Take This Quiz And We’ll Reveal If You’re High Maintenance

Being high maintenance means placing a high premium on looking and feeling good. While high maintenance is sometimes used in a derogatory way, it's not necessarily a bad thing. If all of the celebs that we follow so avidly on social media stopped being high maintenance, we'd probably be disappointed.

Celebs use glamour to entertain us. Staying glam requires a lot of work, from hair and makeup to amazing clothes and accessories to spa treatments and trips to revered dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

Some non-celebs like to be glam, too. They embrace the high maintenance lifestyle to get the look that they like. What's wrong with that? Nothing. Every person is different. Some people just wouldn't feel like themselves, or feel happy, without their extensive (and sometimes expensive) personal maintenance routines. Others are able to do much less and still feel great about themselves.

Take this fun quiz to get an uncanny result. The questions are so easy to answer, because there are no wrong answers. Have fun with it, answer each question as honestly as possible and then get the perfect quiz result.

There are celebs of all maintenance levels on the list. There are questions about favorite perfumes, favorite colors, and even handbags too. This list is a great way to pass the time, so why not answer the first question right now?

Question 1

Does Kim Kardashian have great style?

Kim Kardashian does not skimp on the maintenance. She knows that image is all-important. A Vogue.com reporter says that she smells like an 80-dollar candle. Those who appreciate the personal style of this reality TV star and businesswoman, who is known for her love of makeup and fashion, should answer "yes". Those who prefer style that is more low-key should answer, "no". The style icons we do or do not admire say a lot about our own attitude towards maintenance.

Question 2

Are manicures a regular expense?

Manicures are practically essential to many women, and many guys, too, of course. People who love manicures love them because having perfect nails helps them to feel pulled-together. People who are not into manicures feel like they are just a waste of time. Cardi B adores a good manicure, whereas Keri Russell and Christie Brinkley think that manicures are not that important. Keri does not like long nails because she likes touching things. Christie thinks that clean nails are enough. Pick an answer now.

Question 3

Is "crunchy" a label that fits?

Crunchy is the all-natural hippie vibe. It is about eating the organic way, using natural personal care products and embracing the bohemian style. If the crunchy label fits, that says a lot about a person's maintenance style. While crunchy people can be very particular about what they consume and which products they use, they are not typically into a lot of glam. Crunchy is a style that is fresh-scrubbed. If crunchy fits, pick "yes" below. If it does not fit, choose "no".

Question 4

Are spas a good place to spend time?

Those who are into spas love the pampering treatments that they offer, including facials, body wraps and massages. Spas are generally luxurious. They offer a relaxing and indulgent experience. People who go to spas get VIP treatment that is designed to make them look and feel good. Those who are not into spas may find the treatments offered there boring, or too expensive, or just plain unnecessary. Everyone is different. If spas are a good place to spend time, answer "yes" below. If they are not, answer "no".

Question 5

Should makeup fit in one small makeup bag?

Collecting makeup is a passion for some. For others, it is not an interesting pastime. Those who can fit all of their makeup into one small bag have their makeup routines streamlined. They may have high-end makeup or the cheap stuff, or anything in between, but they only have what they really need. Small makeup bags do not hold very much. Makeup fans may have three or four makeup bags bulging with cosmetics, not to mention some huge palettes that won't fit in most makeup bags.

Question 6

Is over-packing a thing?

If you want to see over-packing in action, tune into The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. "Real Housewives" like Lisa Rinna and Kyle Richards tend to take more than they need on trips. They want major wardrobe options. Those who pack lighter may not care at all if they need to wear a few key items over and over again. How we approach the issue of packing is a clue as to whether we are low maintenance, high maintenance or somewhere in the middle.

Question 7

Hair color - yes or no?

Some people color their hair because they want to cover a little gray. For those types of people, coloring their hair is just a typical chore. For others, coloring their hair is a creative thing. It is about self-expression. There is no right or wrong level of maintenance, for hair or anything else. Maintenance is a personal choice. This quiz is not about judging. It is just about assessing maintenance levels based on quiz responses. Those who color their hair should answer "yes". Those who do not should pick "no".

Question 8

Are thrift stores good places to shop?

Thrift stores are places where secondhand items are available, usually, for rock-bottom prices. Some women love shopping at thrift stores because they get more for their money than they would if they paid full retail for new items. Naturally, many guys enjoy "thrifting", too. People who are into vintage clothes and retro items, such as antiques for the home, may actually enjoy thrift store shopping more than going to the fanciest stores. Share an opinion about thrift stores right now.

