Take This Dragon Ball Quiz And We'll Reveal Which Race You Belong To

Dragon Ball was the foundation of what has become one of the most beloved franchises in the history of the entertainment industry, and the franchise as a whole has done an exceptional job in adding to the overall story without leaving the original fans behind. Because of this, it seems like this franchise has only grown in popularity as time has gone on.

Many fans of the franchise have dreamed of the chance to exist in their world to see everything unfold in person, and while this will never happen, they still have a few ideas about how they would like to see things going down. Most even know which race they would be, but there are plenty of factors here.

Today, we are going to help fans learn which race they would be. This quiz will have trivia, situations and tough choices to make, and it will give a clear picture of the participant!

Question 1

Which Android Is This?

Question 2

Which Version Of Cell Would Be Toughest to Face?

Question 3

Majin Buu Is Coming For The City

Question 4

Goku Needs Help Stopping Frieza

Question 5

What's A Good Way To Train For Super Saiyan?

Question 6

An Unidentified Saiyan Approaches

Question 7

Choose A Person To Learn From

Question 8

What Race Is Piccolo?

Question 9

Who Went Super Saiyan First: Goku or Vegeta?

Question 10

Frieza Is Heading This Way And He's Angry

Question 11

Trunks Needs A Training Partner

Question 12

Start a Family or Stay A Single Warrior?

Question 13

Does Android 17 Have A Twin?

Question 14

Master Roshi Is Offering To Train You

Question 15

Choose A Hero To Resurrect

Question 16

What Rank Did Nappa Hold In The Saiyan Army?

Question 17

Name This Character

Question 18

How Many Children Does Goku Have?

Question 19

Shenron Is Offering One Wish

Question 20

Zangya Is A ______ Soldier

Question 21

Name This Character

Question 22

Fuse With Trunks or Goten?

Question 23

Dodoria Wants To Be A Hero

Question 24

Is Goku A Saiyan or A Namekian?

Question 25

Who Is Videl's Husband?

Question 26

Tarble Is The Brother Of Which Character?

Question 27

Name This Character

Question 28

Babidi Is Going To Cast A Majin Spell

Question 29

Where Does Master Roshi Live?

Question 30

Go Super Saiyan Blue or Rose?

Question 31

True or False: Goku Has Been Resurrected?

Question 32

What Makes Dr. Gero So Tough?

Question 33

Goku Needs One Last Dragon Ball To Summon Shenron

Question 34

What Is The Name Of Yamcha's Cat Best Friend?

Question 35

Who Does Goten Fuse With?

Question 36

Did Gohan Go Super Saiyan Before Goku?

Question 37

Choose One Power Of Piccolo's To Use

Question 38

Choose An Android To Work With

Question 39

Who Created Cell?

Question 40

Raditz Is Recruiting For The Frieza Force

Question 41

Earth Needs A Guardian

Question 42

Name This Character

Question 43

Is Trunks To Son Of Vegeta?

Question 44

Have Goku or Vegeta As A Leader?

Question 45

Choose A Move To Use

Question 46

Name This Character

Question 47

Choose A Planet To Visit With Tien

Question 48

Trunks Has Permitted One Person To Travel Through Time

Question 49

What's The Best Way To Talk To Vegeta?

Question 50

Broly Is Looking For A Sidekick

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