Take The Rom-Com Never Have I Ever Quiz To Reveal Your Soulmate's Sign

Rom-coms are one of the primary joys of life.

We cheer for their heroes, cry with them when things go wrong and then cheer some more when true love is finally realized in the end. It's an emotional roller-coaster that we're more than happy to go on, a leap of faith that true love exists and a fun little way to spend time on a rainy Sunday afternoon when nothing sounds better than a full Netflix queue and a bunch of salty, sweet, tasty snack food to munch on as we power through all of our faves.

This quiz combines two of everyone's faves- romantic comedies and "Never Have I Ever" and the result is a fun little bit of information straight from the future. Answer these questions and we can reveal the sign of everyone's soulmate! That's right, it's time to find out who is star-crossed lovers and what astrological sign will be making a big splash in the future! Simply answer honestly and let us take a peek into romantic destiny with this ultimate soulmate quiz that uses the plots of everyone's favorite romantic comedies. Who is ready to find out what the future holds? Let's get started!

Question 1

Never have I ever- fallen for someone on vacation

Vacations are just totally made for romance, right? The cool sea air, the warm ocean, the exotic lands that we’re able to discover with that special soulmate? There are plenty of romantic comedies that center around falling in love abroad, like “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”. The question is- who has followed in their lead and fallen in love on vacation?

Question 2

Never have I ever- slow danced on a date

Slow dancing is a staple of more romantic movies that we can actually count. From the famous ones of the 1980s to modern day fare, romantic movies often involve two star-crossed leads falling into each other’s arms. So romantic! Who has put on their dancing shoes and slow danced on a date. Don’t be shy! Choose an option from the two below.

Question 3

Never have I ever- raised a kid with my best friend (and wound up falling in love)

In "Life As We Know It" the two leads wind up raising their friends' child after the two pass on. What starts are a platonic arrangement quickly becomes romantic. Well, how could it not! This one is a little outside the box, but answer honestly. Who has raised a friend’s kid and fallen in love with the co-parent? Pick an option below.

Question 4

Never have I ever- been a bridesmaid

There are plenty of shows about bridesmaids, with the most famous being the movie “Bridesmaids”- a raunchy rom-com that has a sweet doses of sentimentality built in! Anyone who has had the honor of being selected to be a bridesmaid should feel great, because it shows that they have some very good friends who want them to be part of the day!

Question 5

Never have I ever- flown across the country (or ocean) to meet my soulmate

Sometimes, we need to make grand gestures to show people how much in love we are! One of these gestures could be hopping on a plane and flying across the ocean! It doesn’t have to be across the ocean either- it can be across the country, or even across the state. Who has taken this leap of faith? Answer below.

Question 6

Never have I ever- ridden on a Ferris Wheel with a date

We all know that tons of romantic movies are full of scenes where two star-crossed soulmates meet up with each other at the fair or carnival and have a beautiful time. In “The Notebook” the two main characters have a memorable experience on the Ferris Wheel. Who has ridden on the Ferris Wheel with a date? Choose an answer below.

Question 7

Never have I ever- fallen for my complete opposite

Anyone who loves romantic comedies knows that this is one of the primary plot devices. Two people meet and they can’t stand each other at first… until they realize just how in love they actually are! Who has this happened to in real life? Is this a simple plot device for movies, or can it happen to any of us? Answer below.

Question 8

Never have I ever- been jealous of someone

Oooh… the green eyed monster! Jealousy is one of those things that most of us experience at some point in our lives. It is an unpleasant emotion and we’d rather not admit to it, but the reality is that it can strike anyone and anywhere without notice! Who has come face to face with the green eyed monster called jealousy?

Question 9

Never have I ever- followed advice in a magazine article

Bingeing on magazine articles is one of the joys of life! We love to flip through the glossy pages, take in all of the advice and check out looks that we want to try. Even though we can get most of our favorite mags online, there’s still something about actually flipping through those pages. Who has followed advice from a print or online magazine?

Question 10

Never have I ever- pursued my high school ex after graduation

Classic rom-com “There’s Something About Mary” touches on the need to reconnect with our high-school exes or crushes after graduation. We doubt that many people went to the extremes of the main character in that movie, but we’re sure it’s still really a thing! Who have pursued their high school ex after graduation? Don’t be shy! Choose an option below.

