Take This Twilight Quiz And Find Out Who's A Werewolf And Who's A Vampire

Twilight is the first in a series of books and movies that follow the life of a teenager named Bella Swan. When the series begins, Bella has just moved back to her hometown of Forks, Washington from living with her mother in the sunny state of Arizona. After starting at her new school in Forks, Bella meets a mysterious classmate named Edward Cullen and his family. She's instantly drawn to Edward but as she gets to know his family better, she learns that there is more to them than meets the eye and finds herself in the heart of a whole bunch of supernatural drama including werewolves and vampires.

The series definitely made us wish we could be a werewolf or a vampire too and go live in Forks among the other supernatural creatures that call that rainy town home. Unfortunately, that's just not a realistic dream for most of us. Sad, right? But we can still dream about being one of them!

Who thinks they're the ultimate Twilight fan? Take this quick Twilight quiz to find out who's a vampire and belongs with the Cullens in their coven and who's a werewolf who should head back to La Push with the other werewolves.

Question 1

Which of these vampires is NOT part of the Olympic Coven?

The Olympic Coven is the name for the Cullen family. Every coven, or group of vampires, have their own name and the Cullens are no different! This family is a fairly large group of vampires that have been adopted and now live as a family with their adopted parents, Carlisle and Esme.

Question 2

What did Charlie give Bella when she came back to Forks?

Welcome home, Bella! Prior to the start of Twilight, Bella had been living in Arizona with her mom. When the series started, she had just moved back to the small, rainy town of Forks, Washington to live with her dad. When she got there, her dad gave her a pretty special gift to welcome her home.

Question 3

Who turned Edward into a vampire?

At the beginning of Twilight, Edward has already been a vampire for quite a long time. Even though he's going to be 17 for the rest of his life due to being frozen at that age when he was turned into a vampire, he's been one for a really long time! Who turned him?

Question 4

Which member of the Cullen family is a doctor?

Being a vampire means that you're going to have a really long life. That means you'll have plenty of time to do everything you've ever wanted and it also means you definitely need to pick a profession you like because you'll be doing it for a long time! Which Cullen chose medicine?

Question 5

Who is this?

This character was born in the early 20th century to a fairly wealthy family. She was known for her beauty and because of the constant praise she received from people and the gifts her parents often gave her, she became somewhat self-absorbed. After being attacked, she was turned into a vampire to save her life.

Question 6

What happens if a vampire goes out in the sun?

We all know that in most vampire TV shows, movies, and books, a vampire going into the sun is a real problem for that vampire. It's not exactly great for the vampires in the Twilight series either! Anyone who is a fan of this series will definitely remember just how bad the sun is for the Cullen family.

Question 7

True or false: Carlisle turned all the members of the Cullen family.

All the members of the Cullen family live with their adoptive parents, Carlisle and Esme Cullen. They are all vampires who have been turned into vampires at different points in their lives and for different reasons. We know that Carlisle definitely turned a couple of them to save their lives, but did he turn them all?

Question 8

Whose mind can Edward not read?

Like many other vampires, Edward has a special power. His power is the fact that he's able to read the minds of almost everyone around him. Unfortunately, as he finds out during the course of the series, there is one person whose mind he just can't seem to look into. Whose mind can Edward not read?

Question 9

Who planned Bella and Edward's wedding?

Even when you're a vampire marrying a human, planning a wedding is a huge event. There are just so many little details that go into making the big day perfect! From the guest list to the colors to the food, everything has to be just right to make sure the day goes flawlessly.

Question 10

Do vampires sleep?

Being a vampire means that you don't have to deal with a lot of pesky issues that humans have like getting hungry for some real food. While they do still have to eat in their own way, they don't exactly start to crave something from Taco Bell the way a human does. Do they have to sleep like humans do?

Question 11

When she was a human, the man Rosalie was engaged to was a ____________.

Before becoming a vampire, Rosalie Hale was living a pretty normal life as a human. She had wealthy parents, was known for her looks, and she was engaged to someone who had a great job at a bank. Who can remember whether Royce, the man she was engaged to, was a vampire or a human?

Question 12

Which of these things was Bella afraid of?

Being best friends with a werewolf while dating a vampire means that there's definitely a lot to be worried about in your life. No one was more aware of this than Bella who was afraid of one major thing throughout a lot of the series. Who can remember what it was?

Question 13

Which member of the Cullen family didn't like Bella at first?

Even though Edward and Bella were instantly drawn to one another and started to like each other almost immediately after they met, there was definitely a member of the Cullen family that wasn't exactly such a big fan of Bella. They made their dislike fairly clear and eventually explained what their problem with her was.

Question 14

According to Edward, which of these was one of the things someone in the restaurant was thinking about?

