Take This Harry Potter Quiz And Get Matched To A Wizarding Family

Calling all witches and wizards: it’s time to get sorted. No, we don’t mean into a Hogwarts house. That whole system is said and done, now that we’ve all received our Pottermore sorting classifications. We’re moving onto a whole new kind of sorting now.

While Harry Potter might have grown up without a true or supportive family by his side, that doesn’t mean that every witch and wizard has to grow up that way. There’s a huge amount of witches and wizards in Harry Potter that have actually grown up with close, committed family members by their side. One example is the Weasley family, a close-knit group that even gets the same handmade sweaters for Christmas every year. Ron Weasley might moan and groan, but we all remember how badly Harry Potter wanted to be a part of that close-knit clan, right?

We’ve all thought about which house we would be sorted into, but now it’s time to look at which family we would join. If we were witches and wizards (which, c’mon, we totally are) we would have a magical family too. Which great clan would we be a part of? Only this collection of magical questions can really determine that.

Question 1

Should house elves be free?

Remember the House Elves rights movement that swept through the series during book three or so onwards? It’s hard to get the image of Hermione knitting tiny house elf socks and hats out of our heads. But not everybody thought that they deserved to be free. In fact, some of the elves didn’t even want freedom! What side of the issue is everyone else on?

Question 2

Where do we go first in Diagon Alley?

Diagon Alley was Harry’s first introduction to the wizarding world, according to the first book in the Harry Potter series. Hagrid comes to pick him up on the night of his birthday. Right before they zoom off to Hogwarts, Harry needs to get some essential supplies. This is where Hagrid introduces him to the magic that is Diagon Alley. Wands, brooms, and owls. Oh my!

Question 3

What form would everyone's boggart take on if faced with one?

Boggarts have come up a few times in the Harry Potter series. Most notably is when they’re learning how to use the Riddikulus spell in Defense Against the Dark Arts. Remember when Snape all of a sudden was wearing Ron’s Grandma’s clothing? Boggarts are only concerning until we start to use our imagination.

Question 4

What's the favorite class at Hogwarts?

Every normal kid has a favorite class. Some of us are good at English, while some are good at Math. Some of us prefer art or drama over the traditional subjects. This doesn’t change in the world of Harry Potter. Every student has a favorite magical class. For example, Neville loves herbology, while Hermione loves nearly every class. See? Magic kids have favorite classes too.

Question 5

What value is the most important?

Values don’t change much when looking at the muggle world or the wizarding world. It seems like integrity of character is important no matter what side of the line we fall on. Wizards are just as prone to judging people based on their values as the rest of us are. But what value do we hold higher than the others?

Question 6

What would appear in the Mirror of Erised?

The Mirror of Erised is a tricky magical item that appears closer to the beginning of the series. Harry Potter sees his parents in the glass, and he starts to get confused. Why are they in the mirror? Why aren’t they out here? The answer is simple: this is the mirror that shows us what we want more than anything in the world.

Question 7

Are thestrals visible?

Thestrals are first introduced to us by Hagrid in book five. He demonstrates these gentle creatures by utilizing a large hunk of meat, which they begin to eat bits off of. The thestrals are only visible to those that have seen somebody lose their life. It’s dark, but what in the later Harry Potter books isn’t a little edgy?

Question 8

Choose a favorite spell:

Don’t pretend like favorite spells don’t exist. Spells aren’t like children. We don’t need to pretend to like all the spells in the books equally. There are definitely some that are more practical, more hilarious, or more mischievous than others. What’s the best one? It’s hard to say. Let’s just stick to what our favorite spell out of these ones is.

Question 9

Who should have won the Tri-Wizard Tournament?

Here’s a question that will truly reveal where our allegiances lie. Not only are we now going to dig into who should have won the Tri-Wizard Tournament, we can find out who’s against the inclusion of Harry Potter in the event itself. After all, his name was added for some pretty unsavory means.

Question 10

Which house is the best house?

