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If you are a person who likes to plan ahead, then you’ve likely started to think about what style of dress you’d like to walk down the aisle in, or what kind of flowers will decorate your tables and make up your bouquets. We bet you didn’t even realize that all of the things you’re slowly picking out can determine what season would be best for your special day. For example, certain flowers are only grown in specific seasons, the color scheme you want to use to decorate the venue and your bridesmaids will wear. Venue plays a big part in what season is best suited for your wedding – no one wants to be spending hours in a barn that isn’t insulated in the middle of winter, especially if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow. Same goes for those who want a destination wedding – no one wants to go somewhere hot in the middle of the summer months. Determining your season can actually be quite useful when it comes to planning because in the wedding industry the early and late months of the year are labelled as “off season” and can grant you a significant amount of savings! Curious to see which season would be most suitable for what you want? Take this quiz!

Question 1

What is your favorite color scheme?

Desired color schemes are an excellent way to determine what season you’ll get married in. Certain colors look amazing in a specific season – such as dark, deep colors in winter because they contrast against the vibrant white snow of winter.

Question 2

How many bridesmaids are you thinking of having?

It’s always fun to think who you’ll have in your wedding party. Usually women pick their sisters if they have any, and if their significant other has female siblings they also tend to be in the wedding party too. College friends, childhood friends and other relatives are also commonly accepted.

Question 3

What type of shoe do you want to walk down the aisle in?

Footwear is very important especially if you take into consideration the landscape in which you want to get married in. For example, heels are not really the best option to get married in if your aisle is a sandy beach.

Question 4

What is your dream dress style?

There are probably a hundred different wedding dress styles if not more. Some are more suitable for the season you plan to get married in – such as ten layers of fabric if you want to brisk the cold. It also has a lot to do with person taste though. Some women prefer form fitting, others like a flowy ball gown.

Question 5

What is your favorite shape of engagement ring?

Although most women are usually surprised with their engagement ring from their significant other, its fair to say that a woman has a very specific vision for the ring they are expected to wear for the rest of their life. You’ve probably discussed with your partner the ring shapes you love and the ones you aren’t that big of a fan of.

Question 6

What kind of venue do you picture your wedding in?

Wedding venues are the foundation of wedding planning. Are you going to hold your ceremony in one venue and then the reception in another? Or maybe you’ll have them both at the same location to make it easier for guests to not be driving around town.

Question 7

Do you have a specific theme in mind for your wedding?

Some people have themes for their wedding which help when it comes to planning décor and such. For the most part, the themes are pretty generic so that the bride and groom can put their own twists on what they want for their special day.

Question 8

What style of food will be served at your wedding?

A part from celebrating your special day, the thing most guests look forward to at a wedding is the food. There are certain dishes that are more appropriate or more accessible depending on the time of year because of what’s “in season.”

Question 9

Where would you like to go for your honeymoon?

Most of the planning is spent on the wedding, the reception, and basically anything and everything to do with that single day. The honeymoon is the vacation after the chaos of the planning where the newlyweds can relax and spend time with each other.

Question 10

What genre of music will be most played at your wedding?

Selection of music is very important to ensure your guests have a night to remember. While it is of course about the bride and groom celebrating their love for each other, the reception is usually about mingling with your closest family and friends – music and dancing make these moments memorable.

Question 11

What type of flowers will be in your bouquet?

Flowers are one of those things you don’t think will be important until you start planning a wedding. The arrangement you decide can depend on the time of year you plan to have your celebration because some flowers are considered more “in season” in May than they would be in the middle of December.

Question 12

Do you want an indoor or an outdoor wedding?

There are people who love the indoors and there are people who love the outdoors. Perhaps you are a camper, and in the summer months you spend your nights out by a bonfire, in the wilderness surrounded by the stars.

Question 13

What flavor do you want your wedding cake to be?

Wedding cakes are always fun in theory, but practically they become difficult to cut especially if they are tiered or intricately designed. To be honest, there are more videos of wedding cakes falling over or being dropped than being eaten.

Question 14

What is your daily outfit of choice?

