Take This 90-Second Quiz And We'll Reveal Which Sign To Marry

Time to find out who everyone is destined to marry one day in the future. Marrying a water sign would be fun because water sign people are emotional in all the best ways. They are sensitive, caring, thoughtful, gentle, and sincere. Scorpios are water signs so ending up with a Scorpio would be awesome! Ending up with a fire element sign is also a good thing. Fire signs are passionate, strongwilled, daring, intense, and fiery!

Aries people fit into the fire element umbrella and it would amazing to marry one of them! Earth sign people are known for being soft-spoken, delicate, wistful, wishful, sweet, and quiet. They are the people we can rely on to create peace in the world surrounding them. They despise seeing things in turmoil and would rather make sure everyone is feeling alright. Capricorns are great examples of earth signs. Ending up with an air sign would also be an adventure. Air signs are the type of people who love to go with the flow of life. They do not like to cause a fuss or stir the pot if they can avoid such a thing! Aquarius signs fit into that category. Let's discover everyone's match!

Question 1

Which of these colors is best?

Everyone in this life is entitled to having a favorite color or two. Most people resonate with a certain color and it sticks with them from childhood all the way through their adulthood. Other people might be enticed by the color yellow when they are little, for example, but they might change their preferences to liking the color green or purple once they become a bit older. Which of the colors listed below is the best one to choose now?

Question 2

Which of these Ariana Grande songs is best?

Which of these Ariana Grande songs is best? Ariana Grande is one of the most talented singers of our day. She sings songs with a powerful voice that has been compared to the voice of Mariah Carey plenty of times over the last five years or so. Ariana Grande got her start on a TV show from the Nick channel before branching out to the music industry full-time. She is known for wearing her hair in a high ponytail every day.

Question 3

Twilight or Vampire Diaries?

Both of these vampire entertainment sagas are very popular for a reason. They both include love triangles, werewolves, passion, intrigue, battle sequences, and much more. And one of them, we see a girl choose to become a vampire to be with the person who she loves forever. She chooses to be with him at the age of 18, even though that is a very young age. Both of these vampire entertainment sagas are super interesting. Decide between these two now.

Question 4

Which of these sports is the best to watch?

Which of the sports listed above is the best? Is it basketball? Basketball is so much fun and it includes some awesome players like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant! What about the sport of soccer? That sport is super fun and is usually played on a grassy field out in the open. What about the sport of football? That is a sport that has its own day of the week designated to it. That day of the week is Sunday. What about the sport of volleyball? It is a sport that a lot of females love to play in.

Question 5

Pick a season.

There are four seasons that we get to experience every year. Those seasons are winter, summer, fall, and spring. Which of these seasons is the most enjoyable to experience? Is it winter? Winter is wonderful because it sometimes brings cold weather and that means that it might potentially snow! In some parts of the world, snow is always going to happen during the winter. And other parts of the world, snow never happens at all. California is a place where it does not snow for example.

Question 6

What belongs on a hot dog?

Time to dress up the perfect hot dog! Hot Dogs are delicious because they taste amazing on any occasion. We do not have to wait for a holiday like the Fourth of July to celebrate with a bite of a delicious and juicy hot dog. We can enjoy one whenever we feel like! Should ketchup be added to one? Or should mustard be added to it? Or what about relish? Maybe we would like to add all three of these toppings plus extra stuff instead!

Question 7

Which Kardashian/Jenner sister is the best?

There are five Kardashian and Jenner sisters to choose from but listed here we are only going to think about four of them! It is trying to decide which of these sisters is the best one. Is it Kim Kardashian? She is notably the most famous sister of all with the most followers on social media. She is also the reason why the entire family is famous. Maybe it is Khloe. Khloe is the most relatable sister out of the bunch because she expresses herself openly and candidly on social media and in other ways.

Question 8

Pick a shoe style.

Time to pick a shoe style. Will it be heels, sneakers, sandals, or flats? Heels are all the rage when it comes to being fashionable and fitting in within a work environment. It all depends on how tall a pair of heels is when a woman is trying to decide if they are comfortable enough for her to wear all day long or not. Sometimes we might prefer wearing sneakers or sandals because they are way comfier and easy to walk around in. Flats are another style of shoe that is very easy to walk around in.

