Take This Dragon Ball Z Quiz And We'll Reveal A Super Saiyan

Dragon Ball Z was many fans first adventure into the world of anime. For some, the journey stops there. They like Goku and friends, but they are not interested in finding out more about the genre. However, for most, Dragon Ball Z starts them down a path of discovery into many new and rich stories, like One Punch, Ghost in the Shell, Full Metal Alchemist, and One Piece. Without Dragon Ball Z, none of the shows would have gotten a chance.

Dragon Ball Z was first brought to the US during the '80s when a small company dubbed a handful of episodes. The dub was pretty bad, Goku was called Zero, and Bulma became Lena. Then in 1995, Dragon Ball Z was dubbed into English. The show ran for only 13 episodes before the original company called it quits due to lack of interest. Fans of the show were heartbroken; imagine never knowing if Goku could defeat Vegeta. Luckily for fans, the show found a home in reruns, which eventually forced the whole series to be dubbed. Fans not only got to see Goku beat Vegeta, they got to see Frieza, Cell, and Buu. The series became a phenomenon and developed fans all over the western world. Seeing the characters transform into Super Saiyans was amazing, and fans fell in love with character transformations. Answer these questions, and we'll guess which Super Saiyan you liked the most.

Question 1

Pick the best Dragon Ball Z Saga.

Dragon Ball Z is shown as a collection of different sagas, but it is safe to say that there are three major ones. They are usually named after the villain they fight, except for the Saiyan Saga, where they fight Vegeta as the big bad. What was the best saga in Dragon Ball Z?

Question 2

Who is the strongest human fighter in Dragon Ball Z?

There is some debate as to what a human is in the DBZ universe. Even the characters they say are fully human don't seem to fit the normal description, expect Yamcha. Master Roshi may be immortal, Krillin has no nose, and Tien has three eyes. Which of these four characters do you think is the strongest?

Question 3

Who is the ideal teacher?

In the world of Dragon Ball, everyone needs a teacher. A consistent theme in the show is that even the wisest masters seem to have some kind of flaw. Master Roshi is obsessed with young girls, King Kai is a failed comedian, and Kami accidentally created one of the evilest characters in the series. They can all train fighters though. Which one is the best trainer?

Question 4

Which Villain was the best?

There have been a lot of villains in the Dragon Ball story. Some are mild annoyances, like Emperor Pilaf, but others have been horrible monsters who were capable of genocide without batting an eye, like Cell or Majin Buu. At one time, almost every one of these villains was the most powerful character in the Dragon Ball mythos until Goku or Gohan could catch up. Which of these villains is Dragon Ball's best?

Question 5

Who is the best female character in the series?

Dragon Ball doesn't always have the best record with female characters. The term "fan service" is brought up a lot when examining many of the women we meet in the series. However, even with the negative aspects, there have been many great female characters. Though they are seldom shown as primary fighters, they have all helped the team in many ways. Which is the best?

Question 6

What is the best attack in Dragon Ball?

There are a lot of amazing attacks in Dragon Ball. It's always easy to know when they are coming because the character has to charge for 8 hours, and then call out the name of the attack as they use it. The first Ki attack we ever see in Dragon Ball was used by Yamcha, Wolf Fang Fist. Since then they have used so many special attacks. Which is the best?

Question 7

Who are the coolest aliens in Dragon Ball?

When Dragon Ball first started, there was never a mention of aliens. However, in the first episode of Z, we learn that Piccolo and Goku are both aliens. Since then, we have met a ton of different aliens, some good, and some evil, from all around the galaxy. Though we spend the most time with Namekians and Saiyans, some of the other groups seem very powerful. Which alien group is the coolest?

Question 8

Who is the best higher power in Dragon Ball?

We meet a lot of characters in Dragon Ball who are from a higher plain of existence. They almost always end up training the characters, like Kami and King Kai. We even get to meet the higher powers from all the other universes in Dragon Ball Super, but for the most part, we learn about the ones from universe 7. Which of the higher powers is the best?

Question 9

Was the great Saiyaman cool?

Many fans were heartbroken when the Buu Saga started. Gohan, the great hero of the Cell Saga hadn't grown into the great warrior that we had all hoped for, but instead he had become a very poorly dressed superhero. Instead of training, he was forced to study, and as such he had slipped in the power ranking as a fighter. Were the fans wrong, though? Was Saiyaman cool?