Question 9

Name a typical clothing budget for the year.

Some people place a higher priority on getting new clothes regularly than others. Some of it is to do with personal style. Certain people may want a lot of variety in their wardrobes, to express themselves and all of their moods, while others may not value clothes much as a means of putting their personality across to other people. Buying clothes is fun for most, but not for everyone. We are all so different. Name a yearly clothing budget below.

Question 10

How many steps should a skin care routine have?

The simplest skin care routine is going to be soap and water, or another type of cleanser and water. Some people skip the water step by opting for ultra-convenient facial wipes. Then, on the other end of the spectrum, there are those who use a range of cleansers, toners, serums, lotions and sheet masks to pamper their complexions and treat any skin problems that they have. How basic should a skin care routine be? Choose the number of steps that make sense.

Question 11

Is sunscreen essential?

Some celebs, like Nicole Kidman, rely on sunscreen to protect their skin from the aging effects of the sun. Of course, sunscreen is about more than vanity. A good sunscreen with UVA/UVB protection is going to help to prevent skin cancer. Pick an answer now to express an opinion about sunscreen. Is it an essential or not? Sunscreen has come a long way. There are a host of formulas out there, such as sprays, lotions and gels. There is even makeup with sunscreen built-in.

Question 12

Choose the ideal gift to receive.

When it comes to getting gifts from a special someone, is it ok to get something basic or a little bit fancy, rather than something really extravagant, like diamonds? What is considered the perfect gift will say a lot about attitudes towards self-maintenance. All of our little preferences add up to different types of personalities. Some are high maintenance and others are not. Are roses a favorite, or would comfy pajamas be a better choice? Or are diamonds the only thing that really satisfies?

Question 13

Alicia Keys or Katy Perry?

These famous celebs have different style. Some people will prefer the style that Alicia Keys has been rocking lately. She often skips the makeup and hair straighteners and goes for a modest outfit that is practical, yet stylish. Others will prefer the dolled-up style of Katy Perry, who enjoys adding pops of color and fun to her look with bright lipsticks and vibrant clothing. Both women are awesome. Both wear makeup sometimes and go for natural style at other times.

Question 14

Pick a fave color.

The colors that we love say something about our personalities. Red is an aggressive color. Its the color of passion, Blue has a peaceful vibe, which is probably why it's so popular. Green is the color of grass and leaves. It is strongly linked with nature. Green has a fresh feeling that is also soothing. Yellow is sunny and energizing. Pick a fave color. This question will help us to come up with the perfect quiz result. Personality tests like this quiz are always great fun.

Question 15

Black coffee or designer coffee drinks?

When it comes to coffee, is plain and simple the best, or do fancy designer coffee drinks bring more pleasure? Black coffee is basic, but tasty and effective. Designer coffee drinks are more special, perhaps, because so many ingredients can be added in, such as hazelnut syrup, or almond milk, or even decadent whipped cream. Decide on a coffee preference now. There are no right or wrong answers in this fun quiz. We are just getting to know quiz-takers through their responses.

Question 16

Is going makeup-free in public a common activity?

We all need to run errands sometimes and some of us just don't feel like piling on the face paint before hitting the streets and getting things done. Some women are quite happy to go out in public without mascara, foundation and sparkly highlighter. Others will not leave their homes without their daily dose of makeup firmly in place. Going makeup-free can be liberating, but it's not for everyone. Women should do what makes them feel good (and guys, too).

Question 17

Is minimalist style awesome?

When it comes to style, are minimalist clothes more appealing than clothes with a lot of design elements? Those who appreciate the appeal of minimalist clothes may prefer to keep it simple with overall personal maintenance, too, although there will be exceptions. Our taste in clothes typically tells a story about who we are and how we approach the issue of personal maintenance. Those who find minimalist style too stark and plain may prefer to wear vibrant designs with a lot of bells and whistles.

Question 18

Is Shailene Woodley's style appealing?

We all have celebs that we like because we relate to their personal style. That may not be the only reason that we like them, but we do tend to notice how celebs present themselves and pick faves who share our personal style. If Shailene Woodley's style appeals, answer "yes" below. If her style is a bit too natural and relaxed to be appealing, answer "no". Most of us do care about style and how we rate style plays into whether we are high maintenance or not.

Question 19

Is this too much makeup?

