Take This Star Wars Test And We'll Reveal Which Sith Lord You Are!

In the Star Wars universe, there's no guiding entity that's good or bad. Instead, there's only the Force, which has both Light and Dark sides. Those who embrace anger, hate, and fear always embrace the Dark Side of the Force to become evil beings known as "Sith."

However, it doesn't just stop there. As Sith become more experienced using the Dark Side of the Force, they can master all feelings of hatred and extend them as powerful abilities. Once they master these abilities, they turn into Sith Lords, who rule over the dark forces of the galaxy.

Sith Lords take it upon themselves to keep the Sith Order growing as well as extending their reach to every corner of the galaxy. Whether they try to control the galaxy through political power or sheer strength, they're always on the move, using their insane ideologies to purge the world of all Light.

That said, being a Sith isn't just about being evil. It's about freedom, experiencing every aspect of the Force, and not holding anything back from its members in any way. They see themselves as more open to change than the Jedi, and they desire anarchy and choice.

Which of the most terrifying Sith Lords would you be?

1Describe your followers

Sith Lords wouldn't be complete without a group of followers to uphold their ideals. Even back in the days of the Clone Wars, the Droids worked with the Separatists to serve the ultimate purpose of Darth Sidious. Nowadays, the heroes of the galaxy have Stormtroopers to fear.

2Which place would you call home?

While many dark villains seem to lack humanity, they have places that they call home. Darth Vader himself was once a lonely but brilliant boy in the desert wasteland of Tatooine, forced to work for a greedy merchant who had a penchant for gambling.

3Which galactic era is your favorite?

What makes the Star Wars universe so rich is that it moves into different ages based on who holds the power at the time. It constantly changed between Republics, Jedi Orders, and Sith terrorists who held control of the galaxy. There will always be conflict in Star Wars.


4Choose an accessory

No Sith Lord would be complete without an accessory to distinguish him from other villains. Usually, these accessories are a result of some injury or a resemblance of what he hopes to achieve through his rule. Either way, it makes him more terrifying to his enemies.

5Describe your fighting style

As Siths are trained in the ways of the Dark Side, they develop their own fighting styles. Some prefer to be intentional with each blow, waiting for an opening to strike. Others like to have a more offensive approach, taking down everyone they can with every ounce of ferocity they have.


6How would you control the galaxy?

Every Sith Lord has the same goal: total control over the galaxy. Because of this, they create different ways to achieve this. Some of them try to create favor in the eyes of the public, while others will just whip out their lightsabers and be done with it.

7Would you be an apprentice or a master?

After the Sith continuously destroyed each other to gain power, Darth Bane created the Rule of Two. There must only be a master and an apprentice: one to embody power and the other to crave it. Unfortunately, even apprentices and masters betray each other from time to time.


8Your best friends betray you. How would you respond?

Even in the world of the Sith, betrayal is a very real concept. Darth Vader technically betrayed the Emperor when he defended Luke in Return of the Jedi. As a Sith Lord, one must always be prepared for the worst-case scenario and always be ready to defend himself.

9What's your favorite Star Wars movie?

9 Star Wars movies and counting - this franchise isn't going anywhere anytime soon. With new trilogies being announced, spin-offs in production, and so many tie-in TV shows, there's so much to the Star Wars universe that it's overwhelming. Nonetheless, most people have their favorite film already picked out.


10What's your favorite Star Wars game?

The Star Wars franchise has been a prime candidate for video games. While some have been amazing, like the old Battlefront series, others have been less than ideal, like the new Battlefront series. It's likely that you've played a few and have fond memories of others.

11Who's your biggest rival?

The Sith are powerful figures, but the one force that's able to oppose them is the Jedi. Because of this, Sith Lords often build rivalries with particular Force users who challenge them both physically and intellectually. Some of the greatest Star Wars moments were built on these rivalries.


12Pick a weapon

What's impressive about the Sith is that they don't just use regular red lightsabers. Many of them have different versions of lightsabers, including the double lightsaber and the crossguard saber. While some versions may not be practical, they look really good.

13Pick a race

Using the Force isn't exclusive to just being a human. Many different species have been able to harness the Dark Side of the Force and use it for themselves. Just look at Darth Nihilus, who was a powerful Force vampire who could sap the energy from those he conquered.


14Pick an ideal

While the Sith support the same fundamental goal, each one has his own ideals that he carries through his actions. After all, every Sith Lord is turned to the Dark Side for his own reasons, and those reasons grow to shape him as a villain of the galaxy.

15Pick a quote

Star Wars contains some of the most quotable lines in cinematic history. Most of them come from the villains themselves. Starting with Vader's classic viewpoints on the potency of the Force and the Emperor's direct references to being persuaded by the Dark Side, there are many classic lines of dialogue to love.


16Who are you afraid of?

When we see a lot of Sith for the first time, there's typically someone pulling the strings behind them. They had to be inducted into the Dark Side of the Force anyway. Because of this, even the most terrifying of Star Wars bad guys have someone they fear.

17Why would you turn to the Dark Side?

Sith aren't born. They're created. Once a Force user is identified, they have the choice to either use the path of the Light Side or the Dark Side (sometimes, it's a little bit of both). Typically, new Sith are seduced by Sith Lords to join this new way of looking at the Force.


18Who would you kill?

The many conflicts in Star Wars weren't without their casualties. Those fighting in the name of justice and righteousness met their ends at the hands of the Sith. This is part of the reason that the galaxy has moved on to new eras - one age dies with the death of a certain Jedi.

19What do you do when you get angry?

Sith, unlike the Jedi, are permitted to feel emotion. Many times, their plans go awry, and they're forced into severe anger. Having different personalities, the Sith respond in different ways, expressing their anger in a way that suits them best.


20Which Force ability would you use most?

Channeling the Force doesn't mean that you get to use a lightsaber. It means that you can perform all sorts of unnatural feats by channeling the energy through your body. Force users can jump to greater heights, throw their lightsabers, and even choke people with a mere thought.

21Would you consider working with the Jedi?

Something that hasn't been fully explored in Star Wars is Sith working with the Jedi. In theory, it's an idea that could find its place in the universe as bigger threats come to each planet. Most of the conflicts center around blue lightsabers versus red lightsabers, though.


22Choose a ship

Many of the Sith are given their own ships to pilot among the stars. The reason for this is to serve as a visual warning for the audience that a bad guy is about to appear on screen. Some of these ships are both frightening and cool, while others are a little more ridiculous.

23Pick a battle

Star Wars has the word "wars" in the name, so it's not difficult to imagine the kind of battles that have taken place in the galaxy. Many times, the Jedi and Sith are both involved in a glorious power struggle that would persevere through all ages.


24Which Sith Lord do you respect the most?

The Sith go back thousands of years. Back when they were more numerous, there was an entire planet of the Dark Force users. While the population has drastically gone down, the waves made in the galaxy by these Sith have left an impact on the current Sith.

25Pick an actor

Many Sith Lords of the Star Wars universe were all memorable because of the actors who portrayed them. While some of them weren't given a lot of material to work with or were underserved by the scriptwriters, they still left an impact on pop culture.

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