Take This Harry Potter Quiz And We'll Reveal Who's A Muggle And Who's A Wizard

Harry Potter is more than just a franchise. For many, it shaped the childhood and lives of people all over the world. Harry Potter is one of the most well-known book series and movie franchise of all time. It set a new standard for fantasy and fiction, as J.K. Rowling created more than just a series - she created a magical world. Now there are hundreds of toys, props, games, and even entire amusement parks dedicated to Harry Potter. Harry Potter fans all over the world joined in celebration for every movie launch and mourned when the final movie was released.

Harry Potter is one of the biggest fiction franchises and is a story of magic, power, love and loss. With magical creatures, fantastical spells, and quirky characters, it is an unforgettable story. While the series may have ended, the magic lives on for fans. There are costumes, games, and conventions for fans to celebrate the magical world of Harry Potter. A true Harry Potter fan prides themselves in being well-versed in all sorts of Harry Potter lore. This quiz is for the true Potterheads - those that know the difference between a keeper and a seeker; between a Hippogriff and a Thestral. It will separate the wizards from the squibs and muggles.

Question 1

What is Harry's middle name?

Harry Potter, the The Boy Who lived. Harry Potter is one of the most famous franchises - and characters - in movie history. Even those who haven't read the books or seen the movies have heard of Harry Potter. Not all the characters in the series have a middle name, but Harry does. What is Harry Potter's middle name? 

Question 2

What is Dumbledore’s full name?

Dumbledore is the wise and mysterious headmaster of Hogwarts. He's a very powerful wizard, and an iconic part of what makes Harry Potter such an incredible franchise. It's hard to imagine the series without him. Dumbledore is known for having a somewhat difficult name. What is his full name?

Question 3

Who owned the toad named Trevor?

Each student at Hogwarts is allowed to have a pet. Now, the pets that students can choose from aren't the typical dog, hamster, or cat. Students at Hogwarts are allowed to choose either a cat, owl, toad, or rat. While Harry is well known for his pet owl, which student owned the toad named Trevor?

Question 4

Which is NOT an ingredient of Harry's wand?

Wands are one of the many fascinating parts of the Harry Potter universe. From the very first movie, we learn how important a wand is to its wizard. Each wand is unique, and apparently has its own feeling. After all, the wand chooses the wizard. Harry's wand in particular is very special. Which of these ingredients is NOT in Harry's wand?

Question 5

What breed is Hagrid’s dragon?

Dragons are just one of the many fascinating creatures that exist in the magical world. We are introduced to dragons in the very first movie, where Hagrid finds himself the owner of a dragon egg. What breed of dragon is it?

Question 6

What is Snape’s patronus?

A patronus is a type of very advanced magic. It's full of positive force, and is sort of like a little shadow-guardian that shields you from Dementors. As dementors feed on pain and despair, they aren't able to feed off of a patronus. Most of the time, a patronus takes the form of an animal. What is Professor Snape's patronus?

Question 7

Who is the Quidditch professor?

Nearly every culture and nation has a popular sport. It's no different in the wizarding world, except the popular sports aren't hockey, baseball, or football. Instead, the sport is Quidditch - and they play while flying on brooms. Harry and Ron both play on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Who is the Quidditch professor?

Question 8

Which potion gives the user good luck?

There are many spells, creatures, enchantments and potions in the wizarding world. There's a potion for almost everything - love potions, potions to make someone tell the truth, and even potions to make someone have good luck. What is the name of the potion that gives people good luck?

Question 9

Which magical plant gives the user gills to breathe underwater?

In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Hogwarts hosts the Triwizard Tournament - an intense, dangerous competition with 3 different wizarding schools competing. One of the competitions is an underwater objective. Harry uses a plant that gives him gills so he can breathe underwater. What is this plant called?

Question 10

When is Harry’s birthday?

Many Harry Potter fans will remember seeing him celebrate his birthday alone in the dark, cold lighthouse. Many will also remember the adorable (and delicious looking) cake that Hagrid made for him. However, only a true Harry Potter expert will know the actual date of Harry's birthday. When is Harry Potter's birthday?

