Take This Charmed Quiz To Reveal Which Sister Is Your Character Twin

So by now, everyone's seen Charmed. The Halliwell sisters spend so much of their time kicking butt, and we enjoy every minute of it. So often do we wish that we could be them because those powers are pretty darn cool. Who did not think Prue was pretty awesome with her telekinesis, and who did not want to have the power of premonition like Phoebe? These sisters made siblings look so cool because they always worked together to fight the bad guys, and honestly, they did not even fight all that much with each other. When they did they always had some heart-warming makeup too. It was all too good to be true.

Do you know which Halliwell sister you would be? The sisters all have very different personalities, so you have to make sure you are picking the right one based on your own personality. Are you more stubborn and thick-headed? Are you more of a problem solver that tries to stay calm in the face of danger? Are you one that is light-hearted and likes to have a good time? Take our Charmed quiz and we will magically reveal to you which Charmed sister you are the most closely associated with.

Question 1

Pick a family position

The Halliwell's obviously has a specific order in which they were born. None of them were twins, so take a stab as to which child your favorite was as compared to which child you are. There is no right or wrong answer, it just shows how much in common you have with each Halliwell.

Question 2

Emergency time...

This is tough. If your house is on fire, that means you can get really badly hurt if you storm back into your house. However, your parents can also get really badly hurt if no one else is there to save them. What do you do in a situation like this? Do you rely on yourself or call for others?

Question 3

Time for revenge...

Imagine this: someone targeted and murdered one of your good friends and then they got away with it. You know they did it and you can not stand to see them living a normal life when they should be behind bars. It is just not right and it's just not fair. So what do you do in this situation?

Question 4

No so good dude

Your good friend is dating a guy and you found out he is a real sleaze bag. Whether he is dating someone else behind her back or has a gambling problem, you want her to know what she is dealing with before it is too late. What do you do to let her know what is going on with this guy?

Question 5

Life changing choices

You are having some money issues (heck, you live in your mother's house with your two sisters for crying out loud), but you want to have a baby because you found the love of your life. Although your sisters are very accommodating to having a baby around, would you do it?

Question 6

Pick a trait

There has to be a word that describes you best. Are you strong-willed to a point that sometimes people need to calm you down a little bit? Are you humorous and like to get a good laugh in? Are you incredibly organized? Maybe you are a really caring person?

Question 7

Pick a power

Oh boy, there are so many cool powers you can have if you are a witch! Which one would you pick? Would you choose telekinesis where you can move objects without actually touching them? Would you choose to stop time? Would you have premonition? Or would you have teleportation?

Question 8

Pick a fear

There are a ton of things to be afraid of, some are more tangible than others. Some people are afraid of small spaces because what if you get trapped? Some people are afraid of heights because what if you fall? Others are afraid of drowning because it is a painful way to go. Others are afraid of losing someone they love.

Question 9

Pick a trait in others

There are tons of things to look for in a guy. Of course you want him to treat you right, but what are those defining traits that really attract you to him? Does he have that bad boy mentality and bend the rules? Is he fiercely loyal to you? Is he an all around sweet guy, or does he make you laugh?

Question 10

Pick a witchy activity

Witches have many things that they do with their time. They could be scrying, or telling the future via premonition or even a crystal ball. They could be casting spells from their spell books. they could be making potions from their kitchen, or they could be communicating with spirits.

Question 11

Pick the best sister

Each one of the Halliwell sisters has a really different personality. First of all, Prue is the most head strong, it is hard to talk her out of anything once the idea is in her head. Piper is the most organized and grounded. Phoebe is more of the joker of the gang and keeps everyone happy. Paige is the sweetheart who is always in high spirits.

Question 12

Pick a spell

Which spell would you most likely use? Yeah, there are a ton of spells to choose from floating around, but if push came to shove, which one are you choosing out of your spell book? Are you going to raise someone from the dead? Are you going to find love? Are you going to find answers? Or will you make everyone happy?

Question 13

Bye bye boy

Oh love, it is so important to our everyday lives. If you were in love with your boyfriend, but he broke up with you, how would you react to that situation? Would you cry seemingly forever? Would you be really upset? Would you push it down way deep inside of you, or would you let it go?

Question 14

Fight or flight?

If you were in danger, what would you do? Sure there are a ton of ways to react, but what would be the way you choose to react? Would you try to come up with a plan you could follow? Would you just start fighting and see where it carries you? Would you stay calm and think your way though it, or would you freak out?

Question 15

To be a witch, or not to be a witch.

Would you choose to be a witch? This is a tricky question because there are some pretty awesome things about being a witch and there are some tough things about being a witch too. It seems like the Halliwell sisters are constantly trying to keep themselves protected from harm and they are always fighting someone, but they have awesome powers!

Question 16

Defend yourself

Here is an easy question, can you kick butt? Are you one that is an awesome fighter, or are you not much of a fighter at all? Are you one that goes into battle and gets the job done, or you can only be that way if you are really provoked? Is that not really your thing, or do you need some training to get up to speed?

Question 17

No strings...

Are you independent? Yes, the Halliwell sisters live together, but that does not mean they are all completely dependent on each other at all times. Would you say you are pretty dependent on others or are you a pretty independent person? Would you rather not be independent, or do you have the potential to be independent?

Question 18

Easily spooked?

Are you easily afraid? There are plenty of monsters and demons that come after the Halliwell sisters, and if you are afraid then it is kind of hard to deal with them all. However, some of the sisters are more afraid than the others. Would you say you are more of a scaredy cat or not really?

Question 19

Love comes and goes...

Love is a tough one for some of the Halliwell sisters (or should I say most of the Halliwell sisters?). What is your love life like? Have you been with someone for a really long time? Does your love life change more than the weather? Do you get bored of men easily? Or do you not really date?

Question 20

Your sister's dress was ruined. Oops! Now what?

Oh my gosh, you borrowed your sister's dress without asking and now you destroyed it. It was a total accident, but you feel horrible about it. Now you are in deep trouble though because your sister is going to find out. What do you do? Do you tell the truth, buy a new dress, apologize, or hide it?

Question 21

Being helpful

Do you like helping others? It is literally what the Halliwell sisters do all the time. They are always helping someone, and thanks to their powers it is a lot easier than going into the situation than they would as a human. Would you say you enjoy helping people or do you get bored of it?

Question 22

Pick a description

There has to be a simple sentence that sums you up—what would you say it is? Would you say that you do not care what other people think about you? Would you say you figure things out as quickly as possible? How about you look for the good in everyone? Or you like to laugh and have a good time?

Question 23

Pick a bedroom theme

What's your bedroom like? Everyone has their own special style that their bedroom follows? What would you say yours is? Is your classy with a couch and a Tv to watch? How about artsy with different colors everywhere? It can be typical with just the essentials, or it could be cute too!

Question 24

Pick a flaw to have

Everyone has a flaw, and so did the Halliwell sisters. Which flaw would you say is most closely associated to you? Would you say that you are really stubborn and thick headed? Are you really weary of just about everything? Do you lose your sense of reality? Or are you just way too whimsical?

Question 25

Pick something to do

What's something you've always wanted to do? We have all always wanted something in our lives. Whether it is falling in love forever, or owning our own business. What would you want to do? Would you want to be safe and comfortable with family and friends at all times, or how about getting a hold of your emotions?

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