Take This 60 Second Quiz To Find Out If You’re Harry Potter Or Draco Malfoy

The Harry Potter series is a collection of books and movies that revolve around the title character, a boy named Harry Potter. When he turns 11, he learns that his super ordinary life is actually not all that it seems. After his 11th birthday passes, he receives a letter that informs him that he's actually a wizard and has been invited to attend a school to learn to hone his magical skills! Whoa! The series follows his life while he's at school as the most powerful dark wizard in the world does his best to try to stop Harry.

In the series, there are a lot of other characters that have a big impact on Harry's life. He has friends, professors, family members, and even some people at Hogwarts that he doesn't exactly get along with. One of the people in this last category is a fellow student named Draco Malfoy. Draco Malfoy is totally different from Harry, from the house he's in to the type of family he comes from, and the two of them seriously do not get along. Many Harry Potter fans prefer one of these two characters over the other.

Who thinks they're more like Harry, and who thinks they're more like Draco? Take this quiz and we'll reveal who's who!

Question 1

What's in the Mirror of Erised?

The Mirror of Erised is a magical object in the Harry Potter series that is introduced in the very first installment of the series. This mirror is a magical one in that it doesn't just show the person looking into it. Instead, it actually shows the person looking into it with the thing that they want the most. For Harry, it showed him standing with his parents. For Ron, he was the Quidditch team captain. What would you see in the Mirror of Erised?

Question 2

What class did Dolores Umbridge teach temporarily?

Considering Hogwarts is a school that teaches magic, it's no surprise that it's not exactly an ordinary school. One thing that makes Hogwarts stand out from other schools is the fact that their classes and the professors that teach them are super unique! Throughout the series, there's one class that has some trouble keeping professors. That's a total bummer since it's such an important class for the students at the school! The professors they had weren't exactly the best every year either.

Question 3

Pick a creature.

Even though the main characters in the Harry Potter series are all witches and wizards, they're definitely not the only creatures in the series. There are also other creatures that are semi-human like vampires, Veelas, ghosts, and werewolves but then, there are creatures that are more like animals than humans. Hagrid introduces the students at Hogwarts, and the people watching or reading the series, to many of them throughout the series. Some are dangerous but they're all really awesome. Pick a favorite!

Question 4

Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff?

Even though Harry and Draco are in Gryffindor and Slytherin respectively, those two are not the only houses at Hogwarts. In total, there are four of them that have different traits that the students within them all have. Gryffindor and Slytherin may get a lot of attention throughout the series for different reasons but we can't forget about Hogwarts' other houses! If you were to be sorted into either Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, which of these Hogwarts houses would you choose?

Question 5

Pick a side character.

Even though the Harry Potter series is mainly focused on the main characters like Harry, Ron, and Hermione, there are also a lot of side characters that make appearances during the series that we totally love too. Some of them have larger parts in the series than others but that doesn't make any of them less important! All of us definitely have a favorite main character from the series, but which of these side-characters is your favorite from the series?

Question 6

Pick a wand core.

Anyone familiar with the Harry Potter series will know that every witch and wizard in the magical world of Harry Potter has to have a wand. When a young witch or wizard is getting ready to start their first year at Hogwarts, they go to Diagon Alley in order to buy all the supplies they're going to be needing for that year. One supply they keep using for the rest of their life is their wand. Pick a core for your wand!

Question 7

How did Voldemort choose his alias?

Lord Voldemort is the main villain in the Harry Potter series and is a name that not many witches and wizards in the series are interested in saying out loud because of the fact that he was such a dark, powerful wizard. But, before he was Lord Voldemort, he was a student at Hogwarts named Tom Riddle who found himself drawn into the world of dark magic. Most people knew him by the name Voldemort. How did he come up with this alias?

Question 8

Pick somewhere in the castle to hang out.

Even though the main reason for a witch or wizard to be at Hogwarts is definitely to learn, that doesn't mean that having fun while a student at the magical school isn't still totally possible. Classes definitely don't take up the entire day and there is downtime in between them. Whether you're doing homework or hanging out with the best friend you met while on the Hogwarts Express, there are a lot of fun places in the castle to spend your free time.

Question 9

What was accidentally added to Hermione's Polyjuice Potion?