Question 9

What is more important? Thoughtfulness or romance?

Everybody likes the idea of falling in love and being in love. Who does not love the idea of love? Denying the fact that we are all built to love and be loved would be a joke! When it comes to being in love though, is it more important to be thoughtful or is it more important to be romantic? Do we want our significant other to show us higher levels of thoughtfulness or higher levels of romantic behavior? Maybe we want both of those things wrapped up in one! Sometimes we can have the best of both worlds.

Question 10

How many babies are on the way one day?

Some of us in the world do not want to have kids at all and others of us in the world want to have many kids! Some of us already have a child or two and are satisfied with the number as it already is. Having kids is a very big deal and it can be a very exciting and challenging thing to experience in life. It is the most beautiful thing to experience for a couple who feel that they are ready to bring a child into the world and raise a child the way that they want to raise that child up together.

Question 11

Pick a Jennifer Aniston movie.

Jennifer Aniston is one of the most talented and beautiful actresses of all time. She is constantly pitted up against Angelina Jolie when it comes to talent but they should not be compared to each other because they are in completely different realms when it comes to style. They both are very talented but they are both very different. The only thing that really links them together is the fact that they both had long-term relationships with a handsome and talented actor named Brad Pitt. Aside from him, they simply should not be compared to each other.

Question 12

Would a miniature golfing date be fun?

Would a miniature golfing date be a fun thing to do? Miniature golfing is a really fun way to get a little bit of exercise while taking in some romantic moments! The cool thing about miniature golfing is that it can help to people show their competitive side which can also bring out their playful side. It can take away some of the awkward conversation that may come about during a boring dinner date. Going miniature golfing gives people something fun to talk about.

Question 13

Binge watch one of these shows.

Black Mirror is one of the shows listed here and it is one of the coolest shows to be released on Netflix. It is definitely a show that makes people think super hard because it talks about the world in a way that a lot of people would rather avoid thinking. It makes us open up our minds and open up our thinking in a way that might even be a little bit uncomfortable! That is because it talks about technology and the future of the world in a way that could possibly happen at some point.

Question 14

What belongs on a pizza?

Pizza is one of the most incredible things that exist on this planet for us to be able to consume. Try to imagine the most delicious pizza on earth! What kind of toppings are on top of it? Is it pepperoni? Is it sausage? Is it pineapple? Or maybe it’s mushroom? Some people prefer to keep their pizza plain with just cheese on top… But that is so boring! It is always good to add something with a little bit of flavor to the top of the pizza in order to make it more special and more flavorful. Without toppings, we are missing out.

Question 15

Pick a Sandra Bullock movie.

Sandra Bullock is one of the most amazing actresses of our generation. She has been in some excellent movies and they are all listed above! There are plenty more movies that include her that have not been mentioned here because we simply did not have the space to mention them! One of the movies we listed below features her as an undercover agent who pretends to be a beauty pageant contestant in order to take down a bad guy. It is a very interesting movie to watch!

Question 16

Pick a vacation destination.

Time to pick a vacation destination to head off to! Are we taking a trip to Hawaii? Why not! Hawaii is a tropical wonderland with so many places to explore and so many cool things to see. Hawaii is filled with a lot of great chances to make good memories and opportunities to meet really family locals. It is definitely one of the top tourist attractions and destinations on the map. Who would want to miss a chance to visit Hawaii?

Question 17

Which grade of high school was the most fun?

In high school, we get to go through our freshman year, our sophomore year, our junior year, and our senior year. Those are four awesome years that we grow up before we enter into college. Not everyone chooses to go to college, but if one does decide to go to college, they have to do a good job during those four years in high school in order to make it there. Which of these four years was the best year spent in high school? Time to decide.

Question 18

Is it more important for a mate to be attractive or funny?

When we are searching for our soulmate, there are plenty of things that we like to pay attention to you when it comes to criteria! Is it more important for a mate to be attractive or funny? If our mate is attractive, that means that she or he is really nice to look at and that he or she probably gets a lot of attention. If our mate is funny, that means that he or she can probably cheer us up and make us laugh when we are feeling down.

