Take This MCU Quiz To See Who Will Survive Avengers: Endgame

The first trailer for Avengers: Endgame has finally arrived, and things are looking pretty bleak for the remaining heroes.

Anyone who follows the Marvel Cinematic Universe surely knows by now that many of our favorite heroes ended up meeting their demise earlier this year in Infinity War. The film found the Avengers teaming up with the Guardians of the Galaxy for the first time to try and stop Thanos from collecting all six Infinity Stone. Unfortunately, the heroes didn't win, and Thanos succeeded in wiping out half the population of the universe.

But don’t expect things to stay that way for long! We already know that a number of characters have movies in the works — including Spider-Man and Black Widow — meaning that they will almost certainly be resurrected or remain alive by the end of Avengers: Endgame. How they manage to make their return remains to be seen. But what is clear, is that the remaining heroes seem like they’ll be doing everything in their power to undo Thanos’s actions.

So let's take a look back at the course of events in Infinity War, along with what could come to pass in Endgame, to see who would be worthy enough to survive Thanos's wrath.

Question 1

Which surviving hero has the greatest chance of defeating Thanos?

It seems like no mistake that the founding members of the Avengers were the ones who survived the snap. This could really bring the first three phases of the MCU full circle, as Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, the Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye have been trying to thwart off the powers of the Infinity Stones since the very first Avengers film. But just because all of these characters are alive for the time being, doesn’t mean they all have an equal chance of bringing about Thanos’s defeat.

Question 2

Pick a use for the Time Stone.

It didn’t seem like the Time Stone was being used to its full potential in Infinity War, especially after we already saw Doctor Strange create a time loop and defeat Dormammu — a villain who was far more powerful than Thanos. However, Doctor Strange does use the stone to look into the future and see all possible outcomes of the conflict, so one could argue that everything he does with the stone is in an attempt to make the one instance in which they are victorious a reality.

Question 3

Pick a sidekick.

Even if the majority of characters end up making a return in Endgame, it seems more than likely that some of the franchise’s heroes won’t be making it out of phase three alive. While this may be a sad thought, it may also clear a path for some of the sidekicks to enjoy the limelight in the coming years. Many of these characters are very much heroes in their own rights, and there’s no reason that someone like Falcon or Bucky Barnes couldn’t take up the mantle as Captain America should Steve meet his demise.

Question 4

Which villain could have easily defeated Thanos?

Of course, Thanos with the fully assembled Infinity Gauntlet is the greatest threat that the heroes have come up against in the MCU to date. But without the stones, he’s far from the most formidable foe in the shared universe. After all, characters like Dormammu are the rulers of their own dimension, while someone like the Asgardian goddess Hela is able to shatter Thor’s hammer without so much as breaking a sweat. Surely they could defeat the Mad Titan, right?

Question 5

Which hero who was missing in Infinity War will have the biggest impact in Endgame?

While Avengers: Infinity War already touted a massively impressive cast of characters, there were still a number of heroes who didn’t enjoy a part in the story. We already know that this will be rectified in the next film, as characters like Hawkeye and Ant-Man have already made an appearance in the Endgame trailer. But will they really make that big of a difference in the fight against Thanos? Or maybe someone else might do the trick, like Valkyrie or Captain Marvel.

Question 6

Who would win in a match (without any Infinity Stones)?

By the end of Avengers: Infinity War, it seemed clear that Thor would have the best chance of bringing down Thanos. Though, admittedly, he had his new ax Stormbreaker to help him with that task. But do you think the God of Thunder could have easily done the trick had Thanos not had use of the Infinity Stones? Or did Thor’s defeat before the film even began make it seem as though the Asgardian was still no match for the Mad Titan?

Question 7

Which Infinity Stone is the most powerful?

Infinity War gave us a much clearer picture as to the powers of each Infinity Stone, as they weren’t all that well defined in previous MCU installments, like Captain America: The First Avengers and Thor: The Dark World. But is there one stone that seemed to stand out above all the others. For instance, we know acquiring the Soul Stone involved a great sacrifice. But do we even know what the Soul Stone is capable of as of yet? Or do its powers remain shrouded in mystery?

