Take This Star Wars Quiz And We'll Reveal If You Think Like A Sith Or A Jedi!

Star Wars has become part of our modern myth. The Jedi and the Sith both use the Force to gain supernatural powers. We see the whole saga through a lens that makes the Jedi look good and the Sith look evil, but if we viewed the story from other points of view, the truths might change (The truth, from a certain point of view).

Though the two sides have different philosophies about the nature of the Force, they both seem to agree that the Force is the greatest power in the galaxy. Whether you use it for knowledge and defense or attack and power, it all comes from the same place. The Sith believe in strong individualism and purity through power. The Jedi seek detachment from the universe and power through peace and acceptance.

Where do you fall in the Force? Are you a servant of the Living Force or do you plan to bend the Force to your will? Are you going to take control of the universe and mold it in your image or will you protect the natural order of the universe? Do you trust in the Force or in your own strength? Take this quiz and find out if you are a Jedi or a Sith.

Question 1

You find a new cave of Kyber crystals that make more powerful lightsabers. What do you do?

Finding your Kyber crystal is a rite of passage in the Jedi world. You have to face your fears and pass a challenge to find your crystal to build your first lightsaber. What would you do if you found a more powerful cave of Kyber crystals on a mission?

Question 2

You have to make peace between the Trade Federation and Naboo, what do you do?

The Trade Federation has set up a blockade around Naboo. You are sent in to create peace between the two parties. They both have valid points, but if the blockade continues the eventual result will be war. How do you fix it?

Question 3

You have to enter the Dark Side Cave. What do you do?

Part of a Jedi's training involves confronting the Dark Side. Many times the student has to enter a place that is strong in the Dark Side of the Force. When you have to make this trip, what do you do?

Question 4

You find out you are Force Sensitive. What is the first thing you do?

It would be so cool to find out you could use the Force. Jedi and Sith are capable of such cool things. Everyone has tried at least once in their life to levitate the TV remote to themselves. What is the first thing you try with your newly discovered powers?

Question 5

Who is your favorite character in Star Wars?

Your favorite character in a movie franchise says a lot about you. We all have our favorite characters. We often emulate these characters and wish that we were more like them in some way. Who is your favorite character in Star Wars?

Question 6

Which Star Wars movie is your favorite in the saga?

There have been 12 Star Wars movies so far. That is a lot of movies, but it is a franchise that has been around for 41 years. Not every movie has been a fan favorite, but there are a few that most fans agree are on the upper tier. Which of these four is your favorite?

Question 7

You meet up with a group of space pirates. How do you react?

Space pirates can be a real problem. Especially in the outer rim. There is a lot of space, and only so many people out there to patrol it and help. You are going to find yourself face to face with pirates at some point. If on a mission you run into space pirates, how do you deal with them?

Question 8

You find out that one of your loved ones was killed. How do you react?

In the Star Wars world, you are going to often find yourself having to bury dead loved ones. In every trilogy, we see at least two teachers or family members die for the main characters. How you react to these deaths is key. What would you do after a loved one died?

Question 9

You find out you have a twin. What do you do?

Everyone remembers when we learned that Luke and Leia were twins. It was a huge shock. I don't know if anyone saw it coming. This reveal leads many fans to speculate about Rey and Kylo, but that may never actually pan out. What would you do if you found out you had a twin?

Question 10

You see a future where someone you love dies. What do you do?

The Force can show you the future. Every Jedi and Sith knows that the future is always in motion. When you see a possible future you have to decide if that will happen because you do something different, or because you don't. Even masters have a hard time knowing. What would you do if you see a future where a loved one dies?

Question 11

What color do you want your lightsaber to be?

Jedi and Sith both have very distinctive lightsaber colors. In the original trilogy, we only saw three colors, red blue and green. In the books and comics we saw many more, but in canon, there are four colors, with the addition of Mace Windu's purple saber. What color do you want?

Question 12

You meet the Ewoks, an indigenous race on a moon you are working on. What do you do?

Ewoks are fierce teddy bear warriors from the forest moon of Endor. They may look cute and cuddly, but they were ready to eat Han Luke and Chewie for dinner. They fought against the Empire and gave them some trouble, even though they were horribly outmatched. What would you do if you found the Ewoks?

Question 13

You see someone in an unfair fight, what do you do?

When Finn saw that Rey was under attack in The Force Awakens he decides to help the stranger because the fight is uneven. In the end, she doesn't need his help, but he was still willing to try. If you came upon the same problem, what would you do?

Question 14

You find out you can talk to the current Sith apprentice using the Force. What do you say?

You find out that you have a connection to the Sith apprentice. When you are linked, you can see them and talk to them. This happened to Rey and Kylo Ren during The Last Jedi. During these linked moments, what do you say to the apprentice?

Question 15

You learn of a plot to destroy the Jedi Temple. What do you do?

Ahsoka was once framed for a bombing at the Jedi Temple. On top of all the friends she lost in the attack, she had to deal with the fact that many of her remaining friends suspected her of killing them. It was a hard time for Ahsoka, and though she was eventually found innocent, it caused her a lot of emotional pain. What would you do if you learned of a plot to destroy the temple?

Question 16

Who would you want as your Master if you were a Padawan?