Question 19

Pick an astrological sign.

There are 12 astrological signs on the chain for us to consider. For this question, we are only going to focus on four of those signs. The first sign we are going to wonder about is Aries. Is Aries assigned the best time? What about Taurus? What about Aquarius people? Maybe it is Capricorn folks that are truly the best. At the end of the day, it is up to us to decide which of these astrological signs is truly the best one to hang out with or potentially date.

Question 20

What belongs on an ice cream sundae?

Time to build the most delicious ice cream sundae of all time! What should go on top? Should it be hot fudge, rainbow sprinkles, Caramel drizzle, or maraschino cherry? Yes, obviously we like to add all of these things to an ice cream sundae on a typical day. But for this question, we really have to narrow things down to one decision. Which of these toppings can be the sole topping that would make an ice cream sundae totally taste amazing?

Question 21

Pick an acrylic nail shape.

Women who like to get their nails done sometimes like to get acrylic nails added to create length on their fingers! Having long nails adds a regal and elegant look to a woman’s hands. It is up to a woman to decide what type of shape she wants her nails to be. Does she want her nails to be pointy? Or maybe she would prefer her nails to be square shaped. Maybe she prefers her nails to be shaped like a coffin. If not, she might prefer an oval shape.

Question 22

Pick a cereal.

With so many cereal brands in the world to choose from, this question will not be an easy one to answer! We have narrowed it down to four choices of delicious cereal brands that are totally popular and taste totally amazing. All four of these brands are popular among children and youth. That does not mean that adults do not indulge in these delicious cereal brands either. Adults totally enjoyed the cereal brands just as much as kids do sometimes, if not more.

Question 23

Binge watch one of these shows.

Time to binge watch one of these TV shows! Which one will it be? The show pictured here is all about a group of women who are stuck in the jail system because the circumstances of their lives lead them to that point. It is actually a very poignant and funny show, even though it dives into subject matter that is very sad and emotional. The actors and actresses who make this show come to life do a really good job portraying the storylines.

Question 24

What belongs with pancakes (aside from syrup)?

We already know that syrup belongs on pancakes so that is not what we are wondering about for this quiz round question. Now, we are wondering what else should be added to the perfect stack of pancakes! Should it be bananas? Maybe it should be chocolate chips? Maybe it could be whipped cream instead? Or maybe even walnuts! These are some delicious options that people like to add to their stacks of pancakes before they take a bite. Decide now!

Question 25

Pick a video game princess.

Not everyone likes to play video games but there are plenty of people out there who really do enjoy playing video games! Video games are really fun because they can help pass the time on a boring day. They can help a slow hour speed up and seem way more enjoyable and fun. Which of these video game princesses is the best one to see when playing a fun video game. All of the princesses listed here are super cool.

Question 26

Which of these Katy Perry songs is best?

Katy Perry once said, "I'm kind of a good girl - and I'm not. I'm a good girl because I really believe in love, integrity, and respect. I'm a bad girl because I like to tease. I know that I have an appeal in my deck of cards. But I like to get people thinking. That's what the stories in my music do." (Brainy Quote). She is such an awesome singer with so many cool songs on the radio now.

Question 27

Pick an astrological sign.

Here we are once again, comparing different astrological signs! The first sign that we should consider here is Libra! Libra signs are known for being really kind and very friendly. The second sign that we are going to consider here is the Leo sign. Leo’s are compared to the animal lion! We are also going to consider Geminis and Pisces for this round. Those are two other really cool astrological signs that a lot of people love. Decide about these signs!

Question 28

Pick a Reese Witherspoon movie.

Reese Witherspoon once said, "My whole drive to be an actor was finding roles that I really believed represent modern women, the struggles that we deal with. Women who are strong and capable and in control of their own lives." (Brainy Quote). Which of these movie roles of hers is the best movie role of all? All of these movies are pretty great in their own ways but which one stands out the most in comparison to the others here?

Question 29

Who should Bella have chosen?

