Take This Basic Life Quiz To See Which Sign You’re Destined To Marry

Finding the right person to spend our lives with can be difficult although sometimes people do get lucky. These are the folks who meet their husband or wife early on in life (perhaps starting out as high school sweethearts), get married and live seemingly happily ever after. Other folks have a trickier time finding someone to settle down with and many of them spend years, sometimes even decades, searching for the perfect soulmate; enduring heartbreak and loss along the way.

There might even be times when we think we've found the right person only to be disappointed. And although that can be tough to bear, we have to accept that some relationships just aren't meant to last.

Finding the perfect soulmate is about so much more than just looks or hobbies. It's about finding someone that we enjoy spending time with and someone who brings out the best in us. The perfect partner is the one who wants us to achieve great things and is there to support us along the way.

To find out which star sign would be the perfect match for them, all our readers need to do is take this quiz. Just answer these basic life questions and we'll reveal the ideal match. It doesn't get much easier than that!

Question 1

Where is the best place to meet people?

Meeting new people can be tough, especially when we are searching for potential romantic partners. Some people like to join recreational sports clubs as a way to get to know folks with similar interests to us. Others prefer going out to places like bars and nightclubs in the hope of meeting someone new. Where is the best place?

Question 2

Choose a season:

Each season offers us something different. Summer is the time for outdoor activities while winter days call for soup and warm cozy blankets. In autumn we can watch all the trees lose their leaves, knowing that in spring they will burst into life again. Which season is the best of all?

Question 3

Go to the cinema or the theater?

Choosing between going to watch a movie at the cinema and going to watch a show at the theatre can be tricky because although they both offer entertainment, the experience is very different. Some people prefer the feel of a live show, while others would much rather check out the latest action flick with surround sound. Which is best?

Question 4

Pick the best type of jeans:

Since they became popular in the 60s and 70s denim jeans have remained a must-have clothing item for most of us. They are hard-wearing and they can be worn to do just about anything. We can wear them with a t-shirt for a casual look or dress them up with a jacket, so they are super versatile too.

Question 5

Tea or coffee?

Many of us can't start our day without a cup (or two, or three!) of our favorite beverage and the two most common choices are tea or coffee. We find that it gives us a boost and helps us get revved up for the day. Which is better - tea or coffee?

Question 6

Pick the ideal spot for a first date:

Okay, so we've finally landed a date with a person we've been interested in for ages but now it's time for us to plan the perfect first date. Decisions, decisions! Would they prefer a low-key coffee date or should we go all out and make reservations at a romantic restaurant? What will it be?

Question 7

Cook together or Order out?

Some couples love to cook, and can easily spend their evenings whipping up dishes in the kitchen together. Other couples prefer to spend their time doing other things together and would much rather order a pizza than go through the hassle of making one from scratch. Cook together or get takeaways?

Question 8

Does banana belong on a pizza?

Can a person who puts banana on pizza ever be happy with someone who thinks this is tantamount to a crime? Well, as long as they don't have to eat the pizza it should be okay! Where do you fall when it comes to this debate? Does banana belong on a pizza?

Question 9

Sleep in late or get up early?

Are you the type of person who would much rather catch a few minutes extra sleep that leap out of bed at sunrise? If you are a night owl, could you handle being in a relationship with an early bird? Which is better, sleeping in late or getting up early?

Question 10

Choose a movie for date night:

It's date night tonight and it's our turn to choose a movie to watch. We've got everything else ready for the evening in - we've got dinner, snacks, and blankets and now all we need to do is decide what we'll be watching. Which of these movies would you choose for date night?

Question 11

Choose a rainy day activity:

There's nothing more disappointing than waking up, ready for a day of outdoor fun, and hearing the sound of rain on the windows. But just because we can't go out it doesn't mean we can't have a good time. Which of these rainy activities do you think is the most entertaining?

Question 12

Dogs or cats?

For most of us, our pets are almost like children. We can't imagine our lives without their furry little faces and their crazy antics, even if they make us a bit mad at times. Would you be able to choose between dogs and cats or would you rather just have both? Perhaps you wouldn't want either!

Question 13

Play sport or watch sport?

If you had to choose between participating in a sporting event (like playing golf or football) or watching one, which would you choose? Some of us would much rather watch from the sidelines while others prefer the experience of actually playing the game. Which is better, playing sport or watching sport?

Question 14

Go swimming in a pool or the ocean?

To be able to swim in the ocean we need to be okay with the unknown because the reality is that we never really know who we are sharing the waters with. At least when we swim in a pool we have a little more security. But which is more fun?

Question 15

Choose a comfort food:

After a really hard day, most of us want nothing more than to go home, change into our pajamas and veg out in front of the TV. And if we can have a few of our favorite comfort foods - even better! Which of these is the crème de la crème of comfort foods?

Question 16

Choose a celeb couple:

The Urban Dictionary describes a power couple in this way, “In a power couple if one person is flawed, the other person makes up for their weaknesses in strength. Together they are the epitome of what anyone would desire in a relationship. They encourage goodness in the world and make it a better place by being together.” Which of these celeb couples do you think is a power couple?

