Take This Simple Twilight Quiz To Get A Vampire Power

The Twilight series is a series of books that were then turned into movies that follow the life of a teen girl named Bella Swan who recently moved from her sunny home with her mom to live in a small, rainy town. Not long after moving there and starting life at her new school, a fellow student by the name of Edward Cullen catches her eye and she falls head over heels for him. As their relationship progresses and she learns more about him and the large, adoptive family that he comes from, the stranger and more complicated Bella's previously mundane life becomes.

Bella learns that her new boyfriend is actually a vampire and that one of her childhood friends is a werewolf and that these two species do not get along. Pushed into the world of the supernatural, Bella has to learn to balance her life as a high school student and her relationship with a vampire without getting herself into too much danger. As she learns, this tends to be easier said than done, especially considering the special powers many vampires have.

Who else totally wishes they could be a vampire like the Cullen family? Take this two-minute Twilight quiz to get matched to the perfect vampire power!

Question 1

Does the sun hurt the Cullen family?

Vampires not being able to go into the sunlight is pretty normal for vampire movies and TV shows. The reasons for why vampires can't go into the sunlight and the ways that they can get around this issue tend to differ from series to series but it's something that tends to be a staple in many works of vampire-centered fiction. It's definitely present in the Twilight series and is part of why Stephenie Meyer chose the location she did! Does the sunlight hurt them?

Question 2

Where is the series set?

According to Stephenie Meyer's blog, she chose the location for the Twilight series when she was looking up locations that are incredibly rainy and cloudy. Even though the vampires in the Twilight series are pretty unique, there are still some things that they have in common with other vampire movies, TV shows, and books. One of them is the fact that they can't really go into the sun. For that reason, she needed to choose a location that doesn't get a lot of sunlight for them to live.

Question 3

Which of these was NOT one of Bella's friends from school?

Even though Twilight is mostly focused on Bella Swan's relationship with Edward Cullen and her learning about all the supernatural creatures that live in and around Forks, there are still other characters! Some of them are the friends that Bella has at school, friends she met when she first moved to Forks and started school at the high school there. Even though Bella doesn't often hang out with them after she meets Edward, they're still at school with her every day.

Question 4

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

This is a question that most Twilight fans definitely have an opinion on. It's one that many fans of the series don't need to think twice about before they offer up their answer! Jacob and Edward are two of the main characters in the Twilight series and the two characters that the main character of the series, Bella Swan, finds herself torn between when it comes to her romantic feelings. Unlike Bella many Twilight fans definitely know who they would choose right away.

Question 5

What does Carlisle do for a living?

A person being a vampire gives them a really long time to hone their skills and land their dream job or work on their hobbies. This is something that is definitely true for the Cullen family father, Carlisle Cullen. The head of the Olympic Coven has a very special job that definitely relates back to his general nature as a person and the way that he turned the members of the Olympic Coven. How many Twilight fans remember the job Carlisle had?

Question 6

Where did Bella live before the beginning of the series?

Forks, Washington is a location that is definitely known for being rainy and constantly under the cover of clouds. This is great for people like the Cullen family that can't be in the sun all the time because of the fact that they're vampires. But for Bella Swan? It's definitely a big adjustment considering the fact that before the series began, she lived somewhere with a much sunnier climate. So, moving to Forks was way different for her. Where did she live before?

Question 7

True or false: a vampire's eyes change color when they're hungry.

Being around a hungry vampire is definitely something dangerous for any human and not a situation we would ever want to be in! Luckily, different vampire movies and TV shows have different ways of telling just how long it's been since a vampire has fed. The Twilight series is no exception and there's definitely a way to tell if a vampire in this series is hungry, but only a serious fan will remember what it is. Does it involve a change in their eye color?

Question 8

Was Carlisle once in the Volturi?

The Volturi is the name given to the vampires in the Twilight universe that control all the other vampires in the world. Essentially, the Volturi are the people in the Twilight world that make the rules that all the other vampires have to follow. The Volturi are really important and are shown at different points in the Twilight series. Some of the vampires in the Volturi are the most powerful and feared vampires around. Was Carlisle Cullen once in the Volturi?

Question 9

Who is this?

