Take This 2-Minute Test And We'll Tell You Which Vampire You're Most Like

We know that they are dangerous, but we just can't seem to stay away from them. Not only are vampires dark and mysterious, but they are usually pretty attractive as well. All of that being said, it only makes sense that we are so drawn to these creatures and their epic stories of adventure and romance.

Today we have built the ultimate vampire quiz for everyone to take. We will be asking questions surrounding all of the best vampire stories we have ever heard. We are talking Twilight, Buffy, The Vampire Diaries, and even The Originals. Once everyone has answered all of the questions as best they can, we will be able to let everybody know which of these legendary vampires they are the most like! Who's ready for this thirst-quenching quiz?

Question 1

Rate Buffy Summers

Question 2

Who turned Edward Cullen into a vampire?

Question 3

Rate Elena Gilbert

Question 4

Werewolves or vampires?

Question 5

Rate Bella Swan

Question 6

Rate Edward Cullen

Question 7

What was Dawn Summers called?

Question 8

Rate Stefan Salvatore

Question 9

How many seasons of The Originals are there?

Question 10

Rate Damon Salvatore

Question 11

Pick a vampire power

Question 12

Rate Caroline Forbes

Question 13

Pick a clan to join

Question 14

Pick a Salvatore brother to date

Question 15

Rate Niklaus Mikaelson

Question 16

What is the name of Buffy's squad?

Question 17

Pick a show

Question 18

Rate Angel

Question 19

How many seasons of The Vampire Diaries are there?

Question 20

Rate Rosalie Hale

Question 21

Pick a villain from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Question 22

Rate Carlisle Cullen

Question 23

Pick a villain from Twilight

Question 24

Rate Elijah Mikaelson

Question 25

What was Angel's first gift to Buffy?

Question 26

Rate Bonnie Bennett

Question 27

Pick a place to live

Question 28

In which Twilight film did Edward leave Bella?

Question 29

Rate Lorenzo St. John

Question 30

Name this Twilight character

Question 31

Rate Esme Cullen

Question 32

What is the name of Elena's doppelganger?

Question 33

Pick a Cullen to date

Question 34

How many Twilight films are there?

Question 35

Team Spike or Team Angel?

Question 36

Rate Rebekah Mikaelson

Question 37

Pick a slayer

Question 38

Rate Hayley Marshall

Question 39

Which Twilight clan would win in a fight?

Question 40

Rate Jacob Black

Question 41

How many seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer are there?

Question 42

Who was not a member of the Volturi?

Question 43

Rate Jasper Hale

Question 44

Pick a character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Question 45

Rate Emmett Cullen

Question 46

Who turned Elena into a vampire?

Question 47

Rate Marcel Gerard

Question 48

What animals are used to describe Edward and Bella?

Question 49

Rate Katherine Pierce

Question 50

Which of the Cullens did not originally like Bella?

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