Take The Titanic Quiz That Only A 90s Girl Can Hope To Pass

Titanic is one of those movies that we curl up and watch just to relax and relive one of the most epic love stories of all time. Who didn't spend their young life rooting for the unfortunate romance of Jack and Rose, while watching it unfold on the splendor of the doomed ship? We all knew what would happen to Titanic, but we didn't know that we'd be so totally affected by the epic love story that is Jack and Rose while we were watching it!

We all like to think that we know Titanic, but how many of actually really do? As it turns out, most so-called Titanic fans really don't know the ins and outs of this famous movie! There are plenty of insider secrets, secondary characters and stuff that only came out later to take into account! Only a true diehard Titanic fan will be able to ace this quiz, which dives deeper than most Titanic quizzes ever go to really separate the true fans from the posers! Who thinks they are up for the challenge? It's time to test some serious Titanic skills and see who is a true fan. Ready to go back to Titanic?

Question 1

Where did Jack ask Rose to meet him?

Let's start off with a comparably easy one to test some preliminary skills. Rose and Jack are the star-crossed duo who won our hearts in the film "Titanic". We remember them from the epic end of the movie, where they are running all over the ship searching for a way off, but let's rewind the clock just a little bit. Where did Jack first ask Rose to meet him- and make it count? Who remembers the exact location? Choose below.

Question 2

What ship helped Titanic’s survivors?

The lucky survivors of Titanic were bobbing around in lifeboats in the freezing waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. In the movie, as in real life, this ship came to save the Titanic survivors and get them safely to New York City. Who remembers the name of the ship that plucked the lucky ones out of the cold waters on that fateful night? We have four suggestions below, but only one of them is correct, so choose wisely! Pick now.

Question 3

Where did Jack go ice fishing as a kid?

In the scene where Rose is dangling off the back of Titanic and Jack is (literally) trying to call her away from the brink, he relates a story about cold water and his childhood. He tells her that once he fell into the extremely cold water and it hurt like "a thousand knives". Jack's story is enough to make Rose reconsider her decision and come back across the railing. He referenced a specific lake in his tale- one that is near Chippewa Falls. What was it?

Question 4

What year did the real Titanic sink?

We all know that "Titanic" is based on a true story and that the fate of the real Titanic played out a long time ago. In the 1980s, the wreck was found at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and people finally had a chance to set eyes on what was once thought of as an unsinkable ship. Who remembers what year the real Titanic sank under the waves of the North Atlantic Ocean? Choose a date from the options below.

Question 5

What year was Titanic released?

Here's another question that will test everyone's memory of dates. "Titanic" was a blockbuster hit, packing movie theaters with people who wanted to relive the story again and again. It was released to a two-tape VHS edition after it got out of theaters (which should give everyone a ballpark year to run with). "Titanic" was one of those movies that captured the public imagination and refused to let go. Everyone loved it. Who remembers what year this epic movie was released?

Question 6

What artist did Cal say “wouldn’t amount to a thing”?

This artist- whose work is pictured here, was one of Rose's favorites. Cal, who could never support Rose in anything she liked, was immediately dismissive of the work and considered it to be both boring and completely irrational. He told Rose that this famous artist "wouldn't amount to a thing", which modern-day viewers found hilarious because he is considered to be one of the greatest artists that the world ever saw! What famous artist was nothing all that special to Cal?

Question 7

What happens to Jack after he’s accused of stealing the necklace?

Poor Jack. It always seems like Third Class boys are being accused of things that they didn't do- as was the case when the Heart Of The Ocean went missing and it turned up in Jack's pocket. As it turns out, Cal's buddy Lovejoy actually slipped the necklace into the pocket, but nobody wants to believe someone from third class, so Jack has to pay the price for a crime that he didn't commit. What happened to poor Jack Dawson?

Question 8

What was the name of Jack’s best friend?

Let's keep on the Jack questions, shall we! This one relates to Jack's best friend- who happened to be the person who was with him when he won his lucky hand on "Titanic". This guy only wants to cross the ocean and see the Statue of Liberty, but there is a little problem standing in his way in the form of the fate of the ship itself! This character plays a bit role but he is a good friend to Jack.

Question 9

Who played Cal Hockley, Rose’s fiancee?

Cal Hockley, pictured here, is one of those guys that we just love to really dislike! He is arrogant, treats Rose like his own personal property, and acts like a pompous know-it-all when it comes to the ship's staff or even Rose's own family. We are Team Jack all the way, but Rose has to put up with boorish Cal because her mother wants her to! Who remembers who played this character? Check out the four options below and tell us.

Question 10

What was the name of Kathy Bates’ character?

While we're on the subject of actors, let's switch over to a character that we really liked! Kathy Bates played the loud-mouthed, big-hearted character who gives Jack Dawson a little help with acclimating to First Class. She might have been a little brassy, but she was so much fun to watch. At the end of the movie, she proved her character by asking one of the ships to go back for the people in the water. True class! Choose below.

Question 11

Who sang the theme of Titanic titled “My Heart Will Go On”?

