Take This MCU Quiz And Get An Avenger To Marry!

The MCU has been going on for almost a decade now, with twenty movies appearing on the big screen. They've also got an astounding cast, from actors like Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey Jr., Paul Rudd, Scarlet Johanson and so many others. Most of the generation grew up watching their movies, idolising them and looking up at them. With the way Avengers: Infinity War ended, there were a lot of saddened hearts, with heroes and characters that people have come to love over the years fading away into dust because of Thanos' infamous Snap.

There will be a new Avengers movie coming out early 2019, so the fans will finally know what happened to all of their favourite characters and if they're ever coming back. If it's anything like the comics, then odds are, they might. But while the torturous wait occurs, there are ways to burn the time and get a little fix of your favourite Marvel heroes by taking this compatibility quiz. Ever wonder which of the Avengers might be the perfect partner for you to marry? Test how you view the Avengers, their different habits and the way they view the world, and based on how we see the Avengers, find out who is the best pick to marry.

Question 1

Which Avenger wants a wealthy partner?

Financial stability is an important part of a relationship. People have desires, very real desires, and needs, and you need a partner who can support you in your endeavors, and you can support them in theirs. However, the question that arises is, both in terms of actual money and worldly knowledge, which of the following Avenger wants someone wealthy?

Question 2

Which Avenger wants a partner that is emotional?

Emotional availability is another very key aspect of a relationship. What good is having a partner that you're going to spend such a huge part of your life with when you don't emotionally connect with each other? Perhaps it isn't as integral for you, but it could be for someone else, so the question becomes, which Avenger looks for a partner in touch with their emotions?

Question 3

Which Avenger desires some passion in their life?

Being a passionate partner is something many people crave. Having a lot of passion means you love hard, care deeply, but are also quick to anger, and quick to become jealous. Being passionate is a double-edged sword. Which Avenger pops up in your head when you think about passion?

Question 4

"Hard-working" is a trait most important to which Avenger?

A hardworking partner spends a lot of time making sure that everything you need is available to you, but that also means that they're quite often too busy to go through with long, meaningful plans that you laid out. The first six Avengers are all tough, but who appreciates hard work the most?

Question 5

Honesty is a trait admired most by who?

Being treated with respect, akin to being treated like royalty is something a lot of people strive to have. But it goes hand in hand in giving the other person the same kind of respect and treating them like royalty as well. It also means you can't often tell each other harsh truths with blunt honesty. Who enjoys honesty the most?

Question 6

Which character would want a partner that is "Sensual"?

It is a more intimate trait than others, something people often keep to themselves, but it's a very necessary aspect of a partner that keeps things interesting. Would you consider it an integral part of a relationship or is it something that happens naturally with time spent together? If so, which Avenger appears to desire sensuality the most?

Question 7

Which Avenger looks for intelligence in their partner?

Raw intelligence is unusually helpful in modern day society. If you're smart enough, it doesn't matter where you're born, you can succeed. But as such, it also makes you distant and you find it difficult to convey your emotions effectively. All the Avengers are intelligent, in one way or another, but who appreciates intelligence in a partner?

Question 8

Which Avenger shows the most heart?

Having a lot of heart means that you're forgiving, morally upright, and you make people around you behave the same way. If your partner has a lot of heart, they'll expect you to be crystal clear with them about everything that you do, and will help you grow into a better person.

Question 9

Which Avenger looks for height in a partner?

Height can be a factor in finding a proper partner. Whether tall or short, everyone has preferences about the kind of person they would rather be with, but the question is whether it matters to you. Specifically if they have a rather dominating presence, so who do you think cares about this the most?

Question 10

Which Avenger looks for a magical partner?

Being magical doesn't necessarily need to refer to being capable of magic. Sometimes people can be described magical if they're somewhat distant, unbothered, and uncaring about the whole world. It makes it feel like they're in their own world, but it also means they're not very down-to-earth. Which Avenger looks for a magical partner?

