Take This Quiz To Find Out Which Netflix Show You Should Binge Next

There’s a profound sense of achievement that comes along with finishing a show that you’ve been binging on Netflix. It went from being that thing the guys at work had said good things about to being your temporary obsession for a whole. Binging a show can be grueling work. It’s supposed to be fun and enjoyable, but you have to put in a lot of hours for the payoff. As soon as you’ve started and you’re hooked, it’s hard to savor each episode as it becomes a race to the finish line. You get through season 1 and think to yourself, ‘Right, that’s season 1 out of the way. This is gonna be a piece of cake.’ But by the time you’re in your third week of viewing and you’re on season 4 episode 16 and you start to feel like you’re stuck in a kind of Limbo and it feels like that season 7 episode 24 finale will never come. And then finally it does. You get closure on all the characters you’ve fallen in love with and you can finally take it off your list and sit back and relax. But then you think, ‘What next?’ You finally found a show that was right for you that you wanted to invest all your time in and now it’s gone and you just want to start another one that you feel just as strongly about. But what is it? There’s so many to choose from and they might not be as good and you don’t really like that actor or this actor and it’s a huge time investment you’re committing to. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Answer these questions and we’ll tell you which show should be the next one you binge watch on Netflix! (And after you finish that one, take the quiz again!)

Question 1

Do you like to laugh?

Netflix has some truly brilliant comedy series, filled with laugh out loud moments and scathing satire. But it also has some deep and complex drama series, filled with complicated emotions and excellent storytelling. So, whatever your tastes are, Netflix can cater to your needs. But what are they? Do you like to laugh?

Question 2

Did you enjoy Breaking Bad?

Many people regard Breaking Bad to be the greatest television series ever made (except maybe The Wire). But that’s only the general consensus. For some people, it wasn’t their cup of tea. They prefer a different kind of tea. But if you enjoyed it, surely you’ll want to watch a show like it. Did you enjoy Breaking Bad?

Question 3

Are you an animal lover?

Lots of people love animals. They have pet dogs and they go to the zoo to ogle at elephants and lions. But then again, some people don’t love animals. Some people don’t like the hair that they shed, the mud that they track in, and the slobbering they do all over you when you’re trying to relax. So, are you an animal lover?

Question 4

Do you like science fiction?

Science fiction has given us many great movies and TV shows over the years. Since the days of its founding fathers like HG Wells and Ray Bradbury and Jules Verne, we’ve seen Star Wars, Star Trek, Terminator, Battlestar Galactica, and so many more. Do you like science fiction or not?

Question 5

Are you a romantic?

Some people prefer the bachelor lifestyle and they kick back, have casual sex, and sleep alone every night. But some people yearn for their soulmate, and when they finally do manage to find them, after all the heartache, they shower them with love and gifts. So, which are you? Are you a romantic?

Question 6

Do you like seeing big movie stars in TV shows?

It used to be that TV producers would cast complete unknowns and it would be a good platform for actors to get their faces known and then move into film roles and become big stars. That’s how Bruce Willis, Jon Hamm, and George Clooney all got their careers. But these days, some TV producers cast already established names to give them a bigger chance of success, like Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey in True Detective, so it’s going the other way. Do you like seeing big movie stars in TV shows?

Question 7

Do you like gritty realism?

You get a lot of shows with a gritty realism to them these days, like The Wire, Homeland, Mad Man etc. Long gone are the days of TV being pure escapism, but those shows do still exist. You can zone out of the real world and escape into another. Some people don’t like that, because there’s no real point to it. So, do you like gritty realism?

Question 8

Do you suffer from mental health problems?

Lots of people in the world suffer from mental health problems, be they depression, social anxiety, autism, anger management, anything. Sometimes it can help you if you are suffering from a mental health problem to watch a show that represents someone else suffering from those problems. Do you suffer from mental health issues?

Question 9

Which of these other shows did you enjoy the most (part 1)?

