Take The Royal Family Quiz That Would Even Stump Meghan Markle

Fans of the Crown on Netflix are probably starting to feel like experts in the British royal family. Meghan Markle looks like she will be the newest member of the royal family, and is most likely rushing to brush up on all of the trivia and complicated family connections for one of the most famous families in the world!

This is the Royal Family quiz that only most dedicated experts in the British royal family could hope to pass, so make sure that you have a mug of tea and some cookies ready to sit and see how much you really know!

The family's history is long and incredibly well documented, and the close intermarriages with the royal families of other countries means that the British monarchy is closely tied to the royal lines of many other countries! Are you familiar with who has married who, and where everyone came from? Do you know all about the major people in the royal family, and the etiquette that governs their actions? Why do they do the things they do in the ways they do them, anyway?

Everything royal people do, from the names they pick to whether they can get involved in modern political causes, is governed by complicated rules that normal people don't have to worry about. Royals and experts in the Royal Family know all about this, though! Are you ready to see how much you actually know about the Commonwealth and their most prominent family, and all of the things surrounding them?

1What country is Philip, Duke of Edinburgh from?

Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, is the husband of Queen Elizabeth II. He's been a fixture of the British monarchy for decades and is one of the longest reigning consorts in history! He's not originally a British subject, though! The Crown talks a lot about his early life and where his family came from. What country did Philip come from before moving to England to marry the Queen? What country was he a prince in before he was made Duke of Edinburgh?

2How many kids did Queen Elizabeth II and Philip have?

The Queen and the Duke have been married since 1947, and one of her kids is heir to the throne. Did they only have one child, though, or did they have more? In the monarchy, having heirs is a really important thing because that's the line of succession, or who will be the King or Queen next. Since the monarchy in Britain is hereditary, it should go to one of Queen Elizabeth II's kids. How many children did she and the Duke have?

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