This song dominated the charts when "Titanic" first came out, and whenever we hear the beginning few chords we can't help but sing along. It is the true anthem of Jack and Rose, the song that promises that Rose will have a full life ahead of her full of amazing adventures and wonderful times. Even as Jack perishes in the cold North Atlantic, he reminds Rose that she will continue to live. Who sang this epic song? Choose an option below.

Question 12

How old was modern day Rose?

Rose survives Titanic and appears in the modern age as an elderly woman who is the only person who might know where the Heart Of The Ocean is. She visits the famous treasure hunter and his crew in order to shed some light on the mystery. Rose was very young when she sailed on Titanic all of those years ago, so in modern times her age is quite advanced. Who knows how old Rose was in "Titanic's" modern-day scenes?

Question 13

What did the crew of Titanic do to try to get rescued?

After Titanic hit the iceberg the crew knew that they did not have long to respond to the accident. There were very few of them who understood the gravity of the situation, but they all realized that Titanic was in danger and might need rescue. In the movie, as in real life, the crew did this activity to try to alert other ships in the area. It did work- although not until it was too late for some of the passengers.

Question 14

What card game did Jack play to win his tickets on Titanic?

In one of the famous scenes at the beginning of the movie, Jack is seen playing cards to win a lucky two tickets aboard Titanic. The clock is racing down, the game is set and as Jack says, "someone's life is about to change". He had no idea how much! Who remembers what game Jack was playing? How did he win the lucky and fateful tickets aboard the doomed ship? Check out the four options below and give us a guess.

Question 15

What gemstone was the Heart Of The Ocean?

The Heart Of The Ocean is one of the central pieces of the "Titanic" puzzle. It is what draws the past and the present together and gives an incentive for the treasure hunter to hear Rose's story about her time on Titanic. This impressive necklace was a gift to Rose from Cal and was supposed to be a very expensive, rare gemstone that symbolized his love for her. Who remembers what kind of gemstone The Heart Of The Ocean was?

Question 16

What was the name of the modern-day treasure hunter who is looking for the Heart Of The Ocean?

We have mentioned him thus far as only the "treasure hunter" because we knew that this question was coming up. Here it is! This treasure hunter was the one who found Rose's old drawing that had been sunken to the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean since Titanic went down on that fateful night. He knew that Rose was wearing the Heart Of The Ocean and that possibly she might have information on what happened to it. Who was he?

Question 17

Where was Rose from?

This picture should give everyone a big clue as to what the answer to this question is. Rose mentions her point of origin only once or twice during the movie, and it is in stark contrast to Jack's humble roots. Who remembers the name of the cosmopolitan city that Rose was from? We will give another hint- it is famous for its cream cheese! Check out the options below and give us a very best guess. Choose a city now.

Question 18

Who was pushing Rose to marry Cal?

It was no secret that Rose really did not want to marry Cal, but she was being forced into it by another person who saw Rose as being the one way to save the family from embarrassment and financial collapse! Cal was Rose's way to make sure that the family stayed rich and happy for the rest of their lives. Who was really pushing Rose to make a go of it with Cal? Choose an option from the four below.

Question 19

What was Rose wearing when she first met Jack?

We all remember that famous scene where Rose and Jack first meet at the back of the ship. Rose is thinking about going overboard, but Jack saves her by relaying an interesting childhood story and convincing her not to do it. During this very tense exchange, Rose is wearing one of the most iconic outfits of the entire movie. Who remembers what it was? There are four choices listed below, but only one of them is correct- so choose wisely!

Question 20

Who is modern day Rose’s caretaker?

Fun fact! Rose's modern-day caretaker is actually James Cameron's real-life wife! This character was with older Rose when she saw her picture first displayed on television, and accompanied her to the ship in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. She had never heard Rose's tale and became visibly upset at certain portions of it. This character played a minor role, but it was obvious how important she was to Rose in her twilight years. Who was this character?

Question 21

Where did Jack refine his artistry skills?

Jack Dawson was known as being one of the more accomplished artists on Titanic, and since Rose had an affinity- and an eye- for art, she appreciated his work on a deep level. Jack learned how to draw in this location, where he practiced his skills on local people and kept a sketchbook of all of his favorite drawings. Who remembers where Jack learned how to be a masterful artist? Choose a location from the four listed below. Pick now.

Question 22

Who convinced Captain Smith to light the last four boilers?

Captain Smith didn't initially want to light the last four boilers in the movie "Titanic". It is unclear if he wanted to light them in real life, but in the fictionalized version of the story, one character- pictured here- convinces Captain Smith that he needs to ignite the last four boilers. This character famously boarded a lifeboat and left others to perish in the frigid waters of the North Atlantic also, so he wasn't exactly one of the best people.

Question 23

How does modern day Rose find out that her drawing had been unearthed?

Without modern-day Rose finding out about her drawing, the story of "Titanic" would have never been told. According to her character in the movie, she didn't tell the story to anyone- not even her late husband. Presumably, the first time she discussed Jack Dawson was with Brock Lovett, his crew and her caretaker Lizzy. As difficult as it might be to believe, the whole story could have gone untold if modern-day Rose didn't find out about her drawing this way....

