Take The Royal Family Quiz That Would Even Stump Meghan Markle

Fans of the Crown on Netflix are probably starting to feel like experts in the British royal family. Meghan Markle looks like she will be the newest member of the royal family, and is most likely rushing to brush up on all of the trivia and complicated family connections for one of the most famous families in the world!

This is the Royal Family quiz that only most dedicated experts in the British royal family could hope to pass, so make sure that you have a mug of tea and some cookies ready to sit and see how much you really know!

The family's history is long and incredibly well documented, and the close intermarriages with the royal families of other countries means that the British monarchy is closely tied to the royal lines of many other countries! Are you familiar with who has married who, and where everyone came from? Do you know all about the major people in the royal family, and the etiquette that governs their actions? Why do they do the things they do in the ways they do them, anyway?

Everything royal people do, from the names they pick to whether they can get involved in modern political causes, is governed by complicated rules that normal people don't have to worry about. Royals and experts in the Royal Family know all about this, though! Are you ready to see how much you actually know about the Commonwealth and their most prominent family, and all of the things surrounding them?

1What country is Philip, Duke of Edinburgh from?

Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, is the husband of Queen Elizabeth II. He's been a fixture of the British monarchy for decades and is one of the longest reigning consorts in history! He's not originally a British subject, though! The Crown talks a lot about his early life and where his family came from. What country did Philip come from before moving to England to marry the Queen? What country was he a prince in before he was made Duke of Edinburgh?

2How many kids did Queen Elizabeth II and Philip have?

The Queen and the Duke have been married since 1947, and one of her kids is heir to the throne. Did they only have one child, though, or did they have more? In the monarchy, having heirs is a really important thing because that's the line of succession, or who will be the King or Queen next. Since the monarchy in Britain is hereditary, it should go to one of Queen Elizabeth II's kids. How many children did she and the Duke have?

3Did Queen Elizabeth Go to School?

Kids usually go to school. It's a normal assumption that when you're old enough for kindergarten, you go to school, right? Did Queen Elizabeth II get to go to school like a normal child, or was her life different because she would grow up to be the Queen? In the Crown, Elizabeth engages the services of a carefully screened tutor as an adult, because she wanted to be more engaged and learned about her country and politics, but was this a hobby or related to her education?

4What record has Queen Elizabeth II set?

Queen Elizabeth is an influential person, and she's set a world record! What world record is this, and why is it important? This world record helps explain why she's been so influential in the British Empire, and explains also many things about her life. Queen Elizabeth II has led a really complicated life, and has seen a lot of changes in the world, too. When she was born the world was much different than it is today, and she has even lived seeing many new countries formed!

5What kind of dogs is the Queen known for?

If you've ever watched the Crown or seen an official portrait of the Queen with her dogs, you'll know that there's one specific breed that holds her heart and has for decades. She breeds these dogs and has had lots of them living with her in the palace! It's really cute seeing the little herds of them running after her, and makes her more relatable in many ways. What breed of dogs does the Queen love most of all, and have?

6True or False- the Duke and the Queen are cousins

The Duke and the Queen met she was 13 years old, and they are a pretty famous love story. In order to marry Elizabeth, Philip had to actually abandon his other royal titles and his nationality, and become a British subject. He had to even change his name to Mountbatten! Philip gave up a lot to marry Elizabeth, and together they have been a long reigning couple and have represented England for many years. The real question here is: were they cousins?

7What was the name of Prince Charles's first wife?

In 2005 Prince Charles, the son and heir apparent of Queen Elizabeth II, married Camilla Parker Bowles. She's his second wife, though, and isn't the mother of his children. His first wife was very, very famous, and so was their marriage and eventual divorce. What was the name of Prince Charles's first wife, and the mother of his children? Do you remember this iconic and beautiful Princess of the British Empire? Do you remember her name and who she was?

8What Prince is Meghan Markle Marrying?

Meghan is famous in her own right. She's an actress and has been very successful on Suits, a popular show! She's getting ready to leave all of that behind to marry a real life Prince, though! It's pretty much a real life fairy tale, isn't it? Girl meets prince, and falls in love, and becomes a princess. What a lucky girl! What prince is Meghan getting ready to marry? Who will be her husband soon? Do you remember which man will be the lucky guy?

