Take This Test And We'll Tell You If You'll Live To 100

Eureka - at last, our ultimate assessment of health and well-being is now complete. After a period of research time and a considerable experimental budget, we've finally made the one test that will tell you - for sure - if you'll live to be 100.

How are we qualified enough to back such an examination? Well, that's an excellent question. We happen to be in possession of all the hard science knowledge and backing that is needed in order to relay proven information. We've studied, or at least have applied some thought to the field of health and well-being, for some time before embarking on this project. At this point, in retrospect, we can say that our test is quite tight, for sure. Are we doctors? In a small way, yes we are. But in the realest sense, we are absolutely not.

All this doesn't matter - what matters is you, and your life. It's going great, isn't it? Wouldn't it be nice to extend this party as much as you can? Well, thankfully, you're the one controlling your body machine. Life will throw you several curveballs along the way, but you always have the option to change your habits and change the way your body works.

1Are you a positive person?

They say stress is a killer, and there's no better producer of stress than a negative mindset. If your thoughts mainly err on the negative side, the resulting stress might burn you out before you turn 100. Are you positive, or negative?

2How hydrated are you?

You're basically a walking tub filled with water and other stuff. All tubs need water, as do you. It's important to always, always stay hydrated. Anyone who's lived to 100 knows this very well. Do you water your body plant?

3Are you conscious of what you eat?

The food we put into our mouths influences the development of the microbiome, which apparently is responsible for plenty of bodily functions. Are you mindful of the things you eat, or do you just shark down whatever's in front of you?

4Do you exercise?

While it's good to be eating mindfully, a healthy diet combined with an optimal exercise routine sounds even better. If you want to be 100 someday, you need to be doing some exercise. Do you move your body vehicle in ways that improve it?

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