Do you have that one special outfit that is your go to when you want to look and feel your best? Maybe it’s a dress you pull out every summer, or a red plaid shirt and jeans that you wear every time the leaves begin to change color.

Question 15

What do you want to give out as wedding favors?

Wedding favors are little trinkets or small gifts that the bride and groom give to each of their guests as a thanks for attending their big day. They can be anywhere from small plants, a box of chocolate, loose leaf tea, or even small blankets – it all depends on the “theme” of the wedding.

Question 16

How do you want to style your hair?

There are many things that a bride-to-be has gone over in her head. Dress, hair and accessories that all match and flow perfectly together. Certain dresses only look good with an up-do, or certain hairstyles only work with the silhouette of a gown.

Question 17

What length would you want your bridesmaid dresses?

Bridesmaid dresses are almost as fun to shop for as the wedding dress. But although the wedding dress is extremely important, picking the perfect bridesmaid dress can be stressful and overwhelming. You have more than one body type to take into consideration, and finding the perfect dress to please everyone can be a challenge.

Question 18

What time of day to do you want to say “I do?”

It’s not a matter of what time of year a person wants to have their wedding, but the time of day is equally as important. Some people choose to have the wedding ceremony earlier in the day and have a few hours in between until the reception is held.

Question 19

What does your ideal date look like with your significant other?

What you and your partner like to do on dates can show who you are as a couple. Some prefer an intimate romantic dinner by candlelight; others lean more towards a casual night in drinking by the fire in your backyard.

Question 20

What do you do during your vacation days throughout the year?

Vacations are always fun to play with your significant other. Perhaps it’s something you wait for all year long and it is usually something annual like going on a cruise or spending a week on a beach in the Bahamas.

Question 21

Who is likely to be your maid of honor?

Picking a maid of honor is very important because she is the person who helps the bride get through all of the tough decisions and situations that might arise. They are also the one who is responsible for throwing parties and making sure everything runs smoothly on the wedding day.

Question 22

What do you do in your spare time?

We all have our own specific hobbies that make us who we are. Reading, writing, photography, surfing or perhaps cooking. Whatever it is, it is usually something we take pride in and like to share with our family and friends.

Question 23

How many people do you plan to invite to your wedding?

How many people you plan to invite to your wedding is a crucial factor when considering what kind of food you plan to have catered or even what kind of venue you are interested in. Only so many people can fit safely and comfortably in a room and that has to be thought of before you fall in love with the wrong venue.

Question 24

What was the last type of wedding you attended?

It’s very common to get inspiration for your own wedding at wedding’s you’ve attended in the past. Perhaps the venue sparks an interest in what you’d want for your wedding. Or the time of year the wedding was held just seems right.

Question 25

What would the signature drink be at your wedding?

Signature drinks are always fun to have at a wedding, especially if it is an open bar. Signature drinks are usually a way for the bride and groom to show off their own specific taste when it comes to alcohol, or it’s centered on the theme of the wedding.

Question 26

What does a typical evening out with your friends look like?

As it was said before, what a person does in their spare time can really reflect who they are as a person. The same can be said by what they do with their group of friends. Perhaps you enjoy sitting on the patio with a drink in your hand, or much prefer a quiet night in.

Question 27

How long do you want your engagement to be?

No one wants to be engaged for a long time. Then it looks like you’re either afraid of commitment or are spending way too much time planning a wedding. The average time for an engagement is anywhere between 10-12 months depending on many people they plan to invite.

Question 28

What is your favorite holiday?

For most people, holidays are a nice time of the year because it usually means spending time with your family and eating delicious food. What most people try to avoid is having their special day around any widely celebrated holidays because some people tend to go away during those events.

Question 29

What kind of wedding shower do you want?

Wedding showers are normally separated into two categories. One for just women which is known as the “bridal shower;” and the other which is becoming more and more popular which is the “Jack and Jill” – an event for both men and women.

Question 30

When did you and your significant other start dating?

For some people, part of their reasoning behind a wedding date has to do with when they and their significant other began dating. They like the idea of having the same anniversary date for both their dating and their wedding date.

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