Question 11

Never have I ever- fallen for someone who spoke a different language

We all speak the language of love but sometimes it can be difficult to get to the first date without a common language! Who has been in the position where they’ve totally fallen for someone with whom they have a language barrier? Choose the right answer from the two below and we’ll reveal a future soulmate’s sign! Pick one now.

Question 12

Never have I ever- swapped homes with someone else

This practice is becoming more and more common and it’s an easy way for people who just want to get away from it all. House swapping happens in a few romantic comedies and it almost always ends up with one (or both) characters falling in love with a local resident. It’s kinda like question one, but with a fun twist!

Question 13

Never have I ever- been suddenly able to read thoughts

In “What Women Want”, the main character is suddenly able to understand what women are going through- which makes him a lot more sympathetic to his dates and (surprise) a much better catch by the end of the movie! Who has suddenly gotten this awesome supernatural ability and been able to read the thoughts of everyone around them? Pick one below.

Question 14

Never have I ever- fallen for a sibling's significant other

This one talks about a big “ouch” moment, but we know that it happens all of the time. Our brother or sister gets a significant other and we can’t help but feel a little romantic spark with them. It’s made even worse by the fact that they keep coming around for family dinners and holidays! Who has been through something like this?

Question 15

Never have I ever- fallen for someone at summer camp

Let’s get back to the fun questions, shall we? Summer camp is kind of like school, but with more fun outdoor activities, camping and more time to develop that very first crush while telling ghost stories over the camp fire. Who has ever gotten a little summer crush at camp? Who has had a little summer fling? Choose an option below.

Question 16

Never have I ever- was convinced that I could only marry someone with a certain name

In 1994’s “Only You” Faith is convinced that she can’t fall for anyone who isn’t named Damon Bradley. The movie is based on a cute but slightly mean trick that was played on her in her youth. Of course, she meets Damon Bradley and falls madly in love- but it begs the question, who was ever convinced that they had to marry someone with a certain name?

Question 17

Never have I ever- fallen for someone in a different country

Sometimes travel makes us feel all of the emotions as we get caught up in the romance of it all! Such is the case when we fall for someone who lives in a different country! We know that the romance is short-lived but we can’t help but get involved in the awesome drama of it all. Who has been in this position?

Question 18

Never have I ever- made a romantic dinner for someone

We all know that the key to someone’s heart is their stomach, right? That’s why there are so many romantic comedies where food tends to take center stage! We love to see the two main characters cook up a tasty menu of delicious food and a little romance on the side! Who has done this for someone? Choose an answer below.

Question 19

Never have I ever- tossed a penny in a fountain and wished for love

Calling all true romantics! Who has ever wished for love on a lucky star, a penny tossed into a fountain or a birthday wish. Some romantic comedies make these types of tropes a centerpiece in their stories. Of course, the wishes all come true in the end which isn’t always the case in real life! Who has wished on a lucky penny?

Question 20

Never have I ever- been in a love triangle

Love triangles- we all find ourselves in them from time to time. Romantic comedies often use them for comedic value or to add just a little dash of drama to the storyline. Whatever reason they’re used for- we love them! “Titanic” is one of the best examples of this. We were rooting for Jack and Rose, but who could forget Cal?

Question 21

Never have I ever- dated someone with short-term amnesia

“50 First Dates” is the most classic example of a movie where the love interest had amnesia. Adam Sandler had to woo her over and over again in order to finally get a chance to be with his soulmate! Most people haven’t dated someone with amnesia, but we want to know who has! Choose the best answer from the two below.

Question 22

Never have I ever- done something drastic to change life completely

In many romantic comedies the lead characters take massive leaps of faith to change their lives. It is a pretty common storyline and one that we love, because we never know what kind of drama will occur. Generally, they wind up finding their soulmates! Who has ever done anything like this? We want to know who has changed their life completely.

Question 23

Never have I ever- crashed a wedding and fell in love

We all know that weddings are the absolute best place to meet the person of our dreams. Everyone is already feeling the romantic vibe, dancing the night away and toasting to the love of the bride and groom. What could be a better place to find love? Movies like “Wedding Crashers” capitalized on this phenomenon. Who has crashed a wedding and fallen in love?

Question 24

Never have I ever- fallen for someone with a totally different profession

They say that opposites attract- but does that extend to the workplace? Usually, we fall for people who have the same, or similar jobs, but once in a while we fall for someone who does something drastically different to make a buck! Hey, at least we know that we won’t be gossiping about work all the time! Who has had this happen to them?

