Take This 2-Minute Pregnancy Test And We'll Reveal How Many Kids Are In Your Future

Pregnancy is a scary but beautiful thing. A woman literally grows an entire human being inside her body for just nine short months. Over the course of those nine months, there are a lot of changes that happen both mentally and physically. There are a ton of things about pregnancy that many people do not know. Some women can't wait to have kids and build a family, they have always dreamed of having little ones running in circles around them. Whereas other women like their freedom to get up and go at the drop of a hat, therefore they don't particularly see children in their future. Either way, there are some things about pregnancy that women should know because they can affect the baby for years to come.

Some pregnancy facts are well-known because they are featured in movies and television shows, such as women getting crazy cravings and gaining weight. Whereas others are not as well-known because they are really only talked about between pregnant women and their doctors. This quick pregnancy quiz will be able to help women determine just how many children may be in their future.

Question 1

How many months is a woman pregnant?

Being pregnant definitely has a lot of ups and downs, there is no denying this. Some women are lucky enough to experience a relatively easy pregnancy whereas others encounter some problems along the way. Either way, most women are pretty happy to have their body back to themselves by the end of their pregnancies.

Question 2

What is the "ideal" age to get pregnant?

There may never really be an "ideal" time to get pregnant but medically, there is a certain age where doctors believe that it is the best time to have a baby. At this time a woman's body is fully matured but has not really started to age much so there is a very good chance that the baby will be born healthy, depending on an individuals genetic makeup of course.

Question 3

How big can a woman's uterus grow during pregnancy?

A woman has a hard job; they literally have to grow an entire human life inside of their body. As a result of this little human hitching a ride inside of them for almost a year, their body changes in ways that they never imagined that it could. The uterus is where the baby stays while in their mother's stomach, this is the place that it grows until it is ready to come out.

Question 4

What organ gets bigger when a woman is pregnant?

There are many things that get bigger when a woman gets pregnant. Although many people think it is just a woman's belly that gets bigger one of their organs actually grows in order to accommodate this new little life that is growing inside of them. Although the baby starts out pretty small, it does require a lot from its mother and this organ must work overtime to keep everyone healthy.

Question 5

When does a baby start to hear voices?

When a baby first starts out, they are literally the size of a pea but eventually, they are a fully functioning baby, as a result, it is no shock that at some point in pregnancy, they can hear the voices of the people around them. They can usually pick out their mother's voice above all else as they are always with them and constantly hear them talking to others.

Question 6

What is the longest recorded pregnancy?

Pregnancy can be a bit of a rough road which is why many women look forward to their due date. Once they have their little bundle of joy, they will finally be able to see the little one that was kicking them and causing them discomfort for the past couple of months. However some women end up exceeding their due date and having to deliver a bit later than expected.

Question 7

What is one thing that babies can do in the womb?

Babies spend a decent amount of time in their mothers womb so it only makes sense that they would get a bit bored in there. They are not able to get up and walk out whenever they feel like it but there are some things that they are able to do while in the womb that many people may not realize. Out of the list below, what is one thing that a baby can do in the womb?

Question 8

What week can a doctor usually use an ultrasound to tell the gender of a baby?

One of the most exciting parts of pregnancy is finding out whether or not the baby is a boy or a girl. Some women chose to not find out the gender of their baby whereas others cannot wait to find out if they will have a son or daughter. Either way, what week can a doctor typically be able to see the gender of the baby?

Question 9

What sense is heightened in pregnant women?

There is one sense above all others which is heightened when a woman is pregnant. There is a lot going on in a woman's body when she is growing a little human life in her body so it only makes sense that her body would change quite a bit. Which sense seems to heighten when a woman gets pregnant?

Question 10

What organ does a woman's body develop during pregnancy?

Now this question may sound a little bit weird because how does a woman grow a literal organ, but it does happen! This organ helps the baby stay healthy and it is the main way that nutrients is passed to the unborn baby. This organ gets kind of big but once the baby is delivered, so is this organ. It regrows every time a woman gets pregnant.

Question 11

What does heartburn during pregnancy typically mean?

There are tons and tons of myths that revolve around pregnancy but one that is pretty popular is that heartburn during pregnancy indicates something. Most of the myths that involve pregnancy hold no truth, but this is actually not a myth and holds some truth. So what does heartburn during pregnancy typically mean?

Question 12

How many babies are born with teeth?

One thing that most mothers look forward to is seeing their baby's gummy little smile. However, there are some babies that are born with teeth, or at least one tooth. This is not very common however it does happen and is something that expecting mothers should do a little bit of research on just in case.

Question 13

What is the oldest recorded woman who had a baby?

Most women have their babies when they are pretty young so that they can be there for all of their big milestones, or at least intend to be there for all of their big milestones. However, it is getting more and more common for women to have children later in life when they are more financially and emotionally stable.

Question 14

What softens during pregnancy?

A woman has the toughest job of all, well at least their bodies have the toughest jobs. They are responsible for growing a human life and maintaining this life for almost an entire year. This obviously takes a toll on a woman's body and a lot of changes occur during pregnancy.

Question 15

How much water does a womb hold?

The womb is where the baby stays for the first couple of months of its life and is basically its home for the duration of the pregnancy. There is water in the womb that keeps the baby comfortable and safe during their time inside of their mother. How much water does this womb actually hold during pregnancy?

Question 16

What happens to a woman's hair during pregnancy?

There are many things that change on a woman's body when she is pregnant with a child. Some of the things are for the better and others are not as welcomed. One thing that changes when a woman gets pregnant is her hair. It generally depends on the individual if this change is dramatic but it does happen in a good amount of women.