The Polyjuice Potion is definitely a risky potion to try to create. In order to try to learn the story of the Chamber of Secrets, the three main characters in the series - Harry, Ron, and Hermione - decided to risk it and try to make one in order to disguise themselves and sneak into the Slytherin common room. Unfortunately, something went wrong with Hermione's when something unexpected was accidentally added to her potion. Uh oh! What was the extra ingredient?

Question 10

Kreacher or Dobby?

In the wizarding world, there are several different types of magical creatures that all have different roles in the world. House-elves are a type of creature in the wizarding world that typically work for a witch or wizard, or even a family of witches and wizards sometimes, and have various tasks that they follow through with for the witch or wizard that they work for. Dobby and Kreacher are two house-elves that appear in the series with very different personalities!

Question 11

Join the Quidditch team?

Quidditch is a sport in the Harry Potter series that combines a few different sports that we have in the Muggle world. On top of combining these sports, Quidditch has the magical twist of being played on broomsticks with magical equipment like the Golden Snitch! Pretty awesome, right? Each Hogwarts house has its own Quidditch team and then there are even professional Quidditch teams outside of the world of Hogwarts. Would you join the team or stay in the stands?

Question 12

Pick a store for a magic shopping spree.

In the wizarding world, there are a ton of different stores to go shopping. Although shopping in the Muggle world is a lot of fun, we can't deny that going to Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley, or even Knockturn Alley would be a ton of fun. There are so many shops located in these witch and wizard-only locations that we'd be heading home with no Galleons at all! If you could go on a shopping spree at one of these magical stores, which would it be?

Question 13

Pick a Dumbledore quote.

Throughout the majority of the Harry Potter series, Albus Dumbledore is the headmaster of Hogwarts. He's the person who leads the school and is in charge of everything going on within the castle's walls. He is a very important character and is really close to Harry, helping him with several strange situations that Harry manages to find himself in during the series. Throughout the series, he has several iconic quotes, some of which are inspirational while others are funny but they're all unforgettable.

Question 14

Who is this?

This character is a side character that was introduced during the third installment of the Harry Potter series. This character was introduced as a Ravenclaw who also attended Hogwarts but was a year ahead of Harry at the school. She became a fairly important figure for a part of the series because of the fact that she was dating Cedric Diggory, one of Hogwarts' two participants in the Triwizard Tournament. She was also a member of Dumbledore's Army after that.

Question 15

Pick a Patronus.

In the wizarding world, a Dementor is said to be the darkest creature that a witch or wizard can encounter. They're so dark that there's only one spell that can cast them back and that spell is difficult for a witch or wizard to be able to cast. That spell is called a Patronus and it appears in the form of an animal or other creature made up of a beam of light and is composed of positive energy. Which of these would yours be?

Question 16

Pick a favorite class.

Picking just one favorite class at Hogwarts would definitely not be an easy task. There are so many awesome classes at Hogwarts that teach everything about practicing magic, creating potions, and the history of the wizarding world. How could we pick just one? Just like at Muggle school, we're sure that not all of the classes at Hogwarts would be that awesome after the novelty of being a wizard started to wear off a little bit. Still, it wouldn't be hard to have a favorite class.

Question 17

It would hurt the most to be called __________.

Most people try to be a good person. And people who are trying to be good people definitely want others to recognize that and not call them something mean! For some people, it's important to be seen as strong and powerful, so being called weak wouldn't be great for them. For other people, they want to be seen as kind and friendly, so being told that they're unkind would be the worst! Which of these things would hurt the worst for someone to call you?

Question 18

Where is Honeydukes located?

The wizarding world has a ton of awesome stores that sell all kinds of things. From school supplies to novelty toys and prank supplies to the more darker objects in the magical world, there are a ton of different stores that offer different things that witches and wizards can purchase. Honeydukes is one store in the wizarding world that sells a huge array of candies and sweets like Chocolate Frogs, Acid Pops, Fizzing Whizzbees, and Tooth-Splintering Strongmints. Where is this store located?

Question 19

Before coming to Hogwarts, what was Gilderoy Lockhart?

