Take This Quiz And We'll Reveal What Your Baby Daddy Will Look Like

Have you ever wondered what your future life would look like? Let's not lie to ourselves; we have all been there. Whether we imagine how our perfect wedding will look like or what job we'll end up having, it's inevitable and always fun to take a trip into our wildest imagination.

Having children is probably one of the things you wonder about the most while thinking of your future, and that's fine. After all, it could change the entire scenario if we do decide on getting them. Along with this question may follow, 'What will they look like?' Well, it could all depend on the baby daddy. In case you were wondering, the term indicates the father of a child who isn't romantically associate or married to the child's mother. So, when thinking of what your babies could look like, you might want to take a look first at the appearance of the father.

Maybe you're planning on getting a baby soon, or maybe you're just curious as to what your baby daddy might look like in the future. Either way, you're at the right place! Take this test to know what type of baby daddy yours will be!

Question 1

How do you feel about kids?

Let's be honest - kids can be a lot of trouble. Sure, they’re cute as hell, and hearing them laugh is one of the most adorable sounds in the world, but just like any good thing in life, there are downsides. Having children is a huge responsibility that requires lots of patience and care. You might already have some experience with kids if you used to babysit or take care of your little siblings or cousins. So, how do you feel about them?

Question 2

How many kids would you like to have?

As much as you may like kids, they come with a lot of duties, so more kids mean more trouble. That being said, you might need to reconsider your choice if youre planning on having ten of them, but maybe you're ready to take on the challenge - who knows? The choice will obviously be yours when the right time comes, but at the moment, how many would you like to have?

Question 3

What kind of mother do you think you'll be like?

We all have a certain idea of how we may act and will be like when we have our first children. Although those assumptions may be completely wrong, we sometimes strive or aspire to be a certain way when it comes to taking on the role of being a mother. We learn from experience, and we might already know what we want to eventually teach our children. So, from what you believe right now, what kind of mother do you think you'll be?

Question 4

What gender would you like your first child to be?

Perhaps you think it’s pointless to ask yourself a question like this since you know full well that you won't have the power to choose when the time comes. However, do you still find yourself wishing for a girl as your first child, or maybe you’d prefer having a boy? So, what gender would you prefer for your first child?

Question 5

What food would be your favorite while you’re pregnant?

It’s known that when women are pregnant, they often crave really specific things or a new taste that they wouldn't normally go for. Food combinations for pregnant women are also a common theme during pregnancy. Some women like the idea of dipping fries in ice cream or having pickles with cheese. So, what do you think will be your weird obsession while you’re pregnant?

Question 6

Which of these personality traits would you like the most your child to have?

Although you don't have much power as of right now with how your child will act and present himself or herself, you might already have an idea on how you plan on raising your first or next child. In this scenario, would you prefer your kid to be caring to the people around him, or would you simply want your kid to be extremely nice to everyone? Maybe you prefer your child to be spontaneous and carefree in most of the things he/she does, or maybe you want him/her to be independent as a person? Which one would you prefer?

Question 7

How would your friends best describe you?

If your friends were to describe you to other people, what do you think they’d say about you? Or what do you think are your most prominent qualities? If you like to take risks and find yourself to be impulsive most of the time, you might fit more in the first category. If you're shyer and always get the "You're so cute!" comment, then you fit the second one. Maybe you're the one always cracking jokes, the one whom everyone can't help but love! Or maybe you're the bold one, always up for anything and would consider yourself to be smart... then, you fit the last category. So, which one are you?

Question 8

What type of guy are you most attracted to?

We may not all have a type, but we may prefer a certain type more than another. So, do you personally think you prefer the nerdy-type guy who likes to spend most of his time studying or at the library? Or the class clown who makes everyone around him laugh? Maybe you prefer the bad-boy type who doesn't like to play by the rules? Or the overprotective guy who would do everything and more to keep his loved ones safe? So, which one do you prefer?

Question 9

Which of the following age groups do you belong to?

Since you’re taking this quiz right now, you’re either interested in what your baby daddy will look like or you're taking this quiz only to have fun. Or perhaps it's 2 AM and you have nothing else to do. But whether or not you're ready to have a kid, we need to settle one thing first and that’s what age group you belong to! So, which one are you closest to?

Question 10

Do you think you’ll make a good mom?

Whether you'll be a good mother or not is hard to really know since there’s no real definition of a 'good mom,' but it's easy to understand what values and qualities you want your child to have and the right and wrong way of raising your baby. So, from your personal point of view, as of right now or from your experience with kids, do you believe you’ll make a good mom?

Question 11

What will be your best talent as a mom?