9What sport does Prince Charles play?

Prince Charles has to have personal hobbies, because that's something that all people need. Without hobbies, life is really boring! Prince Charles likes sports like a lot of men, and there's one sport that he likes most of all! This is a pretty British sport, too, so it's probably not too surprising. What sport does he follow and enjoy, and did he play a lot when he was younger? If you see pictures of a young Prince Charles playing sports it was probably this one!

10What are you supposed to call the Queen?

Ok, so it's probably pretty unlikely for many people that they'll find themselves in this situation, but it never hurts to be prepared. If you meet the Queen, there's a special thing you're supposed to call her. Etiquette dictates that you be really polite when you're interacting with someone who rules one of the most historic Empires in the world! What's the proper way to address the Queen if you ever find yourself unexpectedly in that situation? What should you call her?

11What's the name of the castle by London?

First, some neat facts about this castle. It's almost 900 years old, making it a real piece of history! It's huge, too, and is actually the biggest currently lived in castle in the world! It's the oldest official home of royal families in the world, too. This is more than just a simple castle, it's an important piece of British and world history. The property has more than just the castle itself, too. There's other small homes for people who help the Royal Family, and a church. It's about 20 minutes away from London if you're planning a visit!

12True or false: There's a dress code for Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the London center of official business for the Royal family and the governmental business that involves them. It's the place that you can find the Royals most often during the week, too. It's not an actual historical castle and is newer than some of the other properties and was built in 1703. That still makes it pretty old, though! Is there a dress code for coming into Buckingham Palace and meeting with people there? Is this true or is it false?

13What Famous Song Did Elton John Sing About Princess Diana?

When Princess Diana died it was an international tragedy. The pictures of the Royal family grieving were all over the newspapers, and the coverage after the accident was constant. Her death was so sudden and unexpected that the world was shocked. It was a horrible loss for the British people, her family, and the world. Elton John was a personal friend of hers and an admirer and when she died he sang a really moving song to remember her and her impact on the world. What was this song?

14Who is Prince William Married to?

Meghan Markle might be the newest person marrying into the royal family, but not too long ago there was another royal wedding! Do you remember the gorgeous dress and all of the media coverage? Who did Prince William marry? She's now very famous and is actually a style icon in her own right now! She's a mother to his children and going to some day be his consort when he's on the throne! So exciting for her. Who did Prince William marry?

15Should you bow to the Royal Family?

OK, so it's good to be polite to people. Americans are by and large pretty casual. We don't have royalty, and the notion is a little strange for us. What about British people? Should someone bow or curtsy when they're meeting the Queen, or a Prince or Princess? What's actually polite and proper for someone to do, especially in a formal setting? If you don't know what's expected, it's really hard to make sure that you aren't being unintentionally rude.

16Was Prince William in the military?

Prince William is the heir to the whole British Empire, and there's a lot of places in the world that are really unsafe right now. Was Prince William allowed to serve in the military, or was the too dangerous for the future King of England? On the other hand, serving in the military is really important and lets you get a very different perspective on the world and your country, and the lands that he would one day represent. Was William in the military?

17What special USA place did the two princes famously visit with Princess Diana?

It's tragic that the princes lost their beloved mother when they were so young. In 1994, they had a very special trip to America where they visited an iconic American location and this stuck with them! This was so formative that the princes have talked about it in interviews even years later. Where did the princes go when they were young with their mother that made such a lasting impression on them? Which American landmark really made memories for them?

18Which former US president is pictured with Elizabeth II?

The British family has seen a lot of US president come and go. Think about how much American history they've been around for- all of it! Which president does the current royal family really have nice things to say about, and talk about their memories to the press in positive terms? This was a time period when the relationship between America and Britain was particularly good, as well. This president was featured on the Crown, as a hint, along with his wife!

19Prince Harry is involved in saving what animal?

Meghan's beau is passionate about the planet, which is probably something that endeared him to her. He's not just a prince, he loves animals! He's passionately involved in conservation for one specific type of endangered animal, though. What species is he trying to help save? What animal has he been involved in efforts to help make sure that they don't go extinct and to make sure that future generations will be able to enjoy seeing these creatures still around? What animal is Harry saving?

