Take This Simple Wedding Quiz And We'll Totally Guess Your Sign

Here comes the wedding quiz! Weddings are a super special and fun occasion for many reasons. Not only are they a time to dress up and be with friends and family, but they are a time to think about real love. Weddings are the union of two individuals and their resulting marriage is one of the most important parts of their lives. Marriage all begins on the big day with loved ones, where they tie the knot. So let's dive into the wonderful world of weddings.

This quiz is all about wedding ceremonies, and the details that make them happen. Anyone who has had a wedding before knows that there are so many aspects involved in planning. From the couple's entrance, first dance and grand exit, there will be questions about all of it. There will be questions about wedding flowers, wedding songs, and dresses. There will also be questions about wedding movies, food, and styles. There are so many different questions packed in here to test wedding knowledge. Once the selections have been made, we will try to guess your sign! Our signs really can tell a lot about the things we find important. Let's begin the wedding questions!

Question 1

Which movie involves a wild bachelor party?

Before the wedding comes the bachelor and bachelorette party! One of the movies listed here involves a bachelor party that goes horribly wrong. All the movies on this list are really good, but which is the right one? The answer to this is a hilarious movie that was released in 2009 (IMDb).

Question 2

What is the best part of the cake to keep?

Everybody loves wedding cake, and it is a super common wedding tradition. Although some people choose cupcakes or other desserts, those who choose cake might do something special with a part of it. Is it traditional to keep one of the layers, or do new couples just serve it to the guests?

Question 3

When is the best time to send out save the dates?

Save the dates usually come in the mail just before the invitations go out. But how many weeks before? This is an important factor of the wedding, because guests may need to take time off work to attend. Should the couple send save the dates 2-4 weeks before the big day?

Question 4

What is the best weather to shoot wedding photos?

Photography is truly an art form that is so important on a wedding day. Photographers show up rain or shine, but which is their true preference for quality photos? Photographers try to do whatever it takes to get the shot. In general, does bright sunlight or gray, overcast skies create the prettiest pictures?

Question 5

When should guests arrive to the wedding?

When sending out invitations, the location, date and time should be listed so guests know what to do. If the couple plans for the ceremony to start at 6pm, and that is what the venue agrees to, should the invite say ceremony at 5:30pm? This is tricky!

Question 6

Rain on a wedding day means what?

Weather is a key factor when selecting a wedding date. Some couples want a cozy indoor wedding, so winter is perfectly fine. Some couples want a wedding on the coastline, so summer is ideal. Sometimes bad weather surprises us, and rain can happen anywhere. Is wedding day rain good luck?

Question 7

Something borrowed, something blue originated in which country?

Almost everyone has heard the usual list of items a bride must wear on her wedding day. “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” Brides might stitch blue fabric underneath the skirt of her dress or wear jewelry that has been passed down. Where does this wedding rhyme originate?

Question 8

The best wedding style is what?

Some couples have the fantasy of ditching a traditional ceremony in order to cut costs and decrease the guest list. Eloping to Paris, Hawaii or even Vegas sounds like a fun getaway. Weddings are an expensive endeavor, but does eloping save a ton of money? Decide which way will create the dream wedding.

Question 9

Which is the ideal shoe style on the big day?

Modern day brides have taken shoe creativity to a whole new level, wearing personalized wedding sneakers, sandals or boots. But traditional heels are definitely a tried and true footwear option. The selection of pretty wedding heels out there is tremendous. Are more brides wearing heels to walk down the aisle?

Question 10

The cake cutting will happen right after which event?

The timeline in a wedding has a lot of items, from the ceremony, to cocktail hour, to toasts. There are many activities that take place at this event. The question here is when does the cake cutting occur? The first dance is a special moment where the bride and groom dance together.

Question 11

How many bridesmaids will be chosen?

Every bride has at least one person in mind to stand by their side during the wedding ceremony. There is a lot of work to be done at weddings and extra hands are very helpful. According to tradition, is there a minimum requirement for number of bridesmaids? But what feels right?

Question 12

What item is pictured here?

Usually when it comes to wedding flowers, the bride and her bouquet get all the attention. However, the groom gets a special item that matches the bridal bouquet. The groomsmen get smaller versions of this. Think about it - what does the groom have to wear on the left side of his suit?

Question 13

How many entree options should a wedding have?

When selecting a wedding venue, the catering is oftentimes provided within the venue’s package. Other times an outside catering company may be required. To choose what will be on the menu, the couple must taste the food! What a treat. Should guests have multiple food options or will they get whatever is offered?

Question 14

Whoever catches the bouquet is going to do what?

When the bridal party and newlyweds enter the reception, it’s a party! At some point during the evening the bride will get her toss bouquet and gather ladies to stand behind her. The DJ will have her throw the bouquet over her head into the crowd. What does it mean when someone catches it?

Question 15

What is the most common day for a wedding?

Traditionally, weddings are on what popular day of the week? Wedding dates are chosen for their ability to be remembered, like those lucky couples who tied the knot on 11/11/11. Weddings may also be cheaper to book on weekdays. Do most weddings occur Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays?

Question 16

The florals worn on a wrist are called what?