You may already know the answer to this question, whether you’re known for being good at one of the following, but what do you think will be your best talent as a mother? If you're already good at cooking, then you already have an advantage since you’ll be able to provide them with quality food every day. Maybe you're good at keeping people entertained or making them laugh. And if you're any good at taking care of the people around you and the ones you love, then this might already be what defines you. So, which of the following talents best describes you?

Question 12

Which of the following names is your favorite for a girl?

Do you already have a list of potential names for your future babies even though you still don't know if you're planning on having them? Yes, we've been there. There are plenty of options to choose from, but based on the four following baby girl names, which one of these would you most likely want your daughter to be named?

Question 13

Which of the following names is your favorite for a boy?

Once again, there are a lot of options on your phone. I'm sure, whether you found them by doing some research on Google or you named them after a character in your favorite movie or TV show, there are plenty of choices. But based on the following four baby names, which one do you prefer?

Question 14

What do you think makes the best family?

A family is more than just living together; it's about having a closeness like no other. Every family is different, and there isn't any exact definition of the 'perfect family,' but there are certain values that should be promoted more than others. Although each value is proper to every family, which ones do you think should be the most prominent ones to make the best family?

Question 15

What would you do to get noticed by a guy?

Don't worry - you shouldn't have to do anything to get noticed by a guy if it frightens you, but certain people like to use different strategies to make sure that their crush or a guy they like notices them. Whether it's intended or not, you may find yourself embarrassed in front of him, or you may be the daring type who doesn't mind making the first move. So, if you were to get a guy to notice you, which one of the four options would you use?

Question 16

Which of these sounds like the perfect date?

Maybe you already had what you believe was the perfect date with a guy, or maybe you have an idea of what you would like the most to do on a date. Whatever the answer is, chances are, you probably have already thought about it, so judging the four different options, do you think a nice picnic at the beach would be ideal for you? Or do you prefer dinner at an upscale restaurant? If none of these interest you, then you might like an evening at the cinema or a relaxing evening at home eating and watching movies with your date. So, which one sounds the most ideal for you?

Question 17

Which one of these traits would you like your kid to inherit from his dad?

If you had the power to choose from the following four traits that your child could inherit from his dad, which one would you prefer your child to have? If you have any interest in music, you might prefer that your kid shows talent in the music department. If you're shamelessly more superficial, you might want your child to inherit the good looks of his dad. Then again, you might want something more practical and wish your kid would have the intelligence of his father. Finally, if you don't like any of the choices above, you might prefer your child to have a certain interest in sports. So, which one do you prefer?

Question 18

Is it important for you to be married to the father of your child?

We all have different values. Whether we choose happiness or peace above all, we might prefer certain values more than others. When it comes to your family, it might be a priority for you to be married to the man who's going to be the father of your child. Some say marriage is a proof of unconditional love, while others believe that marriage isn't a necessity to prove the love you have for the other person. So, would you prefer to be married to the father?

Question 19

What are you most excited about regarding having kids?

The thought of having kids for the first time takes a lot of preparing; you've got to think of all the responsibilities that come with having a baby. Although all these responsibilities can be scary to think about at first, there are also all the exciting parts of having a kid. Have you ever thought of all the fun you were going to have shopping for their clothes and accessories? Or are you simply excited to bring them with you everywhere you go? So, what are you most excited about?

Question 20

What do you think is the worst part about having kids?

Sure, babies, along with puppies, are the cutest thing ever, but just like any good thing, they also come with a bad side. If you like a good night's sleep and you're not much of a morning person, then you might have to consider the fact that you'll probably get woken up every night by a small crying baby and the fact that you'll also have to change its dirty diapers. But which of the following do you think is the worst part of having children?

Question 21

At what age would you let your child have a phone?

This question could potentially reveal a lot about your way of raising a child. If you prefer your kid to make the most of his childhood, you probably want them to go play outside and make friends instead of staying inside playing on their phone or wasting his/her time on video games. This is really personal to everyone, but if you wish your kid to take part in multiple activities instead of being stuck in front of a screen, you may have different values from others! So, what do you prefer?

Question 22

What's the best part of having kids?

In general, what do you think is the best part of having a cute little baby by your side all the time? This isn't about what you're most excited about but what you consider is the best thing about babies in general. Maybe you can't resist stopping when you see a baby with a cute little smile when you walk around town. Or is it something else? So, what do you consider to be the best part of having kids?

Question 23

Which one of these male celebrities do you think would be your perfect baby daddy?

This doesn't require much thinking. It's more about whom you're most attracted to or maybe the one who shares the most values, qualities, and interests with you. Leonardo DiCaprio is someone who fights a lot for what he wants to preserve; his constant battles to protect the environment shows his commitment to what he loves. Dylan O'Brien and Chris Pratt are both dedicated actors who make everyone around them laugh, and Chris Hemsworth is himself a father of three kids whom he seems to love and protect dearly. So, which one do you think is the best fit for you?