Question 10

Which joke will King Kai like best?

King Kai only trains warriors that can make him laugh. That can be a fairly hard request, especially when the people coming to his world include Piccolo and Tien. Everyone has to pay the price of admission though, so a joke is essential to be trained. Which of these jokes is most likely to work?

Question 11

Who is the best child in Dragon Ball?

We see many of the characters in Dragon Ball as children. Goku, Gohan, Pan, Krillin, Gotan, and Trunks have all been major characters as children and babies in this show. With so many kids running around this series, it is easy to find a favorite one. Which of these Dragon Ball kids is the best?

Question 12

Who is the weakest Worlds Martial Arts Champion?

In the original Dragon Ball, the Worlds Martial Arts Tournament was a big deal. As the series progressed though, and the Z fighters started fighting gods on a yearly schedule, the tournament became less important. In fact, many of the fighters missed a bunch of tournaments, because we saw that a few lack luster competitors had won. Who was the weakest Worlds Martial Arts Champion?

Question 13

Who was the coolest android?

Androids have always played a big part in the Dragon Ball story. We meet a few androids in the original series, but they make a huge impact in Dragon Ball Z. Fans are introduced to six androids during the Android and Cell Sagas, and we meet a few more in some of the movies. Which Android was the coolest?

Question 14

What is the best Buu form?

When we meet Buu, the trend of villains having multiple forms has been firmly established. Frieza had four forms, Cell had three, but Buu will take this technique to all new heights. He takes on eight different forms during the Buu saga, eight! Some of the forms aren't really all that different, but that is still a lot of forms. Which one is the best?

Question 15

What is the best Frieza form?

There had been a few transformations in Dragon Ball before Frieza, Roshi had become the large muscle fighter before, and of course, there was the Saiyan giant ape. Frieza, however, made the transformation an art form. During his fight, he used 4 different forms. Which of his four forms was the best?

Question 16

What was the best Cell form?

Cell was not going to be left out of the transformation fun. We see Cell in four distinct forms during the Cell Saga, but he only fights in three of these forms. We see him in his larval stage when he is explaining how he came back in time. Then we see him in his Imperfect, Semi-Perfect and Perfect forms. We see him fight in all these forms, and though the names seem imperfect at best, each form is unique and fun. Which form was the best?

Question 17

What is the best weapon in Dragon Ball?

Dragon Ball is not really about the weapons. Characters tend to focus on martial arts and Ki attacks. The ability to fire a Kamehameha makes using a sword kind of silly. Characters have often carried some kind of weapon, though. We see Yajirobe's sword, Goku's Power Pole, Trunk's sword and the Z sword which releases Elder Kai. Which of these weapons is the coolest?

Question 18

What is the best Dragon Ball Wish?

Anyone who has watched Dragon Ball has given some thought to what best wish on the Dragon Balls is. Is it money, fame, power, or immortality? It seems like the characters who find the balls end up only needing the occasional resurrection from the balls, they find everything else they need on the journey to collect them. What is the best wish on the Balls?

Question 19

Which Saiyan form is the best?

Let's face it: a true Saiyan always answers this question the same way, the most powerful one. However, as fans, we consider more than just the pure power of the forms. Fans care about how they look, how cool they were when you first saw them, and how exciting it was to see the hero achieve the power up. What Saiyan form is the best?

Question 20

Who is the best Namekian?

There are so many cool Namekian's in Dragon Ball Z. We meet Kami, Piccolo, Dende, Guru, and Nail, and those are just the most famous members of the proud warrior race. We see them fight against Frieza and his army, even when they know they are outmatched. Which of these Namekians is the best?

Question 21

Who was the best member of the Ginyu Force?

Vegeta flipped out when he learned that the Ginyu Force had landed on Namek, and he was right to do so. Just two members of the Force were able to defeat Vegeta, Gohan, and Krillin, and that was after they had their powers boosted by Guru. Though they were bad guys, there was something oddly charming about the Ginyu Force. Who was the best member?

Question 22

Who is the best fusion character?

During the Buu Saga, the Z fighters learned a new technique, fusion. Now, in fairness, we had seen Piccolo fuse with Kami and Nail, and we saw Cell eat and fuse with Androids 17 and 18, but those had all been special cases. In the Buu Saga, we learned that anyone could fuse with a special dance or the Potara earrings. What fusion was the best?