This character is one of the vampires in the Olympic Coven, the group of vampires that make up the Cullen family. When this vampire was a human, she was wealthy and known for her looks. She came from a rich family and definitely had a pretty easy life but unfortunately, her human life was cut short following an attack. Luckily, Carlisle Cullen found her and managed to save her by turning her into a vampire. Who remembers this vampire's name?

Question 10

Who does Bella live with after moving to Forks?

Before Bella moved to Forks, she lived in Arizona with her mom and her step-dad. But, at the very beginning of the series, she had just moved back to Forks to live with another family member. Although she had been away for a while, it's revealed that Bella isn't entirely new to Forks and that she had spent quite some time there when she was younger. Still, things are way different for her after she learns about vampires and werewolves!

Question 11

Pick a hobby

Being a vampire means being alive for quite a while. This means that you're definitely going to need fun things to do in order to spend your time, otherwise it might get pretty boring. Luckily, there are a ton of hobbies that people can have and vampires have the rest of eternity to get great the hobbies they like and even explore new ones whenever they choose without worrying that they should be spending their time in another way. Pretty lucky!

Question 12

In which movie did Edward and Bella get married?

Edward and Bella met and started their relationship in the first installment of the Twilight series, simply titled Twilight. But, their relationship progressed through the different installments in the series through the two of them getting married and even having a child together. The whole thing was just so heartwarming! Who didn't love watching their love story unfold through the different movies? Anyone who is a fan of the series will definitely be able to remember which movie they got married in.

Question 13

Do vampires sleep?

The behavior and needs of vampires really depends on the movie, TV show, or book that they appear in. In some vampire works of fiction, vampires can't go in the sun or they can't see themselves in mirrors. In others, they can under certain circumstances. In some, they sleep in coffins during the daylight hours while in others, they don't sleep at all. The Twilight series is like those other series in that they show the different needs and weaknesses the vampires have.

Question 14

What sport did the Cullen family play?

After Bella starts her relationship with Edward and learns that he's a vampire who comes from a large, adoptive family of other vampires, she starts to get to know more and more about their hobbies and interests. One thing that the Cullen family does and is interested in is playing sports! Considering they've all been around for so long and they have so much time on their hands being vampires that don't sleep, it's good that they have hobbies. What sport are they into?

Question 15

How did Edward and Bella choose their baby's name?

Anyone who is familiar with the Twilight series will know that Bella and Edward chose a really unique name for their child. Although the two of them have relatively common names, they picked a name for their baby, a daughter they had toward the end of the Twilight series, that we're pretty sure no one else has ever chosen for their child prior to this series being released. The two of them picked a combination of two names to come up with this unique name.

Question 16

Name this character.

This character is one of the central characters i the Twilight series. Even though the series focuses mainly on Bella Swan and her relationship with Edward and the other vampires and werewolves in the series, some of the other humans in the series are pretty important too! This character is definitely one that's important to the Twilight series because he's Bella's dad who she moves in with when she moves to Forks. Who can remember the name of this character?

Question 17

Play baseball or just watch?

When Bella was invited over to visit the Cullen clan, they all went out into a field to play a fun game of baseball. Of course, they're vampires so they're incredibly powerful and Bella wasn't exactly invited to go to the outfield in order to play with them because of the fact that she might get hurt. If Bella had been a vampire at this point in the series, we're confident the Cullens would have been happy to let her play, though! Would you play or just watch?

Question 18

How old was Edward when he was turned?

Edward's age is one specific part of the plot of the Twilight series that was revealed at the point in the first installment in the series when Bella learned about the fact that Edward was actually a vampire. Imagine how surprising it would be to learn your new beau is actually a supernatural creature! Although Edward was turned into a vampire quiet a while ago, he's actually frozen at the age at which he was turned. How old was that exactly?

Question 19

Be a vampire or be a werewolf?

Unfortunately for us, neither of these supernatural creatures actually exist in the real world. What a bummer, right? But, that doesn't mean that we can't imagine what it would be like to be one of them! We all know that Bella was torn between her feelings for a vampire and a werewolf but she definitely spent a lot of the series wishing she could be a vampire. If you could be either of these supernatural creatures, which one would you choose?

