Take This Basic Life Quiz To See How Many Kids Are In Your Future

We all want to know what is in store for us in the future! Things change, people change, experiences change, and things develop and grow through each passing moment in life! As time progresses, it only makes sense to think about things that might happen to us in the future including having kids! The idea of having kids is so exciting and so intriguing to many of us because expanding our families and extending our DNA line is a big deal! This basic life quiz will help predict how many kids are on the way for just about anyone and everyone! Are we destined to have a bunch of kids!? Or maybe we are destined to only have one or two!

No matter what the case may be, having kids is still a very interesting and fun concept to think about, worry about, and consider! When it comes to living life, there are plenty of things to have opinions about. That is why this basic life quiz can apply to almost anyone… What kind of foods do we like? What kind of weather do we prefer? Which celebrities would we consider being friends with in real life and which movies would we enjoy watching?

Question 1

Does pizza taste good?

Pizza is a universal treat! People all around the world love pizza because it taste so amazing. It comes with Christ, sauce, cheese, and any toppings that might interest us or make us feel hungry and excited! Pepperoni is a very popular pizza topping that people like to typically order.

Question 2

Is Peter Rabbit a great movie?

This is a great animated movie that the whole family can enjoy! It is about a rabbit who goes by the name of Peter and the story follows the adventures and interesting things that he experiences and goes through in his life. He is a fun rabbit to pay attention to you.

Question 3

Would Kylie Jenner be a fun BFF?

Kylie Jenner is kind of a big deal! She is a billionaire at a very young age. She is also a mother and the youngest sister in the Kardashian family clan. She is known for creating an extremely popular makeup line that includes lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner, and much more.

Question 4

Left or right?

Time to decide which hand is better to use! Is it better to use our left hand or right hand? When we are using our hands, it is typically to write things down, handle the remote, point to something, and other things of that nature. Which hand is it better to use when it comes to these types of things in life?

Question 5

Is Valentine's Day a wonderful holiday?

Not everyone can appreciate a holiday like Valentine’s Day and that is because a lot of people in the world are single and do not have a person that they truly love in their life. Finding the right person to love in life makes a holiday like Valentine’s Day so much more enjoyable and easy!

Question 6

Does ice cream taste good?

Ice cream is a delicious dessert to enjoy on a warm summer day. It does not have to be a warm summer day to enjoy a treat like ice cream though… We can literally enjoy ice cream whenever we want! It comes in so many awesome flavors it is hard to choose.

Question 7

Could Zac Efron get a date?

Could a handsome actor like Zac Efron get a date? There’s no doubt! He surely could get a date! He is so attractive and so handsome. He got his start on a saga of Disney Channel movies that ended up landing on the big screen a couple of years later. Good for him! He is great.

Question 8

Is The Spy Who Dumped Me a great movie?

This is a hilarious movie with a very creative storyline. It stars Mila Kunis in the leading role which is awesome because she is one of the greatest actresses of all time. She started off as a teen TV show star and ended up moving on to being in really awesome major movies.

Question 9

Hot or cold?

If we are thinking about something like the weather, is it better for a temperature to be hot or cold? When things are hot, we are able to wear shorts and visit the beach. When things are cold, we are able to go skiing or snowboarding in the mountains! Which is better?

Question 10

Does bacon taste good?

Bacon is a delicious breakfast food item that can be added to pretty much anything to make stuff taste better. It can be added to a salad, it can be added to burgers, it can be added to macaroni and cheese, it can be added to an omelet! It can literally be added anywhere to add an improvement on flavor.

Question 11

Would Taylor Swift be a fun BFF?

Taylor Swift is a beautiful singer who started off in the country genre of music. She has since then expanded into the pop music side of things. She has released a lot of great songs and dated a lot of cool guys over the years. Some of her music is inspired by handsome actors that we know.

Question 12

Is A Wrinkle in Time a great movie?

This is a really cool movie to watch and one of the coolest things about this movie is the fact that Oprah is the leading character! She is pictured here in the center and it is so awesome to see her in a movie role since most of the time we see her in a talk show position.

Question 13

Is Tahiti a lovely vacation destination?

This tropical vacation spot is a wonderful place to consider for a honeymoon or a graduation trip! This is the type of place that people go when they want to create amazing memories for themselves, their families, and loved ones. This is a place that allows people to make unforgettable memories!

Question 14

Black or white?

Not everything is black or white… But this question sure is? Right now it is time to decide which color is better. Is it better to lean on the absence of color or the collection of all colors mixed together in one place? That is what makes black-and-white such opposite colors of each other… They are completely different.

Question 15

Could Leonardo DiCaprio get a date?

Leonardo DiCaprio is a really handsome actor who brings a lot to the table. A lot of us remember his work in the movie Titanic with Kate Winslet. They made such a great pair and they were such a great team in that movie that everyone wanted them to end up together romantically in real life too!