Question 8

Which Infinity Stone is the weakest?

As we’ve already mentioned, the powers that certain stones grant are fairly straightforward. The Power Stone gives the user buffed strength, the Time Stone allows the user to manipulate time, and the Reality Stone allows the user to change reality on nothing more than a whim. But the extent of the powers of the Mind and Soul Stone still remain a bit unknown. Does this inherently make them weaker? Or does the fact that their powers aren't quite as specific make them seem even more intimidating?

Question 9

Choose a superpower.

Going into a fight against the Mad Titan Thanos without a superpower or two in your arsenal would be a grave mistake. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be imbued with supernatural abilities. After all, the first character to draw blood from Thanos is none other than Tony Stark, who has nothing more than intelligence to thank for his additional abilities. Therefore, it’s not always the exact power that ends up mattering, but how clever a person can be using that power.

Question 10

Which character has the most impressive suit?

In Infinity War, we got a look at two new superhero suits alone. Both came courtesy of Tony Stark’s nanotechnology, which yielded him the Mark 50 Iron Man suit, as well as Spider-Man’s new Iron Spider Suit. The powers of these new suits are impressive indeed, as they seem to materialize almost straight out of thin air. The nanobots also allow the wearer to produce a number of additional suit abilities. But that certainly doesn’t make the Black Panther and Ant-Man suit any less impressive.

Question 11

Who is the better fighter?

With Gamora out of the picture for the time being, Nebula and Black Widow remain the two strongest female fighters that the heroes have going for them. That is, until Captain Marvel strolls onto the scene, which is bound to shake things up. But out of these two remaining characters, which one do you think would have a leg up on the other? While Black Widow may be nothing but a mortal, Infinity War did show her holding her own against Thanos’s Back Order.

Question 12

Where should the heroes have tried to hide an Infinity Stone?

It seems like Thanos fully assembling his Infinity Gauntlet could have been easily avoided if the heroes had just done a better job at hiding the stones. In a few instances, it even seemed like the heroes were bringing the stones straight to the Mad Titan. That being said, Thanos and the Black Order seemed like they may have been able to track the stones regardless of where they were currently being hidden, meaning the heroes would have really had to get clever in order to succeed.

Question 13

Which character has the best chance of outsmarting Thanos?

Thanos may very well be a genius. But we’ve seen no shortage of MCU character who have out-of-this-world intelligence. Tony Stark was obviously the first hero on the scene to impress audiences with his extreme intellect. But there have been many clever heroes who have debuted since, including Bruce Banner, Hank Pym, and Shuri — the latter of which seems to a lot more cleverly advanced than anyone we’ve seen to date, at least when it comes to technology. But would that necessarily equate to outsmarting Thanos?

Question 14

Which character was wrong in Captain America: Civil War?

Captain America: Civil War not only divided the Avengers down the middle, but it divided many members of the audience as well. After all, each character had logical reasons for doing what they did in the film. In Tony Stark’s case, he sees the heroes as a liability to Earth, who should work for the powers that be rather than themselves. But in Steve Roger’s case, he believes the powers that be don’t always make the best decisions for humanity, meaning the heroes might just be best continuing on as they are. Was one of them wrong?

Question 15

How could the heroes have easily defeated Thanos in Infinity War?

It seemed like Infinity War was replete with missed opportunities in which the heroes could have won. They almost had the gauntlet removed from Thanos’s hand at one point on Titan, after all. But surely there was more they could have done then simply trying to get the glove off of his hand in the most obvious way imaginable. So if you were a part of the team, which strategy would you have suggested to try and stop Thanos from winning?

Question 16

Is there any chance that Thanos will join the heroes in Endgame?

In the comics, Thanos isn’t just a villain. He’s teamed up with the heroes on a number of occasions as well. Even by the end of The Infinite Gauntlet limited series, Thanos accepts his defeat at the hands of the heroes and decides to live out a life in peace as a farmer. But do you think there’s any chance that we’ll get that in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? After all, Thanos does seem to have regrets over what happened with Gamora.

