Take The Rick And Morty Quiz And We'll Reveal Your Nickname

How did we ever survive without Rick and Morty? That's the question we're all asking ourselves now because, after three incredible seasons, all we know is that we want more. And more. And then some more. Let's hope Adult Swim will deliver!

Anyone who still thinks that cartoons are just for kids has a lot to learn. Shows like Rick and Morty, Bojack Horseman, and F is for Family, are definitely not intended for younger viewers, the humor is far darker and the themes are distinctly adult. But at the same time, they are creative and even whimsical - and this is what makes them so addictive to watch!

For today's quiz, we want you to immerse yourself into the C-137 Rick and Morty reality (or any reality of your choosing) and tell how you think the characters would behave. We want to hear how you would manage the unmanageable Rick Sanchez and what you would do if you had his portal gun and spaceship for one day. Where would you hang out? Who would you meet? What would you eat? And based on your answers, we'll reveal what kind of nickname Rick and Morty would give to you!

Question 1

Morty asks you to help him with a science project. What does he want to build?

Remember when Jerry insisted on helping Morty with his school science project and completely lost his mind when Morty told him that Pluto was no longer considered a planet? Well, it's project time again... What are you and Morty going to build this time around?

Question 2

Everyone is out so you decide to watch interdimensional cable. What's the first show that comes on?

Having interdimensional cable is great, but watching TV with other people can sometimes be a little tedious. You have to choose shows together and it might not be exactly what you want to watch. Well, right now everyone is out and you have the TV all to yourself.

Question 3

Rick has turned himself into a pickle. Again. Which fluid-filled syringe will change him back again?

Rick will go to crazy lengths to avoid doing things he doesn't want to do and that includes turning himself into a pickle. He's gone and done it again and now you need to decide which of the two fluid-filled syringes will return him to his original form...

Question 4

The portal gun malfunctions - where do you end up?

Rick and Morty are off on another wacky adventure but the portal gun has been acting up lately, and when they try to use it, it goes into random mode. With infinite destination possibilities, where do they land up when they enter the portal?

Question 5

Rick wants dipping sauce for his chicken nuggets but of course they don't have szechuan sauce. What will he have instead?

Rick has had too much to drink (what a shock) and now he's going on and on about the Szechuan sauce, again. He wants chicken nuggets, like right now, so which of these dipping sauces will he take with those?

Question 6

There's a mob! Which of these secondary characters is leading it?

Something went wrong on one of the adventures and Morty accidentally allowed aliens to enter the C-137 dimension. Now a mob has formed, to fight back against this new threat. Which of the characters can you see leading this mob?

Question 7

Aliens are invading the planet and, as usual, Jerry runs away. Where does he hide?

We all know that when it comes to bravery, Jerry is, well, lacking. When things get hairy, he always plays the victim, waiting for someone else to save him. When scary face-hugger aliens arrive and start killing everyone off, where can you see him hiding?

Question 8

The portal gun is not working. What is wrong with it?

The portal gun has been playing up, sending Rick and Morty to all kinds of strange dimensions. Following yet another near-death experience Rick decides to take it apart to see what is going on with it. What is the problem with the portal gun?

Question 9

The massive alien heads are back and they want a new song. What will Rick and Morty perform?

Here we go again... The Cromulons AKA Giant Heads are back and once again they want the people of Earth to show them what they've got! Rick and Morty need to step in to save the day but they won't be able to perform Get Schwifty again.

Question 10

Rick is Tiny Rick (again) and refuses to return to his body. How will Morty bribe him?

Everyone would love to feel young again, but Rick actually knows how to create clones of himself and transfer his consciousness into them. But the problem is that once he takes the form of Tiny Rick, he doesn't want to return to his old body.

Question 11

Oops. What did Jerry do to upset Beth this time?

Beth had dreams of becoming a doctor but when Jerry got her pregnant at a young age, all those dreams went straight out the window. He always manages to upset her, and he doesn't even seem to realize when he's going it.

Question 12

Which game would Rick play if Roy: A Life Well Lived was broken?

Rick has been selling who knows what to who knows who again and you know what that means - an afternoon at Blips and Chits! But there's some bad news - the game Roy: A Life Well Lived is not working...

Question 13

What breakfast will Summer order at Shoneys?

In "The Rickshank Rickdemption" episode, Shoney's is the restaurant used to represent Rick's brain. Emotionally speaking Shoney's is Rick's home, so to speak. If Summer were with him at this eatery, what would she order for breakfast?

Question 14

Which attraction at Anatomy Park would have been the most successful?

Trust Rick to be involved in a project like Anatomy Park! But you know what? It might have worked if they had chosen a healthier subject than poor old Ruben. If it had worked out, which attraction would have been the most popular?

Question 15

If Rick could only save one of these characters, who would he save?

We all know that when it comes to life and death situations Rick will always be looking out for himself first. He's not the kind of guy who would sacrifice himself to save someone else. But if he could save himself and one of these characters who do you think he would choose?

Question 16

What was Rick working on before he fell asleep (passed out)?

Morty hears a strange noise coming from the garage and goes to investigate. He finds this scene: Rick passed out, once again. By the looks of things, he was working on something before he fell asleep. What was Rick working on?

Question 17

Summer ripped her top on her last adventure. What color top will she buy to replace it?

When you go on adventures with Rick, you never know where you will end up. But you can be sure that things will get dicey! Summer ripped her favorite top on her last adventure. What color shirt will she replace it with?

Question 18

What on earth is Rick doing to that rat?