Women can wear however much makeup they want. Feminism is about women making choices that feel right to them. So, there is no magic formula for the correct amount of makeup. That being said, some women think that less is more. They might not be comfortable wearing a really bright lip and a lot of contour. Other women would feel deprived if they could not have fun with layers of cosmetics. Makeup is a billion dollar industry. Share an opinion about this makeup look below.

Question 20

Pick the best perfume.

The perfume that a woman prefers reveals a lot about her personality. Some women like high-end fragrances, that come from the most revered fashion houses in the world, or from beauty companies that have stellar reputations. Other women are happy to wear scents that cost less, but still smell great to them. Perfume is available at so many different price points. Women may spend a little or a lot. Pick the best perfume now. Which scent is the most appealing?

Question 21

Name the amount of shoes in your closet.

Are shoes a passion? Are they something to collect and arrange lovingly in a closet? Or are shoes more of a utilitarian thing? Some women want Manolos like Carrie Bradshaw did on SATC. Others have some pairs of sneakers and maybe one pair of basic heels for work or special occasions. Of course, some of us are unable to buy as many shoes as we want to. We can dream of owning scads of pairs from exclusive designers, or maybe just a ton of Birkenstocks.

Question 22

Is Lisa Vanderpump a style icon?

Lisa Vanderpump takes good care of herself. She is in the public eye, whether the cameras are rolling or not, because she owns restaurants. She is always on the go, making the scene at Tom Tom or another one of her chic Los Angeles hangouts. She also does a lot for charity and this means making speeches and attending big fund-raising events. Lisa is well-groomed. She gets shirts custom-made and treats herself to fabulous jewelry. Is she a style icon?

Question 23

Are designer handbags a good investment?

Some designer handbags, such as Birkin bags from Hermes, are so exclusive that customers need to go on waiting lists just to buy them. Prices for Birkin bags are sky-high, but that does not stop customers from trying to get them. They are coveted status symbols. While some designer handbags cost a lot less than "the Birkin", most are on the pricey side. Some women consider them good investments and some do not. Share an opinion about designer handbags now.

Question 24

Public transport - yes or no?

Riding on buses and subways is something that a lot of people do. Even celebs such as Andrew Garfield and Karlie Kloss have been spotted using the subway system in New York City. While public transit is popular and practical, not to mention cost-effective, it's not for everyone. Some people prefer to travel in their own vehicles, or, better yet, get driven around in town cars, limos or luxury SUVs. Share an opinion about public transit now. Yes or no?

Question 25

Pick the best restaurant.

Some people love cheap fast food. They prefer to skip the fancy restaurants. They are honestly happier eating burgers and fries. Others will not touch junk food. They want an elevated dining experience and that means choosing fancy eateries with great wine lists, attentive servers and gourmet menu items. Everyone is different. Food tastes vary so widely. Those who prefer cheaper fare may appreciate its low price and convenience. Those who like fancy food may be big-time foodies who love the high-end restaurant vibe.

Question 26

Costume jewelry or fine jewelry?

Lady Gaga wore a 30-million dollar necklace to the 2019 Oscars. It was extravagant, but she does not own it. Fine jewelers are more than happy to lend their most glamorous and expensive jewels to celebs for the sake of publicity. While most of us cannot even borrow jewels like this, we still wear jewelry. Some women prefer fine jewelry. They want natural gemstones and precious metals. Others are happy to wear fun costume jewelry that does not break the bank.

Question 27

Spray tans - yay or nay?

Spray tans give men and women that golden glow, without the sun damage. Some spray tans look very natural and others create ultra-deep tans that may not look like the real thing. Spray tanning is popular with celebs. Regular people do it, too. With a spray tan, a person takes off most of what he or she is wearing and then gets hosed down with a spray tanning solution. The tan develops quickly. Say yes or no to spray tans right now.

Question 28

Is saving money important?

Some people are more frugal than others. Is saving money is something that matters, choose "yes" below. If not, choose "no". The attitude that a person has towards money says something about his or her attitude towards personal maintenance. The thing is, maintenance costs money, especially when a person is high maintenance. The price of services, clothes and products really adds up. Some people would rather spend on maintenance than save. Others would never dream of spending a ton of money on maintenance.

Question 29

Is fancy furniture worth the cash?

Fancy furniture can be beautiful, but it is worth the money? The fanciest furniture can cost a fortune. Furniture can be a status symbol. People pay a lot of money for it because its a status symbol. It some cases, it may be very overpriced because of its brand name. Some people think fancy furniture is a great investment and others do not want to spend that much money furnishing their homes. Share an opinion about fancy furniture right now.

Question 30

Is the street style of Julia Roberts appealing?

