Take This Test And We’ll Reveal Which British Royal Is Your Soulmate

Do you have what it takes to be a Royal? Well, supposedly, we all have a little bit of Royal blood in us. If you're like us, then you're obsessed with the British Royal family. From Harry to William to Kate, we can't seem to get enough of their lavish lifestyle. Even though they're all a part of the same Royal family, they're all very different. Harry is a great match for someone who likes to be a part of the social scene, while William is more of a family man who likes to lay a bit lower. Charles, on the other hand, is a great pick for someone who's outdoorsy and likes to try new things.

Maybe it's the glitz and the glam that comes along with being a Royal, or maybe it has to do with having watched princess movies over and over again when we were kids, but pretty much everyone can admit that they daydreamed about what it would be like to be a real-life princess. Maybe Harry's fiery hair and bad-boy persona get you going, or maybe William's family focus and generosity are what you're looking for. Either way, we got you covered! We created this quiz to let you know what British Royal you're destined to be with.

1If you had to think of your perfect guy, which of the following character traits best describes him?

We all have a "dream guy" we’ve envisioned since forever. Close your eyes and imagine your dream guy in your mind right now. Think about not only the way he looks but also the way he acts. Now, think about the character traits that you would want him to possess. Look at the choices that we’ve provided for you, and choose which one best fits the man of your dreams.

2Where does your perfect first date take place?

Have you ever been on a perfect first date? The spot that you guys went to just set the mood and created an atmosphere that was perfect for getting to know one another. If you haven't, then try to think of what you’ve always imagined a perfect first-date spot to be. Look at the choices below, and pick which one best fits.

3 Which of the following does your five-year plan include?

Pretty much everyone has a five-year plan. Whether it includes a promotion at work, marriage, or kids, it’s important that your partner has similar goals or aspirations. You don't want to get three-years deep in a relationship and find out your partner doesn't want kids and you do.


4What’s the most important feature that a future beau must have?

If you had to pick just one trait that your future partner MUST have, what would it be? Something that’s non-negotiable - if he doesn't have this trait or do this thing, then there’s no way your relationship will work in the long run.

5Which one of these dishes is in your top five?

All people have certain foods that remind them of a certain time in their lives or that they just prefer over others. If you had to put together a list of your top five favorite dishes, which of the choices below make the cut? If none of them do, then which one at least makes it in your top ten or top twenty?


6How does your first meeting with your dream guy happen?

Think back to when you were a kid. How did you imagine you’d meet your future husband? Was it through a chance encounter? Or maybe it was through a mutual friend or a family member? Maybe you imagined that he’d come up to you and randomly tell you how beautiful you are.

7If you were to date a Royal, would you want to be in the spotlight a lot or no?

Although dating a member of the Royal family sounds like all glitz and glam, it can also be a big responsibility. You have literally an entire nation watching your every move and, in some cases, waiting for you to fall. So, if you were dating a prince, how much of the spotlight would you like to have?


8What trait below best describes your personality?

If you asked one of your friends to describe your personality, which of the traits below would that friend use? Are you fun and outgoing, or are you more reserved and quiet? Do you love sports or hate them? Are you the life of the party or more of a bystander?

9Which of the outfits below are your go-to first-date outfits?

One of the most important parts of any first date is your outfit. What are you going to wear that will both impress the guy you’re meeting as well as look effortless and cool? You must have a go-to outfit or piece of clothing that’s always on the top of your list.


10How would you describe your dating life?

Think about your dating life like it’s movie. If people were watching it, how would they describe it? Boring? Exciting? Maybe even funny? What’s the general atmosphere surrounding whatever dates you’ve recently been on?

11What’s your go-to place for your morning coffee?

When you finally drag yourself out of bed, where do you go for your morning coffee? Are you a diehard Dunkin fan or a basic white girl who LOVES Starbucks? Maybe, you opt for the cheaper version and make your own coffee. No matter which you are, people who enjoy coffee are very serious about where they get it from, so it can tell a lot about a person.