Question 20

True or false: the Cullen family collects college brochures.

The Cullen family are vampires which means that they're frozen at their current ages for the rest of their lives. For many of them, this means being pretty young forever as far as their appearances go despite the fact that they're technically quite old. Because of this, the Cullen family travels around every few years and re-enrolls in high school over and over again. Going to high school over and over means graduating several times which really helps with their collection. Is it college brochures?

Question 21

Pick another supernatural series.

Even though Twilight is definitely an excellent supernatural series about different creatures like werewolves and vampires, it's not the only one out there! There are a ton of other movies and TV shows that involve supernatural creatures like vampires, ghosts, and all kinds of other supernatural creatures and events. While Twilight is the only one that features Edward and Bella, it doesn't mean that there aren't a lot of other series with other creatures to enjoy. Choose one of these!

Question 22

Which member of the Cullen family voted against Bella becoming a vampire?

Most of the vampires in the Twilight series didn't want to become vampires, they were simply turned at some point in their lives. Despite this, Bella wanted to be turned into a vampire from the moment she learned that Edward was one. Let's be honest, who could blame her? Not us, that's for sure! Vampires are so cool! When the Cullen family was voting on whether or not to turn Bella, there was one vampire that was against the idea.

Question 23

What is Alice's special power?

Not all vampires in the Twilight series have special powers. Although all the vampires do have powers beyond that of humans like their super speed and strength and the fact that they don't need to do things like sleep, not all of them have their own unique powers. Some of them do, though! For instance, Edward has the ability to read people's minds. Alice is another vampire that has a really unique power that other vampires don't have. What is it?

Question 24

Did Carlisle turn all the members of the Cullen family?

Anyone familiar with the Twilight series will know that Carlisle was responsible for turning at least a couple members of the Cullen family. The backstories of the family members is revealed to the viewer as the story unfolds and viewers learn about the way that Carlisle met and turned at least a couple of them like Rosalie who had suffered an attack before being turned and Edward who had an illness when he was turned. Were all the family members turned by Carlisle?

Question 25

Is Renesmee an immortal child?

In one of the later installments in the Twilight series, viewers are introduced to the concept of the "immortal child." Immortal children are outlawed by the Volturi, the body in the series that makes the laws that the vampires in the Twilight universe have to follow, which is something that is revealed during the series. The phrase "immortal child" refers to any child that is a vampire, either by birth or through being turned into one. Is Renesmee, Edward and Bella's daughter, an immortal child?

Question 26

What did Jessica think about Bella and Edward getting married?

Jessica, played by Anna Kendrick, is one of the first people that Bella met when she started school at her new school after moving to Forks. In the very first Twilight film, Bella was actually with Jessica when she saw the Cullen family in the cafeteria and she's the person who was telling Bella all about the family and everything she knew about them! Pretty cool, right? When Jessica found out that Bella and Edward were getting married, what did she think?

Question 27

Be a Cullen or be a member of the Volturi?

There are quite a few different groups of vampires that are present throughout the Twilight series. Of course, the main one is the Cullen family but there other vampire covens that appear and the Volturi, the group of vampires that control the entire vampire world, appear several times throughout the series as well. While these vampire groups are all strictly fiction and we sadly can't join any of them, we can totally dream, right? Would you rather be a Cullen or join the Volturi?

Question 28

What disease did Edward have when Carlisle turned him?

In the Twilight series, everyone knows that Carlisle is a doctor. This is a skill that goes far beyond his profession, though! Even before the events of the series, this vampire was helping people in his own unique way. Carlisle turned a couple members of the Cullen family who were injured and needed him to save them, something he could only do by turning them into vampires. When he met Edward, he was ill with a serious disease and Carlisle turned him to save his life.

Question 29

How are the Cullens different than other vampires?

The vampires in different works of vampire fiction like movies and TV shows are all fairly similar but they each have their own specific myths and legends that only really fit the vampires in that series. In the Twilight series, there are stories about what the vampires are like but even beyond that, the Cullen family is a group of vampires that are totally different than other vampires. There's one big thing that sets them apart from other vampires in the series. What is it?

Question 30

Pick a character to be BFFs with.