Rick is always tinkering away in his garage, creating all kinds of strange things. From Butter Robots to Meeseeks he's got a solution to every problem. But sometimes his creations can be a little sinister... What is he doing with this rat?

Question 19

What would Beth throw into the Wishing Portal?

Do you remember the Wishing Portal from season 3? It was a garbage disposal portal on the Citadel of Ricks but the Mortys believed that if you threw something special into the portal it would grant you a wish. What do you think Beth would throw into the Wishing Portal?

Question 20

It's a crossover episode! Which of these characters is in it?

What's better than watching your two favorite cartoons back to back? A cross-over episode of course! If Rick and Morty were to do a cross-over episode for their new season, which of these characters would you like to see in it?

Question 21

How will you help Rick, Morty, and Summer clean up?

Don't ask what happened here - seriously, you don't even want to know. Let's just put it this way, in the future, everyone really needs to check their shoes when they get back from an adventure. How will you help Rick, Morty, and Summer to clean up before Beth gets back?

Question 22

Rick is going on a date - who is the lucky (or unlucky) lady?

Yes, believe it or not, Rick Sanchez actually has a date tonight. We don't know whether to be shocked, impressed, or just plain concerned! But it's going to be interesting that's for sure. Who is he going out with?

Question 23

Rick left his wallet on the table. What currency do you find inside?

Rick and Morty go all over the multiverse looking for adventures. Well, Morty looks for adventure, Rick's motives are a little darker! And in all these different places, creatures use different types of currency. What kind of money does Rick have in his wallet?

Question 24

What excuse does Morty give Mr. Goldenfold for his unfinished homework?

Who has time to worry about math homework when you are traversing the multiverse with your super-smart grandfather? That's right, no-one! Once again, Morty has been unable to finish this assignment, so what excuse does he give to his teacher?

Question 25

What career do you think Summer will choose when she grows up?

Summer has definitely inherited her grandfather's smarts and her mom's tough attitude. She's the kind of girl we can see getting what she wants out of life. What do you think she will do when she is all grown up?

Question 26

Which Rick would you rather hang out with?

Rick is the smartest man in the multiverse so who wouldn't want to hang out with him for awhile? But Rick also exists in many different dimensions and in many different forms. Which of these Ricks would you rather chill with?

Question 27

Jerry needs to create a slogan for peaches - what will his pitch be?

The last time Jerry was trapped inside an alien simulation program he didn't even notice. He just went ahead with his advertising pitch for apples and listened to human music. This time he needs to do a similar pitch for peaches...

Question 28

What weapon would you take with you to the The Purge planet?

Imagine a place where, for one night of the year all crime, including murder, was perfectly legal. Wouldn't that be something! Rick and Morty visit such a planet during the second season. If you went with them, which weapon would you take along?

Question 29

Which item would Jerry buy from Needful Things?

Smart people know better than to buy anything from Needful Things, except if you get the curses removed first. But as we all know Jerry is not the brightest crayon in the box. What do you think he would take from the store?

Question 30

Who was your favorite character in the episode Total Rickall?

In this episode, a whole bunch of wacky characters invade the Smith home after someone (and we're not pointing fingers here) tracked an alien parasite into the house. Which of these zany characters from Total Rickall was your favorite?

Question 31

In a battle between Vance Maximus and Phoenixperson, who would win?

Okay so, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, because he was a little annoying) Vance Maximus, AKA Renegade Starsoldier met his end during the Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender episode. But if he were still alive, do you think he could defeat Phoenixperson (formerly known as Birdperson)?

Question 32

Where is the very last place you'd want to find yourself?

There are some Rick and Morty locations that look like loads of fun to visit but then there are others you'd try and do anything to avoid. Which of these locations would you not want to end up at?

Question 33

In a showdown between Unity and Supernova, who would win?

Unity has the power to assimilate just about any being but how would she match up against the power of Supernova? Would Supernova fall under her control or beat her to a pulp? Who would win in a battle between these two ladies?

Question 34

Which of these would you rather eat?

You've just returned from a strenuous Rick and Morty adventure and you're feeling really hungry. You need to eat something and quick! After having a quick look around the Smith household you come up with these four options...

Question 35

Rick has invented an anti-aging potion. What's the secret ingredient?

Someone bet Rick that he couldn't make a potion that stops the aging process so just to prove them wrong he's gone ahead and done it. Typical Rick, right? Okay, so what is the secret ingredient in this concoction of his?

Question 36

Rick needs to fix his ship quick! What will he use?

We all know that Rick built his own spaceship and most of the time he also seems able to do his own repairs. The ship has been damaged after a narrow escape from a hostile planet so what will Rick use as a quick-fix repair?

Question 37

Which of these Rick inventions would you love to get your hands on?

Wouldn't we all love to have a Grandpa like Rick? Especially with all the cool things he can make! If you were standing in his garage right now, unsupervised, which of these inventions would you love to get your hands on?

Question 38

Who do you think Summer would take to the prom?

In many ways Summer is a typical teenage girl, she loves social media and her friends and is sometimes deeply embarrassed by her family. If Summer was going to the prom, who do you think she would take with her?

Question 39

Multiple portals have opened up! Which one will take Rick and Morty home?

Usually, the portal gun only opens one portal at a time, but it's malfunctioning, once again. Now Rick and Morty are standing in front of four different portals and only one of them will take them back home. Which should they choose?

Question 40

In a faceoff between Tammy and Summer, who would win?

Tammy and Summer used to be friends - that is of course until Tammy revealed that she was actually a spy. If the two of them had to face off against each other, which girl do you think would win?

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