We all know that Bella Swan chose Edward Cullen to be her husband at the end of the day. But was that the right choice for her to make? Some people believe that she made the wrong choice and think that she should have picked Jacob Black instead of Edward Cullen. Maybe she would’ve been happier if she had chosen Jacob Black because she would have been able to maintain her human body without becoming a vampire. Did she choose correctly?

Question 30

Who should Elena have chosen?

Elena Gilbert is the lovely lead of the vampire diaries show series and we know that she chose to end up with Damon Salvatore for the rest of her life. Before she started dating Damon Salvatore, she was dating Stefan Salvatore and some people thought that they were a really good match! Who was the better match for Elena Gilbert? Was a Damon Salvatore, or Stefan Salvatore? Try to decide now. This is a hard question to answer for TVD fans.

Question 31

Skiing or Surfing?

Skiing and surfing are both outdoor sports that require a lot of balance! People who love to feel the rush of a lot of adrenaline might enjoy surfing and skating equally. People who love surfing prefer beach locations and warm weather. They love the feeling of the salty water on their skin. Other people who prefer cold weather might prefer to go skiing because that way they know that they will be surrounded by a whole lot of icy snow!

Question 32

Pick a Rachel McAdams movie.

Rachel McAdams once said, "I'm a hopeless romantic and I believe that you can find love in many different places and be very conflicted. I've discovered as I've grown up that life is far more complicated than you think it is when you're a kid. It isn't just a straightforward fairytale." (Brainy Quote). Which of these movies of hers is the best movie to watch? All of her movies are totally great but one of them must be the best.

Question 33

Pick a planet.

For this super fun quiz round, we are going to decide which of these planets is the best planet! Our solar system has some cool planets to choose from but for now, we are only going to focus on the four planets that we have narrowed it down to. Those four planets are Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, and Venus! Decide now about which of these planets is the best one. They are all very pretty and cool in their own ways.

Question 34

Binge watch one of these shows.

When it comes to binge-watching TV shows, we are all entitled to our own preferences and opinions. The four shows listed below are shows that are geared towards a younger female audience. One of the shows listed below is about a group of high school students who have to deal with an online blogger posting all of their secrets and stories to the Internet for the world to see and read. It is a very interesting show. Try to pick!

Question 35

Sephora or Ulta?

Both of these makeup stores are really fun to shop at because they’re filled with so many cool makeup brands. If we are in search of new lipstick, we can find awesome lipsticks at both of these store locations without a problem. If we are in search of a new eyeliner, lip gloss, blush, or foundation, both of the stores will definitely have exactly what we are looking for available for purchase without any issues! Try to decide between these stores.

Question 36

Pick an exercise.

Which of the exercises listed here is the best one to choose when it comes to getting healthy and getting fit? Is it the best thing ever to hop on the treadmill and run a couple of laps? Or maybe it’s better to lift free weights and strengthen our arms in our cores. Doing push-ups is definitely geared towards helping our shoulders, our arms, and our abs! Boxing is another fun way to exercise that doesn’t even feel like exercise because it is so exciting.

Question 37

Which of these Justin Bieber songs is best?

Justin Bieber once said, "I started singing about three years ago, I entered a local singing competition called Stratford Idol. The other people in the competition had been taking singing lessons and had vocal coaches. I wasn't taking it too seriously at the time, I would just sing around the house. I was only 12 and I got second place." (Brainy Quote). Which of the songs listed below by Justin Bieber is easily his best song ever, above the rest?

Question 38

Pick a shape.

This question might make us feel like we are going all the way back to elementary school! Back in elementary school, we learned about our ABC’s, our 123’s, and cool things including shapes and colors! For this question, we are going to focus on shapes. Which of the shapes listed here is the best shape to choose? Is it the circle shape, the square, the rectangle, or the octagon? Try to decide now between all of these super cool shapes.

Question 39

Which of these flowers is best?

Being on the receiving end of a bouquet of flowers is always a wonderful experience to have! Receiving flowers while in the office at work or while sitting in class at school is super romantic and it helps a young woman feel as though she is loved and cared for in a very deep way. What kind of flowers should be in that bouquet though? Should it be roses, lilies, tulips, or Daffodils? Try to decide about these flowers now.

Question 40

Pick a Kate Hudson movie.