Question 11

Which Avenger wants a perceptive partner?

A highly perceptive individual is able to tell if there's something wrong with you immediately. It means, for better or worse, you can't keep things from them, and that they'll always know what's up. Which Avenger appears as if they want a partner who is perceptive in things that happen in a relationship?

Question 12

Which Avenger wants a creative partner?

A creative partner can keep things interesting, because they can always try things that you were once completely bored of, and do them in a way that's entirely different. It's fresh, enlightening, and also means that their intelligence is mostly emotional and not quantifiable. Which Avenger appreciates creativity the most?

Question 13

Which Avenger wants a mature partner?

Being older is often a sign of maturity, that's why there are lot of people who desire partners that are a few years elder than them. They usually have their stuff together, and are capable of making intelligent, and important decisions better than those who are more immature. It also means they're more serious. The Avenger that appreciates maturity the most is...?

Question 14

Which Avenger wants a naive partner?

A naive partner is someone usually younger than you are, and a lot mor childish. It means you can joke with them about things are a far franker level than a mature partner. With that in mind, and looking at the behaviours of different Avengers, the question then becomes, who desires naivety in their partners?

Question 15

Which Avenger wants an aloof partner?

An aloof partner is humorous, joking, and doesn't take anything seriously. They're capable of being under a huge amount of stress without much issue, mostly because they don't see it as something stressful. As such, they also don't realise often the gravity of the situation that they're in until it's too late. Which Avenger appears to want that the most?

Question 16

Which Avenger desires a well-traveled partner?

A well-traveled partner is someone who has seen a large part of the world, and is able to view things from different perspectives without too much of an issue. It makes them experienced in ways other people aren't, and often makes them larger than life and such. The Avenger that seems to be missing this slice of life is...?

Question 17

Which Avenger desires a partner that's multilingual?

A multi-lingual partner can be strange, because they can speak in multiple languages and communicate their feelings for you in more ways than just one. It makes them seem exotic and attractive, and if that's something you want, then hit yes. However, it's possible that since you probably can't speak the same amount of languages, they're unable to effectively talk to you in just one. Which Avenger would appreciate that?

Question 18

Which Avenger wants a mischievous partner?

A mischievous, playful partner is someone who pulls pranks on you, and is carefree enough to not mind if you pull pranks on them. It's an incredible component of friendship, and relationships are often better if you see your partner as a friend as well as a mate. Which Avenger comes across as needing a little mischief in their life?

Question 19

Which Avenger wants a talented partner?

A talented or gifted partner can be a daunting relationship to put yourself into. They'll cast a huge shadow and you'll constantly compare yourself to them, and potentially amplify your own shortcomings. On the other side, a hugely talented partner would be fantastic, and incredible to watch them show off their skills. The Avenger that needs a dazzle of talent is...?

Question 20

Which Avenger wants an eloquent partner?

Eloquence is the ability to be able to communicate effectively without stuttering or mixing up your words. It's the ability to say what you mean, how you mean it, with as little confusion as possible. Contrary to the popular belief, it isn't using as many long words as possible, but as little as possible.

Question 21

Which Avenger is financially irresponsible?

Being good with money can be an incredible trait. In the world we live in, where everyone is trying to get you to buy their stuff, it's not unusual to splurge an excessive amount of cash from time to time on something you don't really need. So which Avenger is immune to these advertisments.

Question 22

Which Avenger comes across as aggressive?

Being aggressively protective can be a good thing sometimes. It's important to be able to fight for what you believe in and for who you love, both in the world of the fiction and the world of the real. Some can go over the top, sure, but it doesn't necessarily mean that it's a bad thing.

Question 23

Which Avenger is the most sincere?

Sincerity and truthfulness go hand in hand, and are often considered synonymous. That's not exactly the case. Sincerity is mostly to do with your intention, and how you feel about someone else. If you're sincere, you're doing your best to make their life better. You can sincerely lie to someone, if you're trying to protect them.

Question 24

Which Avenger would make a good parent?

