Take This Sephora Makeup Quiz And We'll Guess Your Sign

Calling all VIB, VIB Rouge, and makeup fans alike. We know our Sephora girls are not only picky when it comes to their makeup, but that your makeup says a lot about you. We’re willing to guess we can guess a thing or two about you based on your purchase choices. Sephora offers some high ends options for skin care, hair care, lipsticks, foundations and more. If you can dream it, they have it. While they specialize in high end products, they have more affordable options too, making this a one stop shop for any true makeup lover. Dry skin begone, split ends be slayed, and eyebrows are on fleek.

The staff at Sephora and all our true gurus know how to make you up and get those wings flying. We’re pretty sure that when it comes to your makeup choices the stars might have something to do with it. Bold or muted, lipstick, gloss, or both! The way your like to present yourself is like an open door to the true self beneath. Are you as bold as your sign? Or maybe more romantic and loving. Take our quiz to see what your sign is based on your favourites, must have products, and preferred looks.

Question 1

Pick A Bestselling Brand

So many old and new brands topped the charts as hits this past 2018. With Rihanna at the forefront of Fenty Beauty, with their high pigment, high payoff shadows glosses, lipsticks, and body shimmer was a huge success this year. Huda Beauty also had a huge year with the launch of incredible mini pallets as well as full sized ones that make your colour dreams come true. Anastasia Beverly Hills also had huge successes with not only full size pallets, their staple brow products, but also with their liquid lipsticks. Lastly even Sephora’s own affordable name brand options were huge successes with products across all categories.

Question 2

Which Primer Was This Year's Go-To?

Primer is all about setting your face up for success. Primer helps smooth out pores, fill fine lines and give your foundation something to sit on for long lasting, pigmented results. Whether you’re trying to hide acne scarring,acne, or some of those age old problems only time can give you, primer is a must have at any age. Benefit cosmetics is well known for their ‘Porefessional Primer’, and Tatcha is a huge success with their ‘Silk Canvas’ which is modeled after the wax Geisha and Maiko use in Japan. Smashbox still had great sales with their no flashback ‘Photo Finish’ Primer. Lastly which not a new brand, new to they hype this year was Hourglass with their ‘Veil Mineral Primer’ which was largely adored by all makeup communities.

Question 3

Eyes or Lips? Which Liner is the Pick?

Lip or eye liner? That is the question. Are you more inclined for that perfectly symmetrical lip look with no shaky edges? Or does the perfect cat eye sing a song closer to your home. Whatever we pick, we know both highlight the importance of a carefully crafted and put together look. Even if you’re going for something more minimal, both can be worn separately. Slight contour and an eyeliner can make going out in a rush look great. A statement lip also sets the tone for a put together day.

Question 4

Pick A Japanese Based Skincare Line

Both of these brands started off as the brain children of Japan. Tatcha still keeps strongly to their roots, while Boscia changed their products to meet consumer needs in North America. Based on your personal needs we know every true skin fanatic has long list of tried and true brands. Whether you’re thinking about Boscia for their black, white, and green peel off masks, or Tatcha for their luxury level daily product line, we know you have a favourite. Tatcha’s line of skin products is made with the most natural of products with inspiration from the traditions and practices of Maiko and Geisha. Beautiful skin, white masks and red painted lips are some of the more beautiful feature you see the silk clad performers wear.

Question 5

Which Heat Styler Gets The Most Use?

Curly or Straight? Blowout or air dry? Long and short hair styles can always use a little help from our friend heat - with proper protective sprays of course. Whether you want the beach look, or a more classic ringlet situation, curls are always in. Perhaps you're more of a straight and simple kind of person and the uniform elegance of straight hair is more appealing. Whichever way you style it, Sephora has all the best brands like BioIonic and Drybar for some of the best money can buy.

Question 6

Which Eye Look is the Most Eye Catching?

Nothing wrong with a little neutrals. Neutral colours can change the shape of your eyes or give you simple yet elegant. Maybe you’re more about that bold life though. There’s something so freeing about letting your inner self out to show the world. Maybe you’re rocking the reds and pinks for a date night or Valentines day, maybe you don’t need any occasion at all to rock a peacock inspired masterpiece. Whichever way you like to paint it on, Sephora is ready with a wide variety of price points for some of the nicest formulated eyeshadows.

Question 7

Which Lip Colour Is More Appealing?

Nothing gives you that classic Hollywood look or that large and in-charge appeal like a lipstick. Whether you’re keeping it cool and muted with a more neutral pink, or you’re bold and brave with a bright red, there’s a lipstick for you. The perfect red is so individual for everyone as you often have to match your undertones. Whether you’re rocking a pink, yellow, red or olive undertone, you’re going to want to see the difference between a red or orange based red might do.