Question 11

What is Harry's Patronus?

Casting a Patronus is a very advanced form of magic. Even some of the most skilled wizards have difficulty casting a Patronus. Harry Potter is one of the youngest wizards to learn how to successfully cast a Patronus, as he learned at the young age of 13. What is Harry's Patronus?

Question 12

Who was Harry’s fist kiss?

The Harry Potter series isn't just a story of magic, and of good vs. bad. As we watch the characters grow from adorable 11 year olds to adults, we also see them navigate some of the typical challenges of adolescence: relationships, love, and awkward first kisses. Who was Harry's first kiss?

Question 13

What was Harry's first broom?

As with any sport, having the right equipment can make all the difference in one's performance. While true skill lies in the player, having the right equipment can be the difference between catching the golden snitch, or falling off your broom. In Harry's first year on the quidditch team, he is gifted a broom. What is his first broom?

Question 14

What is the name of the magical mirror that shows one’s deepest wishes?

The wizarding world is full of all sorts of fascinating, magical artifacts and objects. Imagine a virtual reality game that showed the player their deepest wishes. Harry Potter had that - well, sort of. It wasn't a game, but rather a mirror, and is one of the most well-known magical objects. What is the name of this magical mirror?

Question 15

Which magical object helps one to remember things?

There's no shortage of fascinating magical objects in Harry Potter. One object that would definitely be super useful in our busy society is the object that helps one to remember things. Neville is gifted this object, and says the famous line "the problem is, I can't remember what I've forgotten." What is this object called?

Question 16

Who created the Philosopher's stone?

The Philosopher's Stone (also renamed The Sorcerer's Stone in America) is the title of the very first Harry Potter movie. The Philosopher's Stone is considered to be one of the most powerful substance that has been referenced throughout history. In Harry Potter, it is a magical stone said to give the owner power, immortality, and more. Who created the Philosopher's Stone?

Question 17

Who is the eldest Weasley sibling?

Ron Weasley is one of Harry Potter's best friends. His family is a direct contrast to Harry's, as Harry is an only child. Ron, however, comes from a very large family with 7 children. It can be hard to name them all, however, a true Harry Potter fan will know which of the siblings is the oldest. Who is it?

Question 18

What is the name of Hagrid’s giant spider?

Many people are afraid of spiders - arachnophobia is one of the most common phobias. Perhaps that is why the spiders in Harry Potter are some of the most memorable (not to mention creepy) creatures in the series. What was the name of Hagrid's giant spider, the Acromantula?

Question 19

Which spell does Professor McGonagall teach to turn animals into water goblets?

The wizarding world is full of fascinating spells. There are spells to unlock doors, spells to make objects levitate, spells to summon fire, and spells to transform objects. The study of transfiguration has to do with transforming one thing into another. What is the spell that McGonagall teaches to transform animals into water goblets?

Question 20

Who teaches Defence Against The Dark Arts in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban?

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry seems to have bad luck in finding a permanent professor of Defence Against The Dark Arts. In fact, over the course of 8 movies, there were 7 different teachers. Many of these teachers turned out to not be the greatest. Which teacher taught the class in the third book and movie?

Question 21

Which character said the quote “The ones who love us never really leave us”

Harry Potter is full of memorable quotes. J. K. Rowling created a universe with so much involved. Love, loss, courage, and so much more. She is considered to be one of the most iconic authors of one time, and the series is full of stand-out quotes. One that is often a fan-favourite is, "The ones who loves us never really leave us." Who said this?

Question 22

What position does Ron play for the Gryffindor Quidditch team?

Like in muggle sports teams, Quidditch also has multiple different positions to be played. However, the positions aren't things like "centre," or "first-string." They are positions like Seeker, Keeper, and more. What position does Ron play for the Gryffindor Quidditch team?

Question 23

Which spell unlocks locked doors?

