Take This Quiz To Find Out Which One Tree Hill Girl You'd Be

You do not have to be a teen in order to take part in the drama that One Tree Hill has to offer. This show has just a little bit of everything to keep you locked to the edge of your seat and keep on binging episode after episode. There is teen pregnancy, underage weddings, love triangles, absentee parents, and teens that just plain can’t stand each other. It is just craziness in this small town. Who knew that so many people in one town could be at each other’s throats all of the time? Underneath all of that hostility though, there are lasting friendships and heartwarming moments that also make us feel warm and fuzzy inside too.

How well would you say you know that characters of One Tree Hill? How would you rate them when you see them all? Some are loveable characters that you root for week after week, but some are pretty miserable people that you don’t like to see succeed all that much in all reality. Some of them hate one another, and some learn to love each other too. Take our quiz to see how you rate the characters and from that which One Tree Hill girl you are!

Question 1


Nathan is the son of Dan, and his father always wanted him to be a professional basketball player. He always dreamed of being accepted by his father, but it just seemed like a long shot for the poor guy. All was well on the basketball team until Lucas, his half-brother, joined the team and threatened to take his spot on the team.

Question 2


She is a singer/songwriter and a former teacher that grew up in Tree Hill. Her first priority is always her family, and she shows extreme loyalty to them at all times. She also is very loyal to those that are her friends as well. Haley found it difficult to have a family and pursue her dreams, but she chose to go with her family.

Question 3


Brooke is an outgoing and promicuous girl that has a passion for fashion. Her childhood best friend and rival is Peyton, who she has a love/hate relationship with. Under her cool exterior Brooke is actually very insecure, and got her heart broken twice by the hands of Luke.

Question 4


Things get a little heated when Julian shows up in Tree Hill, as there is a history between Peyton and Julian from a little while ago. however, sparks begin to fly between him and Peyton's best friend, Brooke, making things a little dramatic. He even wrote a screenplay based on Brooke's life eventually.

Question 5


Lucas is the rival of his half-brother Nathan and is also the son of Karen Roe and Dan Scott. He joined the Ravens vasity basketball team, which Nathan was already on and threaten to take his hard earned position, which did not sit very well with Nathan of course. The two duked it out, and man was it juicy.

Question 6


She was originally a rebellious cheerleader until she met her husband, Lucas. Before Lacas, she actually dated his half-brother Nathan (pause for a dramatic gasp). She actually also created her own music label because she would express herself through art and music. She is also a really great friend.

Question 7


Keith is the stand in father for Lucas and Nathan. When times were tough, he was always the guy to turn to because Lucas' dad, Dan, was never really there. Dan decided to bail during Karen's pregnancy, go to college, and pursue a career in owning a car dealership. Keith was the one who stood by and picked up the pieces.

Question 8


Karen was both Lucas' and Nathan's mother. When she was young, she got pregnant and had her heart broken by her baby daddy, Dan when he chose his career over her, but she found a great companion in Keith who stepped in and picked up the pieces when she needed him most. She is also a successful business woman.

Question 9


Clay is a sports agent that is used to living the VIP lifestyle and likes the finer things in life. His wife, Sara passed away, and he said that he doesn't believe in love after her passing, so he has flings with many women all of the time. He struck up a freindship with Quinn after meeting her, which ended up blooming into a relationship anyway though.

Question 10


Quinn is one of the seven siblings of Haley Scott, but is also married to Clay and has adopted Logan. This was not an easy marriage to get into though since Clay's first wife passed away, and he needed to get closure before marrying her. Quinn is a free spirit that sometimes needs some guidance.

Question 11


Jamie is the son of Nathan and Haley, and he was actually born on their graduation day. All of Nathan and Haley's friends are really close with Jamie, so he sees them all as aunts and uncles. What a lucky kids to have so many aunts and uncles, right? He is treated very well, and is a really sweet kid.

Question 12

Marvin (aka Mouth)

Marvin (aka Mouth), is a sports anchor who attended Tree Hill High School. He was also part of the popular clique who hung around with the basketball kids. He is not what an average girl would find attractive, but his personality brings cute girls to his doorstep on the regular, even though he's constantly mending a broken heart.

Question 13


Dan is Lucas' dad, but he really is not there during Karen's pregnancy because he decides to choose his career over his own family. At one point, Dan actually starts to despise Lucas because Keith raised him, which is pretty sad. He actually killed keither one day by shooting him, which is just all around horrible.

Question 14


Millicent was originally from New York City and was the assistant to Brooke. She eventually fell for Mouth and moved in with him, but her relationship really took a hit when she got into an agument with one of his rude ex-girl friends. After she hooked up with a different guy, her and Mouth struggled to remain a couple from there.

Question 15


Chase was one of the members of the clean teens that came to Tree Hill during his senior year. He had a relationship with Brooke, but due to her newfound fame in the clothing sector, it just did not workout for the best. He became a troubled performer and did not have the best luck in relationships either.

Question 16


Chris is a musician from Tree Hill that noticed Haley's talent and helped her start her music career. Chris was not liked by a whole lot of his peers like Nathan and Lucas, because of his arrogance and the way he introferred with their lives. He is a real troublemaker when it comes to steady relationships too.

Question 17


Deb is Nathan's mother, Lucas's step mother and the former wife of Dan. The marriage she had with Dan was pretty stable until Karen and Lucas became involved that is. At one point, she actually wanted Dan out of her and Nathan's lives so badly, that she tried to kill him! How insane is that?

Question 18


Whitey was the Raven's coach during Dan, Keith, Lucas, and Nathan's time spent on the team. Dan and him never really saw eye to eye on much of anything, so they would constantly bicker about things during the games. He eventually goes on to coach college after his high school team does really well.

Question 19


She was originally an antagonist to Brooke as she posed a threat to take her spot as captain of the cheer team. The two eventually became friends and all was well in Tree Hill. She even worked at Brooke's clothing company for a little while until she was let go for having a pretty major drug problem.

Question 20


Antwon was a great basketball player and was commonly known as "Skills" by many of the students at Tree Hill High School. He eventually returned to the school after he graduated to coach the team because he loved it so much. He allegedly played on the team to begin with to get into college, which he did.

Question 21


She was the actress hired to be the face of Clothes Over Bros. She really rocked the town of Tree Hill when she came because she was confident and shameless when she got there. She had a thing for living on the wild side, and that drew people to her. It also helped that she was drop dead beautiful.

Question 22


Jake is one of the Tree Hill Ravens that got caught up in a custody battle with Jenny's abstentee mother Nicki. He ran away from Tree Hill to ensure that Jenny would stay with him, but he returned and eventually started a relationship with Peyton. He was eventually jailed though, breaking Peyton's heart.

Question 23


He is the father of the James family and has daughters Haley, Quinn, Taylor, Vivian and several other children. He is a pretty easy going guy and puts the happiness of his children and his wife before himself. He also fully supported the decision Haley made to get married during her junior year of high school.

Question 24


Ian was Peyton's stalker and made her feel really uncomfortable in certain situations. He attacked Peyton and later on kidnapped both Peyton and Brooke which landed him a one way ticket to jail, and rightfully so. Even though he was a cute guy, he was not one to be trusted at all.

Question 25


Shelley was a student at Tree Hill High School and the founder of the Clean Teens group. After getting pregnant in high school and having her heart broken to pieces, she became abstinent and formed the group to help others in similar situations. Eventually she dropped out of the group and just decided to be herself.

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