Take This OG Star Wars Quiz And We'll Tell You If You're A Sith Or A Jedi

One of the biggest questions surrounding the Star Wars series is "which side is the correct side to be on?" Is the Dark Side the side of the debate that has the higher ground? Or are the Jedi's the ones who should be given total galactic control in the end? Which side contains the true heroes of the series and which one is filled with rather unpleasant people who prioritize their own needs and wants over the greater good? And which side do those who consume the series lie on?

By using a series of moral, philosophical, and Star Wars related questions, this quiz will provide those who take it with an answer to this eternal question, once and for all. This quiz will tell those taking it which side of the fight they belong on: Jedi or Sith.

Question 1

One should always deal in absolutes: yes or no?

We all know that those Siths love their absolutes, but should one deal with such definitive terms in their everyday lives? Is anything ever truly absolute or do more things exist in a grey area? Is anything every truly all-good/all-bad or does everything exist on a spectrum between the two?

Question 2

Are rules meant to be broken?

Some believe that rules are designed to keep us safe and to keep society running as smoothly as possible. That they are there to protect us and keep us out of trouble. But others believe that rules only get in the way of a good time and are there to keep us down. Who is correct?

Question 3

Should the Force be contained?

The Force is one of the more fascinating elements of the series. As soon as such immense forms of all-consuming power is brought into a series, there will always be those who seek to harness it for themselves and those who seek to control it for the greater good. Should its power be contained for the safety of the galaxy?

Question 4

Is lying ever okay?

There are several points within the Star Wars series that characters are forced to lie to one another. Some lie to further their own goals while others lie to protect their loved ones. Is lying ever okay? From a moral perspective, is lying to protect someone equal to lying to absolve oneself of blame?

Question 5

Brown cloaks: yes or no?

The Jedi order love their brown cloaks. Few Jedi characters are ever seen without them. But not everyone is a fan of such bold yet plain fashion choices. Can one truly commit to wearing nothing but boring brown robes and cloaks for the rest of their lives? Do we actually like the Jedi aesthetic?

Question 6

Should emotions be controlled?

Some believe that emotions are beautiful things which dictate who we are and how we interact with the world. While others believe that emotions are a negative thing that can potentially hold us back or make our lives more difficult. Should these emotions be expressed freely or controlled and repressed every time that they appear?

Question 7

Was Count Dooku a traitor?

Count Dooku sought ultimate power at all costs. He felt as though that the strict laws which the Jedi follow prevented him from achieving his true ambitions. He wanted power and he knew how to get it. Some believe that his leaving the order makes him a traitor while others believe that the Jedi are to blame.

Question 8

Extinguishing all Jedi with Order 66: Agree or Disagree?

Order 66 was a plot to extinguish every Jedi in existence, no matter their age, in order to prevent them from being able to stop Palpatine from getting his promotion. They believed that the morals of the Jedi would contradict with their own goals and that they would be unable to achieve them if they were allowed to keep breathing.

Question 9

Was Obi-Wan a good guy?

Every fantasy series needs an older male who acts as a guide for its younger characters as they embark on their journey to becoming heroes. In Star Wars, that character in Obi-Wan. Many regard him as being a loving guide that protected Luke while others believe that he was rather hypocritical.

Question 10

Is the Empire having total galactic control a good thing?

Some believe that the Jedi should be in power as they are seen as the "good guys" of the series. While others believe that their strict rules make them rather hypocritical and that such things make them unfit for rule. And then there are those who believe that no one group should be allowed total galactic control at all.

Question 11

Darth Vader: hero or villain?

Was Darth Vader a bad guy who eliminated dozens of children without hesitation and who would have done the same to his own children had he had the chance? Or a misunderstood boy who was turned down by his idols and sought acceptance in the Dark Side as they respected him for who he was?

Question 12

Can one keep a lost droid they've found?

Finders keepers? If one stumbles across a lost droid, do they have the right to take it home and adopt it for themselves? Or should they attempt to return it to its rightful owners? Can anyone truly own a droid? Are they a product that can be owned or a sentient being that deserves freedom?

Question 13

Are people inherently good?

While it is true that bad things do exist and occur in this world and that humans are prone to fault, is it true to say that people are inherently bad? Or do random acts of kindness and the moral nature of the societies that we have built prove that we are inherently good (minus a few outliers?)

Question 14

Which colour Lightsaber is best?

One of the best shared-childhood memories that each member of the millennial generation has is the one where we all fought with our siblings/cousins in order to get the best lightsaber for ourselves. Every Star Wars loving child preferred one colour over the other. Let's settle this once and for all. Which colour Lightsaber is best?

Question 15

Should one side with the Dark side: yay or nay?

Each side has a set of values that shapes the group and drives their every action. The Dark Side believes that the Force should be used for oneself and that its majesty should not be contained. They look down on the Jedi's monk-like existence and seek the power that the Force has promised.

Question 16

Can laws be broken for the greater good?

Laws exist to keep society running as smoothly as possible but sometimes they can prevent a person from doing the right thing. Normally one would state that following the law is the right thing to do but when such things stand in the way from protecting and saving citizens of the world, one has to consider breaking them.

