Take This Super Quick Baby Test To Find Out How Many You'll Have

There are a million different things to think about when it comes to having babies, one of these is of course how many you plan on having. For some, this might not always be something that can be taken into consideration but it’s always nice to be prepared. Once a mother-to-be finds out that she is expecting a child, she has roughly nine months to do as much research as possible, but she won’t really know what will and won’t work for her baby until it arrives.

Some decisions are more important than others, while some are based on the preference of the mother alone. For example, choosing a diaper brand to use, or selecting the perfect diaper bag that fits all of their specific needs.

Question 1

Pick the best baby name

One of the most difficult (but also fun) things about having a baby is, of course, picking a name for them. What makes it difficult is the fact that there is an infinite number of names out there in the universe, and with so many to choose from, it’s hard to settle on one.

Question 2

Pick a diaper brand

This question is in reference to the single-use diapers and not the cloth or reusable diapers that are available. For the single-use diapers, there are a lot of different brands out there, some of which are more “popular” than others. A lot of it is based on personal preference and which brand works best for the baby.

Question 3

Pick a celeb mom

Celebrity moms exist, and they surprisingly receive a lot of attention in the media. Depending on the person, some celebrity moms are more open about their children being photographed or discussed publicly, while others choose to have their private life more secretive (which, in this case, also includes their children’s privacy).

Question 4

Pick a stuffed animal for the baby

Stuffed animals are not considered to be a “necessity” for a baby to have, but they’re one of the more common toys to give, especially as a baby shower gift. For a lot of people, they keep the stuffed animal they had when they were a baby well into adulthood.

Question 5

Pick a nursery rhyme

There are hundreds of nursery rhymes out in the world, some of which are universally known and others that are popular based on geographic location. Nursery rhymes are in general pretty short and don’t have that many complicated or large words so it’s easy for the baby and/or toddler to sing along.

Question 6

Pick a weekend family function

Weekend vacations and holidays are always fun because even if they may be short, they can be rejuvenating. Although, almost every parent can agree that travelling and vacations with a baby and/or toddler can be a bit of a challenge. Regardless of how much more planning is necessary, it is always worth it in the end.

Question 7

Pick the ideal age to start a family

Sometimes things don’t always go according to plan and people start their family sooner or later than originally planned. There are a million reasons for why this can happen, and although things might not always be what was intended, they are more or less happy accidents which work themselves out.

Question 8

Pick a children’s show

There are a number of children’s shows that come out each generation, some of which even continue to air even years after the show had completed. For the most part, these shows are used to teach young children lessons about friendship, sharing, honesty, and many other social tools they’ll need when they’re older.

Question 9

Pick the most appetizing pregnancy craving

Pregnancies are a beautiful and magical experience, although they’re not always easy on the mother-to-be. One of the unavoidable things that comes with pregnancy is the sometimes weird and unusual food cravings. There are even myths that suggest what a mother craves might relate to what gender of baby she’s having.

Question 10

Pick a nursery necessity

There are so many different nursery designs, themes, and styles for a mother to choose from. There also happens to be a lot of different pieces of furniture and other necessities that are more common to have. Some of these include changing tables, shelves for storage, cribs, rocking chairs and more.

Question 11

Pick the most memorable baby milestone

Apart from the actual birth of a baby, one of the most beautiful things is watching the baby grow. There are so many different milestones that a baby will achieve, some of which are more “memorable” than others. They can include anywhere from rolling over, to standing, to walking, to speaking for the first time.

Question 12

Pick a flavor of baby food

No one really thinks about the flavor of baby food until they actually have a child themselves. Although for the first six months (or longer depending on personal preference) a baby will live off of milk and/or formula, they begin to broader their palette in short amounts. Some parents even opt to make their own baby food themselves.

Question 13

Pick a baby sleeping style

Baby sleeping styles are mostly up to the personal preference for the parents. A lot of the time the baby will sleep in the same room as the parent(s) due to the fact that it’s easier than having to get up several times throughout the night. After a few weeks (or months), the baby then will sleep in their own room.

Question 14

Pick a person to watch the baby

Everyone knows that having a baby can be exhausting. It’s definitely a total life adjustment and tires not only the body but the mind as well. Tasks that were so simple before (i.e. having a shower or nap) can seem almost impossible with an infant, which makes having help a blessing.

Question 15

Pick a baby shower theme

As soon as the mother-to-be finds out that she is expecting, the clock is on to prepare for the arrival of the baby. Although it can be stressful at times, there are also many moments that offer celebration. One of the more common ways to celebrate and help the mother-to-be is hosting a baby shower in her honor.

Question 16

Pick the ideal birth season

Sometimes it’s not always an option for a mother-to-be to choose when she wants to have her child, and there is a multitude of reasons why that is. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t dream or plan ahead of time, and what better way than deciding on a preferred season to give birth in.