The point of a relationship and marriage is to make a family together. Some families are content and focused on being childless and as a pair for the rest of their life, and that's fine too. But the qualities that make a good parent go beyond simply parenting, it makes them good people.

Question 25

Which Avenger is job orientated?

A job provides more to someone than simply financial income. It provides structure and stability. People who are capable of holding their job down, and allow it to help them grow, those are traits and signs of someone who can handle what life throws at them. It's security and support, something that makes another an amazing partner.

Question 26

Which Avenger is the most jealous?

Jealousy isn't always a great thing. In movies, it's romanticised, it's like this reflexive response of possessiveness that is shown as a good thing. It isn't always. Loving someone doesn't mean to possess them, it means to help them grow. It means trusting them, but there's no way to draw a line. Human beings are complicated like that.

Question 27

Which Avenger looks at the big picture?

Taking small steps forward in a burst of inspiration and motivation is useful, but it is a character-defining trait to be able to stop, breathe, step back, and look at the big picture. It's important to be able to put aside the trivialities of day-to-day things and look at things from a bird's eye view.

Question 28

Which Avenger comes across as impulsive?

Impulsivity is a trait that can be both harmful and useful, depending on the situation. An impulsive person is spontaneous, and it adds flavour to their interactions with everyone because you never know what to expect. However, it also makes them prone to bad decisions, because they don't think things through.

Question 29

Which Avenger is a coupon enthusiast?

A coupon enthusiast or a coupon fanatic is capable of utilizing and building upon their discounts in such a way that at times, it's even possible that the company they're purchasing from owes them money by the end. It is an unusual hobby and takes a considerable amount of time to get right, but it's almost always worth it.

Question 30

Which Avenger is likely to hold a grudge?

Holding a grudge isn't always a bad thing. We hear that people hold onto small things that happened to them for the rest of their life and it poisons the joy of their life, but it also means that there's something you care about so much that you simply can't forget a transgression against it.

Question 31

Which Avenger would be most supportive of someone's decisions?

Having a partner that's supportive of your decisions is something almost everyone wants. To have someone who, through thick and thin, agrees with you, but that's not always a good thing. Perhaps there was a bad decision made, what then? Human beings are far from perfect, and blind support of all actions isn't necessarily desirable.

Question 32

Which Avenger would be a subtle partner?

A subtle partner is someone who isn't all in-your-face about the love and the relationship shared. They simply mind their own business and do their duty as a partner. There's simply no amount of "showing off" that a lot of people like, and a lot of people disagree with. In the end, it's a preference, so what is yours?

Question 33

Which Avenger sings in the shower?

Someone who sings in the shower is usually a happy, go-lucky kind of person. They have little care about the judgement other people have towards them, and they live joyously in their own world. Which of the Avengers seems to come across as someone who sings in the shower, and what do you suppose they sing?

Question 34

Which Avenger thinks ice-cream and ketchup is a good idea?

There are times when two good things combined together do not make a great thing. Fish is good, chips are good, and together, they're Fish n' Chips, which are great. But ketchup and ice-cream? That's a strange combination, but there has to be someone who thinks that's a good idea.

Question 35

Which Avenger secretly likes to wear a lot of dark makeup?

Makeup is a way for people to communicate and represent who they are on their own faces. It's a way to further cement your own identity, whether it's floral, light and pastel colours, or smoky, dark and grunge colours. Which Avenger seems to come across as someone who would rather wear grunge makeup over pastel?

Question 36

Which Avenger is an early riser?

Getting up early in the morning to seize the day is a healthy and productive environment. Scientists and fitness specialists boast the importance of getting up early in the morning, going for a run, and getting yourself all ready for the day. It's a healthy trait, even if it is sometimes frustrating to have to wake up with them.

Question 37

Which Avenger sleeps in late?

The exact opposite of an early riser is a night owl. Someone who sleeps in late. A lot of us are guilty of this, it's easier to stay up late instead of getting up early, despite it being rather detrimental to your health. It's possible for someone to be both of these things if they're capable of surviving on limited amount of sleep.