The best way to determine which show you should watch is to find shows that are similar to shows that you loved before. This is easy, given how shows are picked up and developed based on how similar shows have performed, so there’s always comparisons to be made. Nothing’s wholly original. Which of these is your favorite?

Question 10

Which of these other shows did you enjoy the most (part 2)?

This question is exactly the same as the previous question, except with different shows. That’s because, like we said, the best way to find out what show you should watch is to identify which shows you liked before and then find one that’s similar. So, which of these did you enjoy the most?

Question 11

Do you like Stephen King’s books?

Stephen King is clearly the master of literary horror. There’s no denying that. Just the sheer volume of stuff he’s written alone makes that pretty obvious. He’s beloved by many and some even consider him a favorite, but others think he’s overrated and there’s better books out there. Do you like King’s books?

Question 12

Are you a foodie?

Obviously everyone enjoys food, otherwise we wouldn’t be compelled to survive, but some people enjoy it a lot more than others. This is a very specific community of people called foodies who travel the world, exploring different cuisines, and bring what they have learned into their everyday diet. Are you a foodie?

Question 13

Are you interested in how Hollywood works?

Are you interested in the inner workings of the movie industry, what actors do in between projects, what they do when their big, popular TV show ends and they’re up a creek, how they choose roles, how they cope with the pressures of fame, and everything else involved in Hollywood?

Question 14

Which of these movies do you like the most?

A lot of TV shows these days can be traced back to movies that influenced them. Writers see the richly characterized world that some movies are set in and they see the opportunity to expand upon them, and that’s when they get ideas for TV shows. The Sopranos is like TV’s Goodfellas, The Walking Dead is like TV’s Night of the Living Dead, Dexter is like TV’s American Psycho. Which of these movies do you like the most?

Question 15

Are you interested in politics?

We’re in an interesting time politically, what with Donald Trump being President and North Korea threatening nuclear war and Britain leaving the European Union, but still, some people can’t be bothered with all the nonsense of politics. Some people are interested in politics and some people aren’t. Are you interested?

Question 16

What kind of drama do you like?

There’s all kinds of drama on television. The drama in The Sopranos is family drama, the conflicts between Tony and Carmela and AJ and Meadow. The drama in The Americans is marital drama – it’s a show about a marriage and its inner workings (even though it’s a fake marriage). Which kind of drama do you like?

Question 17

Do you like animation?

Animation is sometimes crude and rough around the edges, like in South Park, but other times it can be quite beautiful. But then so can live action, depending on the cinematographer that the producers hired. Some shows are visually striking, like they’ve been shot by Roger Deakins. But of course, there’s more possibilities with animation. Do you like animation?

Question 18

Do you like to binge or take it slow?

The whole business model of Netflix in releasing their shows all in one go on a streaming platform is that they give you an option of how to consume their programming. Sure, you can watch it all in one straight block or you can spread them out and take your time. Which do you prefer to do?

Question 19

Which of these is your favorite part of the United States?

It can be annoying when an actor or a director goes on a talk show and says that the setting of their show is “another character” in the series, because it comes off as really, really pretentious, but it’s kind of true. The setting is important. Which of these is your favorite part of the United States?

Question 20

Do you like bright shows or bleak shows?

Whoever hires the colorists for Netflix is doing their job very well. They find the right people for the right shows, who can color grade the shots to perfectly match the tone and mood of the series. It depends on your own mood. What kind of coloring do you like in the shows that you watch?

Question 21

What kind of protagonist do you like?

TV protagonists come in all shapes and sizes these days. You can have a sweet and lovable family man like Phil Dunphy of Modern Family or you can have a dark criminal anti-hero like Tony Soprano, or you can have Walter White who spends five seasons transforming from the former into the latter. And then you've got It's Always Sunny where the protagonists are all self-centered jerks. So, what kind of protagonist do you like to see in TV shows?

Question 22

Do you like your comedy dark?

Some people are fans of dark comedy. It is pretty great. It takes the power away from grim and uncomfortable subjects when we give ourselves the freedom to laugh at them. Of course, there are a lot of people who disagree with that, so it depends. Do you like your comedy dark?