20Is it OK to shake hands with the Queen?

In America, shaking hands with someone is a not only a polite greeting, it's also a sign of respect! This is a way you might greet your boss or an important person. If you met the president or someone else in the American government, you would probably expect to shake hands with them, right? Well, what about the monarchs? Do they shake hands like common and normal people, or is that not something that they do? Is a handshake acceptable or not?

21How many of the Royal Household's servants are funded by citizens?

Did you know that the Royals have over 1,000 employees keeping up with all of the duties needed to support their homes and lifestyle? It's true! That's a lot of people working to support and keep up with one family, isn't it? How many of these people are actually paid for by the British people, instead of by the Royal Family themselves? Does the country have to pay for all of them, or does the family cover some of the employees?

22Who was the First Royal to use a Telephone?

Can you imagine life before the telephone? It's a crazy thought, right? When you think about it, though, it's not that far in the past that telephones were invented, and it took time for them to become common. Even after they started to get used, it took time for people to trust them, and that their calls would go where they were supposed to! Remember on the Crown watching the complicated and intricate way that switchboards would direct calls? Who was the first royal to use a telephone?

23Who was Prime Minister when Queen Elizabeth II took the Throne?

If you're an expert on the Royals, or someone who watched the Crown, you'll know this one for sure! This man was a famous man in British history and was larger than life. He was also a really famous historian! Did you know that he wrote a whole series about the history of the Empire? He did. So who was the Prime Minister when Queen Elizabeth II was crowned Queen? Do you know your history well enough to get the answer right?

24What is an “annus horribilis?”

This is a phrase that Queen Elizabeth used to describe one year of her life, very famously. It's been quoted repeatedly, and since she used this phrase many other people have used it, too. What this this phrase mean? Does it reference a good year, or a bad one? Is it something else altogether? What does an “annus horribilis" mean, and why would the Queen have used this to describe a year of her life? What did the Queen mean by this weird phrase?

25Can you ask for an autograph from a royal?

If you meet someone famous, you want something to remember the occasion by, right? It's a deal to remember a meeting with a celebrity or famous person, and the royal family are really famous. Can you ask to take a selfie with a royal, or see if they will sign an autograph for you? Is this something that would be polite and socially acceptable, or should you avoid this and it's actually rude? Are autographs frowned on from the royal family?

26Why couldn't Princess Margaret marry Peter Townsend?

This was another major plot on the Crown. A young Princess Margaret fell in love with Peter Townsend, but they weren't allowed to get married. It was the 1950s, and this was taboo. Why weren't they allowed to be together? What was the reason that their marriage was not sanctioned? Despite Townsend being a good and well regarded man, he wasn't a suitable husband for the Princess. What the reason that he was rejected, even though they were so in love?

27How many countries recognize the Queen as their head of state?

Other than Great Britain, which is the obvious one, what other countries still see the reigning monarch of the British Empire as the head of their country's governments, too? Is it a lot of countries that still recognize her authority, or is that a thing of the distant past? How many countries recognize Queen Elizabeth II as their Queen besides England, and see her as an important part of their country's government and cultural life? Do you know how many different countries recognize this?

28True or False: Queen Elizabeth II was the First Monarch to visit China?

China has had relationships with the British Empire for a long time. Was Queen Elizabeth II the first British monarch to visit China, or did a previous monarch visit the country before her? Visiting a country is a an important way to solidify treaties and partnerships. It's also an important way for rulers to show goodwill toward other countries! Did the Queen's visit to China mark the first time a reigning British monarch visited China and all of the people who live there?

29What are the names of Queen Elizabeth's parents?

Before the Queen was Queen, her father was the King. The first season of the Crown covers how his health started to fail and then Elizabeth became Queen when he died! Her mother continued to support and advise her after the death of her father, and was an important part of palace life for a long time! What were the names of her parents, the former King and Queen of England? Do you remember from history class or the show the Crown?

30Who is the only Royal with a masters degree?

