Take The Vampire Quiz To See What Your Hubby Will Look Like

Calling all of the creatures of the night of the world. This quiz is for any and everyone who dedicated their middle school years to the Twilight series. This quiz is for everyone who spent literal hours thirsting over the pages of an Anne Rice novel, dreaming about which Vampire Diaries character they might one day call their own, drooling over gothic storefront displays, and running to the movie theatres the moment that any film related to the vampire genre. Those vampire filled middle school years were the days. And even if one still loves all things immortal, we have grown and have different priorities now. Some of us might even be in the market for a husband.

So why not combine those former and future interests? This quiz will not only tickle the immortal create of the night within the soul of those who take it but it will also saddle them with a vampiric beau to call their own after completion. What more could someone ask for? So whiten and floss those fangs (hey, just because one is immortal does not mean that dental hygiene gets thrown out the window,) grab the most beautiful and elaborate cape in that closet, and get ready to find an immortal beau to spend each and every never-ending night with for all of eternity.

Question 1

Which Bed is Most Appealing?

Hey, sometimes even vampires need to catch a few Z's every now and again. And, to do so, one needs a place to lay their head to rest. But what kind of immortal has it best? Or is the entire point of immortality to never ever have to sleep again?

Question 2

Which Item Is A No-No?

Everyone has a weakness. Even immortals. And everyone is immortal, until they aren’t. Some items present a huge risk to certain breeds of Vampires while the exact same object will do nothing more than just instigating a giggle fit. Which item could stop this immortal right there in their tracks?

Question 3

Which Colour Draws The Eye?

Not every vampire lair has to be poorly lit, cobwebbed, and painted in shades of black. Sometimes the mood strikes and one needs to shed a little light onto their situations. Bright colours, fun furniture, house plants, and quirky/ kitschy decor are all the range in the millenial vampire world.

Question 4

Which Immortal Lady Wins?

Though this quiz is about determining which vampire husband is best, that doesn’t mean that the immortal girls should be left out. In order to make sure one will get along with one’s vampire beau, one needs to ensure that they will get along with their female immortal friends as well.

Question 5

Who Knows About The Immortality?

Once bitten, who will become aware of this newfound immortal condition? Should this new life be kept secret from the world? Should the new vampire cut off their previous relationships entirely? Can one juggle the immortal and mortal versions of themselves? Or are those relationships doomed from the first bite?

Question 6

Which Food Will Be Missed?

There are a lot of wonderful things about being a creature of the night, this is true. But, unfortunately, there will be a lot of things that one will have to give up after being bitten. Be prepared to say goodbye to every delicious food ever made by humans.

Question 7

Which Supernatural Television Show is Best?

Just because one is immortal does not mean that they cannot enjoy a nice Netflix binge every now and again. I mean, if one does not need to sleep, just imagine how much more hours in the day there will be for uninterrupted media consumption. Sign me up, please and thank you.

Question 8

What Halloween Movie is Best?

Skip the parties, don’t bother with trick or treating, and don’t even think about leaving the house. The best way to spend a Halloween is to stay home and watch Halloween movies for hours on end. It truly is the only way. No other plans are valid. I’m sorry but they aren’t.

Question 9

Which Disney Princess is Secretly Immortal?

Not everything has to be so spooky and dreary 24/7. Sometimes it can be beneficial to inject some whimsy into one’s daily routine. And no one is too good for Disney, not even the creatures of the night. Every single person has a favourite Disney princess. And that favourite says something about them.

Question 10

Which City is Home?

Which city is the best one in which to build a lair and spent eternity? Some vampires are satisfied with a life of movement and fluidity. But others are simply not convinced that the nomadic way of life is the best way to live. Sometimes stability is better than exploration.

Question 11

Which Period Had The Best Fashion?

Alright, it is time to make a decision. One cannot walk around in ripped clothes from two centuries ago while under the impression that they are still in vogue. Either one commits to sticking to well-maintained clothes from their immortal life, updates their wardrobe, or simply decides not to care.

Question 12

Which Drama/Comedy Should Be Immortal?

Let’s be honest. Vampires, and other immortals, have a flair for the dramatic. Every entrance, every exit, every conversation is always dripping with drama in the highest degree. But hey, they can’t help it. Something about immortality makes everything seem like a bigger deal. It’s like high school in that way.

Question 13

Which Holiday Should Vampires Celebrate Too?

Being immortal does not mean that one has to cease celebrating all mortal holidays. In fact, it simply means that there are far more years in which to celebrate those human holidays. Imagine holding onto Christmas decorations for a thousand years. I wonder how those unbreakable ornaments would hold up.

Question 14

Which Animal Companion Will Be Called?

Immortality just is not worth it if one cannot bring a furry friend along for the ride. Becoming a creature of the night would just not be worth the effort if it means not being allowed a fuzzy companion to call my own. I wonder if I could make my cat immortal too.

Question 15

Which Famous Witch is Best?

Supernatural beings need to find a way to get along in the face of adversity. We truly have to find a way to put those differences aside and get along in the end. Humans just do not understand what it is truly like to be a creature of the night.

Question 16

Which Mythical Creature Wins?

Here is a big question for the people of the internet. Are the supernatural creatures of the world considered mythological creatures as well? Is there overlap or are they entirely different entities? If vampires are real, does that mean that each and everyone of those other creatures are real as well?