Question 23

Do you want to root for the protagonist?

Some protagonists are easy to root for. Look at Spider-Man. No matter what he gets up to, who he faces, you’re always going to be on his side, because he has a good nature, he’s likable, and he’s an all round great guy. Not all protagonists are like that. Some are more complicated than that. Do you want to root for the protagonist or watch them fall?

Question 24

How old are you?

We’re not looking for an exact figure, but the way that TV shows get made is that the producers identify a demographic and then tailor a show toward that demographic to monopolize on the money in their pockets. The shows you like depends on what demographic you’re in. So, how old are you?

Question 25

Is diversity important to you?

There are so, so many shows on television about a bunch of straight, white, rich men and women who live upper class lives in the OC and don’t understand what normal people are like. But then there’s that rare, groundbreaking show that has an Indian man in the lead role and a black lesbian, an Asian man, and an Italian woman in the supporting cast. Is diversity important to you?

Question 26

When you think about life, how does it make you feel?

TV shows are a way to see the world through a specific lens. For example, The Simpsons offers us a way to view the world through a satirical lens. It’s the same celebrities, the same TV shows, the same education system, just funnier. When you think about life, how does it make you feel?

Question 27

Do you appreciate good cinematography?

For a lot of people, a good story and good performances from the cast of actors is more important than how the show looks. They’d rather watch early Always Sunny than Marvel’s crappy Iron Fist, but still, some people do appreciate good cinematography in the shows they watch. Do you?

Question 28

Do you like it when shows break the fourth wall?

Some viewers want their TV show to exist entirely within the screen, because it feels more real that way. In real life, people don’t talk to the camera, so if they do it in a show, it ruins the magic. But some people do like that. It’s fun! What about you? Do you like it when shows break the fourth wall?

Question 29

Do you like when has-been actors get a second chance on TV?

It can be really great when an actor who was huge a couple of decades ago gets cast in a TV show and they become famous again. You thought they had completely disappeared off the face of the Earth and then, suddenly, here’s this actor again, bringing you back to your childhood days of wonderment. Jessica Lange, Angela Bassett, Clive Owen – the list goes on. Do you like that?

Question 30

Are you happy?

Happiness takes many factors into account. You could have one little beacon of light in your life, but everything else sucks, so you’re not happy overall. You might just be a generally melancholic person who just isn’t happy. Some TV shows can help you overcome or at least deal with that. On the whole, overall, do you consider yourself to be happy?

Question 31

Do you like to be creeped out?

Some people absolutely hate being creeped out. Because it takes them out of their comfort zone, it’s the worst thing they could possibly imagine. Why would you voluntarily choose to be creeped out? But some people do like it. They relish creepy movies and TV shows. Do you like to be creeped out?

Question 32

Do you like when comedy actors go serious?

Sometimes actors who are predominantly known for comedy use their acting abilities for drama, and they’re usually successful. Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting, Jonah Hill in Moneyball, Steve Carell in Foxcatcher, Adam Sandler in Reign Over Me, Seth Rogen in Steve Jobs – the list is endless. Do you like that?

Question 33

What kind of a season commitment are you willing to make?

Getting into a new TV show can be difficult if there’s already a lot of seasons. For example, if someone tells you you should watch Grey’s Anatomy because it’s great, you might be put off by the fact you’ve got a million seasons to catch up on. What kind of a season commitment are you willing to make?

Question 34

Which of these actors is your favorite?

Actors are a big deal when it comes to choosing something to watch, be it a movie or a TV show, because if you don’t like the actors, you won’t like the show, and if you do like the actors, then you’ll love the show all the more. So, which of these actors is your favorite of the five?

Question 35

Are you a good person or a bad person?

At your very core, you should be able to tell if you’re a good person or a bad person. A good person does good things to have a positive effect on others, while a bad person will take advantage of others for their own gain. They’re narcissists and they don’t care about anybody but themselves. Are you a good person or a bad person?

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