Take This Quiz And We'll Tell You Which Mean Girl You Are

You've seen it before. Everyone has. It's the movie that put Rachel McAdams, pre-Notebook, the still rising Lindsay Lohan, the musically talented Amanda Seyfried, and the all-too funny Lacey Chabert on the radar: Mean Girls. Then there's Tina Fey to thank for the amazing script. It isn't just a chick-flick; it's a pop-culture icon of the 21st Century.

Of course, no good script is created out of thin air. This movie is obviously inspired by other real-life elements; high school, adolescence, and the overall nasty things teenagers will do to each other in their coming-of-age years. Sure, they’re fun to watch on screen, but they're also taken from 'not so funny' life experiences.

Everyone's guilty of it. ‘Fibbing’ to their best friend, accidentally offending them, sometimes just doing something hurtful unconciously. And sometimes, it’s intentional because people are people and make mistakes.  When all’s said and done, they apologize and (hopefully) they’re still tbesties.

But, has anyone actually ever called you ‘mean’, accused you of being evil, causing harm for your own sick joy, or just cried away in tears due to your actions. If so, take the following quiz to see your result. You might just be a mean girl after all.


Question 1


You just got your first big paycheck from work and are headed straight to the bank. You want to save up for a summer vacation, but your bestie texts you about a huge sale the mall. What do you do?

Question 2


You've been invited to the biggest party of the year. You invite one of your best friends before asking if that's ok with the host. The host says only the 'cool people' are invited and that doesn’t include your friend. Do you still go?

Question 3

Sorry about it...

Your best friend invites you to a party; it’s being hosted by her family in hopes of her meeting someone. When you arrive, an attractive stranger approaches you hit-it-off, angering your friend because they want to click with this person. Your new admirer asks for your number at the end of the night. What do you do?

Question 4

Spoiling The Batch

One of your friends has been spreading rumors about your entire circle of friends, and this has caused conflict between them. You know who the person the gossiper is, but also don’t want to out them amongst the rest of the group. What do you?

Question 5

You can't sit with us!

You’re at an amusement park with your circle of friends and a really nice classmate. Your circle of friends disapproves because of their ‘oddness’ and economic status. At one point, you offer to pay for their shake, but someone in your circle tries to stop you, humiliating your new friend in the process. What do you do?

Question 6

When in doubt...

You are certain one of your friends has a crush on your ex. Your friend tutors them for pocket cash since they're really smart. But they also go to the movies, grab dinner after studying, and like each other's pictures on Instagram. What do you do?

Question 7


You’re invited to a party by one of your best friend's and agree to meet there. When you arrive, your friend ends up bailing on you via text. You don’t know a single person there, then a socially awkward, touchy-feely person approaches you. How do you react?

Question 8

Two For The Road

You've been seeing someone; they're nice and fun, but then your ex sends you a text right before Valentine's day asking you to do dinner that day. The person you're seeing asks you the same thing question hours before. What do you do?

Question 9

The Best Of Both Worlds

You've been double-dating; you like them both for different reasons, but feel that one is about to take things to the next level. Well, surprise, surprise; they both ask you to make it official. What do you do?

Question 10

Decions, Decisions

You've been invited to one friend's college graduation and the other's annual birthday celebration, which is a huge party amongst your circle of friends. They're both on the same night, at the same time, and in completely different sides of town. What do you do?

Question 11

The Ugly Truth

One of your besties has put on some SERIOUS weight. They’ve been going through a lot of stress and have gone from a size 4-10 in less than three months. Their appearance means the WORLD to them, what do you do?

Question 12

Stirring The Pot

Your friend's been having issues with another friend in your circle; they've just grown increasingly tired of them. From their loud chewing, blunt commentary, and sometimes bad breath, they are done with them! They confide in you. What do you do?

Question 13

To veg on your parade!

You're planning a birthday celebration. Everything's set from the guest list, the Facebook event invite, the restaurant-- and then someone from your circle of friends announces they've gone vegan. What do you do?

Question 14

Bargain Fever!

You've developed a new obsession: designer shoes. You've gone to every sale in every outlet and mall in town, and even planning a trip to New York just to bargain shop for more! Your friends have an intervention for you. How do you react?

Question 15

An Uninvited Pest

You just moved in with your partner. One day, they randomly bring home a stray puppy. They go on about how cute they are and that the shelter couldn't find it a home... you absolutely detest dogs. Dirty and needy, gross! What do you do?

Question 16

The Layaway.