Question 24

How old is Rose supposed to be on Titanic?

Let's go back to Titanic-era Rose for a moment. We know how old modern-day Rose is supposed to be, but what about the Rose who sailed the doomed ship? Her age is only mentioned a few times, so only seriously diehard "Titanic" fans will have even a remote shot at getting this one correct. Who can venture a guess as to the age of Titanic-era Rose in this epic movie? Choose one of the options from the four listed below.

Question 25

What did Jack have to borrow to have dinner in First Class?

Jack Dawson was given a place at the First Class table by saving Rose’s life during that tense scene on the back of the ship. The shift from Third Class to the coveted fancy dining room called for a little something extra- which the Unsinkable Molly Brown was happy to provide! She famously then told Jack that he "shined up like a new penny". Wow, isn't Molly Brown the best? We love her! What did Jack need to borrow for dinner in First Class?

Question 26

Who was Cal's right-hand man?

Cal is one of the undisputed villains in "Titanic"- the man that Rose is being forced to marry against her will. Not only is Cal uniquely bad, but he also has a pretty bad right-hand man who helps plant The Heart Of The Ocean on Jack Dawson and tails Rose and Jack all over the boat the night of the sinking. Only true "Titanic" fans will remember the name of Cal's little minion- which is pictured in the accompanying image. Choose below.

Question 27

How were the people from the Third Class kept away from the lifeboats?

When the ship hit the iceberg, the passengers of Titanic had to board the limited number of lifeboats and take their chances with the chilly waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. In the movie "Titanic", as well as in real life, passengers in First and Second Classes had a better shot at making it out of the crash in one piece. Third Class folks were not quite as lucky. Who remembers how the Third Class people were kept away from the lifeboats in the movie?

Question 28

What did Jack and Rose sneak into Third Class to do?

After Jack and Rose have their dinner in First Class he invites her to "make it count" and they wind up sneaking down to the Third Class. Rose, a First Class girl, had never been in the bottom of the ship before but she had a great night with the activities that Jack had planned. Who remembers why the pair decided to sneak away into Third Class? Check out the four options below and give us a very best guess.

Question 29

Where was Rose's famous drawing recovered?

Everyone knows what drawing we are talking about here. THAT drawing- the one where Rose asks Jack to draw her "like one of his French girls"... This particular piece of art had been sitting at the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean for over eighty years when it was discovered by Brock Lovett and his team. Who remembers where this famous drawing was found? We will give everyone a hint- it was on the wreck of the ship somewhere! Choose below.

Question 30

Why did Titanic hit the iceberg?

We all know the fabled story. The infamous "Unsinkable Ship" was taken down by an iceberg in the North Atlantic on that chilly April morning. Icebergs were not uncommon the in North Atlantic during that time of year, so it was a little surprising that Titanic could not avoid this one. Who remembers why the crew of Titanic were unable to move around the iceberg? There is a dramatic scene in the movie that depicts their problem and explains why Titanic met its end!

Question 31

What did Rose change her name to after landing in New York City?

After being pulled from the chilly waters of the North Atlantic Ocean, Rose was able to board another ship and head west towards New York City. When the boat docked there, she was asked what her name was. She gave a specific answer that reflected her time aboard the Titanic. The scene is indicative of her transformation and the brand new life that she pursues after landing in New York City. Who remembers what she changed her name to? Choose below.

Question 32

How did Rose survive the icy water?

Let's backtrack just a bit to the night that Titanic sank. After boarding (and leaving) several lifeboats, Rose finds herself stranded in the icy water with Jack. The water is absolutely freezing and there is no help in sight. All of the lifeboats have rowed away to avoid the massive undertow that Titanic wrought when it sank to the bottom. With no lifeboat to jump into and only wearing soaking wet, freezing clothes, how did Rose manage to survive the water?

Question 33

Where did Jack try to talk to Rose after their party in Third Class?

Rose and Jack had their First Class dinner together, then their rendezvous in Third Class where they attended what Jack called "a real party". Afterward, Jack is anxious to speak with Rose again. He's in love with her and he suspects that she feels the same way. The only problem is, with a Third Class ticket he isn't allowed in many places in First Class. Where does he try to talk to Rose- but is turned away by Spicer Lovejoy?

Question 34

Who told Rose that there were not enough lifeboats?

The character pictured here had a special relationship with Rose during her time on Titanic. He was a real-life person, as well as a character in the movie "Titanic", and he was responsible for building and maintaining the ship. During a tour of the deck, he told Rose that there were not enough lifeboats for all of the passengers aboard. Apparently, the deck looked "too cluttered" with the proper amount of lifeboats on it! What was the name of this character?

Question 35

How did Jack make Rose feel like she was flying?

After Rose realizes that she belongs with Jack the two share a special moment on the bow of the ship- and then he does something that makes her feel like she is flying. This moment is one of the more bittersweet scenes of the film because we know that the ship is going to sink that night! How did Jack make Rose feel like she was flying on the last night that Titanic saw the light of day? Choose below.

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