Question 17

Which character wasn’t worthy enough to posses an Infinity Stone?

In the MCU, we’ve learned that most beings aren’t even capable of holding an Infinity Stone, let alone wielding them. This is likely why the Space Stone was encased in the Tesseract and the Time Stone in the Eye of Agamotto. Holding one of these stones would almost certainly end a mortal being. It can also be argued that even those who are able to hold them still aren’t worthy of possessing them. So who do you think should have never had one in the first place?

Question 18

Pick a strategy to defeat Thanos?

Many believe that Avengers: Endgame is shaping up to be — at least, in part — a time travel movie. But how the characters end up traveling through time remains to be seen. Some have speculated that Doctor Strange had already sent the Time Stone into the future while he was stalling on Titan. And we also already know that the Quantum Realm is full of time vortex, which — as Janet van Dyne tells us at the end of Ant-Man and the Wasp — can suck the traveler right in.

Question 19

Who’s the funniest Avenger?

In the first few phases of the MCU, Tony Stark was by far the Avenger most capable of cracking-wise. But as the movies have continued on, many characters have seen an increase in their comedic abilities. Thor: Ragnarok painted the God of Thunder in a light we had not seen him before, which largely found him being one of the comic relief characters of Infinity War. But do you think that any of the Avengers are still funnier than him?

Question 20

Choose a weapon.

Most characters rely on their superpowers or suits of armor rather than weapons to get the job done while out on the battlefield — though one could definitely argue that many of the suits are tools in their own rights. But when it comes to handheld implements, do you think one of these items would be more beneficial than the others? Stormbreaker may be the most powerful on its own, but that doesn’t mean it would be an ideal fit for everyone.

Question 21

Which character would win?

It’s been thought for a while now that Chris Evans’ time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is coming to an end. But luckily, there are a number of characters who could easily take up the Captain America mantel if they so desired. Bucky Barnes (AKA The Winter Soldier, AKA The White Wolf) is one of the favorites to do so. But do you think the character is just as powerful as Captain America? We’ve seen the characters come to blows a number of times. But was one a unanimous winner?

Question 22

Who has the most impressive magic powers?

Scientific enhancements are one thing, and they’re what most character have in the MCU — including the Hulk, Iron Man, Iron Man, and Captain America. But magic abilities seem like they’re on a whole different playing field. Characters like Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch, and Ebony Maw seem like they can all bend or alter reality on nothing more than a whim, making them all very formidable opponents. But do you think one of these magic users has an edge up on the other two?

Question 23

Thanos wants the Time Stone in exchange for Tony Stark’s life. Pick a response.

After spending the majority of the film saying that the Time Stone must be protected at all costs, Doctor Strange totally shifts gears and hands the stone over to Thanos the first time that one of his teammates’ lives is threatened. But surely he should know that that means he’s just helped Thanos with his plan to dust half of the universe. So would you have done the same? In other words, would you dare question the Master of the Mystic Arts’ decision?

Question 24

Pick a place to live.

Where you end up living in the MCU could very much determine what your powers are roll is within the universe. For instance, those who are born in Asgard have the honor of being gods, whose powers are greater than the vast majority of other races in the universe. Meanwhile, in a place like Wakanda you might not be a god, but you’d be able to work with the most advanced technology on planet Earth. Do either of these sound appealing to you?

Question 25

Which character will definitely make it out of Endgame alive?

Despite the vast majority of characters meeting their demise in Avengers: Infinity War, we know that most of them are bound to make a return. After all, franchises like Black Panther and Spider-Man have only just gotten started in the MCU. And with both movies making a boatload of money, we doubt the franchise would end these characters’ lives without giving them a number of sequels first. So which one is the most likely to be sticking around for the foreseeable future?

Question 26

Which character will most likely not survive Endgame?