Question 17

Pick the best baby toy

Although toys might not exactly seem like a necessity compared to other items (such as cribs, clothing, and feeding products), but they are essential to a baby’s brain development. Toys with high contrasting colors are encouraged to help stimulate the baby’s development. Others are used for motor skills or are sensory in terms of touch.

Question 18

Pick a method of baby entertainment

There are many articles out there in the world that discuss the different methods of entertainment for babies. This is primarily due to the fact that there are a lot of questions around the appropriate method of playing for a baby, especially a young infant. In most cases playing is a form of development for the baby’s brain and body.

Question 19

Pick a Disney movie

Disney movies have been around for decades, and the past two generations have definitely grown up watching them. Although some of the other films have been deemed to promote false expectations for children, some of the newer released focus less on “love at first sight” and more about families and friendships.

Question 20

Pick a celeb baby name

It is universally known that some celebrities have a habit of picking strange and/or unique names for their children. This is not to say only celebrities do this, for there are likely many other parents out there who pick unconventional names (or names that are not exclusively common to other people).

Question 21

Pick a carrying method

There are a number of different ways a parent can carry around their baby, and a lot of it comes down to personal preference (which is common for a lot of these types of items). It can also depend on the situation: for example, using a carrier might be wise for a day where there will be lots of walking.

Question 22

Pick a baby/kids holiday vacation

Everyone loves a vacation, whether it be a weekend getaway or a full week escape to somewhere nice and relaxing. Travelling with babies and young kids is not always as stress-free as some might believe though, and takes a lot of work and planning until it comes time to actually travel.

Question 23

Pick a diaper bag

There are dozens upon dozens of different diaper bags out there in the world. Some of them are insulated (so that the mother can carry around baby bottles if needed), others have multiple different compartments to store all of the baby’s stuff, and there are various straps, sizes, and colors to choose from.

Question 24

Pick a nursery style

Choosing a way to decorate and style a nursery is based purely on the preference of the parents-to-be. They have the choice to decide what color scheme they want, what kind of furniture they’re going to have, what paintings to hang and other decor items, and even the layout of the room.

Question 25

Pick a registry wishlist must-have

One of the more common reasons a mother-to-be will choose to have a baby shower is not just to celebrate the soon to be birth of the baby, but because it’s a time where family and friends can splurge and buy gifts for the mom and baby. This is where a registry comes in handy, so that not everyone is buying the same thing.

Question 26

Pick an ideal age gap between siblings

This is another thing that is not necessarily something that the mother-to-be can choose because things don’t always go according to plan. However, for the families that are able to plan out when they’re going to have children, considering the age gap between kids is definitely something that should be discussed.

Question 27

Pick a tool to help the baby sleep

It’s pretty universally known that in the first few months of a baby’s life, the parents will not be getting much sleep. It really all depends on the baby, but there are some cases where they’re just not able to sleep comfortably. It could be something as simple as there being too much humidity in a room, or even just the temperature.

Question 28

Pick the best baby book

Receiving baby books as cards for baby showers is becoming a more common thing. This is because it’s one of the easiest gifts and most used. Not only is it so that the baby’s brain can develop (from hearing sounds and learning to formulate the words themselves), but it’s a great tool to use to bond with the baby.

Question 29

Pick a stockpile necessity

There is no denying the fact that once a mother-to-be has a child, there isn’t a whole lot else that will be getting done. This is why stockpiling on items around the house is crucial before the baby arrives. No one realizes the need for dish soap until it’s run out and they don’t have the chance to get to the store and buy more.

Question 30

Pick a TV show family

Watching television is a pretty common pass time, and there are surprisingly a number of different shows that are focused on families, or at least have some relatives on the show. For example, the recent drama “This Is Us” is based solely on the Pearson family, where the three siblings are now grown adults, and the show has flashbacks from when they were kids.

Question 31

Pick a pregnancy announcement style

For couples who had been planning to have a child, deciding on a way to announce it to the work can be a little overwhelming. It’s especially more of a big deal for those couples who are having their first child, and are becoming parents for the very first time.

Question 32

Pick a family pet

Sometimes couples decide to have a pet together before they start a family, other times they wait to get a pet until their children are a little older and capable of handling the responsibility. It’s another one of those things that’s based on the preference of the family, who could very well choose to not have any pets at all.

Question 33

Pick a kids snack

The great thing about babies is the fact that they don’t eat much until they’re at least six months or older. They survive entirely on milk and/or formula. After the six month mark their bodies are able to digest some softer foods, and after about a year they can eat more solids. This is when stocking the pantry with snacks is essential.

Question 34

Pick a nursery color scheme

Deciding on a nursery color scheme is one of the first decisions to make because a lot of the times the furniture and the other decorations are selected based on the color. For example, if the walls are going to be painted white, having more colorful accent pieces might be the way to go.

Question 35

Pick the most interesting baby name

Naming a baby can be stressful but can also be really meaningful (especially for those who decide on a name that was passed down from generation to generation). There are thousands of different names to choose from, and some of these have significant meanings behind them, which might be a reason to pick it.

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