Take This Quiz If You Want To Know If You're Book Smart Or Street Smart

There are different types of intelligence. Being book smart isn't better than being street smart, or vice versa. Anyone can use his or her own form of intelligence to overcome obstacles and achieve goals.

People who lack street smarts have ended up dazzling in the academic world, where their book smarts come in handy. People who have dropped out of high school have ended up as very powerful business tycoons.

There is no right or wrong way to be smart, but it is interesting to find out if a person is book smart or street smart. The questions featured in this quiz will help us to determine whether a person is book smart or street smart.

The quiz is fun to take. Each question has only two possible responses, so it's possible to get a quiz result very quickly.

Question 1

Who wrote A Game of Thrones?

Game of Thrones was a novel before it was a TV series. The book was called A Game of Thrones, so the title was shortened just a little bit for television. But who wrote it? The novel was the first installment in the epic A Song of Ice and Fire series.

Question 2

When meeting online matches for dates, what's a typical meeting place?

People who are online matches may be awesome dates who turn into soul mates...or may not be who they seem to be. When planning a date with an online match who has never been met before, what's the meeting place? It is a coffee shop or eatery, or a secluded park?

Question 3

What is the capital of Norway?

Knowing the capitals of countries indicates a certain type of intelligence. It is the type of intelligence that helps people to win big on the game show, Jeopardy. Failing to know the capitals of countries, including Norway, may mean that a person values other types of information a lot more.

Question 4

Is a leather jacket a fashion staple?

Leather jackets are known for their cool and edgy style. Is a leather jacket a fashion fave? Some people find that leather jackets aren't suited to their personal style. Others don't leave home without throwing these jackets on. Leather jackets come in many styles. They give their wearers a little extra attitude.

Question 5

Who is this WWE legend?

Some people know all of the WWE legends, including this tough guy. Others have zero interest in WWE and have no clue who the big players in the world of "sports entertainment" really are. This guy is married to the daughter of WWE executive and promoter, Vince McMahon. Who is he?

Question 6

Number of books read this month?

Some people love nothing better than getting lost in great books, whether they are novels with compelling story lines or non-fiction works, such as history books or biographies. Reading is definitely a joy for many, but there are people who prefer other hobbies. Reading comes easier to some people than others.

Question 7

Which color is preferred?

Red is an aggressive color that is linked with very strong emotions, including love and anger. Valentine hearts are red, but people also "see red" when they get upset. Purple is vibrant, but has different connotations. It is a color that a lot of creative people really enjoy. Pick a color now.

Question 8

What was Stephen Hawking's profession?

People with a certain type of intelligence should be able to name this famous person, who has sadly passed away, without any trouble. Those with another type of intelligence may find this question harder to answer. This guy overcame so many challenges and achieved so much in his field. Name him now.

Question 9

What is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter called?

Some people have a natural knack for math and know a lot of words that pertain to math. Others dislike math and do not have all of the answers when it comes to math words. Those who know the answer to this one should choose a response. Others should guess.

Question 10

The car breaks down...what then?

When a car breaks down, it can be very annoying. Some people handle car trouble by getting under the hoods of their cars and fixing things themselves, or trying to fix things themselves. Others do not have the know-how to fix their own cars, so they call for some assistance.

Question 11

What does the word, "vivacious" mean?

Some words are very easy for most people to define. Other words are not used as often and they may be a lot harder for people to define. There are so many words. Those with a certain type of intelligence tend to know the meanings of a lot of them.

Question 12

Name this business mogul who was a high school drop-out.

This mega-rich guy has accomplished some amazing things. He is the proud owner of his own tropical island, where celeb friends, including Kate Winslet, have come to relax and get away from it all. This man did not need a formal education to achieve his goals. His energy is entrepreneurial.

Question 13

Contact lenses or glasses?

Glasses do look great, but they do not provide the same freedom as contact lenses. Glasses might slip down the nose, or even fall off during certain activities. Some people prefer the convenience of contacts. They want to correct their vision without needing to put on eyeglasses every single day.

Question 14

What should we do when we lose a credit card?

Losing a debit card or credit card is frustrating. When it happens, what is the next step? One person might cancel the card immediately, to stop others from using it. Another person might prefer to do nothing and wait, because he or she has lost things before and found them later.

Question 15

Name this TV series.

This TV series was very popular, but it was not for everyone. It had some harsh moments that were too much for some people. This show was about a group of renegades who were always trying to make money, through illegal and legal means. Name this show now or take a guess.

Question 16

Who wrote The Catcher In The Rye?

This famous book is not new. It is a modern classic, though. It is a book that is frequently referenced in popular culture. It has had such a big impact on society. Those who read a lot probably know the answer to this question. Others may need to guess at this one.

Question 17

Which Saturday night activity is more appealing?