One thing that anyone familiar with the Harry Potter series will know is the fact that Hogwarts wasn't great with doing background checks on the people they hired to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts each year. Considering it's such an important class, the fact that they had a couple questionable professors during the course of the series is pretty surprising! One of them was Gilderoy Lockhart who taught the class during the second installment in the series. What did he do before that?

Question 20

What Horcrux was the coolest?

In order to remain in power for as long as possible, Voldemort took some pretty extreme measures. The most extreme by far was the fact that he created several Horcruxes. A Horcrux, as any fan of the Harry Potter series will know, is an item that contains a piece of the creator's soul. Having a Horcrux is dangerous but it makes it so that the creator can't be defeated until all the Horcruxes are gone. Which of these that Voldemort made was the coolest?

Question 21

What loss from the series was the saddest?

This is a question that no fan of the Harry Potter series really wants to think about. Even though there were a lot of characters in the series that survived until the very end of the series and managed to go on to live a happy life, there are also a lot of characters in the series that didn't have such happy endings. Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to these characters at some point before the series ended. Which one was the saddest to handle?

Question 22

What was that Howler for?

No one wants to get a Howler. A Howler is a letter that is delivered to a student at Hogwarts that came straight from their parents and means that they're in big trouble. In the second installment of the Harry Potter series, Ron Weasley received one after he and Harry took his father's flying car without permission. Oops! A Howler is a bright red envelope that opens and screams the message at the recipient in the voice of the person who sent it. Why would you receive one?

Question 23

What is a Boggart's natural appearance?

A Boggart is a creature in the Harry Potter series that has a pretty unique nature. This creature is one that appears to witches and wizards in the form of the thing that they find the spookiest. For some, that's a spider or a snake. For others, it's something eerier like Voldemort or a Dementor. But, that's only what they look like when a person is looking at them. Who can remember what they look like in their natural state?

Question 24

Pick something to do after graduating from Hogwarts.

Most of the Harry Potter series follows the main characters while they're at Hogwarts. In the final parts of the series, it drifts away from their studies as young witches and wizards as they focus their efforts on trying to stop Lord Voldemort. But, for most witches and wizards, spending seven years at Hogwarts is definitely the norm. After that, it's important to find something to do with your life, like a magical profession of some kind. What will yours be?

Question 25

Felix Felicis is also known as what?

There are a lot of potions in the Harry Potter world that all do something different. There are also a ton of potions that can also have different effects on people, depending on the potion. Some are made to give to another person while others are created to be taken by the person who made them. Felix Felicis is one potion that appears in the Harry Potter series that has a special nickname based on what it does for the person who drinks it.

Question 26

Pick one of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans.

Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans are a candy in the wizarding world that come in a ton of different varieties. Some of them are totally normal flavors like cotton candy and butterscotch while others are a little more out there like dirt, grass, and toothpaste. Weird, right? A candy company has even made them for us Muggles to try - both the tasty and the slightly strange flavors. Which of these Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans would you like to taste?

Question 27

Pick a villain.

When we watch movies or TV shows or read books, we definitely root for the heroes and want the "good guy" to win in the end. But that doesn't mean that we don't totally love the villains sometimes, too! Some of them are pretty cool even if we know we're not supposed to like them. The Harry Potter series has a ton of villains that show up at different points in the series and some that stay through almost the entire thing.

Question 28

Pick a magical object.

In the Harry Potter series, there are a lot of different magical objects. Some of them are incredibly significant in the wizarding world and have a long history and stories attached to them. Some of them appear in the entire series while others only make a short appearance while a character needs to use it and then they disappear and make room for the inclusion of other magical objects. While some of them are kind of dangerous, all the magic objects in the series are totally cool.

Question 29

Pick a Quidditch position.

Each of the four houses at Hogwarts have their own Quidditch team. On top of the teams that play against one another at Hogwarts in special games when the students aren't busy with classes or exams, there are even Quidditch teams that play professionally after they leave their prospective wizarding schools! Pretty awesome, right? On the Quidditch team, there are several players that each have a different position and duty on the team. Pick one of these positions for yourself!

Question 30

Use Floo Powder or Apparate?