Question 17

Is Kylo Ren a villain?

The Star Wars fandom has found themselves rather split on the subject of Kylo Ren. Some believe that he is a major cry-baby who needs to get over his weird obsession with Darth Vader and take a chill-pill. While others believe that he is a misunderstood soft boy who just needs someone to believe in him.

Question 18

Did Lando betray Han?

Some believe that Lando did the right thing when he delivered Han to Boba Fett while others feel like his very actions derailed the heroes journey and could have cost them their lives. Was Lando in the right when he handed his friends over or was what he did utterly unforgivable?

Question 19

Should Obi-Wan have told Luke about his father?

If someone knows something about someone else, are they required to tell that person said information? Is keeping the secret kinder than telling the truth? Or is it better to spill the beans as if one is ripping off a band-aid? Should Obi-Wan have told Luke about his father? Did he do the right thing?

Question 20

All-black attire or all-white attire?

It's time for another aesthetic question. If one is going to be living the rest of their lives within a strict colour scheme, then they better have all the facts before they commit to one or the other. Which aesthetic is superior? Is the all-black aesthetic superior? Or is the all-white aesthetic far more appealing?

Question 21

Do the Jedi take away children?

Some believe that the Jedi's habit of seeking out all children who possess the Force and training them themselves is a good way of teaching them how to hone and control their powers. While others believe that this practice is essentially them stealing babies from their parents and they tend to frown on such things.

Question 22

Should one life be lost to save many?

Should one life be lost in order to save many more lives in the name of the greater good or is each life precious and one should do everything that they can to ensure that no one is lost and that every single life can be saved in the end?

Question 23

Should the tale of Darth Plagueis the Wise be spread?

Some believe that the tale of Darth Plagueis the Wise is an important part of the history of the galaxy and that is should be spread, far and wide, to all those who will listen. While others believe that such things should be kept private and that spreading them brings nothing but mayhem.

Question 24

Do people have a moral obligation to do good?

Humans are social creatures and this has lead to the creation of a society that depends on each member following the laws and looking out for each other (to an extent.) Knowing this, does each member of said society have a moral obligation to do good or is everyone their own person and should be free to act in whichever way that they choose to?

Question 25

Was the Rebellion on the right side?

The Rebels sought to dismantle the power structures that were being enacted by the Dark Side. They believed in restoring the republic and establishing a democratic governing body in the galaxy; which went directly against the plots and goals of the Dark Side. Therefore, the two sides rarely saw eye to eye.

Question 26

Should the Force be used to secure power?

Some people believe that the Force is a gift that should be used to help those who possess it to achieve their goals and pursue their dreams while eliminating everything that stands in their way. While others believe that the Force is a tool which should be used to help others.

Question 27

Is a human life worth more than a Droid life?

Are all sentient creatures equal when it comes to the value placed upon their lives? Or is there a hierarchy which places humans at the top and lesser beings beneath them? Should the "live" nature of the Droids allow them to be granted equality to their human counterparts or are they beneath us?

Question 28

Is Rey going to end up on the Dark Side?

Some believe that Rey is the new leader of the Jedi order and possesses all of the good qualities needed to keep the galaxy safe from those who seek to take it for themselves. While others believe that she is going to be brought over to the Dark Side in the end.

Question 29

Should Luke have joined the Dark Side?

When Luke discovered the truth about his father, he was given a choice between continuing to fight against him or joining him and working together for the rest of their lives. Did he make the wrong choice in the end? Should he have put family first and went to the Dark Side?

Question 30

Are the Jedi good?

The series emphasizes the fact that the Jedi's are the good guys. However, many fans have pointed out that their strict rules, the habit of taking force-stricken children from their parents, the decision to lie to those placed in their care, and other hypocritical behaviours make them far less pure than the series would have us believe.

Question 31

Will people do good when no one is around to see?

If no one is around to witness the act itself nor its consequences, should the person in question make the "right" choice? If no one is going to see them helping those who need it or taking time out of their day to do the right thing, is it even worth it?

Question 32

What ended Padme: love or the Force?

This is one of the more highly debated topics in the Star Wars fandom and those who have opinions on the topic tend to stick to them no matter what. What ended the life of Padme? Was love the thing that did her in in the end? Or was it an over-exposure to the Force that ended her life?

Question 33

Are Rey and Kylo destined to be together?

Some members of the Star Wars fandom believe that Rey and Kylo are destined to be together. That he will bring her to the Dark Side and help her channel her true power or that she will be the one person that truly understands him and will bring him over to the light side.

Question 34

Which Skywalker is superior to the other?

Luke can be a tad grating in his younger years as he struggles to learn the ways of the Force and to see himself as a hero. But, then again, Anakin is just the worst. Truly unpleasant. Which Skywalker is the superior one and which could not even complete the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs?

Question 35

Do people possess an inner darkness?

Is there an inner darkness within each person? And, if so, should they explore and capitalize on it in order to maximize their potential? Or repress it until they are no longer able to access it? Do people have a penchant for darkness or can such unpleasant things only be taught?

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