As if the last question wasn’t difficult enough, now we’re asking everyone to reveal which Hogwarts house is their favorite! This is the kind of hard-hitting digging it takes to figure out which wizarding family everyone is it. The favorite Hogwarts house doesn’t necessarily have to be one we were sorted into, keep in mind.

Question 11

Choose a favorite magical creature:

From the cutest hippogriff to the most powerful centaur, there’s no shortage of magical creatures to pick and choose from. Not only do we have the biggest and toughest magical creatures to pick between, but there’s always the softer and more gentle creatures. It’s almost as if there was a creature for everyone. Now all that’s left is to pick a favorite!

Question 12

Who was the best Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher?

Defense Against the Dark Arts is a position that many have held, but few have lasted in. From the textbook teachers like Umbridge to the get-in-and-get-at-them teachers like Mad-Eye Moody, there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of people that want to teach this fascinating subject. It also means that every student tends to have their own favorite!

Question 13

Choose a favorite patronus:

Could it be the powerful stag? Or is it something faster, sneakier, or sillier? Patronuses are a direct expression of the person who’s using them. This is why it seems to be so difficult to make them happen. We need to know ourselves before we can represent our inner love as a Patronus. In a way, it almost makes it easier to pick a favorite that’s not one of ours!

Question 14

What would everyone's polyjuice potion transformation be?

If only given the chance to boil up one polyjuice potion, who would we choose to copy? Would we want to play a trick on our classmates, or use it for more devious purposes? We know what we would pick. We might not necessarily be in the majority though. Take a look at these answers and see if any strike a chord.

Question 15

Choose a favorite practical spell:

Practical spells are a little bit different from some other spells that we know. Not only are practical spells used more often, but they’re also not usually as powerful as the other spells we use. Spells like Lumos don’t even come close to Riddikulus, even if it takes a similar level of magic to be able to cast them in the first place. Still, everyone has a practical spell that’s their favorite.

Question 16

What does gillyweed do?

How strong is your magical herb knowledge? This is no problem for Neville, whom we’re willing to call our magical plant idol. But what about those of us who are more well versed in the practical magic side of things? Those that are good at spells might not necessarily know; that can do a lot to decide which family they’re a part of.

Question 17

What magical artifact is on the must-have list?

So many people are clamoring after the golden snitch that they forget about the fact that there are real magical artifacts out there. We all know that there are people who would like to have powerful wands and stones by any means necessary. Some of those people may even be answering these questions. Forgetting about the means of getting it, what would the best magical artifact be to have?

Question 18

Choose a favorite potion:

Just like practical magic and intense spells, potions also deserve a special place in our hearts. Whether it’s the first potion we made or the first potion we witnessed the effects of, every real witch or wizard has a favorite potion. Even if it’s something as simple as the luck potion, that golden Felix Felicis that’s so hard to put down.

Question 19

First thing to do with an invisibility cloak?

Don’t pretend like we haven’t thought about it before. Everyone who’s read Harry Potter has an idea of what they would do when given an invisibility cloak for the first time. This invisibility cloak makes the wearer basically undetectable. Imagine the good we could do as well as the mischief that we could get into with that!

Question 20

Choose a favorite magical treat:

On the train to Hogwarts is a very special thing. We’re not talking about the sliding doors in the train cubbies, or even the fact that we get to sit with our friends for ages, casting silly spell after silly spell. We’re talking about the treat cart. The wizarding world of Harry Potter is so rich because of the details, including those more mundane details like chocolate frogs.

Question 21

Who is the least fantastic Hogwarts professor?

This is a more polite way of asking which professor should be let go from Hogwarts. Don’t pretend like we don’t have an opinion on this. We’ve spent just as many years as other Hogwarts students experiencing the trials and tribulations of those questionable professors. But which is the one that takes the cake?

Question 22

Ever been in love?

This delicate question can tell us more than a million different favorite spell questions. Knowing whether or not a person has been in love can say a lot about their priorities, their values, and their willingness to be vulnerable in front of another person. In a way, this is the question that can really indicate which family someone belongs in.

Question 23

What wood would everyone's wand be made out of?