Question 23

Which color is the best?

Color has always been interesting in Dragon Ball. The original Manga is not colored, and so many of the coloring choices were made specifically for the TV show. We have seen a few very odd coloring choices, including versions of Vegeta that were red, and a blue Mr. Popo. Even with all these color issues, color can still tell a lot about a character. What color is the best?

Question 24

What is the coolest gadget in Dragon Ball?

Thanks to Bulma, the Z fighters have seen a lot of really cool tech pieces. She even figures out how to use the scouter from Raditz. Dragon Ball is set in a fantasy and Sci-fi world where there is shrinking technology and hover cars. Which piece of DBZ tech is the coolest?

Question 25

Which Dragon Ball couple is the cutest?

Though we may not think of Dragon Ball as being a romance anime, there are a lot of relationships in it. This goes all the way back to when Chi-Chi asked Goku to marry her when they were kids. We also see Vegeta and Bulma, Krillin and Android 18, and Gohan and Videl. Which of these relationships is the cutest?

Question 26

Which team up is the coolest?

During many of the Dragon Ball fights, two or more fighters team up to beat stronger opponents. The only problem is this seldom works. Usually the group of fighters throw a few punches, and then they get destroyed by a much stronger opponent. Which of these teams of fighters is the coolest?

Question 27

Which Dragon Ball character is the least favourite?

Every fan has that one character that drives them nuts. They're not necessarily bad characters, and there may even be a good use for that character, but for some reason, we just can't stand them. In Dragon Ball, there are a lot of characters that exist as punchlines. They are on the team because the writer loves humor. Which DBZ character is the least favourite?

Question 28

Which Dragon Ball series is the best?

There have been a few different versions of Dragon Ball. It all started with Dragon Ball, then we got to see Z. Many fans have chosen to forget GT; in fact, it isn't canon at the moment. The newest one is Super, which is still being made. Which of these generations of the show is the best?

Question 29

Which series of Dragon Ball was the least liked?

Every fan has their favorite series of Dragon Ball, and we all have our least favorite. This can be a hard question, some fans like everything that their favorite story does, and it may be hard to find things we don't like as much. This doesn't mean that the whole thing was terrible, it just happens to be the one that gets re-watched the least. Which series is the least liked of the four?

Question 30

What genre should Dragon Ball be considered?

Dragon Ball has a lot of different themes throughout the series. There are people who would consider it Sci-Fi because of the aliens, fantasy because of the Ki and magic, superhero because it came from comics and features super powerful beings, and adventure because the team is always going on missions. The truth is, it is a mixture of all these genres, but if only one could be picked, which genre best describes Dragon Ball?

Question 31

Which job is the best in Dragon Ball?

Saving the world is not a full-time profession. Even Goku has had to hold down other jobs in the show. He has been a fisherman, and a farmer. He often blows off his work and trains, which drives poor Chi-Chi nuts. We see that Bulma is an inventor and a scientist, Gohan is a professor, and Master Roshi delivers milk. What is the best job in Dragon Ball?

Question 32

Where is the coolest place to train?

There are so many cool places to train in the Dragon Ball world. There are rooms that slow down time, Planets with 50 times earth's gravity, artificial gravity chambers, and homes of the gods. When it comes time to train, there are a ton of great options. The question is: which of these places is the coolest?

Question 33

If all the Super Saiyans fought, who would need the first Senzu bean?

If all the Super Saiyans decided to throw down, it would be one heck of a fight. After hours of screaming, charging, and energy blast, there would be a ton of damage. Eventually one of the Saiyans would need a pick-me-up. Which Super Saiyan would need the first Senzu Bean?

Question 34

Which Universe is the coolest?

In Dragon Ball Super, it is revealed that there are 12 different universes. We only learn a little about many of these universes, but we get a lot of information on some of these other universes. Goku and friends are from universe 7. During Super, we spend a lot of time with universe 6, and we get to know many of those characters well. We also get good looks at universe 2 and 11. Which one is the best?

Question 35

Which unofficial fusion is the best?

We have seen a few different fusions in canon, but with the fusion dance, almost every character can combine with another character. It is possible to see any of the fighters fuse. There are characters that every fan wants to see combine. This isn't about which one would be strongest, but instead which one would be the most fun and exciting. Sometimes it's even about who would be the silliest. Which combination would be the best?

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