Question 17

What does a woman produce more of during pregnancy?

A woman's body must work overtime when they are carrying a baby because all of their organs and systems are trying to take care of not just one person but two people! There is one thing that her body produces more of during pregnancy in order to keep everyone happy and healthy.

Question 18

How often does a pregnant woman have to go to the doctor?

There are a lot of questions and concerns when a woman is pregnant so making sure that they attend their doctor appointments is very important. Pregnant woman may seem like they are always going to the doctor or calling up their doctor with their newest concerns but how often do women have to go to the doctor when they are pregnant?

Question 19

Is pregnancy brain real?

There are many pregnancy myths and old wives tales that are thrown at pregnant women on a daily basis. One of the more common ones is "pregnancy brain". This basically means that women who are pregnant have a tendency to forget things more often then those who are not. Is "pregnancy brain" a real thing or is it just a myth?

Question 20

What is the average size of a full-term baby?

Of course all babies range in size when they are born, however there is an average size of newborn baby in the United States. This average size is the weight that the majority of babies born in the United States are or are around when they are first born. This of course does not reflect all of the babies born.

Question 21

What percentage of women give birth to twins?

It is already a bit of a scary and stressful thing having one baby, but what is it like having two at the same time?! Although twins can be a bit stressful, they are also double the fun and double the love! Some people are terrified at the thought of having twins and others hope to have the chance to carry two babies at the same time.

Question 22

What percentage of women experience morning sickness?

One of the biggest signs that make women believe they are pregnant in the beginning is morning sickness. This is mainly nausea and vomiting that only occurs in the morning. Some people experience this really badly whereas others don't experience it at all. It basically is by chance as to who gets it and who doesn't.

Question 23

What is the most common pregnancy craving?

Another thing that seems to come along with pregnancy is cravings. Some women have totally crazy cravings whereas others have some that are generally pretty normal. There is one thing that pregnant women seem to crave above all else. Is it candy or maybe fast food?

Question 24

How much does the fetus pee towards the end of the pregnancy?

Towards the end of the woman's pregnancy, a baby basically does everything that it would do outside of the womb, and then some! The baby can open its eyes, yawn and even go to the bathroom. How much does the baby pee in the womb towards the end of the pregnancy?

Question 25

Why is it important that expectant mothers maintain a healthy diet?

Trying to maintain a healthy diet can be a bit difficult during pregnancy because pregnant women tend to have a lot of cravings. A majority of these cravings are not healthy so it is easy to see where the problems occur. However, it is important to make sure that a pregnant woman keeps a healthy lifestyle, or at least tries to.

Question 26

What part of a woman's body grows during pregnancy?

A woman's body changes a lot during pregnancy, this is not surprising seeing that they are literally growing another human being inside of them! There are a couple of things that grow on a woman's body during pregnancy apart from their belly of course, so out of the list below what typically grows on a woman during pregnancy?

Question 27

What is it called when a baby has to be taken out throughout surgery?

Everyone has a birth plan that they hope goes off without a hitch. However, babies tend to come at the most inconvenient times and things rarely go as planned as far as births are concerned. If the birth is not progressing as naturally as it should or the baby is in distress then the doctors may make the decision to take the baby out through surgery instead of waiting for them to make their grand entrance.

Question 28

What percentage of births are cesarean deliveries?

Many women hope for the perfect birth story where everything goes smoothly and just as planned. Of course birth is one of the most spontaneous and unpredictable things that could possibly happen. There is no real way to tell when the baby will come and sometimes birth does not progress at the rate at which it should.

Question 29

How soon after both does a baby have to go see a doctor?

When having a baby, especially as new parents, there are so many facts and so much information that is thrown at the parents in the hospital. It can be a bit hard to remember all of it, but one thing that is most important is making sure that the baby is taken to the doctor when they need to. This ensures that they are healthy and meeting all of their milestones.

Question 30

What is the party called that is thrown for most first-time mothers?

Pregnancy is a lot of things, it can be scary but it is also a very exciting time. It is a time to celebrate the new life that is growing inside of the expectant mother which is why most first time mothers have a party thrown for them. This party is when they get many of the essentials, it is a great head start to getting everything that they need for their new bundle of joy.

Question 31

How many women bleed during pregnancy?

There are some things that many believe are not normal during pregnancy so when they happen, it can scare the heck out of them. Some women find that they bleed during pregnancy and typically freak out at the sight of it. However, it is more common then many realize. How many women bleed during pregnancy?

Question 32

Which food should pregnant women stay away from?

There are many things that pregnant women are told to stay away from in order to protect their baby from harm. There are certain foods that do not seem to have the best effect on babies in the womb, as a result most pregnant women are given a list of foods to stay away from pretty early on in their pregnancy.

Question 33

When is travel safe during pregnancy?

Many women believe that it is not safe to travel by plane at all during pregnancy, but this may not be the case at all. There may be a time during pregnancy that it is safe to travel as long as it is within reason and a doctor is informed of your plans. So when is it safe to travel during pregnancy if it even is safe at all?

Question 34

How many women get pregnant every second?

There are a lot of people in the world, like a whole lot. This means that women are constantly getting pregnant and having babies all around the world! Every woman experiences similar things while pregnant but each pregnancy is unique in its own way, even pregnancies that are experienced by the same person.

Question 35

What is the average weight gain during pregnancy?

Of course every single woman has her own, personal experience when it comes to pregnancy but weight gain is pretty much inevitable. It only makes sense that a woman will gain weight seeing as she has another human being growing inside of her, the baby may start out small but it grows pretty quickly over the course of nine months.

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