Question 17

Read or watch a movie?

Some people prefer to use their free time to read. They enjoy being able to visualize the story and the characters in their own minds and find it easy to get lost in the words. Other prefer a more visual type of story-telling and would much rather watch a movie than read a book.

Question 18

What's the best way to get a workout?

Getting regular exercise helps us to stay fit and live better more active lives. The trick, however, is finding something that we really enjoy doing, otherwise getting a workout can feel like a chore, rather than a fun activity. And we're much more likely to keep doing something if we enjoy it!

Question 19

What is the best side of the bed to sleep on?

Many folks are very fussy when it comes to their bedroom routines. They need things to be a certain way before they can properly relax and get that much-needed shuteye. Many people prefer sleeping on a certain side of the bed. Where is the best place to catch some zzz's?

Question 20

Pick a supervillain:

Let's be honest - you can't have a good story without a bad guy. Without a villain, our heroes would have no-one to defeat and that would just be boring! The movie world has given us plenty of bad guys over the years but which one would you say is your favorite?

Question 21

Choose a dream wedding:

The question has finally been popped and the answer was "Yes"! Now it's time to get busy and start planning this wedding. Which would you prefer - a huge classic wedding or something smaller? Perhaps you've been dreaming of an island destination wedding? What would be the perfect way to tie the knot?

Question 22

Choose a household task:

Unless we are lucky enough to have a maid, most of us still have to find time in our busy schedules to get the housework done. We generally have a few chores that we don't mind doing and others that we avoid unless absolutely necessary. Choose a housework chore to complete.

Question 23

Choose something to splurge $500 on:

For our birthday this year, we decided to ask everyone to give us cash instead of buying us a gift. We think this worked out great because now we have $500 to do whatever we want with, which is better than gifts we wouldn't use. What's the best way to spend it?

Question 24

Choose a comedy film:

It's been one of those days today and we are in desperate need of a little pick-me-up. There's nothing like a few good laughs to help chase away the blues and meet the tension so we decide to throw on a comedy flick. Which of these titles should we go for?

Question 25

Be immortal or have superpowers?

This will be a difficult decision to make! If you had to choose between having superpowers, like the ability to fly or being able to live forever, which would you choose? Would it better to enjoy life with superpowers or to live forever and just be ordinary? What would be better?

Question 26

Who played the role of Pennywise better?

In the first It film (actually a two-part miniseries) the role of Pennywise The Dancing Clown was played by Tim Curry. In the newer version of this Stephen King story, the role of this scary clown was played by Bill Skarsgård. Which actor do you think was the best in this role?

Question 27

Choose a pet peeve:

We all have pet peeves. These are small things that don't actually harm us but annoy us more than anything else. It might be the sound of a knife being scraped across a plate or something as inane as someone chewing too loudly. Which of these pet peeves can you identify with?

Question 28

Pick a superhero:

Life would be very boring indeed if we didn't have our favorite superheroes around to keep us entertained. Which universe does your favorite hero belong to? Do you love Marvel heroes like Iron Man and Captain America or DC ones like Superman and Batman? Go ahead and choose one of these heroes

Question 29

Choose a color for a sports car:

The day has finally arrived and we are on our way to the local car dealership to order the ride of our dreams. It's the sports car we've always wanted and we're going to get it in the color we've always had our eye on. Choose a color for this dream sports car.

Question 30

Choose a couples holiday destination:

Going on a vacation together can be very exciting, especially for new couples. It could also be a little bit stressful, particularly if neither one of them has traveled that much during the past. If you were to head off on a romantic trip, where could you see yourself going?

Question 31

Take a road trip or fly?

While taking a road trip on your own can be quite an adventure there's nothing quite like hitting the road with a few of your besties. Road-tripping can be a fun way to reach your destination although if you are short on time it's probably a better idea to fly. Which would you rather do?

Question 32

Ever traveled alone?

What is the best way to travel? Is it better to explore the world with a friend or partner by your side? Perhaps there's a family member that you really enjoy traveling with? Or perhaps you feel most inspired when you head off on your own? Ever been on a solo trip before?

Question 33

Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings?

The Harry Potter film franchise is based on the novel series written by J.K Rowling. The Lord of the Rings film franchise is based on the books written by J. R. R. Tolkien. Both of these stories include elements of magic and danger but which is the most entertaining in your opinion?

Question 34

Which of these would be a deal-breaker?

Almost everyone has deal-breakers when it comes to their relationships. These are the things we just won't tolerate or put up with from a potential partner. It might be something like smoking or drinking or more serious infractions like cheating or dishonesty. Which of these deal-breakers can you identify with?

Question 35

Choose a TV show:

Most couples tend to end up watching quite a bit of TV together, so finding someone who enjoys the same type of shows as us can be great! It means that we won't have to compromise and sit through shows we really aren't all that interested in. Pick one of these shows.

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