Question 38

Which Avenger is most likely to collect stamps?

Stamp collecting is another unusual hobby but it is very telling about a person's personality and how they live their day to day life. Someone who enjoys collecting stamps finds enjoyment in the small things in life, and that's both helpful, and not so helpful. Which Avenger appears as if they would enjoy this hobby?

Question 39

Which Avenger spends his days watching the geography channel?

When living with someone for the better parts of their lives, as their significant other, you come across a myriad of their quirks and oddities that you weren't familiar with in the past. One of those things is what kind of television they consume, such as the geography channel or the movies channel.

Question 40

Which Avenger watches a lot of cartoons?

There are a lot of different kinds of media to consume, from movies, to reality television, to home movies, to even cartoons. People who like watching a lot of cartoons are children at heart, and it's a thing of the past to put someone down for watching something they enjoy because of their age.

Question 41

Which Avengers has a secret knickknack collection?

A knickknack collection can be of different kinds, and can be both themed and random. A person who collects knickknacks, or different objects, usually has an idea of what things they want to get together, or what theme. Some people enjoy collecting Pokemon, and other people enjoy collecting kitten related things.

Question 42

Which Avenger is generally handy around the house?

A person who is handy around the house is able to fix things before you even know they're not working properly. It's like having someone continuously maintaining your home, without you ever having to worry about a single thing getting out of place. They're the kind of person you can ask to fix your roof without calling a specialist.

Question 43

Which Avenger is the most proud?

Pride is a trait that can be a very sharp, double-edged sword. While yes, pride can help you protect your dignity, your self-respect, and your worth, it can also be the very thing that makes you lose all of it. It's important to never be too proud, and find the spot between humility and pride.

Question 44

Which Avenger keeps his promises the most?

To keep your promises, no matter what, you need to be someone who values their word, and will go to great lengths so you don't violate it. It's a testament to one's character to be able to keep your promises, or do your best to keep them, regardless of what happens.

Question 45

Is Black Widow the favourite?

She is multi-talented, and capable of hurting anyone that gets in her way with her pinkie finger alone. She's a master of disguise, and Natasha Romanoff is no stranger to using anything she can to get what she wants. Out of all the others, is Black Widow your favourite Avenger?

Question 46

Is Iron Man the favourite?

Genius, billionaire, philanthropist, inventor, Tony Stark is the person who gathered all the powerful warriors of the world and created Earth's Mightiest Heroes: The Avengers. He is a lot of things, from intelligent to wealthy, so the question remains: compared to all the other heroes, is Iron Man, the original Avenger, your favorite?

Question 47

Is Captain America the favourite?

The first Avenger. Captain America AKA Steve Rogers has a long history of fighting for what he believes in and standing up against those who think they're better than everyone else. He's got a heart of gold, and fought for freedom and justice ever since he could. Is he your favourite Avenger?

Question 48

Is Thor the favourite Avenger?

Thor was arguably the most important fighter the Avengers had since forever. Unlike the Hulk, who's stronger, Thor is smarter and more lethal if he wishes. He's a warrior, and comes from royalty. Undeniably vital to the survival of his people, he is also a King and a God. Is he your favourite Avenger?

Question 49

Is Hulk the favourite Avenger?

Powerful, emotional, intelligent, and capable, Bruce Banner is the strongest power the Avengers have, with his strength increasing with his anger. He's also extremely protective of his partners as the Hulk, and incredibly sincere and loving as Bruce Banner. It's almost like being with two different people at once. Is he your favourite Avenger?

Question 50

Is Hawkeye the best Avenger?

Hawkeye is a family man. He is hardworking, with great vision and incredible perception and accuracy. Much like Black Widow, he's one of the few non-superpowered heroes who goes up against the greatest threats mankind has ever known. He's underrated, for sure, but there are many who absolutely adore him. Is he your favourite Avenger?

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