Julia is known for dressing very casually when she is off-duty. She tends to wear practical things when she is running errands or hanging out with her hubby and the kids. She does not usually go for the glam when she is not attending red carpet events. There is nothing wrong with dressing down. In many cases, celebs overdress a bit too much when they do errands or go shopping. It can look silly. Julia keeps it real, but is her style appealing?

Question 31

Designer sunglasses - yes or no?

Designer sunglasses look great, but they cost a fair bit of money and they are so easy to lose. Some people avoid buying them because they might be misplaced. They choose cheaper "sunnies" instead, just in case they do lose their sunglasses someday. If they do lose them, they won't take such a big hit financially. Sunglasses from the biggest fashion houses typically cost over a thousand bucks. Cheap sunglasses may cost ten bucks. Share an opinion about designer sunglasses now.

Question 32

Is hypebeast gear worth the money?

Hypebeast gear is all about exclusivity. It is difficult to access sometimes. For example, the most coveted designs from OVO by Drake, or the Justin Bieber brand, Drew, are usually sold out. The fact that this stuff is hard to get drives demand. When people manage to get their hands on hypebeast gear, they love to show it off. It sends a message to other people about their tastes and interests. There are people who think hypebeast stuff is a waste of money.

Question 33

Has Coachella been ruined by influencers?

Coachella is supposed to be about great music in an amazing environment. Over the past few years, it has become a place where social media influencers flock. It has become a backdrop for their pics. Plus, some celebs who attend Coachella get paid to be there. Those who feel that Coachella has been ruined by influencers should share their opinions now. Those who love the whole Coachella influencer thing should answer, "no". Pick an answer to find out a maintenance level.

Question 34

Clothes with large logos - yes or no?

When we wear logos, we advertise brands. Some people enjoy wearing logos and others prefer to not be walking billboards for fashion brands. How a person feels about wearing logos sends a message about his or her maintenance level. From the interlocking "Cs" at Chanel to H & M, there are a ton of logo clothes to choose from. Share an opinion about logos to find out whether high maintenance is the right term or whether low maintenance is a better fit.

Question 35

Is image really important?

Did you know that people glance at the shoes of other people to get a sense of whether they are successful or not? Shoes are one of the things that people look at to form judgments about other people. So, there are good reasons to care about image, especially when it comes to making a good first impression. On the other hand, image is basically superficial. It does not tell the whole story about who a person is. Pick an answer now.

Question 36

Pick a favorite celeb.

Now, it is time to pick a fave celeb from four fun choices. Is Claire Foy from The Crown a favorite? Maybe her low-key style is something to admire? She has plenty of acting talent, too. Or maybe Kylie Jenner is more impressive, with her stable of expensive sports cars and her passion for makeup? Drew Barrymore might be the woman that is chosen because she is so authentic and honest. Another option is Gwyneth Paltrow, who is all about perfection. Pick an answer now.

Question 37

Pick a favorite food.

Which food would be chosen if any of the choices listed below were available? Would Foie gras at some fancy, trendy eatery be selected, or would it be more fun to settle in with a cardboard box of Chicken McNuggets? Maybe a nice fresh salad would bring the most pleasure? Another option is Cup Noodles, which are easy to make, very cheap and simple to find almost anywhere. Choose an ideal food now to get the inside scoop on which maintenance level is a good fit.

Question 38

Choose a makeup brand.

Shopping for makeup is fun, unless a woman or man does not wear it. People who are into makeup truly enjoy finding new products and makeup lines, but also tend to be loyal to certain brands. Check out the choices featured here and find a brand that is a fave. There are some amazing choices. Those who have not used any of these makeup brands can guess which ones they would like the best. Pick an answer now and have fun with it.

Question 39

Pick the best breakfast.

Is a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice mandatory first thing in the morning, along with a healthy egg white omelet? Maybe coffee and a huge plate of pancakes sounds more appealing? Another option is a bagel with cream cheese, or steel-cut oatmeal and a cup of herbal tea. Check out the options and pick the most appealing one. The kind of breakfast that people prefer says a lot about their lifestyles and tastes. Pick an answer now. This question may trigger the munchies.

Question 40

Which baby name is the best?

Now, it is time to select the baby name that is the most enchanting. Look at the options and decide which baby name is most appealing. There are wonderful choices. Arabella is a fancy moniker, while Joanne is a pretty name that is a bit more down to earth. Donna is definitely a total classic, and Shonda is different enough to be really special. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers. It is just a matter of personal preferences.

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