As a quick refresher, everybody’s wand is made out of a different combination of materials. The outer wood, inner core, and subtle variations on the length and shaping can make for a huge amount of individuality in wands. We know what our favorite wand wood is. We also know that that’s not going to be the same for everyone.

Question 24

What object makes a great horcrux?

This question is a little dark, but interesting to think about. If we had to take a portion of our soul and store it safely somewhere, where would we put it? Thinking about the objects that we value is a great way to know ourselves. Not to mention knowing that we’ll continue to live on after the majority of our soul leaves.

Question 25

Favorite fighting style?

We know, we know; we’re supposed to be using our magical powers for good. The pursuit of peace and love is great, but it’s not always practical. There are times of tension and negativity in the wizarding world, just like in the muggle world. The big difference is that there’s wands and magic involved in all of these fighting styles.

Question 26

Choose a magical hangout:

Every cool kid has a favorite hang out. It’s a place to go and relax after a long day of classes, training, or just plain old magicing. Wizarding world hang outs seem infinitely cooler than muggle hang out places, though, which is why we just had to ask. Which of these hang outs would be a favorite spot? We’re sure at least one of them would make the list!

Question 27

Choose an object from Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes

Even if we don’t necessarily consider ourselves jokesters, everyone loves a good wizard prank. Wasn’t the best part of every book reading about what Fred and George had come up with next? Those two wacky wizards have actually come up with some practical inventions, too, though those aren’t necessarily as talked about.

Question 28

Favorite color combination?

We’re not saying that these are a directly connected to the Hogwarts houses, but they definitely could be kind of similar. Just kidding! These are definitely house colors, and we’re not fooling anyone by leaving the names off of them. Just keep in mind that nobody has to pick their house colors as their favorite. We can love green and still be a Gryffindor!

Question 29

What Quidditch position is most useful?

It’s not everyday that we get to climb on our broomsticks and zip around a quidditch field, but when it is that time of the week we’re the happiest we could ever be. Quidditch is a huge sport in Harry Potter, and is definitely one of our personal favorites too now that it’s in the muggle world.

Question 30

Is your personality one that plays well as a team?

Building off of that Quidditch question is the query into teamwork. Who’s good at being on a team? Working with people? No matter what side we fall on, there’s some sort of teamwork that has to happen. Even Voldemort has a group of supporters and people to help him, after all. It’s not just Dumbledore’s Army.

Question 31

Follow the rules, or break the rules?

Rules were made to be ignored? Maybe for some. Others believe that the rules are necessary in order to keep structure in place. Some people think they live outside the rules, and others get a huge amount of pleasure and satisfaction breaking rules they know are important. Where do we sit? We’ll just have to pick an answer and find out.

Question 32

What is the greatest strength?

Is it the ability to listen to friends, or the ability to listen and track enemies? Is your greatest strength a positive, or a negative? Can it help in a battle, or is the power best used in a time of peace? This is a question that requires some heavy self reflection. We’ll let those who know go ahead and answer. Those that are thinking, take as long as needed to decide.

Question 33

Ever had detention?

We know that there are a few troublemakers out there. Trouble can come in many forms. While we might not be dealing with anyone who’s a Voldemort or an Umbridge level of trouble, we’re sure that a few folks taking this quiz have at the very least a mischievous streak. Did that streak ever result in detention? Time to be honest!

Question 34

Must-have magical accessory?

We’re not talking about wands. For those of us that are magic, wands are a given. We never go anywhere without our wand, even when we’re walking around in the muggle world. We’re talking about those special accessories. Maybe it’s for protecting against people, or maybe it’s to track an enemy. Whatever it is, there has to be a special accessory that’s our favorite!

Question 35

Favorite Harry Potter character?

We’ll get a little meta with this question, but don’t roll any eyes just yet. The favorite Harry Potter character could be one that’s admired the most, or one that we identify with most strongly. Maybe it’s even the family we’re hoping to get placed into. Whatever it is, we’re almost ready to reveal which magical family is going to take us in.

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