start off with melted chocolate, the same way that we would do chocolate covered strawberries. Taste or toss candied apples for this round.

Question 38


Jell-O is one of those desserts that we do not know much about. That means that it is still kind of a mystery as to how it gets its texture after it comes out of a powder from a box! The cool thing about Jell-O is that it is offered in a lot of different flavors. For a wedding, a couple might choose to only use white colored Jell-O to go along with their wedding planning and that would not be a bad thing. Other couples might choose to use rainbow Jell-O.

Question 39

Ranch Cucumber Bites?

Ranch cucumber bites are a great wedding treat to be enjoyed. Ranch is one of the best dipping sauces of all time. We can use it to dip our chicken nuggets, our chicken strips, our french fries, and whatever else that we want to do it! We can also dip carrots, celery, and other pieces of vegetables into it. Cucumber is something that pairs well with ranch and that is why this treat is such a perfect option for a wedding. Taste or toss ranch cucumber bites now.

Question 40

Mini Spinach-Artichoke Potato Skins?

For this round, we are going to consider mini spinach artichoke potato skins! How can we toss out something as delicious sounding is that? For those of us who have tried it, we already know that this is a savory treat that should not be tossed out. I those of us who have not yet tried it, maybe it is time to give it the opportunity to be tested. This is something that should be served at weddings because it is classy and it is so good.

Question 41

Blackberry Tarts?

Blackberry tarts are another sweet treat that can be served at a wedding. BlackBerries are not very popular in the berry department because they’re always being compared to blueberries and strawberries. How can blackberries even stand up against that type of competition? Blueberries and strawberries are so sweet and amazing. When it comes to these tarts though, BlackBerries are where it is at. They are all we need to focus on. Taste or toss this wedding dessert right about now.

Question 42

Pigs in a Blanket?

Pigs in a blanket are super yummy to eat! People like to dip theirs in mustard or ketchup when they are eating them. It is really just miniature hot dogs wrapped in croissant type bread. The sausage and the bread together taste really amazing. They kind of reminds us of miniature hot dogs with a like your bun. It is time to either taste or toss the chance to eat pigs in a blanket. Should this savory treat get tossed?

Question 43

Hot Cocoa?

Hot cocoa is a great drink to be served at a wedding. It is kind of something that is a little bit romantic if we really think about it. This is something we say when we are warm inside with a loved one on a snowy holiday. It is also something that we can sip on at a wedding. Weddings are all about love and this is a drink that we can sip on when we are in the mood to think about love and marriage. Should this drink be tasted? Decide now.

Question 44


S'mores do not only need to be enjoyed around the campfire! We can enjoy them anywhere that we’d like! One of the places that we can enjoy them is at a wedding. All we need is some graham crackers, some pieces of chocolate broken apart, and some marshmallows that are ready to be roasted and toasted up! Once all three of these items are put together, we have one of the most delicious desserts that have been around for many years.

Question 45

Pumpkin Pie?

Pumpkin pie is super popular around holidays like Thanksgiving because pumpkins are popular during the fall season and Thanksgiving is a holiday we celebrate in the fall. That does not mean that we can only enjoy pumpkin pie during the fall season or during a holiday like Thanksgiving. We can also enjoy pumpkin pie at a romantic wedding! So many people love pumpkin pie and that is why it should be served at weddings. Taste or toss pumpkin pie now.

Question 46

Hummus Cups?

Hummus cups are pretty awesome. Anything that we want can be dipped inside of hummus which is pretty cool and impressive. Hungry people will rejoice if they see hummus cups waiting to be grabbed at a wedding table. Hummus cups are definitely a savory option to be served at a wedding but they do not stand out as something tacky or wrong. They definitely come across as something that is classy and tasty. This is one tasteful treat that should not be tossed.

Question 47


Sugarplums are something that we usually think about around Christmas time. Just because this is a sweet treat that people talk about and sell the most around the Christmas holiday, does not mean that we cannot enjoy them at a wedding instead! We do not have to be in the middle of winter to enjoy a delicious platter of sugarplums. All we need to do is go to the right wedding where they will be served in order to enjoy them!

Question 48

Pecan Pie?

Pecan pie is another great pie for us to consider for this wedding treat quiz. It is either going to get tasted right about now or it is going to get tossed out! Let’s hope that it is the former not the latter. Pecan pie is really sweet and delectable and it tastes great whether it is homemade or store-bought. That is saying a lot! Hopefully, the pecan pie that we try sometime soon is made by someone who knows exactly what they are doing so that we have the best results.

Question 49

Unicorn Bark?

Unicorn bark is pretty special and pretty spectacular. It is usually made with basic white chocolate and different things are added to it in terms of colorful swirls, sprinkles, and glittery edible sugar. There’s so much to offer when it comes to unicorn bark. This seems like a dessert that might be a little bit too immature for a wedding because it seems like it should be placed at a little girls birthday party instead. But if a couple wants unicorn bark at their wedding, they are welcome to do so.

Question 50

Oreo Pie?

Oreo pie is usually something people can make for themselves or for others without having to use an oven! That is right! Oreo pies are considered “no bake“ pies. How cool is that? Not having to do with the oven really takes a lot of pressure off of the baker’s shoulders because they don’t have to worry about cooking the pie to perfection and making sure that the oven is set perfectly right. All they have to worry about is making sure the ingredients are on point.

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