Question 8

Choose A Favourite Eye shadow Pallet

Maybe you have some nostalgia for the Naked pallets from when they were all the rage, or perhaps you’re more interested in the amazing formulas and that shimmer shade in the Pat McGrath Labs pallet. Maybe Morphe is the way to go with their huge pallet size of 35 different colours that stretch the rainbow. Even Kat Von D released a new romantic themed pallet called Lolita that practically personified date night. Whatever your needs may be, Sephora is the place to check out and swatch them both to see which sings its sirens call to your soul.

Question 9

Choose A Mascara Colour

Brown mascara has a place in our hearts. For longer lashes but still treading the line along that ‘natural no makeup trend’, brown mascara is your best friend. We can’t blame you if you want the drama though. Black mascara helps to coat your lashes with that extra bump that enhances your features and give you those dangerous puppy dog eyes. Maybe you're more interested in the multipurpose and minimalist approach, in that case brown mascara would also double as brow gel. Who can say no to such a useful products?

Question 10

Hand Cream or Face Cream?

La Mer is often praised as one of the holiest of skin creams for the face. This expensive but luxurious cream is said to calm the skin of even the driest of people. L’Occitane however is one of the best hand creams around. Arriving in metal squeeze tubes, you can feel good about the lack of plastic in the environment along with never having lotion under your nails from diggin in the tube ever again. The tiny size of the tubes also allows for very convenient grab and go for almost any purse size.

Question 11

What's Most Important In A Base Routine?

Are you looking for that Kim K contour or the Jeffrey Star blinding highlight? Contour is great for slimming down a face or giving you the cheek bones you've never had. Highlight on the other hand is wonderful for adding that extra pizazz and making you highest features stand out even more. Emphasize your cutting cheek bones or raise your nose bridge. Both work great together to give you that full face look with all that dimension and interest, but we want to know if you could only pick one, which would it be?

Question 12

Pick A Go-To Product

Put together face or put together hair? Whether you’re smoothing down flyaways or making sure those curls last all through the night, we know hairspray might just be your BFF. Maybe You're More of a natural girl and just slick back your hair in a bun and conquer the day. Lipstick though is a timeless addition to any look. Making sure all the attention is on your coloured pout, you can practically leave the house bare and no one would realize. Cystic zit on your forehead? Lipstick will draw all the attention to a much more fitting feature on your glorious face

Question 13

What's The Best Way To Do The Brows?

Sisters not twins! Brows are the secret stars of the face. Either making you look like an social media model, or like your just rolled out of bed, these are the real facial power houses. There seems to be only two camps of people in the land of the brows. People are either gel lovers, or powder fanatics. Whether you’re a dip brow queen, or you just dip into your eyeshadows when it comes to that part of the face, we know there’s only two camps of brow babes.

Question 14

Pick An Eyeliner

Before all the drama surrounding Kat Von D and vaccines blew up, she used to be the undisputed vegan queen of fleek eyeliner designs. Bold, crisp lines became a tangible reality with the release of the coveted Tattoo liner. Coming in different colours, you don’t just have to be a goth queen to rock this liner. Since the much seen boycott of KVD on Reddit and other makeup forums, some new star players are starting to step into the ring. Brands like Stila with their felt tip pen, Sephora's own name brand with their waterproof and easy so apply liners, and lastly even Bobby Brown with an elegant liner gel that applies a lot like a brow pomade. No matter how you like to wing it out, or what consistency you want your products to be, there's options for everyone.

Question 15

Choose a Falsie

No look is truly complete without a pair a falsies. The explosion of Youtube influencers and social media starlets has brought about a new era of false lashes. Softer, fuller, and more affordable than ever, even everyday people are pulling off a little added volume. Sephora sells some of the best selling and most loved lashes in the beauty communities with soft, full bands with affordable price tags as well as more luxurious options. Which brand are you more likely to grab to spice up your night time adventures?

Question 16

Brush or Sponge?

With the release of the Beauty Blender the sponge was rebirthed into mainstream use. You can use them dry, or soaked in water to get a clean blend in your concealer, foundation, or even your contour. When used dry they are great for setting your look with powder for that long wear effect. Brushes can also be a great option, especially at the high price points, brands like Natasha Denona for example has some of the best foundation brushes. Thick, full brushes allow you to effortlessly apply your makeup, streak free every time.