Question 25

Never have I ever- tried to get rid of romantic partners for a magazine story

Here’s a tricky one- and the hilarious premise of the movie “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days”. When Andie Anderson tries to repulse a guy for a magazine story, she gets more than she bargains for when he is in a bet of his own! This charming premise played out hilariously in the movies, but has it ever happened in real life?

Question 26

Never have I ever- played matchmaker

Movies like “Clueless” set the stage for the matchmaker genre- the stories where the female lead finds love for everyone but herself. Of course, in the end, the matchmaker becomes the target of Cupid’s arrow when she falls in love with her soulmate. Who has ever played matchmaker with their friends? Who prefers to sit on the sidelines and let romance develop organically?

Question 27

Never have I ever- made a pact to get married to each other by a certain age

This is a common premise in romantic comedies and usually involves a girl and a guy who promise to marry each other if neither of them are hitched by a certain age. What usually follows is love (surprise!) Who has carried this common rom-com trope from the big screen to real life? Has anyone ever made a pact to get married by a certain age?

Question 28

Never have I ever- gone undercover at my old high school

In “Never Been Kissed” Drew Barrymore goes undercover at her old high school. Barrymore’s character Josie didn’t have such a great high school experience, so she jumps at the chance to go back and be one of the popular kids. It’s a cute story, but does this sort of thing only happen in the movies? Who has gone undercover at their old high school?

Question 29

Never have I ever- been on the radio

There are plenty of romantic comedies that revolve around radio hosts either finding love or facilitating love. The most famous of these is “Sleepless In Seattle” and a close runner up is “The Truth About Cats And Dogs”. There’s something about the medium of radio that just seems to bring people together. Who has ever had their lovely voice on radio?

Question 30

Never have I ever- fallen for a BFF

In romantic comedies it seems like the lead character is always falling for the guy that she overlooked, or who has been there all along- or even, in the case of “He’s Just Not That Into You”, a guy who has helped her get other guys. Does this actually happen in real life? Do we really fall for our BFFs?

Question 31

Never have I ever- tried to erase someone from my memory

We have all gone through our fair share of heartbreak and at times it can be tempting to want to completely erase that person from our lives! In “The Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind” Joel seeks to erase Clementine from his mind, but in the process realizes that he doesn’t want to lose her. Who has ever been in this position?

Question 32

Never have I ever- gone out of my comfort zone to impress someone I liked?

In “Along Came Polly”, Ben Stiller’s character Reuben finds himself in a number of uncomfortable situations that are way out his comfort zone. He does it to impress Polly, played by Jennifer Aniston whose life seems to revolve around “risky” activities. It’s a hilarious movie and one that reminds us what we’ll do for love. Who has ever stepped outside their comfort zone?

Question 33

Never have I ever- been on television

Who were the bright lights of television fame made for? Some of our favorite romantic comedies are based upon this medium, like “Anchorman” and many others. Many leading ladies were made for television fame in the rom-com genre so we’re curious to know how this trope translates into real life. Who has been in front of the camera on television? Choose below.

Question 34

Never have I ever- had to choose between two love interests

This is a classic rom-com plotline and it can be seen in movies like “Bridget Jone’s Diary” and even 1990s cult classic “Reality Bites”. The leading lady must choose between two love interests. Generally, they are wildly different from one another and the choice will change her romantic destiny forever! Who has had to choose between two suitors? Answer below.

Question 35

Never have I ever- had a sweetheart for New Years Eve

There are certain holidays that are made so much better by having a boyfriend or girlfriend and New Years Eve is one of them! Aside from the traditional kiss at the end of the night, there’s also the fun of getting all dolled up with a significant other and going out on the town! Who has had a sweetheart for New Year’s Eve?

Question 36

Never have I ever- wondered about the “one who got away”

Ah, the one who got away! It’s a classic romantic comedy trope, and one we see pop up in a lot of our favorite movies. It’s totally normal to think about what could have been, but how many of us actually actively wonder about the one who got away- to the point of wanting to pursue them IRL? Choose below.

Question 37

Never have I ever- not been allowed to date until an older sibling did

In “10 Things I Hate About You”, sweet Bianca is not allowed to date until her older sister Kat does. The only problem is, Kat has absolutely no interest in dating at all! This hilarious movie ends with Kat falling in love and she and Bianca getting what they want. Who has ever been in a similar situation with a older sibling?

