Take This Test And We’ll Reveal Which British Royal Is Your Soulmate

Do you have what it takes to be a Royal? Well, supposedly, we all have a little bit of Royal blood in us. If you're like us, then you're obsessed with the British Royal family. From Harry to William to Kate, we can't seem to get enough of their lavish lifestyle. Even though they're all a part of the same Royal family, they're all very different. Harry is a great match for someone who likes to be a part of the social scene, while William is more of a family man who likes to lay a bit lower. Charles, on the other hand, is a great pick for someone who's outdoorsy and likes to try new things.

Maybe it's the glitz and the glam that comes along with being a Royal, or maybe it has to do with having watched princess movies over and over again when we were kids, but pretty much everyone can admit that they daydreamed about what it would be like to be a real-life princess. Maybe Harry's fiery hair and bad-boy persona get you going, or maybe William's family focus and generosity are what you're looking for. Either way, we got you covered! We created this quiz to let you know what British Royal you're destined to be with.

1If you had to think of your perfect guy, which of the following character traits best describes him?

We all have a "dream guy" we’ve envisioned since forever. Close your eyes and imagine your dream guy in your mind right now. Think about not only the way he looks but also the way he acts. Now, think about the character traits that you would want him to possess. Look at the choices that we’ve provided for you, and choose which one best fits the man of your dreams.

2Where does your perfect first date take place?

Have you ever been on a perfect first date? The spot that you guys went to just set the mood and created an atmosphere that was perfect for getting to know one another. If you haven't, then try to think of what you’ve always imagined a perfect first-date spot to be. Look at the choices below, and pick which one best fits.

3 Which of the following does your five-year plan include?

Pretty much everyone has a five-year plan. Whether it includes a promotion at work, marriage, or kids, it’s important that your partner has similar goals or aspirations. You don't want to get three-years deep in a relationship and find out your partner doesn't want kids and you do.

4What’s the most important feature that a future beau must have?

If you had to pick just one trait that your future partner MUST have, what would it be? Something that’s non-negotiable - if he doesn't have this trait or do this thing, then there’s no way your relationship will work in the long run.

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