Take This Quiz To Find Out Who Will Be With You Until The Very End

You might think you're off the hook since you've been married so-and-so years but think again! Those little feuds you guys have each week over who has been leaving the cap off the toothpaste or where to order carry-out from or who drank the last bit of chocolate milk (happened to me, not fun) will gain strength and momentum propelling you into either resolved conflicts or a divorce on the horizon. Don't believe me? Then ask all my divorced cat lady friends (I don't really have any, but you get the idea) and divorced hamster lady friends! Given my track record and my adoration for hamsters, I'll probably end up as the latter. But I'm not bitter! I'll potty train them and train them to do party tricks, just kidding (kind of)!

Don't get all mopey just yet, you might end up with family members or your best friend, too! And you know, if you and your significant other hardly fight then you might wind up one day 60 years from now in a retirement village with them (like my grandparents)! Yes, some love can last forever. Do you want to find out who you'll end up with? Then take this quiz to find out once and for all.

Question 1

You just got a promotion at work! Who's the first you call up and tell?

Wow, you probably wish this wasn't a hypothetical situation. Who wouldn't want that gorgeous pay raise and a new seat in a brand new office? I certainly would! Usually people stop elevating in their career around their late 30s so you probably still have some time to kick butt and show your boss how great you are!

Question 2

Who do you feud with the most?

I come from a family of three girls and our mom and my dad, so four women in a house? That means stolen clothes, constant bickering about who gets to shower first, and who gets first dibs on the washing machine Sunday mornings. It drove my dad absolute bonkers. Can't blame him, either!

Question 3

Who is typically your plus-one at weddings?

Honestly, I haven't been invited to a wedding yet. Hmmm, I guess I will not be ending up with a best friend seeing as I don't have one. If I did we would be tighter than peanut butter and jelly, closer than Goofy and Mickey, and love each other like those women on the Golden Girls.

Question 4

What's your favorite show?

Lots of my friends say they no longer "watch TV". Instead they say they "watch Netflix". Oh my gosh, it's the same thing practically. One you pay about $30 a month and the other you pay about $7.99 or something like that.

Question 5

Your car stalled out and you need assistance. Who do you call first?

And let's pretend your Uber and Lyft apps are not working and you don't have roadside assistance on your car insurance (because I don't have it). Yeah, I know I'm assuming a lot but bear with me. This is very telling about who you rely on the most.

Question 6

Are you married?

Yeah yeah I know. Fifty percent of marriages in the United States end up in divorces, but let's not be cynical. Unless you really are divorced, then that's okay too because 52% of women get remarried. Hope is on the horizon!

Question 7

How many friends do you regularly hang out with?

No, I don't mean Facebook friends or your pen pals. I mean, who do you see on a weekly or monthly basis? Who would invite you to their wedding and include you as a bridesmaid. Now that's friendship right there.

Question 8

Whose house do you crash at when you and your SO are fighting?

Hopefully this doesn't happen too often. Usually the guy is the one who is banished to the couch or kicked out somewhere but just for funzies let's say you show yourself the door. Who is the first person to come to mind when you go through your mental list of people to stay with?

Question 9

What do you do in your free time?

Some people are total extroverts and they like to talk on the phone or go on Facebook as much as physically possible, like my sister. Others prefer more solitary activities like reading a book or painting a picture or playing an instrument. Where do you fall?

Question 10

What's your favorite game?

This can be any kind of game. For instance, your favorite game can be a card game, a video game, a computer game, a sport—whatever, you name it! What you pick says a lot about who you like to spend your free time with. If that's no one, then that's okay too!

Question 11

Who do you tell your deepest secrets to?

Who knows that you despise looking at feet, the number of people you've had sex with, and that you hate the taste of peppermints? Hopefully it ain't your dad because that would be super awkward. And hopefully your answer isn't everyone because you gotta be confidential sometimes, right?

Question 12

Road trip time! Who's invited?

Best places to take a road trip? Well, along the California coast, of course! Second best place? Hmmm probably a trip out West starting in the midwestern states and ending up in Wyoming. This would be especially fun if you like rodeos and steakhouses. Some allow you to bring your own beer, too!

Question 13

It's New Year's Eve. Who are you kissing at the stroke of midnight?

Somehow I always manage to find myself falling asleep at around 11:30pm like a dork. It's not so bad though. While everyone else the next day are totally zonked out, I'm bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and making my New Year's resolutions list. People still make those, right?

Question 14

What do you usually do for Halloween?

My boyfriend and I went trick-or-treating last year. And as you may have guessed, it was totally lame. Not many houses gave out candy and we sounded like ninnies screaming "trick or treat" but in retrospect it was still pretty fun.

Question 15

Who gets you the biggest, most awesome gift at Christmas?

We've done New Years and Halloween, so why not Christmas. I'll tell you what I don't get on Christmas, ever! I never get the kangaroo onesie I've been dying for. It's a crime, I swear. My boyfriend always complains about never getting slippers. I guess we're a couple of complainers.

Question 16

Of the following, which is your favorite movie?

As for me? It's a tie between The Notebook, Legends of the Fall (because Brad Pitt), and Legally Blonde. I'm such a girl, I know. But whatever it's super fun being a girl in my opinion. Guys claim its way better to be guys but they don't know what they're missing.

Question 17

Out of the following, what's your favorite book?

Books, books, books. Writers gotta love books. It's one of my goals to read one book per week. So, far I'm just a book behind. But what about you? Do you like romance novels, biographies, graphic novels, or self-help books?

Question 18

What's your favorite dish at a restaurant?

Some dishes are shareables, meaning you share them with your hot date, the fam, or your best buds. Some dishes are just meant for you, like steak dinners or tacos. I'm kind of making this up, but you see where I'm getting at, right? By the way, mine is sushi!

Question 19

It's Friday night! Who do you have plans with?

Is it time to get down at the club with your best pals? Play video games with your partner? Or have a movie night with your sisters or brothers? Or do you just want to snuggle up with a book and a glass of wine? Not going to judge either way!

Question 20

What was your favorite game at recess?

Yes, this question is going to make you go way back in time. Back when you were in pigtails and ate peanut butter and jelly or lunchables during lunch time. Back when you didn't have a care in the world. Oh, how I miss those days...

Question 21

Today has been the best day of your life! What happened?

Gosh, gotta love those absurdly awesome days, right? The ones where the guy you have been crushing on for the past five years finally messages you back and...oh wait, that's all you needed to have the best day ever. Well, that is, unless you value other things life has to offer like promotions and going to the movies and what not.

Question 22

What's your favorite holiday?

Our favorite holidays say a lot about us. I always forget to say my birthday and always say Christmas, but then again I'm a knucklehead. There's tons of holidays to choose from. So, which is the most important to you?

Question 23

What's your favorite form of exercise?

Or are you a sedentary sloth like mwah? Not only is it important to be physically active, it's important to be mentally active. Are you trying to memorize numbers just for the heck of it? How about people's birthdays? There's tons of brain training apps on your phone!

Question 24

How many people is considered 'a party' by your standards?

Some people think a few people over is a "get-together" while others consider it a party? As for me, it's definitely a get-together. And for my family, thirty people is considered a party. Any less and it's a small gathering. What do you think?

Question 25

What's your kind of heaven?

Just imagine, you get to pick the kind of world you want to live in. In other words, you get to play God for a change. Now what does that world look like? Are there hot men everywhere? Are there endless fountains of wine? Whatever it is, you name it!

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