Question 16

Would Beyonce be a fun BFF?

Beyonce is so totally incredible and so completely talented in every way! She has been releasing music for many years and she’s also been married to the same rapper named Jay-Z for many years too. A lot of people did not know this but she met him when she was only 17 years old!

Question 17

Do cheeseburgers taste good?

Time to decide if cheeseburgers taste good or not! Cheeseburgers are popular from fast food restaurants but they are also popular from nice, ritzy, expensive restaurants as well! Depending on where one goes, they might be able to find the most delicious and tastiest cheeseburgers in town! Decide about cheeseburgers!

Question 18

Is Love, Simon a great movie?

This is a great romantic comedy that showcase is what life is like for a teenage boy as he grows up and tries to discover who he is of a person. He goes through the normal growing pains that all teenagers endure and experience as they are getting older. It is a great movie.

Question 19

Pink or blue?

Pink and blue are two colors that are often compared to each other for the simple fact that they are the colors that represent gender when a baby is still in the womb! When we are hosting a gender reveal parties or baby showers, we often utilize the colors blue and pink as we are getting ready to celebrate!

Question 20

Could Johnny Depp get a date?

Could Johnny Depp get a date? The answer should be obvious and pretty fast to come by! He is one of the most attractive actors in Hollywood. He has been around for a long time and has been leaving a mark on people's hearts the entire time! Could he get a date?

Question 21

Would Miley Cyrus be a fun BFF?

Miley Cyrus is an amazing singer and actress that we recognize from the Disney Channel. She starred on a major TV show called Hannah Montana and she actually played the role of Hannah Montana herself. Since then, she has moved on to some other super great projects. She focuses mostly on music.

Question 22

Do milkshakes taste good?

Milkshakes are amazing! They are made up of ice cream and milk for the most part. They also include lots of other ingredients like candy, sweet treats, sprinkles, fudge, marshmallows, and more! The options are and less when it comes to making the perfect milkshake. There are so many things we can add.

Question 23

Is Game Night a great movie?

This is a hilarious movie that stars Rachel McAdams in a leading role. It also includes some other actors like Jason Bateman for example! This movie is about a group of adults who host a party and one of the games that they try to incorporate into their party ends up going all wrong. This creates some serious drama.

Question 24

Would Mila Kunis be a fun BFF?

Mula Kunis is a cool girl to consider as a friend! In real life, she is married to a handsome actor named Ashton Kutcher. They met each other on a TV show that they were filming in the early 2000s and spent some time apart. They then decided to reconnect and reunite as lovers later on in their adulthoods.

Question 25

Is Easter a wonderful holiday?

Easter is a wonderful holiday to celebrate because it includes some of the best pastel colors of all time! It is also a holiday that religious people love to respect and pay attention to you because it focuses on a very holy subject. This is a great holiday to celebrate with young kids as well because they are able to enjoy themselves.

Question 26

Does soda taste good?

The question we are asking for this round is… Does soda taste good? Soda is bubbly and fizzy! It also comes in a lot of different flavors. Yes, that is right. One can order some Sprite, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, root beer, Mountain Dew, or whatever flavor they would like.

Question 27

Would Emma Stone be a fun BFF?

Emma Stone is one of the coolest actresses out there today and that is because she rocks her bright red hair and her beautiful smile! She always has a great personality when she is being interviewed by interviewers on talk shows and red carpets. Would she make a great friend?

Question 28

Is Incredibles 2 a great movie?

This animated movie is all about family unity, trust, fighting back against bad guys, and much more. Each member of the family has superpowers that they are able to bring together in order to use as a Maidie and forceful team to defend their planet against anything bad or unjust.

Question 29

Sweet or sour?

Is it better to enjoy treats and sweets that are sour flavored or sweet flavored? There are plenty of sweets that give us a combination of both but those are not the ones that we are focused on at this very moment! Is sweet better than sour or is it the other way around?

Question 30

Is Barcelona a lovely vacation destination?

Barcelona is a really lovely place to go on vacation! It is definitely considered a top vacation destination because of all of the beautiful sites and beautiful views that it has to offer. People can go there with a camera and take a bunch of photos to keep in a photo book of memories for beauty.

Question 31

Do oranges taste good?

Oranges are delicious citrus fruits that grow on trees! Certain schools and universities even allow their students to eat the oranges straight off of the trees if they want to! How cool is that? Oranges are the main ingredient to orange juice as well which is awesome! Do they taste great?

Question 32

Would Katy Perry be a fun BFF?

Katy Perry is an icon! She is a pop singer and a total diva in all of the best ways. She treats her fans with so much love and respect and that is what makes her so beloved. She is the most followed woman on Twitter which is kind of a big deal because she never really talks about anything important.

Question 33

Is A Star Is Born a great movie?

