Take This 2 Minute Quiz And Find Out How Fun Guys Think You Are

Let's face it, every person out there would love to be considered a lot of fun where it counts the most, but many people simply aren't. It is always best to be who we are, and the is usually the best way to find the right person. However, the people out there having the most fun are the ones that people want to be around, so it can be easy to want to be like that every now and again. Sometimes, it takes the right person to bring out the other side of us, and when that piece comes out, it's a whole new ball game.

Today, we are giving people a reality check by letting them know just how fun guys think they are!

Question 1

With The TV On or Off?

Question 2

Have A Drink Neat or On The Rocks?

Question 3

Stay Inside or Go Out?

Question 4

Travel A Lot or Stay Put?

Question 5

Strawberries or Cherries With Champagne?

Question 6

Have Fun With Strangers or Only Close Friends?

Question 7

A Day At The Ballpark or A Night On The Town?

Question 8

Get To Know Each Other Slowly or Dive Right In?

Question 9

In The Kitchen or In The Bathroom?

Question 10

Marriage or Single Life?

Question 11

City Life or Country Life?

Question 12

Camping Trip or Beach Day?

Question 13

Fun At Work or Strictly Business?

Question 14

Road Trip With Friends or Solo Adventure?

Question 15

Talk It Out or Party It Out?

Question 16

New Clothes For The Club or Old Clothes For The Couch?

Question 17

Invite Friends To Play or Keep It At Two?

Question 18

Read A Book or Watch A Movie?

Question 19

Play Hard To Get or Cut Loose?

Question 20

Girls Night Out or Girls Night In?

Question 21

Play In The Grass or Play In The Mud?

Question 22

Introduce Him To The Family or Keep Him Secret?

Question 23

Cute And Sweet or Tenacious And Alive?

Question 24

Fun With A Co-Worker or Keep It Professional?

Question 25

Get The Friends Approval or Do Your Thing?

Question 26

Cute Dates or Get To Business?

Question 27

Bar Hookup or Blind Date?

Question 28

Set The Mood or Waste No Time?

Question 29

Send Cute Photos or Send Private Photos?

Question 30

In A Barn or Under The Stars?

Question 31

In A Hotel Room or In The Hotel Lobby?

Question 32

A Well-Dressed Man or Someone Who Keeps It Real?

Question 33

Use The Friend Zone or Ghost Him?

Question 34

Date A Dork or Wait For A Jock?

Question 35

Under The Fireworks or Under The Stars?

Question 36

On A Train or In A Plane?

Question 37

Be Safe or Go For It?

Question 38

After Graduation or During The Ceremony?

Question 39

During Class or After School?

Question 40

Meet His Friends or Lay Low?

Question 41

Cheap Date or Make Him Pay Big?

Question 42

At The Park on In A Parking Lot?

Question 43

Fun At The Club or A Night With The TV?

Question 44

Fun With A Party Boy or A Quiet Guy?

Question 45

Enjoy The Little Things or Keep It Moving?

Question 46

In The Garage or On The Porch?

Question 47

Fun With A Musician or Fun With A Student?

Question 48

Healthy Relationship or A Struggle?

Question 49

Communicate or Make Him Think About It?

Question 50

Dress Up Like A Cheerleader or A Nurse?

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