Question 24

Which female celebrity mom do you think you're the most similar to?

You might like to compare yourself to different celebrities. Well, considering each of the four following qualities, which one do you think is the closest to you or the quality that people seem to know you for? Are you more of a generous or caring person? Do people know you for your incredible sense of fashion? Or do they know you for always making people around you laugh? So, which of the four female celebrity moms are you most like?

Question 25

What are you most worried about regarding having kids?

The idea of being a mother can sound incredibly fun and magical, but if you've ever thought about it, you would've realized that there are a lot of things that can make you worried before even having the baby. You may already have had some bad experiences with kids in the past, which have made you scared of feeling the same way with your own child. Whether it's because you won't have any control or you'll feel a lot of pressure, it isn't always easy to take care of children. But what scares you the most?

Question 26

How would you describe your parents' relationship?

This is more of a personal question, but it can potentially affect your own situation depending on how you see and handle it with your kids. You may have gone through a bad or a good childhood, depending on the situation with your own parents. It's sometimes harder for some children to accept the divorce of their parents, and they might find it harder to find love afterward. Or they simply might not believe in love anymore. So, what's your parents' situation?

Question 27

What's the meaning of having kids for you?

The moment you decide to have kids is the moment you realize your whole life will have to change in order to make room for a new part of your life. Having a child will take up most of your time, which means you'll have to change your way of living. But what's the true meaning of having kids? Is it a symbol of pure love, the start of new responsibilities, a significant moment in your life, or simply the meaning of what life should be?

Question 28

What are you least excited about losing after becoming a mother?

Although you'll probably gain more things in becoming a mother, like a sense of big responsibilities, you'll also have to say goodbye to some things that you have at the moment that you may or may not ever have again in your life, whether it's the freedom that you have or being able to manage your own free time. You can also suffer from losing your social life for a while when you take care of the kids, but you may also lose your identity since having a kid requires your whole being, and you might not have time for yourself at all. So, which one are you least excited about losing?

Question 29

What do you value the most in a relationship?

You might already have a certain idea of what you believe is the perfect relationship with a partner from past experiences or simply by your own knowledge of how you would like it to be, but what do you believe is the most important value to share with your significant other? Do you value loyalty over respect or romance above all of them? Or do you think communication is the key to a perfect relationship?

Question 30

Would you coordinate your outfits with your child's?

If you're somewhat of a lover of fashion and you're considering having a kid, you probably have already thought about this. Maybe you came across a cute pair of baby shoes or cute little tops and couldn't resist thinking of how you would dress your own child. As a mother, do you think you would ever consider coordinating some of your outfits with your daughter or your son when going out in public?

Question 31

You just learn you're pregnant - who would be the first person to know?

Have you ever thought of the first person you would tell if you were to wake up tomorrow and learn that you were pregnant? Maybe you would prefer to keep it to yourself for some time and surprise your significant other. Or maybe, you'd announce it your family. Or you might prefer to tell your partner first if the circumstances are right. Sometimes, you want some advice first and you'll either tell your mom, your sister, or a friend first. But, who would you personally tell first?

Question 32

What's the worst personality trait your child can have?

This can be based on your own experience with people whom you've encountered in your life. Maybe it's the stubbornness of some people that make you go crazy. It might also be a sense of arrogance from some people that you simply can't bear, or is it when people are disrespectful or when they're impatient? Based on what you know, what's the worst flaw that someone can have, and which one would you least want your child to have?

Question 33

When do you think is the right time to have a baby?

There's no right or wrong answer to this question. It's very specific to people and the situation they're in. Perhaps you believe that only time will tell the moment you'll be ready to have one, or you might think that there's a specific time in your life that's right to have your first child. So, in your opinion, does it really matter as long as you're in a good relationship with someone, or do you believe there's a specific age for it?

Question 34

Would you consider co-sleeping with your child?

First off, co-sleeping means that you'd sleep in the same bed as your kid. Most parents decide that it doesn't matter as long as everybody gets more sleep. Is it something you would personally think about doing, or would you simply do it because you feel safer if your child is closer to you? Perhaps you think it isn't necessary for your kid to sleep in the same bed since you don't want him/her to get used to it.

Question 35

Do you think it's important to stay on good terms with your baby daddy?

In a scenario where you'd end up pregnant with a guy whom you aren't romantically involved with, do you think it's important to have a good relationship with the baby daddy? It might be the incompatibility with him or the lack of trust between each other that makes it impossible for you both to stay together, but the question is, would you make an effort to be on good terms with him for the sake of your own child?

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