The wizarding world is full of cool spells and enchantments. In fact, we only see a small glimpse of them in Harry Potter. Amongst all the fascinating spells throughout the Harry Potter universe, one that could be the most useful (but also majorly complicate our home security systems) is the spell that can open locked doors. What is this spell called?

Question 24

Which spell was created in the sixth Harry Potter?

Textbooks are typically a requirement in school. However, textbooks usually don't have special cheats, tips, and secret spells inside. In the sixth Harry Potter, Harry gets a textbook just like this. There are tips, tricks, and even a created spell. Which spell was created?

Question 25

What magical object allows Hermione to travel back in time?

Many of us have wished that we could travel in time at least once in our life. Whether it's to say something different during an argument, to do something differently - or in Hermione Granger's case, to take extra classes. What magical object allows someone to travel back in time?

Question 26

Who charmed the bludger in The Chamber of Secrets, causing Harry a major arm injury?

Hogwarts is full of all sorts of mischief - and mischief seems to follow Harry Potter everywhere he goes. It's not his fault, of course. It's difficult being the chosen one. In The Chamber of Secrets, someone casts a spell on the bludger during a Quidditch match, causing Harry problems. Who cast the spell?

Question 27

Which plant helps heal those petrified by the Basilisk?

In Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, we are introduced to the Basilisk - a giant, reptilian monster. One look into this creature's eyes will cause total paralysis. Luckily, Professor Sprout the Herbology teacher has a remedy. Which of these plants helps to heal those petrified by the Basilisk?

Question 28

Where do Harry’s aunt and uncle live?

Few families are as disliked as Harry's aunt and uncle. We are first introduced to Vernon, Petunia, and Dudley Dursley in The Philosopher's Stone, where they make Harry live in a cupboard under the stairs. They are mean and oppressive, and Harry is lucky to leave them. Where do they live (before moving to the lighthouse)?

Question 29

Who is the captain of the Quidditch team in The Philosopher's Stone?

Mostly every good sports team needs a strong captain. After all, it's hard to have a strong team without a strong leader. In Harry's first year at Hogwarts, he's taken under the wing of the Quidditch captain, to train as a Quidditch player. What is the name of the Gryffindor Quidditch captain?

Question 30

Who gave Harry the Cloak of Invisibility?

One of the favourite magical artifacts from the Harry Potter franchise is the Cloak of Invisibility. This cloak allows the wearer to become invisible, and is one of 3 very powerful magical objects. Many think they know who gave this cloak to Harry, however only a true Harry Potter fan will remember who actually gave it to him. Who gave the cloak to Harry?

Question 31

What is the name of Hagrid’s half brother, the giant?

Rubeus Hagrid is one of the most beloved characters in Harry Potter. This loveable, goofy, friendly giant (well, half-giant to be exact) is the groundskeeper of Hogwarts, and a close ally to Harry Potter. Hagrid has a brother that is a full giant. What is the name of his half-brother, the giant?

Question 32

Which spell disarms an opponent?

Self-defense is a valuable skill that many people should be taught in schools. In Hogwarts, self-defence in dueling is a skill that is considered very important. Students are taught more passive methods of dueling, such as how to disarm their opponent. Which spell disarms an opponent?

Question 33

Which spell causes an opponent to laugh?

Not all spells in the wizarding world are intense. Some spells take a much more passive approach to dueling, like a spell to disarm an opponent. There is even a spell to make an opponent laugh. It's hard to battle while one is laughing hysterically. What is the spell that causes an opponent to laugh?

Question 34

What is Hagrid's dragon named in the first movie?

As groundskeeper and a lover of exotic magical animals, Hagrid has a weak spot for dragons. We are introduced to Hagrid's dragon in The Philosopher's Stone. He adopts a dragon egg from a hooded stranger. This is our first glimpse of dragons in the Harry Potter universe. What is the name of his dragon in the first movie?

Question 35

What is Hermione's cat named?

Animals and magical creatures provide many laughs and a bit of familiarity in the wizarding world. Students are allowed to each have one pet. Harry has the iconic owl Hedwig, Ron has his rat called Scabbers, and Hermione has her pet cat. What the name of Hermione's cat?

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