Many vampires in the Twilight series have special powers. For instance, Edward can read the minds of almost anyone that he's near - with the exception of Bella. When the two of them were on a date in a restaurant, Edward demonstrated this by reading the minds of the other diners.

Question 15

Who was the newest member of the Olympic Coven?

Each of the members of the Cullen family have been vampires for quite a while. Some of them have been vampires longer than others and, similarly, some of them have been with the Olympic Coven longer than others. The newest member left their former life as a vampire to join them in the late 1940s.

Question 16

Did Jacob attend Forks High School?

Forks High School is the school that Bella, Edward, and Bella's friends like Angela, Mike, and Jessica attend. They all go to this school together and it's the first place that Bella and Edward ever met. Awww! Jacob lives near Forks, so does he also attend Forks High School or does he go somewhere else?

Question 17

Where did Bella get bit?

Being around all kinds of vampires is very dangerous for a human. Bella learned this toward the end of the first book and movie in the Twilight series after she was bit by James who was trying to hurt her in order to get Edward to fight him. Where did James bite Bella?

Question 18

Which member of the Cullen family can see the future?

A few of the members of the Cullen family are special in that they have supernatural powers. All vampires are faster and stronger than humans, but there are certain vampires that have an extra special power on top of their regular vampire powers. One of the Cullen family members can even see into the future!

Question 19

Who did Jacob imprint on?

Imprinting is something that happens in the Quileute tribe that involves feeling a strong bond or connection to another person that eventually turns into a romantic relationship. In the series, Jacob imprints on someone else toward the end of the series. Who remembers who it was that he eventually imprinted on?

Question 20

What did Jacob do after he became a wolf?

Growing up means going through a lot of changes. Some people go through more changes than others, though. For instance, as Jacob grew up, he went through a huge change... Into a werewolf! After Jacob phased into a wolf for the first time, he changed something else about himself.

Question 21

If their baby had been a boy, what did Bella want to name it?

Picking out a baby name is definitely not easy. In the end, Bella and Edward chose Renesmee for their baby girl because of the fact that it was a combination of each of their mothers' names. But, Bella also had a name in mind just in case their baby had been a boy instead of a girl. What was it?

Question 22

Did Carlisle know Esme prior to her becoming a vampire?

When the Twilight series begins, the Cullen family have been living together as vampires for quite some time. They were turned into vampires at different points in time and by different people, but they all came together as a family after becoming vampires. Did Carlisle know Esme before she became a vampire?

Question 23

Where do Edward and Bella go at the end of the first movie and book?

The very first installment of the Twilight series was one that was definitely packed with a lot of action as well as a lot of ups and downs in Bella and Edward's relationship. At the end, the two of them finally got a happy ending as they went somewhere romantic together.

Question 24

True or false: Every single member of the Quileute tribe has phased into a werewolf.

We all know that Jacob phases into a werewolf during the course of the Twilight series. Other members of the Quileute tribe have also phased into werewolves and, as the series goes on, Bella learns more about the story of the werewolves that live in the area. Have all the members of the Quileute tribe become werewolves?

Question 25

What kind of lifestyle do the Cullens live?

The Cullen family is very different from other vampires. One big thing that makes them so different is the lifestyle that they live which is very different from other vampires. After Bella meets them and gets to know the family, she learns more and more about their family and the type of life that these vampires choose to lead.

Question 26

When did Bella and Edward see each other for the first time?

Every good love story has to start somewhere. The one between Bella and Edward is definitely no exception! The two of them started going to school together at the beginning of the first installment in the Twilight series after Bella moved back to Forks from living in Arizona. When did they finally meet?

Question 27

True or false: Edward was close to losing his life due to a respiratory infection before Carlisle turned him.

Of the members of the Cullen family, we all know that Carlisle only actually turned a few into vampires. The ones that he did choose to turn, he chose because of the fact that he was saving their life. For instance, Edward was sick with a serious disease when Carlisle found him. Was this disease a respiratory infection?

Question 28

Why did Jessica think Edward and Bella were getting married?

Even though a lot of the Twilight series focused on Edward and Bella's relationship, Bella also had other friends at school. One of them was Jessica, played by Anna Kendrick. When Jessica found out that Bella and Edward were rushing to get married so quickly, she had some pretty strong opinions on the idea.

Question 29

What do the Cullens need before they can play baseball?

Being a vampire means you're going to have a lot of time to kill. That means it's time to find some fun hobbies to pass the time! For the Cullen family, that's playing baseball. At one point in the first installment, Bella went to the Cullen family's home to meet the rest of Edward's family and got to play baseball with them.

Question 30

Who was the valedictorian?

