Take This Personality Test And We'll Name Your Baby

Naming your child is one of those things that doesn't really occur to you as a major issue until you realize that the time is imminent. Remember, your children will be stuck with their names for the rest of their lives, so you need to make sure that you don't saddle them with something that there's a chance they'll despise. Sure, they could change it at some point in the future, but as a parent, you want to make sure that you're giving your child the best head start possible, rather than starting off by getting it wrong.

No matter how much people will advise you on it and how many books you read, you're going to get some things wrong when you bring up children, so it's smart to try and get their names correct at least. This is why we wanted to put together a quiz for all those people out there who just aren't sure what to name their child in the future. Obviously, you don't have to agree and can ignore what result you get, but we like the idea of giving somebody an idea that sticks. We could be helping somebody name his or her child right now!

So, are you ready? Don't worry about it too much. Just answer the questions honestly, and in a short while, you may know the name of your future spawn.

1Which Is Your Favorite Color?

Picking a favorite color is one of those things that seems to creep up on you when you're younger. We're not sure the first time somebody asked us what our favorite color was, but we're fairly sure that we'd never thought about it until that moment.

2What Item Do You Always Have On You?

Sure, when you leave the house, you make sure that you have all of the things you need, but there are also those sorts of things that you have on you no matter what. Sure, you need your keys outside, but why do you have them on you when you’re at home?

3Pick Your Favorite Actor

There's nothing more amazing than seeing an actor at the top of his game, performing with all of the ability he's gathered throughout his career. There's something truly beautiful about a character that's being well acted in a film.


4Pick Your Favorite Actress

So, do you think we should be calling actresses actors? We reckon that it’s a good step forward, but for some reason, people seem to be unable to accept it as a concept. That’s the sort of thing we all need to be getting used to.

5Name Your Favorite Meal

Food is one of those things that people either love or they're fairly ambivalent to. In other words, you either spend your life thinking about the next meal that you're allowed to have, or you hate the fact that you have to stop to eat.


6Pick A Comedian

We don't understand people who don't spend a lot of time watching stand-up comedy. It's like people who say that they're just not that into music. How do you walk through this life without the joy that both of these artistic media can bring?!

7How Old Are You?

Honestly, there's a period of time in your life when you should be having children, and if you're too young or too old, you really shouldn't be throwing a living being out into this world. We know some people don't want to hear that, but it's just true.


8What Sort Of Clothing Would You Most Likely Wear?

Isn't it funny how all people seem to become interested in what they're wearing at different times in their lives? That transition of wearing whatever you’re given as a child to whatever you want to wear as an adult can be an exciting and stressful time.

9Pick A Cartoon For Adults

The use of animation to make shows for adults is a perfect example of what brilliant things can happen when we don't add barriers to creative media. Some of the best shows ever created for an adult audience were cartoons, and yet, we still see them as childish.


10Pick A Cartoon For Children

Look - if you're an adult, and you enjoy watching these cartoons, then we're not trying to shame you or anything, but that doesn't change the fact that they were initially created for a child audience. That's just a fact that none of us can ignore at this point.

11Pick A Zodiac Sign

If you're not the sort of person who believes in zodiac signs, then just pick one at random. Either way, we think this will be able to tell us something about you, something in your subconscious that you know nothing about. That's the power of Astrological signs...


12Pick A Religion

If we're totally honest, we've always found it hard to get on board with religion in any big way, as it just seems to cause divisions within society. Sure, you get a community within your own religion, but anyone outside of that can end up being ostracized.

13Pick A Critically Acclaimed Television Show

A lot of people look down on television, but we think that it continues to pump out some absolutely fantastic stuff, especially since the release of The Sopranos. Seriously, pick any of these at random, and you've got yourself something that's worth a watch.


14Pick A Superpower

We always thought we'd grow out of wishing we had superpowers but found that, as we grew older, we only wished there was a way for us to escape the mundanity of life. When you were a kid, you could just imagine yourself super. You can't do that when you're an adult.

15Pick A Sex & The City Character

Isn't it crazy how television can affect the cultural zeitgeist in such a way that everyone starts to identify with a character from a single show? Sure, it's just a silly little game, but the number of people who love the show and are willing to watch it are still testaments to the show's quality.


16Pick A Sport

We've never been that keen on sport, but it'd be a lie to say that there aren't people in our lives always trying to get us to watch and play with them. We feel like everybody's dad likes at least one sport as if this youngest generation is the first to dislike sports across the board.

17Pick A Shoe Size

Do you think you'll be buying particular shoes for your baby, or will you just be going with whatever works? We think it's insane that people spend so much money on what their children wear when literally nobody else could care less. There's no need to doll your baby up!


18How Will You Feed Your Child?

We think it's crazy that so many people spend their life getting upset at people for feeding their children in public. It's quite possibly the most natural thing in the world, and yet, it still continues to be such a problem for some people. People need to stop sticking their noses in other people's business.

19What Sort Of Baby Would You Like?

It's not surprising that more and more people are deciding to bring up their children with no fixed gender in a modern world that seems to be trying to accept everyone. We don't need these outdated gender norms, and it's about time that we stopped them at a young age.


20How Will You Bond With Your Baby?

While we know there's a lot of information out there when it comes to raising a child or looking after a newborn baby, people often don't think of how they plan on bonding with their young child. Seriously, it might sound silly, but this kind of thing is important for a good child-to-parent relationship.

21How Will You Get Your Baby To Sleep?

There's one thing that all parents dread, and that's their child not going to sleep when they should. It's almost as if these little things are programmed to wake you up in the middle of the night, that you're being punished by God for some past transgression.


22How Many Times A Week Will You Bathe Your Baby?

You may be surprised in the future by how smelly your baby manages to get, but you don't want to start bathing them all the time for this reason, as it can end up drying out their skin. We'd rather they were smelly than uncomfortable or in pain!

23What Will You Dress Your Baby In?

It might matter to you what your children look like, but just remember that you should never make it their problem. Spend too much time on how they look and they'll end up doing the same in the future. Spend more time crafting the sort of human being they are!


24Will You Eat The Placenta?

Look, we're not saying there isn't some merit to some of the newer things people are doing in medicine, but we'll say that we've managed to get by without them for a very long time. Medicine should always be progressing, but we should never let people swindle us with lies.

25What Will You Do If Your Baby Seems Sick?

Having an ill child can be absolutely terrifying, but that doesn't mean you should be rash when deciding how to make them better. There are a lot of problems in this world because parents get far too worried about their poor child. We know it can be hard, but think your actions through.

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