When Saturday night rolls around, is a nightclub the best destination? Maybe catching a foreign film at an art house theater would be more fun? Our interests and passions direct us towards certain Saturday night activities. How we like to spend this night of the week says plenty about us.

Question 18

What should we do when pulled over for speeding?

Nothing spoils a day or night like the sight of flashing police car lights. When it's time to pull over because speeding laws have been overlooked, what happens? Some people turn on the charm because they want warnings, rather than speeding tickets. Others just take the tickets with humility.

Question 19

Be a nerd or one of the popular kids?

Some nerds grows up to rule the world, so being a nerd doesn't have to be a bad thing. Other kids who are popular might peak in high school. With so many different types of people on the planet, what a person goes on to achieve in his or her life doesn't depend on popularity in high school.

Question 20

Good or bad sense of direction?

Some people get lost in big malls, even when they've been to those malls many times. Others always seem to know exactly which direction to go in. We are all different. Some of it is nature and some of it is nurture. A good sense of direction definitely comes in handy.

Question 21

Choose the better musician.

Some people like music that is raw, while others prefer tunes that are more cerebral. Of course, it is possible to like both types of music, but most people do have a preference one way or the other. Which musician fits overall musical tastes the best? Choose the better musician now.

Question 22

Is global warming a real threat?

Some people think that global warming is real and others consider it a bit of a hoax. How a person feels about global warming is always interesting. Everyone has an opinion about it. Those who believe that it's hurting the planet want to change things for the betters. Is global warming a threat?

Question 23

Pick the best job.

Some people really love science and they dream of becoming scientists. Others want to use their personal drive and people skills to sell stuff to customers. Scientists are analytical and detail-oriented. Great salespeople tend to sway the public with charm, energy and great communication. Which job is the best fit?

Question 24

Black coffee or designer coffee drink?

For some people, plain black coffee is anything but basic. It is simple, but perfect. Others want fancier coffee drinks, including Cappuccinos and Lattes. Our tastes in food and drink sometimes say a lot about us. Choose the drink that is the best and we will analyze this quiz response.

Question 25

How many kilometers in a mile?

People who know the answer to this question are out there, but there will be quite a few people who get this question wrong. Those who aren't sure should take their best guesses. This quiz will analyze a person's type of intelligence based on their quiz answer. Pick a response now.

Question 26

Is taking risks appealing?

Some people love taking risks because doing so makes them feel alive. Others prefer to play it safe. To those with tamer tastes, taking risks is just dangerous. Lots of people seek out adrenaline rushes from activities like extreme sports. These people are bold and usually confident, but perhaps reckless.

Question 27

Introvert or extrovert?

Introverts need their alone time. They are usually content to be close to just a handful of people. They may get anxious in group situations. Extroverts are outgoing. They find socializing relaxing. These two types are very different, but tend to attract one another. Pick an answer to this question now.

Question 28

Wearing headphones in public - yes or no?

Some people love listening to music on headphones or earbuds while they are out on the street. Others may hold back from doing this because they want to be aware of their surroundings. Listening to music is fun, but it is a distraction, and music may mask other street noise.

Question 29

Leader or follower?

In a peer group, there is usually one person who naturally takes on a leadership role. Other people in the peer group look to the leader when it's time to form opinions and plan activities. Some people are a lot more comfortable following than leading. Pick an honest answer now.

Question 30

Pick a fave food.

Is easy-to-access fast food a fave? Some people would rather enjoy pasta at a fine restaurant. Our tastes in food definitely tell a story about who we are. Some people do not want fancy food. Others are unhappy when they are not eating gourmet cuisine, rather than typical fast food.

Question 31

Pick a fave female musician.

Which popular female musician is a fave? Some people will prefer Pink, who is renowned for her strong sense of self. She has a lot of confidence and a great voice. Others will prefer Rihanna, who has definitely been part of some unique musical projects. Both women are amazingly talented.

Question 32

Pick a fave TV character.

There are no right or wrong answers on this quiz. Every quiz response helps us to analyze whether a person is book smart or street smart. Choose a fave TV character now to help us generate an uncanny quiz result. Is Sheldon Cooper a fave, or do you prefer Ted Mosby?

Question 33

Short attention span - yes or no?

A short attention span may make a person feel restless. A longer attention span gives a person the ability to concentrate and stay on task. There is no right or wrong way to be. Everyone is different. There are pros and cons to all character traits, including a short attention span.

Question 34

Action movie or documentary film?

When it is time to chill out and watch something great, are action movies a fave? Some people prefer to watch documentary films that allow them to learn about real people and events. Since we are in the age of Peak TV, there are plenty of amazing choices in both genres.

Question 35

Oversharing on social media - ok or not ok?

Oversharing on social media is fun, but there can be a downside. When people overshare, they tend to let a lot of private facts about their lives slip out. Oversharers may be a little too trusting. Those who share less are wary. They do not want everyone to know everything about them.

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