Question 17

Pick the Perfect Cleansing Routine

Sometimes simplicity is the key to life. If you’re a busy person maybe all you have time for is grabbing the Neutrogena wipes and giving it a rub. If that’s the case then we’re guessing you’re definitely a makeup wipe person. Effective and simple. However if you’re looking for that flawless K-Pop idol complexion, then we know you probably investing in a few more steps than a wipe. Cleansers, toners, essence, ampule, serum, eye cream, moisturizer and sunscreen are the 7 steps to a glowing face. Maybe you're somewhere in the middle and have a small but effective routine for your skin!

Question 18

Bronze and Sun Kissed or Blushing Babe?

Bronzer helps give you that sun-kissed glow year round, and can even double as a contour. Blush however is great for that more demure or alive look. Whether you’re using it to make you look younger with pinks and corals, or you’re using more red and beige tones to simply bring colour to the center of the face, blush is a universal must. We wanna know if you could only have one of these vital face essentials, which one would you choose.

Question 19

Choose a Favourite Hairapy Product

Over-processed and split hair? No worries. Olaplex is here. With their newly released shampoo and conditioner to compliment their #3 at home hair mask and their #1 and #2 formulas meant to be used in salon during processing. Olaplex helps repair and retain the bonds of your hair to keep your for a global bleach frizz party or snapped hair strands. Deva Curl however is a curly’s BFF. Helping to naturally cleanse and moisturize your curls to reach their full potential, wavy, curly, and kinky girls alike have found rescue in these green little bottles. Beyond the big two Sephora carries some other saviors like the very expensive and luxe Kerastase, and the more affordable luxury, Living Proof. All lines include shampoo, conditioner, leave in, and hair treatments.

Question 20

Plump skin or a Plump Lash Line?

Whether you love to keep those lashes up high, or keep the face plump and fresh 24/7 we won’t judge. Especially if you have hooded or monolids, a lot of people love use an eyelash curler to help open up their beautiful eyes for the world to see. Others however may shudder at the idea of leaving the house without at least a little bit of moisturizer to keep the flakes away. If you’re a dry skin family member then we’d totally understand picking flakes over lashes.

Question 21

Choose An Everyday Look

Are you a Plain Jane, or do you vamp it up like it’s New Year's Eve every day? Whether your look is makeup, flirty, or that natural glow from within no makeup at all, we know there’s about the same amount of products that go into both. The question really boils down to whether or not you want people to know you’re wearing makeup, or if you’re wearing it just for you. We love a good ‘My Lip But Better’ and that dewy glorious skin as much as we love a real smoked out glitter cat eye. Beauty is in the beholder, or at least the holder of the brush.

Question 22

Sheet, Mud, or Peel Off? Choose a Mask

We all need to take some time out of our busy days for some TLC and R&R. Whether your me time is in the tub, or on the couch, no self care routine is complete without a little love for your skin. Sephora has tons of brands that range from affordable to high end for all your skincare needs. Whether you’re sporting a sheet mask, peel off from Boscia, clay mask from Fresh, or a Rubber Lover mask from Dr Jart, we know you’ll find what you need.

Question 23

Choose a Foundation Need

Whether you’re trying to show off or cover up, there’s a foundation out there for you. Matte finish? Dewy finish? Satin? Sephora has oodles of brands for you to try and even more shades to choose from. Now sporting shade inclusive ranges like Fenty beauty, the age of foundation for all is getting closer and closer to a reality. Sephora not only sports huge range of products, but a touch and test attitude with employees who understand and know the products you’re looking at. So swatch and see how they oxidise before you take a swing at your perfect shade.

Question 24

Choose A Skin Concern

Sometimes we change skin type based on the time of year, and other times we’re just dry or oily every day of the year. With a huge line of skincare and knowledgeable staff to help you figure it all out, we know you can bank on Sephora for a one stop trip for your routine needs. Sometimes the problems with our skin are not as easy as they seem. Dry skin is often dehydrated oily skin, and oily skin can often just be skin that being dried out with aggressive cleansers and exfoliants. Sometimes your products themselves are causing your biggest problems.

Question 25

Pick A Lip Product

Are you a fan of that wet glossy pout, or are you a stick girl? Gloss has been reinvented in the last year or so. Long gone are the tacking sticky tubes that only serve to catch your hair and attach it to your lips. Brands like Fenty Beauty are changing the game and releasing some of the most wearable glosses around. Now wet doesn’t have to come with that sticky feeling. Lipstick too has branched into liquid tubes and even tints and stains. Which look do you love for your luscious lips?