This is an amazing movie about musicians who fall in love with each other after meeting each other at a bar! The man in the situation is already famous for country singing and he pulls the woman he loves into his world and allows her to become famous in her own way on her own time.

Question 34

Is Christmas a wonderful holiday?

A holiday like Christmas is pretty grand because it is one of those days that brings everyone together. Yes, it may be considered a religious holiday but people do not have to be religious to celebrate it! Some people do not focus on religion at all when they celebrate a holiday like Christmas.

Question 35

Would Rihanna be a fun BFF?

Rihanna is a beautiful singer and dancer! She comes from the island of Barbados and ever since she came from there, she has been making waves in society! She even branched out from singing and dancing to acting and creating her own makeup line! Would she be a great friend?

Question 36

Could Jake Gyllenhaal get a date?

Could Jake Gyllenhaal get a date? He is one of the best looking men in Hollywood with a handsome smile and a great pair of eyes. He has starred in some major flicks over the years and has remained on many people's radars because of that fact. Is he date-worthy?

Question 37

Is Dubai a lovely vacation destination?

This is a beautiful vacation destination! This is one of those places that people like to travel to when they have time off from work! This is an amazing location with a lot of opportunities for people to make great memories and meet amazing people. Is this a good place to go?

Question 38

Do bananas taste good?

Time to decide on bananas! Bananas are super delicious and fun to eat because of the way they taste. On top of that, they also provide a lot of potassium! The potassium is very important and it helps us feel healthier and stronger on a daily basis. Are bananas the way to go?

Question 39

Is the Grand Canyon a lovely vacation destination?

Is a visit to the Grand Canyon a lovely destination spot to go? The Grand Canyon is truly one of the best places on earth to visit because it has such vast beauty and such a great amount of picturesque quality. It has an almost red and orange color tone to it which looks incredible.

Question 40

Would Kim Kardashian be a fun BFF?

Kim Kardashian is a huge reality TV star! She has for super beautiful kids and she is married to a rapper named Kanye West. She is one of the sisters from the Kardashian clan and she’s also the most famous and most followed sister. The sister to come second to her in terms of fame is Kylie.

Question 41

Is Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse a great movie?

This animated movie is not just for kids! This movie is for anybody who considers themselves to be a true fan of Spiderman! Spiderman is a really cool hero with an awesome backstory that has an incredible concept to it. It is about a teenager who gets bitten by a radioactive spider.

Question 42

Could Justin Bieber get a date?

Justin Bieber might be married to Haley Baldwin, sure! But that does not mean that the rest of us should go the rest of our lives without hoping for a chance to go on a date with him at some point! It would be so fun to go on a date with someone like him because he is so attractive.

Question 43

Is Fourth of July a wonderful holiday?

This is a great holiday to celebrate at the beginning of a month like July! July is a beautiful month, smacked up in the middle of summer. What a great holiday to celebrate with things to enjoy and experience like fireworks and family time! Is the Fourth of July a wonderful holiday?

Question 44

Does watermelon taste good?

Does watermelon taste good? That is the question we are pondering for this round! Watermelon is a juicy and delicious fruit that is made up mostly of water. That is how it got its name! So for those of us who like the idea of eating our water instead of drinking it, this is the way.

Question 45

Is Bohemian Rhapsody a great movie?

People who love to listen to great music will probably love a movie like Bohemian Rhapsody. This movie really makes us think about life in a different way! It makes people consider things through a whole new perspective that they may not have ever tried before. Is this movie great?

Question 46

Would Jennifer Aniston be a fun BFF?

Jennifer Aniston is a beautiful and fun actress to consider as a friend! She played the role of Rachel Green in the show Friends back in the 90s. She has been loved and respected ever since then. Who would miss a chance to be friends with her? She is great!

Question 47

Does garlic bread taste good?

Garlic bread is a delicious side dish to go with things like pizza or spaghetti. Ever enjoyed a delicious plate of pizza and spaghetti with garlic bread on the side? That is the best way to do it! Garlic bread is usually always the best and it usually always tastes great!

Question 48

Is Hong Kong a lovely vacation destination?

Is Hong Kong a lovely vacation destination? It is a great place to go for memories and it is a nice spot to go for amazing pictures. The food, the customs, the people, and the music make this spot so much better! Who would miss a chance to visit this place?

Question 49

Is Ocean's 8 a great movie?

This is a great movie that stars a lot of awesome actresses! For example, we have Sandra Bullock in the leading role. She is incredible and she has been starring in awesome movies for a long time. We also have Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling, and Rihanna included! Is Ocean's 8 a great movie?

Question 50

Is St. Patrick's Day a wonderful holiday?

Is St. Patrick's Day a wonderful holiday? This is a holiday that revolves around the color green! It is a holiday that people enjoy because they have an excuse to drink and party with all of their closest friends and family members. Is this a fun holiday to enjoy yearly?

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