One of the Royals enrolled at St. Andrew's, under a name that was slightly changed to make them seem more normal. They earned a Scottish Master of Arts degree, and this was the first time a Royal had earned such a high degree. Which one of the Royals did this and broke the mold? Who decided to change the Royal pattern and continue on for more schooling, going to not just college for a Bachelors Degree but further on for a Masters?

31Where did Prince William Propose to Kate?

Prince William will someday be the King of England, so everything that he and Kate do is newsworthy. When he proposed to her, it wasn't just a simple thing, because it was the beginning of their official life together! William is a true romantic at heart, and he gave Kate his mother's ring. This family ring is 18 carats and was a sign of William's love for Kate, and that she was not just marrying him but joining the whole family. Where did he propose?

32What's the name of Duchess Kate's Sister?

Prince William and his new wife Kate's wedding had an unexpected star: her sister. She made a lot of waves for how attractive she was, and her pictures quickly went viral! It didn't take long for Kate's single sister to become a super eligible bachelorette. What's the name of Kate's sister, the one who unexpectedly stole the show at her wedding? This sister is now pretty famous, too, and a household name! Who is this sister, famous for how she looked at Kate's wedding?

33True or False: Kate is the first Royal Bride with A University Degree?

William and Kate are the future of Britain. Queen Elizabeth II has lived and reigned for so long that Prince Charles is already 69 years old and he isn't king yet! That means that by the time he is King, he will already be an older man. William and Kate are the younger face of the monarchy in the British Empire, so what they do has a lot of influence over the social and cultural norms for what Royals can do. Does Kate has a university degree?

34How old is Meghan Markle?

Meghan Markle will be the oldest Royal bride, unseating Kate from this honor. The Duchess of Cambridge was 29 years old when she got married, and at that time she was the oldest Royal bride! 29 might not sound too old, but it set a record for the British Royal family. Meghan is getting ready to break this record, though, because she's older than Kate. How old is Meghan, since she will be setting a record for the Royal family with her wedding at her age?

35Where will Prince Harry and Meghan Marry?

Planning all the details of your wedding is exciting even for normal people, but for a famous actress and an actual prince the details are over the top. Where to have the wedding takes on all sorts of complexities. You need to make sure that the venue is big enough, and also beautiful and important! You also need to make sure that it's appropriate, though! Since Meghan and Harry's wedding is coming up soon, they've picked the place and gotten approval. Where will they get married?

36Will Meghan become a UK citizen?

Meghan is currently a citizen of the USA. She's an American, marrying a British prince! Does this automatically make her a UK citizen, though, or will she have to apply for citizenship and go through the long and complicated process like a normal person? Will Meghan just stay a US citizen instead, since that's way easier? It's obvious that being citizens of the same country has some benefits for any couple, and that's probably even more true when you're marrying a prince. Will Meghan become a UK citizen?

37Why Did Meghan Markle Have to Get Baptized?

Lots and lots of news reports covered this recently. Meghan just got baptized in the Church of England. Did you know that as Queen, Elizabeth the II, Prince Harry's grandmother, is actually the head of the Church of England? She is! Since Harry is royalty, and Meghan is marry him, Meghan needs to make sure that she's observing all of the proper customs for the country and the Church of England. Why was it such a big deal for Meghan to get baptized?

38Why wasn't Queen Elizabeth II the heir when she was born?

When Queen Elizabeth II was born, she was not the heir of England. She wasn't the heir presumptive, or the heir apparent, until she was ten years old! What changed when she was ten to make her all of a sudden become the person set to become queen some day? How did she go from a royal person to the royal person in the direct line of succession? The Crown covered what happened! This completely changed the course of her life, and of all of her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren!

39What's Queen Elizabeth II's nickname?

The Queen is one of the most famous women in the world and has been for decades. Her life is the focus of the Netflix show the Crown. She appeared in the Minion movies, even! Many articles and books have been written about her, and she's an icon and important woman. What's the nickname for the Queen? This is the name that many of her family members call her, and if you watch shows about her, her friends use this name, too.

40What's the name of Prince William's oldest child?

