Take This Star Wars Test And We'll Reveal Which Sith Lord You Are!

In the Star Wars universe, there's no guiding entity that's good or bad. Instead, there's only the Force, which has both Light and Dark sides. Those who embrace anger, hate, and fear always embrace the Dark Side of the Force to become evil beings known as "Sith."

However, it doesn't just stop there. As Sith become more experienced using the Dark Side of the Force, they can master all feelings of hatred and extend them as powerful abilities. Once they master these abilities, they turn into Sith Lords, who rule over the dark forces of the galaxy.

Sith Lords take it upon themselves to keep the Sith Order growing as well as extending their reach to every corner of the galaxy. Whether they try to control the galaxy through political power or sheer strength, they're always on the move, using their insane ideologies to purge the world of all Light.

That said, being a Sith isn't just about being evil. It's about freedom, experiencing every aspect of the Force, and not holding anything back from its members in any way. They see themselves as more open to change than the Jedi, and they desire anarchy and choice.

Which of the most terrifying Sith Lords would you be?

1Describe your followers

Sith Lords wouldn't be complete without a group of followers to uphold their ideals. Even back in the days of the Clone Wars, the Droids worked with the Separatists to serve the ultimate purpose of Darth Sidious. Nowadays, the heroes of the galaxy have Stormtroopers to fear.

2Which place would you call home?

While many dark villains seem to lack humanity, they have places that they call home. Darth Vader himself was once a lonely but brilliant boy in the desert wasteland of Tatooine, forced to work for a greedy merchant who had a penchant for gambling.

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