Take The Quiz To Reveal The Perfect Season For Your Wedding

If you are a person who likes to plan ahead, then you’ve likely started to think about what style of dress you’d like to walk down the aisle in, or what kind of flowers will decorate your tables and make up your bouquets. We bet you didn’t even realize that all of the things you’re slowly picking out can determine what season would be best for your special day. For example, certain flowers are only grown in specific seasons, the color scheme you want to use to decorate the venue and your bridesmaids will wear. Venue plays a big part in what season is best suited for your wedding – no one wants to be spending hours in a barn that isn’t insulated in the middle of winter, especially if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow. Same goes for those who want a destination wedding – no one wants to go somewhere hot in the middle of the summer months. Determining your season can actually be quite useful when it comes to planning because in the wedding industry the early and late months of the year are labelled as “off season” and can grant you a significant amount of savings! Curious to see which season would be most suitable for what you want? Take this quiz!

1What is your favorite color scheme?

Desired color schemes are an excellent way to determine what season you’ll get married in. Certain colors look amazing in a specific season – such as dark, deep colors in winter because they contrast against the vibrant white snow of winter.

2How many bridesmaids are you thinking of having?

It’s always fun to think who you’ll have in your wedding party. Usually women pick their sisters if they have any, and if their significant other has female siblings they also tend to be in the wedding party too. College friends, childhood friends and other relatives are also commonly accepted.

3What type of shoe do you want to walk down the aisle in?

Footwear is very important especially if you take into consideration the landscape in which you want to get married in. For example, heels are not really the best option to get married in if your aisle is a sandy beach.

4What is your dream dress style?

There are probably a hundred different wedding dress styles if not more. Some are more suitable for the season you plan to get married in – such as ten layers of fabric if you want to brisk the cold. It also has a lot to do with person taste though. Some women prefer form fitting, others like a flowy ball gown.

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