Since Prince William will eventually be King, after his father, Prince Charles is King, this is important. William's oldest child will eventually be the monarch! This is probably a very long time in the future, since his great grandmother is still queen. William's oldest child is four years old now and has been charming the world almost since the beginning. What's the name of the little prince, and very distant future King of England? Who is the oldest child of Prince William?

41What's the name of Prince William's other child?

The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William currently have two little children, with a third on the way. Their oldest is the heir to the kingdom someday! The next oldest is a little princess. What's the name of their second child, their little girl and princess? Prince William and the Duchess have done a great job helping their kids adjust to life in the spotlight, and these kids are frequently in pictures and in news stories! They're famous royal tots, and the world is fascinated with them.

42Which Royal was named most popular?

Royal watchers and gossip columnistas, this is for you! Which of the royals has been voted most popular? This is out of the core royal family, so think of the Queen, her son, Prince Charles, and his wife, Camilla, Princess Diana, Prince Willam and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. There's also Prince Harry, and the young Prince George and Princess Charlotte! That's a lot of royals, all in one family! They're all nice people, and widely photographed, so who is the most popular?

43Will Kate Middleton Be Queen?

Everyone knows that Queen Elizabeth II's husband is called Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. He's not called the King, because he doesn't rule with her! If you watch the Crown, you know that this was actually a huge point of contention with them in their early marriage, and was a really big deal for Philip to get over. It was hard for him to adjust to being so close to the throne but not the actual king. Will Kate be Queen when William is King?

44What is Queen Elizabeth II's full name?

When a Queen or King is born, they have a different name than the one that becomes their commonly known royal name. This family name usually brings in names that their parents like, and names that have special meanings to the family from previous generations. Queen Elizabeth II is no exception. Her full name is something different than just Elizabeth II! What's her full name? What name did her parents give to her when she was born, after consulting etiquette guides?

45True or False: the Queen sews weights into her hemlines

No one wants to be famous and be photographed in an unflattering way, right? So much worse when you're not only famous, but you're the Queen! Imagine being caught in a wind gust, and having your skirts fly up. Horrifying. Is it true that the Queen has weights sewn into the hems of all of her skirts to make sure that they don't fly up in an embarrassing way? Is this an old wives tale, or is this a true fact about the Queen?

46Did Princess Margaret Find a Happily Ever After?

Fans of the Crown know that Princess Margaret, the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II, had a rocky start. She fell in love with Peter Townsend, a divorced man who was 16 years older than she was. They weren't allowed to get married, because at the time it would have meant her giving up her titles and royal life. She met and fell in love with a photographer named Anthony Armstrong-Jones. In the Crown, the Queen is nervous about this match. Does Princess Margaret live happily ever after with him?

47What is so unique about Princess Anne's Children?

Queen Elizabeth II's daughter Princess Anne had two children: Peter and Zara Phillips. These two children have done something that is really unique! In fact, they are the first ones in the royal family to do this in over 500 years. They're the direct grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh, just like Prince William and Prince Harry. What choice did they make that is so different and unique that makes them noteworthy? What did they do that hasn't been done?

48Who was Wallis Simpson?

Meghan Markle has a lot of names to memorize, and one thinks that she's probably sitting down and binge watching the Crown to get all of the people, places, and titles right. There's a lot of details and important things to learn, and not a ton of time left to cement these details! Who was Wallis Simpson, and how did she change the royal family forever? Was she a royal, or someone else? What role did she play in the monarchy's story?

49Is Kate Middleton from a royal family?

In the more distant past, it was a safe bet that royal people married other royal people. That's why there's so many marriages of cousins to cousins! Royal marriages weren't just for love, they were for alliances and to bring counties closer together. When William married Kate Middleton, what was her background like? What kind of people was she from, and what is her family like? Is she descended from royal stock like he is, or is she a commoner like Meghan Markle?

50What holiday has the Royal family traditionally broadcast?

Hey, Crown fans, this is another easy one for you! The royal family likes to include the world in some of their celebrations, because sharing joy multiplies it. What holiday is traditionally when the royal family would share a broadcast with the Empire, and then the whole world? There's a lot of major holidays that it could be, but there's one particular one that the family actually extends a message of peace and joy from. What holiday does the family use to share a message yearly?

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