While certain character, like Spider-Man and Black Panther, will almost definitely be back following the end of Avengers: Endgame, there’s also a number of character who seem like this may be their final film. After all, heroes like Tony Stark and Steve Rogers have been a part of the franchise since Phase One, and the actors have portrayed the characters for a slew of installments. Might it be time for one (or both) of them to hang up the armor?

Question 27

Pick a use for the fully assembled Gauntlet.

As Infinity War demonstrated, fully assembling the Infinity Gauntlet is no small feat, even for a character as powerful as Thanos. But let’s imagine for a second that you’ve also undertaken the task and succeeded; the fate of the universe now literally rests in the palm of your hand. So what would you do with it? Something for the overall good of the universe? Or something that only serves yourself? Or maybe you’d simply make sure that no one was ever able to wield such infinite power again.

Question 28

Which character would win?

While it might have seemed like all the heroes would have unquestionably lined up on the same side to defeat Thanos, Infinity War gave us a reality where these larger-than-life personalities ended up clashing with each other repeatedly. Star-Lord, Iron Man, and Doctor Strange may be superheroes, but they also have super egos. So much so that they almost seem like they might have come to blows in the movie. So who would have emerged victorious in a battle between Tony Stark and Peter Quill?

Question 29

Which DC character is worthy of being an Avenger?

As we’ve seen throughout almost ever MCU movie, the Avengers are far from flawless characters. They can be self-centered and illogical at times. But what they do have in common is that they’re always willing to make a sacrifice for something greater than themselves — even if they might fundamentally disagree about what that something greater is. So do you see that quality echoed in one of the characters from the DC Universe? Or, rather, one hero who demonstrates it more than the rest?

Question 30

Who’s the funniest Guardian of the Galaxy?

While the MCU had certainly been humorous before Guardians of the Galaxy hit theaters, this off-beat space epic certainly helped take the comedy of the franchise up a notch. No longer did just one or two characters enjoy the privilege of being funny — they could all be. In fact, it’s hard for one of these characters to go even a scene without cracking a joke. But which Guardians' jokes do you think are funnier than the rest of them?

Question 31

What’s the most important quality for a hero to have?

While all of the heroes in the MCU are willing to make sacrifices for the greater good, they don’t all have the same personality types. In fact, many of the characters come across as total opposites, and they all likely have very different ideas about what it takes to make a great hero. For some characters, that idea is abundantly clear — as seen with someone like Captain America, who has always believed in sticking up for the little guy. So which quality do you think is more important than the others?

Question 32

Did Thanos have a valid point for wanting to restore “balance” to the universe?

Thanos is far from the first Marvel villain to have a god-complex and be hellbent on culling half the universe. But his reasons for doing so are definitely different than we’ve heard before. Instead of reveling in the fact that he’s a villain, Thanos actually sees himself as a savior. He apparently seeks the Gauntlet in an attempt to restore balance to the universe. While this means getting rid of half of all living beings, Thanos believes it means a better quality of life for those who survive.

Question 33

Which other Marvel team would have the best chance against Thanos?

With any luck, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four will find a place in the MCU in the coming years. But for right now, we can only imagine where they would fit in this shared cinematic universe. That being said, both teams could have certainly helped in bringing down Thanos. But do you think one superhero team would have been a bigger help than the other? It’s certainly a lot to consider when you look at the powers of each individual superhero on each team.

Question 34

Pick the best MCU couple.

A number of MCU couples have completely fallen by the wayside, including Thor and Jane Foster, and Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter. But there is still a number who have been keeping the romance strong in the franchise. For instance, Tony Stark and Pepper Potts have been an item since the very beginning, while Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne have a solid foundation for a long relationship in the movies to come. But which couple do you like better than the others?

Question 35

Thanos offers an ultimatum: Join him or face defeat. Pick a response.

At a certain point in Infinity War, Thanos’s victory started to seem pretty imminent. That means that half the population of the universe could have been snapped out, and anyone could have found themselves turning to ash following the snap. Therefore, if Thanos offered you a chance to change side, would you take it? It wouldn’t mean you’re inherently evil, of course. You could always use the extra time to try and reverse the Mad Titan’s actions. So what do you say?

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