Everything just seems cooler in the wizarding world, doesn't it? Even traveling is so much cooler than the way we get around in the Muggle world. When the students are going to Hogwarts, they ride an awesome train through the countryside to the remote area where Hogwarts is located. When witches and wizards want to travel otherwise, they have a variety of methods including Floo Powder and Apparation. Floo Powder is used in fireplaces while Apparation involves simply disappearing and reappearing in another place.

Question 31

Did Voldemort invent the Sectumsempra curse?

Sectumsempra is a curse that appears in one of the later installments in the Harry Potter series. This curse is special because it's actually one that was created by a character in the series that is pretty important throughout the entire series. The curse was found written down in a book with a description that claimed that the inventor created it in order to be used against people that you don't like. Whoa! That's pretty extreme. Was Sectumsempra Voldemort's curse?

Question 32

What spell erased Hermione's parents' memories?

In the final installments of the Harry Potter series, the three main characters actually didn't return to Hogwarts to complete their magical education. This is super different from the other books and movies in the series that took place almost entirely during the school year. Instead, the three of them traveled out into the wizarding world to try to find all of Voldemort's seven Horcruxes. But first, Hermione used a spell to erase herself from her parents' memories so they wouldn't worry.

Question 33

Enter the Triwizard Tournament?

In the fourth installment in the Harry Potter series, we were introduced to the Triwizard Tournament. This is a challenge that brings together three different schools - Hogwarts, Durmstrang, and Beauxbatons - in order to compete in magical trials of strength, wit, and skill. Students over the age of 17 are allowed to enter and one student from each school is selected to compete in the different trials. They can be dangerous but it's also a very prestigious thing to win!

Question 34

In the series, this character was a _________.

This character's name is Myrtle Warren but if you didn't know her last name, you're not alone! Throughout the series, she's mostly referred to only as Myrtle or sometimes, Moaning Myrtle. She plays a pretty big part in the second installment in the series because of the fact that she spends almost all of her time in one of the bathrooms in Hogwarts and finds herself at the center of something strange going on in the castle. What is she?

Question 35

What did Ron see in his tea leaves?

Although Hermione didn't take Professor Trelawney's Divination class very seriously, we can't deny that it was actually kind of helpful! Surprising, right? Even though Trelawney seemed just a little bit wacky, she was clearly onto something with her assignments. When she had the students reading their tea leaves, Ron saw something in it that seemed like a pretty spooky sign for Harry's future. Luckily, it was all a big misunderstanding. Still, Trelawney was pretty worried when Ron looked into his leaves.

Question 36

Which skill would be most useful in the wizarding world?

In the wizarding world, there are a lot of skills that are really important for a witch or wizard to have. Being able to memorize spells and correctly concoct potions are two great skills that will definitely help any witch or wizard become talented in the world of magic, but there are other things that are important as well. How you can deal with other people in the wizarding world is definitely something to consider. Which of these skills do you consider the most valuable?

Question 37

Who did NOT get something from Dumbledore's will?

After the loss of their beloved Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, Hogwarts and the students attending the school really had a lot to deal with. The Ministry of Magic took a look at the items in Dumbledore's will before delivering them to their rightful new owners because they wanted to make sure there were no secret messages hidden within them. Unfortunately for the Ministry, it's safe to say they missed some things! Which of the main characters was left out of Dumbledore's will?

Question 38

Finish this sentence: rules are __________.

Rules exist everywhere. At Hogwarts, the rules are a little different than they are in the Muggle world because of the fact that witches and wizards have totally different concerns and things that they need to consider in their daily lives. While some people follow the rules down to the very last detail and would never even dream of stepping out of line, there are other people that think the rules are a lot more flexible and don't necessarily need to be so strict.

Question 39

Pick a pet.

When a student goes to Hogwarts, they're allowed to bring some personal items. Along with their school supplies like their books, their wand, their parchment, and their robes, another thing that students can bring to Hogwarts with them is a pet. How cute is that? Being able to bring an adorable animal along would make being a student at Hogwarts that much cooler. The options for a pet that can be brought along are somewhat limited but still totally cool.

Question 40

Pick a magic family.

The wizarding world really isn't all that different from the Muggle world. Sure, they have magic and broomsticks and potions and everything is totally awesome but underneath all of that, things are pretty similar to the world that us Muggles are in. For one thing, there are a lot of families in the wizarding world that are really well-known among all the other members of the wizarding world for one reason or another. Which of these magic families is your favorite?

