Take This Quiz And We'll Tell You Which Mean Girl You Are

You've seen it before. Everyone has. It's the movie that put Rachel McAdams, pre-Notebook, the still rising Lindsay Lohan, the musically talented Amanda Seyfried, and the all-too funny Lacey Chabert on the radar: Mean Girls. Then there's Tina Fey to thank for the amazing script. It isn't just a chick-flick; it's a pop-culture icon of the 21st Century.

Of course, no good script is created out of thin air. This movie is obviously inspired by other real-life elements; high school, adolescence, and the overall nasty things teenagers will do to each other in their coming-of-age years. Sure, they’re fun to watch on screen, but they're also taken from 'not so funny' life experiences.

Everyone's guilty of it. ‘Fibbing’ to their best friend, accidentally offending them, sometimes just doing something hurtful unconciously. And sometimes, it’s intentional because people are people and make mistakes.  When all’s said and done, they apologize and (hopefully) they’re still tbesties.

But, has anyone actually ever called you ‘mean’, accused you of being evil, causing harm for your own sick joy, or just cried away in tears due to your actions. If so, take the following quiz to see your result. You might just be a mean girl after all.



You just got your first big paycheck from work and are headed straight to the bank. You want to save up for a summer vacation, but your bestie texts you about a huge sale the mall. What do you do?


You've been invited to the biggest party of the year. You invite one of your best friends before asking if that's ok with the host. The host says only the 'cool people' are invited and that doesn’t include your friend. Do you still go?

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