Take This Super Quick Baby Test To Find Out How Many You’ll Have

There are a million different things to think about when it comes to having babies, one of these is of course how many you plan on having. For some, this might not always be something that can be taken into consideration but it’s always nice to be prepared. Once a mother-to-be finds out that she is expecting a child, she has roughly nine months to do as much research as possible, but she won’t really know what will and won’t work for her baby until it arrives.

Some decisions are more important than others, while some are based on the preference of the mother alone. For example, choosing a diaper brand to use, or selecting the perfect diaper bag that fits all of their specific needs.

Question 1

Pick the best baby name

Question 2

Pick a diaper brand

Question 3

Pick a celeb mom

Question 4

Pick a stuffed animal for the baby

Question 5

Pick a nursery rhyme

Question 6

Pick a weekend family function

Question 7

Pick the ideal age to start a family

Question 8

Pick a children’s show

Question 9

Pick the most appetizing pregnancy craving

Question 10

Pick a nursery necessity

Question 11

Pick the most memorable baby milestone

Question 12

Pick a flavor of baby food

Question 13

Pick a baby sleeping style

Question 14

Pick a person to watch the baby

Question 15

Pick a baby shower theme

Question 16

Pick the ideal birth season

Question 17

Pick the best baby toy

Question 18

Pick a method of baby entertainment

Question 19

Pick a Disney movie

Question 20

Pick a celeb baby name

Question 21

Pick a carrying method

Question 22

Pick a baby/kids holiday vacation

Question 23

Pick a diaper bag

Question 24

Pick a nursery style

Question 25

Pick a registry wishlist must-have

Question 26

Pick an ideal age gap between siblings

Question 27

Pick a tool to help the baby sleep

Question 28

Pick the best baby book

Question 29

Pick a stockpile necessity

Question 30

Pick a TV show family

Question 31

Pick a pregnancy announcement style

Question 32

Pick a family pet

Question 33

Pick a kids snack

Question 34

Pick a nursery color scheme

Question 35

Pick the most interesting baby name

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