When graduation comes around, there's typically a person who gives a big speech during the ceremony. This person is the valedictorian, or the person with the highest cumulative GPA throughout the course of their high school career. In Edward and Bella's graduating class, who was the valedictorian that gave a speech at graduation?

Question 31

What coven is Jane a member of?

The Olympic Coven, also known as the Cullen family, are the main vampires in the Twilight series. Outside of them, there are also other covens of vampires that live in other places. One of them contains a very powerful vampire names Jane, played by Dakota Fanning. What coven does this vampire belong to?

Question 32

Who voted "no" for Bella becoming a vampire?

When it came time for Bella to potentially be turned into a vampire, the Cullen family held a vote on who thought she should be turned and who thought she shouldn't be turned. Edward wasn't exactly on board with the idea, but neither was another member of the Cullen family. Who was it?

Question 33

Did Alice have visions of the future prior to becoming a vampire?

As a vampire, Alice is like many other vampires in that she has a special power. In the series, it's shown that her power is being able to see the future. Her visions aren't always exact and can change if people change their plans, but it's still a helpful power to have. Did Alice have this power before becoming a vampire?

Question 34

How old was Bella when she married Edward?

Throughout a lot of the Twilight series, Bella was worried about getting way older than Edward. While he was technically over 100 years old, he was physically only 17 years old and Bella didn't want to be significantly older than him since she aged like a human and he did not.

Question 35

Who was the first vampire Carlisle turned?

Carlisle didn't turn every member of the Cullen family, but he did turn at least a couple of them. As a doctor, it's pretty fitting that he did it in order to save their lives. From then, they stayed with him as a family and followed his vegetarian lifestyle rather than feeding on humans. Which of these vampires did he turn first?

Question 36

Who did Bella try to email after the Cullens left?

Throughout the series, Edward was concerned about potentially harming Bella in some way. At one point, the entire Cullen family left Forks and Edward promised Bella that there would be no trace of them and no way to contact them. He did this in order to try to make it easier for Bella to move on. Who did she still try to send an email to?

Question 37

What did Charlie give to Bella before prom?

Like many fathers, Charlie was nervous about the idea of Bella getting close to a boy. He wasn't exactly a huge fan of Edward, but he was still supportive of Bella being interested in him regardless. Before they left to go to prom together, Charlie even gave Bella a special gift to keep her safe. What was it?

Question 38

What did the Cullen family have a large collection of in their house?

Being a vampire means having a long life and a long time to collect things or enjoy other hobbies. The Cullen family are definitely no exception to having hobbies and collecting things! In fact, they have a huge collection of something in their house that really surprised Bella the first time she went to visit them.

Question 39

What was Jacob's father's name?

Before Bella moved back to Forks, she had been living in Arizona. Even before she lived in Arizona, when her parents were still together, she had lived in Forks which meant that she already had some connections there. One of them was Jacob Black whose father was best friends with Bella's dad.

Question 40

Who did Bella call when she found out she was pregnant?

Finding out you're pregnant is a huge deal! For a human who just found out she's pregnant with a vampire's child like Bella was at one point int he series, it was an even bigger deal. Naturally, she had to call someone to get advice and tell them about the big news. Who was the first person she called?

Question 41

When they play baseball, which Cullen is the pitcher?

Playing baseball involves having several people to play all the different positions. There needs to be someone who pitches, someone on each base, someone who is up to bat, someone who catches, and someone who watches them to make sure no one is cheating. Which Cullen was the pitcher when Bella went to play with them?

Question 42

Can Edward read Renesmee's thoughts while Bella is pregnant with her?

Anyone familiar with the Twilight series will be aware of the fact that Edward's special power is the fact that he's able to read minds. Unfortunately for him, he can't read Bella's mind the way he can with everyone else and he doesn't understand why for a lot of the series. Was he able to read Renesmee's mind while Bella was pregnant?

Question 43

On their honeymoon, who suspects Edward is a vampire?

Being a vampire is something that the Cullen family really has to keep secret from other people. They can't exactly run around telling people their big secret! When Bella and Edward go to Isle Esme for their honeymoon, there is one person there who is super suspicious that Edward is a vampire.

Question 44

Who was the surprise guest at Edward and Bella's wedding?

Even though Bella and Edward's wedding should have been a really happy, special day for the two of them, there was one person who wasn't exactly happy about the fact that they were getting married. Because of this, Bella didn't even think they were going to come to the wedding but they did!

Question 45

Before Leah, were there any other female werewolves in the Quileute tribe?

There are several different werewolves in the Quileute tribe. A big part of their story in Twilight is the treaty between the werewolves of the Quileute tribe and the vampires, like the Cullen family, that reside in the area. One of the werewolves in the Quileute tribe is Leah, a female werewolf. Were there any other female werewolves before she phased?

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