Question 26

Choose A Brow To Slay

Whether you’re a gel or powder person, there’s a million ways to actually do your brows. Some people like to use gel for those feather light looks. Maybe you use an eyeliner for the individual hairs. Or perhaps you’re using a pencil to try and hide some gaps in your otherwise Nike worthy swooshes. We want to know whether or not you use all your skills and products towards that effortless full, natural look, or if you’re goal is to look like one of those social media queens before you leave the house.

Question 27

Choose A Favourite Product Texture

So many products, so little time. Whether or not you’re going for a dewy or matte look can really affect what kind of products you choose, and what kind of brands you’re drawn to. People going for that wet or dewy look often opt for cream products to keep things looking hydrated. If you’re more of a matte finish however you’re probably going to want to lean more towards powder products to keep things powdered and shine free throughout the day.

Question 28

MAC Cosmetics or Tarte?

MAC Cosmetics is one of the OG brands of makeup. Back in the day when they had counters instead of full sized stores, for many people MAC products were like a shining beacon of creativity and hope. Small towns might have only had MAC to choose from for their makeup options and saved for that special tube of lipstick or brush. Tarte however is a new wave generation of makeup. Also a full sized line of makeup including blush, foundation, concealer, lipstick and more, Tarte’s packaging is fun and youthful, ready to take on the new age.

Question 29

Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum?

One of the most wonderful things about Sephora is their huge range of scents and brands. Many of the scent selections in Sephora come in smaller roller or trial size options as well as a medium and large size. So don't sweat it if $100+ sounds like a lot for a perfume or cologne, there’s plenty for $30 rollers or even roller sample packs at affordable prices to mix it up based on your mood or just try out something new.

Question 30

Choose An Everyday Base

While the age of K-Pop Idols and their perfect skin is very much among us, there’s still some people who don’t really need foundation at all. If you have good skin but a few hormonal sports, then you might just need a well matched concealer to strut your stuff. Others might feel self conscious about blemishes or age spots and might opt for something a big more full coverage. Whether you’re in there with your beauty blender ready to bake your face in the morning, or you’re just dabbing those spots with your finger we know you’re shopping Sephora.

Question 31

Choose the Perfect Polish

Perhaps you’re familiar with Christine from Simply Nailogical or Suzie from Nail Career Education. Maybe you’ve never strayed into the depths of the Youtube nail world and simply just pick a polish on the shelf at the salon. Maybe you’re even simpler than that and you just use Nails Inc polish from Sephora and do it all with their nail kits at home. Whatever kind of nails you go for, whether it be polished or a manicured 'Plain Jane', we want to know which you’d rock on the daily.

Question 32

Choose An Anastasia Beverly Hills Pallet

Modern Renaissance was one of the must have pallets for the longest time. It felt like every BeauTuber had it and posted a couple of tutorials. It even still widely used for select colour here and there in more recent tutorials. Especially for the deep reds and pinks, this pallet was just a staple in any collection. Soft glam is a more recent launch from Anastasia Beverly Hills. While it didn’t see the same success, the pallet is still widely well regarded and used. Making smoke eyes and other glam looks a sinch, the colour story on this one is actually quite beautiful.

Question 33

Choose A Luxury Brand

Bite Beauty was originally a solo store that offered custom, made for you makeup. Pop in and pick your favourite colours and undertones to make a lipstick that was just for you. Fast forward and Bite Beauty is now a coveted brand at Sephora with balms, scrubs, sets, and beautiful colours to choose from. Yves St. Laurent is a Luxury brand known for their beautiful packaging and high quality glosses and lipstick. The still popular sheer ‘Candy’ tube glosses are still widely used and look good on almost skin tone.

Question 34

Favourite Way To Pamper Skin?

Facial rolling is supposed to help drain the lymphatic system and reduce puffiness and redness. Many people use jade rollers as a relaxing part of their skin routine. Jade rollers are said to work best after being in the fridge or freezer for that added boost of cold to help with inflammation. Steaming is an age old practice that is supposed to help keep the skin soft, supple and moisturized. Japanese Onsens are one of the many examples of cultures making use of natural hot springs to help rejuvenate, relax, and take care of their skin.

Question 35

Choose A Physical Exfoliator

Every skin guru probably uses physical and chemical exfoliators. Clarisonic is the OG facial scrubbing tool to give you that clean and clear look. People however tout the product as being unsanitary and hard on the skin, causing more acne due to the products ability to harbor bacteria and enable its growth. In comes Foreo, a silicone vibrating device that works to gently exfoliate and make for easy cleaning to prevent the growth of bacteria on your device. With different Foreos for different skin types, there seems to be a Foreo for everyone.

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