Flowers are beautiful touches on a wedding day. Sometimes the couple will opt for a floral type of bracelet to be worn by the mothers of both the bride and groom. It is a nice way to have them feel even more dressed up. What is this delicate accessory called?

Question 17

What is the ideal lettering for the wedding invitations?

When entering a wedding, there is often big, beautiful signage that guides the guests inside. The font and color combinations are endless. Typewriter font grew in popularity over the years. Calligraphy as well. Bold font gets attention too. Think about invitations, signage and menu cards. What kind of font is most popular?

Question 18

Which is the ideal wedding dress code?

There are many different types of dress codes that are used for wedding attire. Some weddings might be smart casual, where jeans are allowed. Some weddings might require formal wear, creating the atmosphere of a high end event. Some may not have any rules. It is dependent on the venue and location.

Question 19

Where should couples register for wedding gifts?

Shopping for a wedding gift is can be a fun task, but it can also be overwhelming. It is a good thing gift registries exist, to guide guests on what the couple really wants. Here we list four major stores, but which one is the number one spot for wedding gifts?

Question 20

The “train” refers to which part of a wedding dress?

Women's formal wear is a world full of strange terms and unnecessary buttons. The wedding dress is the epitome of this, as they are made up of several different parts. Many folks have been to a wedding, but can they decipher what part of the dress is called the train?

Question 21

A wedding dress looks best in which of these colors?

While wedding dresses are often a traditional white, ivory or cream, today's bride wants options. Self expression is so important nowadays. The dress is one of the most important parts of the big day. Looking at the color list, which of them can replace the white and be the main color of the dress?

Question 22

Brides love using which flower the most?

Wedding florists work extremely hard to design a day that fits the desired budget and color scheme. For each florist, the favorite flower will differ. There are some flowers that are easier to work with that others, but it is up to the bride. Do brides love a soft orchid, sturdy sunflower, gorgeous garden rose or plentiful hydrangea?

Question 23

Carrying the bride over the threshold means what?

There are so many sweet traditions in the wedding world. One historic and popular one is the husband carrying his new wife over the threshold to their new home. This action symbolized something to past generations, but what was it? Every tradition has its meaningful roots, so choose wisely on this one!

Question 24

Wedding ceremonies should be how long?

Let's be honest - we come to the weddings for love, but we stay for the party. The ceremony is a formality that brings us together, and it can vary in length. Wedding planners have a schedule, and the ceremony is typically a set amount of time. How long are they?

Question 25

Which of these wedding movies happens on a Greek island?

For those of us who are not scheduled to be in a wedding, at least we can watch wedding movies! There is one amazing wedding movie that takes place on a gorgeous Greek island. It is also a popular stage musical, with catchy songs and a great cast. Which movie is it?

Question 26

Jumping the Broom means what?

Here we have another wedding tradition - jumping the broom. Couples will say their vows, and jump over a broom before heading down the aisle as husband and wife. This fun tradition has its roots in an old belief, so not everyone will know what it means. Regardless, it's still a cool way to jump into marriage.

Question 27

Which of theses makes the most memorable wedding song?

Wedding songs really set the tone when the bride walks down the aisle. They also play an important role in getting the party started at the reception. Each of the songs listed here are massively popular songs for wedding ceremonies. Which is best?

Question 28

What percent of brides take the groom's last name?

According to wikipedia, there is no law stating that a woman has to change her name once she is married. Thank goodness for that fact! However, some women still choose to, and the percentage is surprising. How many women lose their name and take a new one after the nuptials?

Question 29

Where is the ideal wedding destination in the US?

Destination weddings are an attractive market for people who want to see a new place and cut down on the guest list. There are a few cities in the United States that are popular spots, but only one place tops the list. Choose the destination for a wonderful US wedding.

Question 30

Throwing rice at a wedding can mean what?

Who can recall the final scene of Cinderella when the mice threw rice at her wedding? She finally got to marry her prince! Many grand exits look different, but when they throw rice it has a special meaning. Does the rice represent lifelong health, increased prosperity, strong fertility or everlasting love?

Question 31

What kind of flower is pictured here?

Flowers are a big part of a wedding day, so having some flower knowledge is important and useful. This silky flower is often a bit expensive, as it is not always in season. It has a beautiful draping effect that looks great on a sweetheart table. What flower is this?

Question 32

Who takes the garter off the bride?

During the reception, the bride sits in a chair and someone important comes to remove the garter from her leg. This is a fun and silly portion of the event, and people cheer when it is off! Who is the lucky person who gets to take the garter from the bride?

Question 33

What style of wedding is best?

When the wedding planning begins, the planner might ask, "What is the desired wedding style?" There are many different choices, and they are customizable to the couples desires. In the picture here, the reception has golden fairy lights and many green trees. Could this be whimsical, romantic, casual or modern?

Question 34

During the grand exit the guests should do what?

Weddings are long days and even longer nights. At the end of the event the bride and groom participate in what is called the grand exit. Guests are a part of this, by gathering together near the couple and do something for them. Which of the items from this list seem right?

Question 35

What style of dress is pictured here?

Wedding dresses come in a wide variety of styles, from strapless and fitted to high neck and trumpet. The dress has to fit in a way that makes the bride feel her absolute best. In the photo here, the model wears a high neck dress, but what style is the bottom?

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