You go on a 'date' with someone you met recently. Everything seems to be going fine; you have a wonderful dinner, great conversation...then halfway through the meal, they tell you they're dating someone! But if it doesn't work out, you two can give it a go. How do you react?

Question 17

Shame On YOU!

You hang out with that person again a month later. They pick a fancy restaurant, the conversation is going even better this time around, they mention they're not dating that person anymore...then suddenly, they receive a text from a distressed friend, cutting the meeting short. How do you react?

Question 18

A Fairytale NOT!

Your relationship’s gotten serious. You spend the night all the time, you have jeans, shirts, and more underwear than you care to count at their place. You think things are going to the next level… instead, they tell you they're studying abroad for a year! How do you react?

Question 19

When in Rome...

While vacationing in Italy, you meet the most interesting stranger. They invite you to dinner, take you site seeing at night, trying all sorts of wines, and then they invite you over. You're in a relationship back home. What do you do?

Question 20

Lucky Who?

You win the lottery. Yay for you! But also recently discovered that your dad has filed for bankruptcy, your mom is going through her third divorce, and your partner just lost a lot of money investing in a personal project. Who do you help first?

Question 21

A Bubbly Situation

Your partner just went sober...because they needed to. Here's the thing; while not a big drinker yourself, you love wine (especially red wine). You have a glass every night with dinner, but you notice this triggers your partner. What do you do?

Question 22

Daddy Dearest

You discover your mom is having an affair while borrowing her phone. You've always been closest to your dad; he favors you the most over all your siblings and you look like him, too. But your dad is also very sensitive. What do you do?

Question 23

Spilling The Beans

You're at a party and you get pretty tipsy; while none of your close friends are there, you know a few people. While in casual conversation, you spill some inconvenient truths about your circle of friends; it spreads like wildfire. What do you do?

Question 24

The Tables Turned

You work as a sever and have bad-blood with another coworker; they complain all the time, cheat you out of tables, and are just hard to work with. One day, you get offered a management position and take it. What do you regarding your coworker?

Question 25


You are terrible at Spanish, absolutely the worst. Your professor offers to personally tutor because, bad language skills aside, you're a pleasant student to have in class. With each passing lesson, you develop a huge crush on them. What do you do?

Question 26

The luck of the draw

You win a trip for two to The Bahamas. Hooray! In the spur of the moment, you tell your whole circle of friends, your partner, your parents, everyone! (big mistake). Now everyone suddenly loves The Bahamas. Who do you take?

Question 27

Mommy Issues

Your mom confesses she maxed-out her credit cards. She's freaking out since your dad had already threatened to put a limit on her cards considering recent shopping sprees. This isn't the first time something similar has happened. What do you do?

Question 28

Goody Two Shoes

You're at the mall and your sister's birthday is coming up. You see the cutest pair of shoes on sale. They’re your size! You love them! But your sister probably would, too. There’s only one pair left. What do you do?

Question 29

How Fetch

You like collecting vintage antiques and recently bought a lamp. Turns out it belongs to European royalty. Excited, you tell your friend, who develops a loving for it as well. They strongly imply you give it to them. What do you do?

Question 30

Cross my heart, and hope to...

Your best friend confesses they’re cheating on their partner and swears you to secrecy. Here’s the thing; you’ve come to like their partner as a friend, they’re really nice and have helped you out with problems of your own. What do you do?

Question 31

To be, or not to be

You and your best friend are both pursuing acting. While you’re both on top of your game, you land more auditions. One evening you see on ad on the casting site you use; it’s for a feature length film! It’s the perfect role...for your friend. What do you do?

Question 32

Dented Expectations.

Your parents are away for the weekend and they leave you the keys to their car. You have a clean driving record; your sibling has more parking tickets than their time alive. You accidently dent the car and it’s quite noticeable. What do you do?

Question 33

What goes around, comes...

Your former boss places a pickup order at your current job. You recognize them through caller id (and how can you forget that voice!) You handle these types of orders, and this person wasn’t a very nice boss...what do you do.

Question 34

A Civil Act of Kindness

Your friend’s ex sends you a text confessing that they still like your friend; they even spend the night at each other’s apartment sometimes. Your friend has dates lined up from here to the moon and back. What do you respond with?

Question 35

Stranger Than Fiction

You’ve been working on a novel for some time and recently finished. Some of your characters are ‘loosely’ inspired by friends, family, and exes, not all of which are painted in the best light. Your editor loves all of them! What do you do?

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