12If you were to marry into the Royal family, which of the following causes would be at the top of your list of organizations to help?

Being a member of the Royal family isn’t all about the fancy parties and the big outings. Being involved in the community and helping those in need are also important aspects of being a member of this family. If you were to join the Royal family, which of the organizations below would you be most interested in supporting?

13What hobby is the coolest for a man?

We all know that men have weird hobbies. When you think about your dream guy, what do his hobbies include? Maybe you’re looking for a sporty guy who’s always down for a pickup game of basketball, or maybe you’re interested in a thoughtful guy who enjoys writing and reading in his free time.


14What does your typical Saturday night consist of?

Everyone has a different idea of what a perfect Saturday night consists of. Maybe your younger sister would say "going bar hopping until you can't stand," but then, your mom would say "staying in and watching a movie." Well, what does your dream Saturday evening consist of? Wine and Netflix or bars and dancing?

15 If you had to describe your dream wedding in a few words, you’d choose:

Most women have dreamed of their wedding day since they were little girls. They already have their dress picked out, their flower arrangements down pat, and the perfect venue in mind. Now that you’ve potentially scored your future husband, what are a few words you’d use to describe the wedding you’ve always dreamed about?


16What does your dream engagement ring look like?

Now that you’ve described your dream wedding, tell us what your dream engagement ring looks like! Have you always imagined a big, huge diamond, or do you think that something smaller and more meaningful is what you’d like. As a Prince's girlfriend, everyone will be looking at your ring for years and years to come, so choose wisely.

17What does your dream honeymoon include?

What’s the one place that you can completely relax and unwind? A lot of people would say a beach, but maybe you’re more relaxed when you’re touring a new city and visiting local landmarks. Either way, a kick-ass honeymoon is the perfect way to kickstart your marriage.


18What song best describes your life?

If you had to pick a soundtrack to your life, would it be an upbeat pop song or a slower, more emotional track? Try to pick a song that embodies your whole life and not just one moment for the most accurate results.

19 If you had to pick one thing that you’d never give up, which would it be?

If, for some reason, you were forced to give up all but one of the following, which wouldn’t it be? Wouldn’t you be able to survive without your phone, or can’t the TV go? Think long and hard about this one because you’re giving it the others FOREVER!


20What’s your favorite TV show?

What show is on the top of your list? If you had to rewatch a show for the rest of your existence, what show would it be? Do you love the drama on One Tree Hill or the simplicity of cartoons? Maybe you love the complexity of Doctor Who or Downton Abbey. Either way, make sure to pick a show that you won't mind watching over and over.

21What’s your beverage of choice?

When you go out to a restaurant or when you sit down for a meal at home, what’s your go-to beverage? Are you a beer drinker, or do you enjoy a refreshing coke instead? Maybe you prefer water over all else. Even though a beverage may not seem like a big deal, it can have an effect on your relationship if you or your partner chooses to indulge in alcohol and the other doesn't.


22What’s your dream job?

What can you imagine yourself doing every day for the rest of your life? What’s your biggest passion in life? Did you always dream of being a chef, or do you wish that you can stay home all day and sleep for hours on end? Or maybe, you’ve always dreamed of helping people and want a career making a difference.

23What’s your favorite season?

Do you love the long summer nights where you can wear close to nothing and be comfortable, or are you more of a winter gal? Do you dream of blizzards or beaches? Maybe you don't like either and live for chilly fall days and warm spring afternoons.


24What’s your favorite time of day?

When do you feel the most relaxed or the most productive? Do you get most of your work done in the morning, or are you more of a night owl. Do you prefer to sleep late or wake up at the crack of dawn? It’s important to find a partner with the same preference as you so that you can be productive together!

25What’s your favorite animal?

Animals play a big role in our everyday lives. With that being said, do you like cute and cuddly animals or hardcore wild animals? Although something as simple as your favorite animal may not seem relevant, you wouldn’t want to end up dating a cat person when you’re obsessed with dogs. You may end up spending your whole lives fighting over which animal you should get.

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