Kate Hudson once said, "I didn't just wake up one-day understanding how to take care of myself. I had to learn how to do so over time, and I continue to learn - each and every day. This is a process, and my body is constantly changing. So is yours. And when I learned how to accept that I will always be like this, I relaxed. Our bodies do not stand still for a time." (Brainy Quote). Pick her best film!

Question 41

Which method of travel is best?

Which method of travel is the best one to choose? Is traveling by car the best way? The best thing about traveling by car is the fact that we can control our radio and play whatever music we like. We get to get from point a to point B in our own personal space. That is a very nice thing to feel. Traveling on boats, trains, and planes are also very common and popular in society today. Which of these methods is best?

Question 42

Pick a superpower.

Superpowers are super cool to have! The power of flight means that one has the ability to soar higher above the clouds alongside the planes and the birds. They are comparable to superheroes like Superman and Iron Man! Having the power of invisibility is also very cool because it means that one is able to disappear whenever they feel like and leave the vision of their enemy. That would be a very cool power to have. Pick a power now!

Question 43

Pick a hairstyle.

Time to pick a hairstyle! Some people like to wear their hair totally straight! Either their hair is naturally straight and it simply just grows that way, or they use a hair straightener in order to achieve the look. Other people preferred to wear their hair in a curled style so that their hair has a little bit of volume to it! Other people preferred to just simply tie their back into a ponytail or tie it into a bun in order to make it easier for themselves.

Question 44

Which of these Rihanna songs is best?

Rihanna is one of the most talented singers ever. On top of her talent, she is also extremely beautiful. Aside from her love of singing and dancing, she is also the designer of a clothing line and she is also the brains behind a beauty line with a lot of cool cosmetic products. She has proven herself to be a very talented woman with a high level of intelligence. She is able to spread her knowledge around into different areas in order to create more wealth for herself.

Question 45

Binge watch one of these shows.

All of the shows listed here are considered adult cartoons because they are animation entertainment with humor that is not suitable for children. The show pictured here is about a depressed horse who turns to substance use in order to cope with the way he views the world around him. He is very lonely and he did not expect for his life to turn out the way that it did. Unfortunately, his level of wealth, fame, and success had dire consequences for his life.

Question 46

Pick a female Gossip Girl character.

Gossip Girl was such a hit TV show and it’s time and it will still continue to be a hit TV show to this day. It’s still trends on Netflix all the time and it probably trends on Netflix for a reason! That is because it is filled with such dynamic characters who create such deep dialogue with each other through the different plot lines of the show. The main characters of the show are all friends with each other and at some point, they also sort of end up dating each other which is very interesting.

Question 47

Which of these Lady Gaga songs is best?

Lady Gaga is a huge talent and without her beautiful voice, the world would really be missing out. She broke out onto the scene at the age of 22 and now she’s already in her early 30s! That means that she has been famous for literally a decade! Each year has gotten bigger and bigger for her than the last year before it. There is no stopping her anytime soon. She has such a bright pathway ahead of her because she has such a powerful voice and such great energy.

Question 48

Pick a Pretty Little Liar character.

This is one TV show that attracted a lot of people. Even before the TV show was created, the characters have been thought about plenty of times from the book series that came before it. The book series is what inspired the TV show and the book series ends at a really good stopping point. Unfortunately, the TV show does not follow suit. The TV show decided to extend into seasons beyond what it should have and that led the storyline down a very strange path.

Question 49

Pick a day of the week.

Time to pick a day of the week. Which of the days listed below is considered the best day of the week? Is it Monday? Monday is the start of the week and it is a day that people enjoy if people enjoy what they do for a living. Wednesday is a great day also because it comes right in the middle of the work week. Friday is the final day of the work week before the fun weekend comes.

Question 50

What's more important? Fashion or comfort?

Yes, fashion is important, but so is one's level of comfort. Making sure one looks as if they are ready to hit the runway, even if it just another average day, is pretty spectacular and awesome. Making sure one is comfy to get their work done or relax is also very awesome. Some people, like Gigi Hadid, work in the fashion industry for a living so they are forced to dress up all the time. Other people don't feel a need.

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