Take This Quiz And We’ll Tell You Which Sign Your Future Husband Will Be!

Are you always getting hints and pointed questions from every aunt, colleague and their aunt on why don’t you have a ring on your finger yet? It’s a super annoying question, but something that might be intriguing too! Have you caught yourself checking horoscopes and compatibility especially when you are crushing on someone? Ever wondered who you gonna get hitched to? Well, if you believe in astrology, star signs and the science behind the zodiac, you might get an answer right now!

It’s true that certain zodiac signs are attracted to each other, and end up being an ideal couple when they get together. However, your personality traits, choices and lifestyle also have a huge role to play when it comes to finding the right partner and settling down to spend a life with them.

We have compiled this quiz with the same thought in mind – giving you a few hints on what kind of person you should be on the lookout for! Featuring a mix of personality based questions as well as queries on what traits are you most attracted to, this quiz will help us guess what zodiac sign you are most likely to get hitched with!

Question 1

Choose your Zodiac sign

Let’s begin with the most obvious question – your zodiac sign! You must have read a lot about certain zodiac signs complimenting others. What you didn’t guess is that you might be attracted to a certain zodiac sign too, thanks to your own sign! Which out of the following is your zodiac?

Question 2

What traits do you look for in a partner?

Let’s be honest, you might not have made a very long and extensive check list like me, but must have some preferences when it comes to choosing a partner? While we all want someone hot and funny, what is one personality trait that you specifically want your partner to have?

Question 3

Pick a dream vacation

So many beautiful places to explore in the world, and so little time (and money!) It doesn’t have to be this way, actually. With some smart saving and planning, all of your dream vacations are possible! Where would you want to go out of the following four, accompanied by the one you love?

Question 4

Choose a celeb you admire

We often end up crushing on a person who looks like one of our fav celebs! Maybe it’s their looks, their way of talking or their personality, which of the following is one celeb that you admire and look up, and secretly wish that you could find someone who is just like them?

Question 5

What’s the first thing you notice in a possible crush

What makes you really fall for someone? Do you consider how hot they are, how well they talk, or how you two always have a great time? Just pick one thing that if you see in a potential cute person, you would definitely want to date them and know more!

Question 6

Choose an activity you’d enjoy with a partner

They say that soulmates love the same kind of stuff, whether at home or on vacation! It can be quite a bummer when you are planning a romantic getaway and your partner has plans that are entirely different from yours. If you had to pick, what is one activity that you’d like to do with them?

Question 7

Choose a gift you would like to receive from your significant other

Who doesn’t like getting gifts? Gifts from a partner, by the way, have a special charm and sentimental value like no other. While a surprise is always a great idea, what out of the following is a gift that you will absolutely love and wish to receive from your partner?

Question 8

What do your friends say is your best quality?

Are you a social butterfly or a loner who enjoys the finer things in life? I am sure your friends, and even past partners must have shared what they like about you. Out of the following four options, what is one thing you have heard about yourself and consider one of your best traits?

Question 9

Which is one thing you wish you could change about yourself?

We have all got some really annoying habits that we ourselves are tired of. A lot of times, they might be a reason behind arguments, or worse, break ups. What do you reckon are some things you want to change about yourself? Choose one thing out of the following options:

Question 10

What is one thing you can’t stand in a partner

Even if you are head over heels over someone and they are absolutely drool worthy, there may be certain traits that tick you off in a minute and can be an instant turn off. What is that one trait for you? Out of all these, what’s one thing you can’t stand in a prospective partner?

Question 11

What do you do when you are facing a difficult decision?

You’re faced with a difficult choice – maybe you need to decide if you are ready to give up on corporate life and follow your dreams. Maybe you need to have a difficult conversation with a loved one. What’s your take on a situation like this and how do you decide?

Question 12

When it comes to kids, how would you want your partner to be like?

Yes, we are moving too fast in this quiz, I know, but considering the possibility of having kids and how to raise them is an important question in any marriage! When you start a family with a partner, you need to have similar parenting styles – what kind of a parent would you want them to be?

Question 13

Pick a reality show you would both binge watch together

You’ll never realize where time flew when binging on a reality show! The entire thing actually gets better when you have someone to watch the show wit. Plus, you can be sure there are no spoilers if you are watching every episode together. What TV reality show would you pick to watch with your partner?

Question 14

Where would you go for your first date?

Many experts believe that in most cases it’s the first date that seals the deal between two people, and it is during this meeting that they realize they want to spend their whole lives together. For this very crucial first rendezvous, where would you like to meet your prospective soulmate?

Question 15

If you had a superpower, you would choose the ability to…

Just imagine a world where you could make magic happen with the super powers you have. Which one would you choose out of the following? And yes, this is a relevant question! Your inner desires are in direct connection with what you want in a partner.

Question 16

How do you spend your free time?

Are you piling up a lot of tasks and finding zero time to unwind and take a break? Everyone needs some free time to function especially with the crazy schedules most of us have. When you do earn some much needed free time, what’s your go-to hobby or activity that lets you relax?

Question 17

What’s one thing on your bucket list?

If you haven’t started making your bucket list, do it right away! Here are a few pointers and ideas on what you can put in your list and have the time of your life. Which one appeals to you’re the most and you would definitely want to try with your spouse?

Question 18

Choose the kind of weather you would enjoy

Are you someone who enjoys a romantic breeze at the beach, or are you a quiet soul who loves to ponder and relax when a cold, chilly morning dawns? Depending on where you want to live with your partner in the future, choose the weather you would enjoy the most:

Question 19

What kind of movies would you pick as a couple?

Nothing can be as relaxing as a good movie and piping hot popcorn. Every couple needs a movie date at least once a week. However, if you both have different preferences and like different storylines and plots, choosing the perfect movie can be quite a challenge! What’s your favorite movie genre out of the following four options?

Question 20

What would you eat on a Saturday night?

Great relationships begin with great food. If you are a food mate, you can instantly be a soulmate, no pun intended! Saturday night brings with it the crucial question of what you guys going to eat – having a partner who orders the same meal as you would be a match made in heaven! What would you have?

Question 21

If you get in a heated debate, you..

Arguments can get ugly real quick when things get heated. However, many times it is necessary to debate on issues that you feel strongly about. If you are in a battle of opinion, what’s your take on handling the fire and the questions? How do you react in such situations?

Question 22

Pick a color

Colors say a lot about someone’s mood and personality. What’s more, you are even drawn to someone on the basis of the color you are attracted to. Every color has an underlying element and theme –for example red says feisty and white is peaceful. Which one would you choose out of the following four options?

Question 23

Choose a drink!

Let’s turn things a little frisky, shall we?! A couple of drinks or two are a must have when you are trying to know your spouse better. So when you head out on a fancy date night, what drink would you pour out for the both of you and raise a toast to your love?

Question 24

When you get sick, you want someone who can…

Who doesn’t like to cuddle, served food, and have someone baby them when they are feeling blue? You want to spend your life with someone who can be there for you for better and for worse, in sickness and in health. What would you want your partner to do when you are sick?

Question 25

Which of the following is most important to you?

Last question – and we will end it with you! Jokes and kicks aside, getting married is a huge responsibility and a major commitment. While it is important to have a special connection with your partner, you both also need to have the same priorities in life. What’s most important to you out of the following?

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