Question 41

What did Draco's father buy to get him on the Quidditch team?

During his first year at Hogwarts, Harry managed to become one of the youngest people in a really long time to be asked to join his house's Quidditch team. Naturally, Lucius Malfoy wasn't going to let his son be left out. After Harry was made the Gryffindor Seeker, Lucius decided to buy something really nice for Hogwarts in order to make sure that Draco would have a spot on his house's Quidditch team as well. What did he buy the school in order to get Draco on the team?

Question 42

Pick a class to skip.

This question is one that Hermione would definitely not approve of! While many people couldn't imagine wasting any time at Hogwarts skipping a class when they could have spent it in the classroom learning some important magical skills, there are definitely other people that have at least one class they wouldn't want to attend every day. With such a large castle to explore, spending the entire day in the classroom would be a nightmare! Just don't let Filch catch you in the halls.

Question 43

Buy something from Weasley's Wizard Wheezes.

A lot of the Harry Potter series is pretty serious but luckily, there are some moments and characters that break up some of the darker aspects of the series and add some humor to it. One funny part of the series that definitely adds a lot of humor is the inclusion of the Weasley twins, Fred and George. Until, that is, we lost one of them but let's not focus on that part! The two of them opened a joke shop with tons of awesome novelty products.

Question 44

Pick a group to join.

Choose carefully! In the Harry Potter series, there are different groups of witches and wizards that come together based on different hobbies or interests they have. Two groups in the series are fairly serious ones that aren't just for a hobby like a love of stargazing or a Quidditch team fan club. These two are the Order of the Phoenix and the group of people that follow Voldemort. These groups are very different with totally different interests and ideas for what should happen in the wizarding world!

Question 45

Pick a student stereotype.

Even though Hogwarts is undeniably cooler than a normal school, it's hard to deny that some aspects of normal schools definitely still apply to the world of Hogwarts. This includes some of the stereotypes that often describe students at different schools. Some students are definitely teacher's pets that are constantly talking to the teacher and raising their hands in class while other students are the class clown that constantly make people laugh. As a student at Hogwarts, which stereotype would you fit into?

Question 46

Pick a Weasley.

The Weasley family is one of the largest families in the Harry Potter series and is like a second family to Harry at times. It's nice that they're so warm and welcoming to Harry considering his real family, the Dursleys, aren't exactly open to accepting him and his magical abilities into their lives. The Weasley family consists of Harry's friend Ron Weasley, his parents, and his many siblings. They appear at different times in the series, for different amounts of time, and have very different personalities and lives.

Question 47

Pick a Triwizard Tournament task.

The Triwizard Tournament is a competition that brings together three - or, in the case of the time Hogwarts hosted it in the 1990s, four - young witches and wizards who have to compete in various tasks in order to test their magical skills, strength, and wit. The three tasks take different skills in order to complete them meaning that most people would definitely excel at one or two while struggling somewhat with the other task or tasks. Which of these would you be best at?

Question 48

What's the coolest part of Hogwarts?

For many people, the coolest part of Hogwarts is definitely being in a school for learning all kinds of awesome magic. But there are a lot of really cool aspects of the castle itself like the decorations, the rooms in the castle, and other parts of the structure. Being a student at Hogwarts and being able to learn a bunch of awesome spells and potions is great but there are other parts of Hogwarts that are really cool too. Pick one of them!

Question 49

Pick one of the animals.

Even though most of the characters in the Harry Potter series are humans, there are also a few different animals that appear throughout the series. Whether they're pets or something more than they appear to be, the animals in the series are almost as cool as the humans and are often super helpful to the human characters in one way or another. Who doesn't love a totally adorable animal? Even a Muggle couldn't resist loving these characters! Which was your favorite?

Question 50

Which character's middle name is James?

What's in a name? In the case of the characters in the Harry Potter series, a lot. Several of the characters in the Harry Potter series have really unique names or names that are special in their lives in some way. For instance, there's one character in the series who got his middle name from one of his parents, something that is a huge deal throughout the series. How many Harry Potter fans can remember which character has the middle name of James?

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