Every Jedi Padawan had a Master. Some Masters were very hands on and taught their students everything. Other Masters were more standoffish and let the students learn lessons on their own. The Padawan would often help the teachers learn new lessons as well. If you were a Padawan, who would you want as your Master?

Question 17

Your own army turns against you, and you have to go into hiding. Where do you go?

When you go from being the people who protect a whole galaxy to becoming the most hunted group out there, you are going to have to find a hiding place. The other options is that you will be killed by the Empire. Where are you going to hide?

Question 18

You lose your lightsaber in a fight. What do you do?

Obi-Wan Kenobi is always explaining to Anakin that his lightsaber is one of the most important tools of a Jedi and that if he loses it, he may die. This is funny coming from a Jedi who had to use his Master's saber against Darth Maul, and a blaster against General Grievous. What do you do if you lose your lightsaber?

Question 19

What body part do you think you are most likely to lose in a lightsaber fight?

There have been many limbs lost in the Star Wars movies. There are 15 lost limbs in the first six Star Wars films alone. Both good guys and villains lose limbs in the movies, but luckily there are great prosthetic so a lost limb is fixed quickly. What limb would you lose?

Question 20

What planet do you come from in the Star Wars Universe?

Everyone in Star Wars comes from a different planet. We see a few characters homeworlds. Tatioone is Luke and Anakin's home planet, and we see Alderaan from orbit, where Leia was born. What planet would you have been born on in the Star Wars Universe?

Question 21

Which Force User do you like the least?

There are many Jedi and Sith in the Star Wars Universe, and we have already seen quite a few. Everyone has their favorite, and everyone has their least favorite. Who is your least favorite Force User in the Star Wars Universe?

Question 22

What's your favorite ship in Star Wars?

In Star Wars, the ships are treated a lot like we treat cars here on earth. People like to add modifications to their ships to make them uniquely their own. The ships take on a personality of their own. especially the Millennium Falcon. Which ship is your favorite?

Question 23

Which is your favorite droid in Star Wars?

There are a lot of characters in Star Wars that are not organic beings. Fans have fallen in love with R2, C3P0, BB-8 and K2SO. They have more personality then some of the living characters in the universe. Which of these droids is your favorite?

Question 24

Your master is killed in combat. What do you do?

You are sent on a mission, and during that mission, you find a Sith who is trying to control a whole planet. You and your Master confront this villain, and your Master is cut down by him. You are the last Jedi on the planet. What do you do?

Question 25

Which side do you identify most with in the original trilogy?

In the Original Trilogy you had to pick between the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance. Many members of the universe didn't choose a side at all and just went with whoever said they were in charge on the planet they were on. What side do you choose?

Question 26

Which portion of the Star Wars Saga is your Favorite?

Star Wars has had three different trilogies and some stand-alone films. Many fans have a set of movies that is their favorite. Though there are generalizations you can make about people who like the different trilogies, there are a lot of reasons to choose each of them. Which is your favorite?

Question 27

What side do you prefer in the Clone Wars?

The Clone Wars were really fought between two groups that were controlled by one man. Emperor Palpatine was running both sides of the conflict. Neither side knew this though, and they were fighting for what they believed were good reasons. Which side did you pick in the conflict?

Question 28

Which side are you on in the New Order and Resistance Conflict?

The New Order and the Resistance conflict is at the heart of the new Star Wars Trilogy. It is the war we see in Force Awakens and Last Jedi. This is the next step in the Galactic Civil War, and there are rumblings that it may become the 2nd Galactic Civil War. Which side do you like most in this conflict?

Question 29

Are you a competitive person?

Competition is not a bad thing. There are a lot of people who love to compete against both themselves at others. How you react in competition is often more important than whether you win or lose though. Are you the type that has to win at all cost, or do you just not care that much?

Question 30

You can't use your lightsaber for this mission. What other weapon do you use?

You are going undercover on your next mission, and so you will have to keep your lightsaber hidden. Good thing the Star Wars Universe has a ton of other a weapons. You get to bring a different weapon with you, what do you pick?

Question 31

You learn a new, unknown Force ability. What do you do with this knowledge?

Knowledge is always power, but in this context, that statement takes on a much more literal meaning. A new Force ability can give you an edge when confronting other Force-sensitive combatants. What would you do if you learned a new Force ability?

Question 32

What type of lightsaber do you wield?

There are many kinds of lightsabers that we see in Star Wars. We see dual blade, and curved blades in the movies. We see Jedi with two lightsabers, and dual lightsabers in the cartoons. We also see lightsaber blasters, and spinning lightsabers. What kind would you have?

Question 33

What is your favorite Star Wars animal?

We see a lot of wildlife in the Star Wars Saga. The animals can range from cute and cuddly to evil and dangerous. They can try to eat you, or they may just be trying to lick you. What animal in the saga is your favorite?

Question 34

What is your favorite alien species in Star Wars?

Aliens are all over the Star Wars Universe. There are Jedi and Sith from almost every different species in Star Wars. They are all connected to the Force, and they all have great powers. Which alien is your favorite?

Question 35

Do you want to be a Sith or a Jedi?

Star Wars is all about the fact that individual choices have a huge effect on your future and the future of your family. Anakin is manipulated to choose the Dark Side, but in the end, he is the one who makes that choice. What would you choose?

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