Question 17

What Superpower is Best?

Though the mortal life was fun, the sheer lack of supernatural abilities was truly a bit of a let down. In this next life, the immortal life, I am hoping for powers. The best thing about this new immortal life is all of the amazing powers that comes with it.

Question 18

What is Spookiest?

Everyone is afraid of something. Even immortals. Yes, I know that they are impervious to loss of life but that does not stop the ability to experience fear. Spiders, ghosts, student loans, and much more can be spooky enough to send a slight spook up the most powerful immortals spine.

Question 19

Which Fictional Place Should We Visit?

Though some fictional worlds are places that we never want to visit at any point in or lives (mortal or otherwise.) However, the rest of the places are so wonderfully delightful that the mere thought of the places not existing plunks both mortals and immortals into a never ending sadness.

Question 20

Which Villain Deserves To Be Bitten?

Which one of these villains is so vile that they would be the perfect candidates for an immortals first snack? Which one of these characters deserves to be turned into a human Capri Sun? If one could even stomach the snack. Whose mortal offences are so numerous that they cannot be over looked?

Question 21

What Device Should Ward Off Immortals?

Being immortal does not mean that one is impervious to any side effects that anti-vampire objects may bring. Some humans have not taken kindly to our species and will do their best to ward us off. And that includes protecting themselves with little trinkets that mean us nothing but harm.

Question 22

Which Star Sign Should Be Immortal?

Now, this does not have to be the star sign assigned to any particular person. It can simply be one that one finds themselves drawn towards. Even though astrology can be a bit hokey, it turns out that immortals put quite a bit of faith into the whole star-sign system.

Question 23

Which Actress Should Play a Vampire?

Alright, we are making a film about a cool modern vampire who is just trying to earn her degree in a modern university without annoying knowing that she is immortal. Set as a romantic comedy, this film will focus entirely on the increasingly hilarious hijinks needed to keep her secret.

Question 24

What Will Be Hardest to Give Up?

Though food has already been addressed, edible confections are not the only things that one must give up when entering into a new life as an immortal. One must also think about the people, the places, and the weather that will now become inaccessible to immortals for the rest of time.

Question 25

Which Hogwarts House Contains Vampires?

Let’s be real for just a second. We all know that one house is clearly hiding a group of vampiric witches from the rest of the world. But which house would risk themselves to protect others? The cunning Slytherins? Those brave Gryffindors? The innovative Ravenclaws? Or those kind Hufflepuffs?

Question 26

What Time of Day is Best?

Though the majority of immortals (vampires especially) are strictly warned against ever stepping foot outside, it is important to note that that does not mean that they don’t have a favourite time of day. Though most prefer night, some vampires still find those elusive and tantalizing daylight hours equally appealing.

Question 27

Which Quote Wins?

There is just something about vampire film. Each and every single one of them is filled to the brim with beautiful quotes about eternal devotion, true love, and a commitment like no other. These quotes are so eloquent and lovely that I might sneak a few of these into my vows.

Question 28

Which Flower Draws The Eye?

When marrying the immortal beau, this quiz assigns those taking it, one needs to think of what flowers they will choose to make up their bridal bouquet. Choose from the selection of four gothic flowers below and create a vampiric bouquet to give up one’s life for. Be careful when tossing.

Question 29

Which Book Wins?

Since immortals have no use for things like sleeping or naps, they are able to dedicate much more time to the things that truly matter in life. Like reading. Imagine how many books one could read if one did not need to take sleeping breaks between chapters every few hours.

Question 30

Which Period Film is Best?

Rose coloured glasses make every day before this one seem so much better. Nostalgia can be truly lovely but if one lives in the past one will rob themselves both of a present and a future. Here’s to the immortals who have hundreds of years of memories to wish back.

Question 31

Which Fictional Battle is Best?

Though historical battles can be a sombre thing, fictional battles can be utterly majestic at times. Though they can bring about a lot of potential heartache, it can also be incredibly beautiful to watch from a cinematographer lens. However, if one team contains immortals of any form things can go south quickly.

Question 32

Which Taylor Swift Song is an Immortal Anthem?

Let’s level for a second. There is no way that each and every celebrity is not an immortal in some shape or form. The ones the age are merely hiding their youth under a series of protesthics. So, in honour of these immortal celebrities, which Taylor Swift song is a total vampiric anthem?

Question 33

Which Traditional Potion Ingredient Wins?

There is no need for immortal beings to be enemies. Witches, werewolves, vampires, and ghosts should all figure out some way to get along, join hands, sing a verse or two of “Kumbaya” around the campfire, and rally together against the humans. Let’s share our knowledge and tricks amongst supernatural creatures.

Question 34

Which Modern Tech Vexes Immortals?

Though not every vampire was created at the dawn of time, a majority of our fellow immortals were bitten many centuries ago and thus, the adjustment to the technology boom of the 20th and 21st centuries has taken a while to get used to. Which technology would vex modern immortals the most?

Question 35

Which Addams Family Member is Best?

Though not explicitly immortal, the members of the Addams family are honorary supernatural figures. They may not possess any special immortal powers and they may pass away due to natural causes once they reach old age, but they have that immortal aesthetic down pat and that’s all that truly matters.

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