We can't even deny that being in the Twilight series would be pretty awesome, right? The only thing that would even come close to being as cool as being one of the characters in this supernatural series would be the chance to be best friends with one of our favorite characters from the series! Although watching the movies over and over is close, it's just not the same. There are humans, vampires, and even werewolves in the series. Which of these characters would you choose to befriend?

Question 31

What do the Cullens have to wait for before they can play baseball?

After Bella goes to visit the Cullen family and meet all of Edward's adopted siblings and parents, she's invited to go watch them play baseball which she does in a scene in the first Twilight movie that's totally unforgettable to fans. When they're getting ready to play baseball, they explain to her that this is a special occasion for them because the family has to wait for something special before they can actually get to playing. Who remembers what they have to wait for?

Question 32

Who does Edward's power NOT work on?

In the Twilight series, there are a few vampires that have really unique powers that set them apart from the rest of the vampires in their universe. One of these vampires is Edward Cullen who has the really useful and unique power to read the minds of those around him. Although this is cool, there is one person whose mind he just can't read. No matter how hard he tries, his power just doesn't seem to work on one person in the series.

Question 33

Where did Edward and Bella meet and speak to each other for the first time?

Every love story has to start somewhere, right? The one that blossoms between Edward and Bella as the Twilight series unfolds is one that's no different. It has a beginning in the very first Twilight movie when the two of them finally got the chance to speak for the first time after seeing each other at school. Although there's quite a lot that happened between them after this, any serious fan of the series will remember where they were the first time they spoke.

Question 34

Does this vampire have a special power?

This vampire is one that any serious fan of the Twilight series is sure to recognize. In the films, she's played by Dakota Fanning and her name is Jane. This vampire isn't just any vampire though, she's actually one of the most powerful members of the Volturi and, along with her twin sibling, is one of the guards for the Volturi. That means any vampire that wants to speak to them has to do so with her spooky eyes watching them the whole time.

Question 35

What did Edward say Bella needed to do before he would turn her into a vampire?

From the moment Bella learned Edward was a vampire, she wanted to become one herself. Although we totally understand that because being a vampire would be awesome, her reason for wanting to was more about wanting to be with him forever and had a lot to do with her fear of becoming way older than him. Edward was reluctant to turn her into a vampire but he agreed under one condition. How many true fans of the Twilight series can remember what that condition was?

Question 36

Who was the valedictorian when Bella graduated?

The valedictorian at a high school graduation is the student that had the highest GPA throughout their years at the school. This student is recognized at the graduation for their achievements and typically gives a speech in front of their classmates and all the family members and loved ones that are attending the ceremony. In one of the later installments in the Twilight series, Bella and Edward both graduated from high school together. Who was the valedictorian at their graduation ceremony?

Question 37

Who is this?

The first supernatural creature that many people think of when they think about the Twilight series is probably vampires, right? We totally get that, they're the main creature in the series! It's only natural to think of that species first when thinking about the Twilight movies. But any true fan of the series will know that werewolves also play a major part in the series. This character is one of the werewolves in the series and is the only female shapeshifter in the history of the tribe.

Question 38

Why didn't Rosalie like Bella at first?

While most of the Cullen family was ready to welcome Bella into their lives with open arms and were more than happy to befriend and accept her, Rosalie wasn't quite so happy to get to know her. This is a pretty major bummer for Bella who just wanted Edward's entire adopted family to like her because she was really into Edward from the very beginning of their relationship. As the series goes on, she learns more about why Rosalie didn't like her at first.

Question 39

Be a vampire or a human?

Unfortunately, this isn't actually a choice that any of us really get to make. Bummer, right? And for many of the vampires in the Twilight series, it's not a choice they got to make either, something that some of the vampires in the series had some trouble coming to terms with. But, if vampires were real and we actually got the chance to chose between being a human and being a vampire, which of these would you choose to be?

Question 40

What gift did Bella get before her wedding?

When it comes to weddings, there are a lot of traditions that people have. One tradition involves not letting the groom see the bride on the day of the wedding until the ceremony starts while another involves the bride having a bachelorette party to celebrate her single days coming to an end. Another tradition that goes hand in hand with weddings involves the things that a bride wears on her wedding day. Before her wedding, Bella was given "something old." What was it?

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