Question 38

Never have I ever- done something crazy to prove true love

Ah yes, this question follows in line with the previous questions about hopping on an airplane to meet a soulmate or going out of our comfort zones, but this one deserves a special place of it’s own because so many romantic comedies of the 1980s revolved around this very theme. “Say Anything” “Sixteen Candles” and so many others share this plotline!

Question 39

Never have I ever- had a sweetheart my parents didn’t like

It’s a situation that fills us all with dread. We think we’ve met the perfect person, but our parents (or siblings, or friends) totally disagree. We don’t understand why they can’t see what we see! Parents can be a major roadblock to relationships, particularly in the romantic comedy genre! Who has ever been in this situation? Who has brought home someone that their parents just didn’t like?

Question 40

Never have I ever- had “a song” for someone

Back in the ancient times before the internet people used to make each other mixed tapes to show their affection. These relics can still be seen at garage sales and thrift shops today. Kidding aside, having a song for someone is something that soulmates have engaged in throughout the ages. There is something about having that one special song that makes peoples’ hearts sing!

Question 41

Never have I ever- re-fallen in love with someone after several years apart

Ironically, the best example of this romantic comedy trope doesn’t come from a rom-com at all! It comes from “The Parent Trap”, where two twins go on a mission to get their parents back together. Still, this is something that happens often in the plotlines of rom-coms, and sometimes even in real life! Who has re-fallen in love with someone after a break?

Question 42

Never have I ever- kept a diary of all of my secrets

Who is like Bridget Jones and keeps a diary of all of their secrets? Whether it is online or the old-fashioned paper kind, keeping a diary is nothing new. People have been keeping them for years to document day to day life, as well as romantic entanglements. Who loves to commit their thoughts to paper at the end of the day? Choose below.

Question 43

Never have I ever- made a bet that I could get any girl or guy to fall in love with me

In “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days”, Andie is trying desperately to write an article about how to completely repulse a romantic partner, but her man (or subject) of choice has his own thing going on. Barry made a bet that he could get any girl to fall in love with him and is determined to woo and win Andie!

Question 44

Never have I ever- fallen for someone at work

There’s a reason why so many romances start at work. We are in close proximity to other people, there is plenty to talk about (office gossip!) and it’s just easy to connect with people that we spend so much time with. Office romances have been around for ages. Who has ever engaged in one? Tell us the truth and pick a choice below.

Question 45

Never have I ever- had a wedding on the same day as my BFF

In “Bride Wars” two best friends face off with each other because they have scheduled their weddings on exactly the same day. Oops! In real life, this would be more of a happy accident or deliberate attempt to have a double-wedding, but in the world of romantic comedies, it means all out war between the ex-friends! Who has even been in this position?

Question 46

Never have I ever- dated someone from a different social class

This is the theme of one of the greatest romantic movies of all time. “Titanic” might be a little more drama than comedy (the ship does sink after all), but it still qualifies as one of the greatest love stories that the silver screen has ever seen. Rose and Jack come from two different social classes, and their relationship is frowned upon. Who can relate?

Question 47

Never have I ever- quit a job

There are times when we’ve all dreamed about leaving the 9-5 and telling our boss exactly what we think about him or her, but who has actually done it? In plenty of rom-coms, the heroines quit their jobs either for moral reasons of because they want to pursue their passions. Who has followed their lead? Choose an answer from the two below.

Question 48

Never have I ever- had a relationship coach

In “Crazy, Stupid, Love” Steve Carell needs a relationship coach in order to get out of his rut. Surprisingly, it actually works but he winds up learning something a little surprising in the process! Who has ever turned to the professionals when it comes to their love life- and who thinks it’s better to go it alone? Choose an option below.

Question 49

Never have I ever- been heartbroken

We’re nearing the end of the quiz so, unfortunately, it is time to get into the real deep material. Let’s talk about heartbreak. Who has ever been in a position where their heart has been torn up into tiny little pieces? In rom-coms, the lead characters often spend part of the movie heartbroken, only to fall in love in the second half- so there’s hope!

Question 50

Never have I ever- fallen for someone who didn’t love you back

Finally, let’s talk about something that happens from time to time. This rom-com trope doesn’t usually involve the lead character. It involves a supporting character who has a crush on the lead but keeps it a complete secret. Unrequited love can be pretty rough, so our hearts go out to anyone who has been in this spot! Who has fallen for someone who didn’t feel the same way?

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