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Finding someone who you think you're going to be able to spend the rest of your life with is no easy feat -- especially if you've been experiencing a string of bad luck out in the dating world.

While pretty much no one wants to spend their adult years living without a family, or at the very least a partner, people are by and large waiting longer and longer to settle down. And although that means there are plenty more single people to choose from, it doesn't seem any easier to find the right fit.

If you're someone who has no problem putting yourself out there and getting dates, then there's a better chance that it will take you less time to strike up a serious relationship than someone who's a bit of a homebody. But at the same time, introverts often have a better idea of what they're looking for out of a person, and they will have an easier time settling down in long run. So it's really anyone's game.

So with that in mind, let's take a closer look at a number of other aspects of your life to narrow down when you have the best odds of meeting your soulmate!

Question 1

How old are you?

If you still a young teen, then there’s a good chance that it will be years and years before you actually meet the person who you’re going to settle down with. After all, they say your early 20s are the years that you’ll go through the most personality changes.

Question 2

Are you male or female?

We’re living in a world where an increasing number of the population is single. While less than 40% of people were single back in the ‘70s, over 50% are single today. And surprisingly, way more women are single than men. Sorry, ladies, but you have a smaller pool to choose from.

Question 3

What’s your current living situation?

It might be hard to fire up a serious relationship if you’re still living at home, or if you place is overflowing with so many roommates that you can never have any time to yourself. So you might want to focus on becoming more self-sufficient before looking for soulmate.

Question 4

Do you have kids?

If you have kids, they’re no doubt your number one priority. (Or at least they should.) That doesn’t mean it’s totally impossible to find the person you're meant to be with, just that you have a few more obstacles in your way.

Question 5

When’s the last time you went on a first date?

You’re not going to find someone if you never go out on dates! But, of course, that’s far easier said than done. So do you get out into the dating world fairly often? Or are you retreating further and further into your own shell?

Question 6

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Do you actually believe you can fall in love with someone upon first meeting them? Or is this simply a concept that has been overly exaggerated by Hollywood because they only have 90 minutes to tell a passionate love story?

Question 7

Do you have a crush on one of your best friends?

Maybe you’re not actively looking for someone to date because you’re harboring feeling for one of your friends. So is it possible that they’ve been your soulmate all along? And do you think you have any chance of climbing out of the friendzone?

Question 8

What are you currently looking for out of a relationship?

So you’re concerned with finding your soulmate, but first, you should really ask yourself if you’re ready to settle down. If the answer is definitely no, maybe you should be content with just being with someone who you can currently have a good time with.

Question 9

Why do most of your relationship end?

If you constantly find your relationships falling apart, it might actually be a sign that you need to take a serious break from the dating world and work on yourself instead. Only then you should be able to take another attempt at a longterm relationship.

Question 10

Where do you go to meet people?

If you’re looking for someone to fire up a longterm relationship with, a crowded bar on a Friday or Saturday night is probably not the best place to look. At the same time, going out anywhere is more promising than sitting at home alone.

Question 11

Have you ever dated someone you met online?

These days there are so many more outlets for meeting people than even a decade ago. So have you ever turned to one of the many online dating websites and meet-up apps that are available to you? And has this ever resulted in an actual date?

Question 12

Pick your favorite romantic comedy?

Do you like your romance movies with a heavy side of comedy? Not only will these movies give you hope for finding someone whom you can spend the rest of your life with, they’re also an ideal viewing experience for a first or second date.

Question 13

Have you ever been able to break out of the friendzone?

While breaking out of the friendzone may seem like an insurmountable task, some of the strongest and longest-lasting relationships start out as friendships. So you really just have to ask yourself if it’s worth risking the friendship to let your true feelings be known.

Question 14

How are you on a first date?

The hardest part about finding someone you’re into is getting past the first date. These are often awkward experience, where both parties are fairly nervous, yet trying to present the most desirable qualities about themselves. So how do you fair during a first date?

Question 15

Are you an introvert or extrovert?

While introverts may have a harder time meeting people up front, they have an easier time developing a strong connection when they find the right person. Meanwhile, extroverts may do great off the bat, but have trouble staying comfortable over time.

Question 16

What's your top priority right now?

Where are your priorities at in life right now? Is your college career just getting started? Or have you finally moved off into the workforce? Or maybe everything has finally fallen into place, and you’re just left looking for that special someone.

Question 17

Do you fixate on “the one that got away?”

Maybe you’re a little anxious about finding the right person because you already found them and things didn’t work out. So do you spend an unhealthy amount of time thinking about the past? Or are you good at looking forward to new possibilities?

Question 18

How often do you “stalk” your crush on social media?

Do you have someone whom you’d like to date, but maybe you simply haven’t mustered up the courage to ask them out? A good way to know if this is the case, is if you can’t stop sifting through a certain someone’s social media pictures.

Question 19

Have you ever asked someone out in person?

Do you have the courage to approach someone in person and ask them if they’d like to grab a cup of coffee sometime? If so, you have a higher likely hood of finding your soulmate sooner rather than later, since you’re clearly not afraid to put yourself out there.

Question 20

Has anyone ever asked you out in person?

Maybe you don’t need to ask people out because people are constantly pursuing you. This is often the case if you’re a female, and while guys may think this is way easier, it could also mean that you have no shortage of creeps who won’t leave you alone.

Question 21

What’s your ideal vacation?

Are you the adventurous type? Do you like to get out there and see the world? Or are you happy to kick back on the beach and enjoy the waves? While there’s no wrong answer, those who like to explore will certainly rub shoulder with more potential suitors.

Question 22

What’s your type?

Are you only into a specific type of hair color? While blondes may be overly glamorized throughout North America, natural blondes actually only make up 2% of the world population — which drastically reduces your pool of people to choose from.

Question 23

What’s more important to you in a partner?

Are you someone who worries about financial stability? While this is a reasonable thing to worry about, there’s a clear distinction between finding someone who makes you comfortable and finding someone who actually makes you happy. So which would you prefer?

Question 24

Pick your favorite romance movie?

If you’re someone who’s overly fixated on finding your soulmate, there’s also a very good chance that you’ve spent countless hours watching dozens of romance movies. So out of these four classics, which one do you think is the better film?

Question 25

How many serious relationship have you been in before?

The majority of relationship end within the first year, which is most likely due to the fact that people no longer find themselves compatible after the excitement wears off and reality sets in. So do you have experience with making a relationship actually last beyond the honeymoon phase?

Question 26

What part of your day do you look forward to the most?

Are you a morning person? Or maybe a health guru? Basically, you’ll want to find someone who has a similar disposition as yourself. That doesn’t mean that you have to agree on absolutely everything, but that you both have a good idea of where your priorities are at.

Question 27

Have you ever had an office fling?

If you work side-by-side with a number of peers who happen to be of the opposite-sex, there’s a good chance that you’ve gone on to develop your office crush. But have you ever been bold enough to turn these innocuous flirtations int an actual fling?

Question 28

What are you looking forward to most this year?

If you’re like most of the world, every week you probably find yourself looking forward to the weekend. But life should be more about that, so out of the remaining months of 2018, what is the one thing that gets you more excited than the others?

Question 29

How did you meet your last boyfriend/ girlfriend?

If you’re looking to meet someone new, maybe you only need to look back to what’s worked for you in the past. So if your last S.O. started out as a friend, maybe you simply need to start hanging out with more people.

Question 30

How important are looks to you?

Looks are pretty important throughout high school and college. But the older you get, the less concerned you become with the superficial. Adult life isn’t as frivolous as adolescents, and you’re more likely to want a partner who’s responsible and caring rather than just drop-dead gorgeous.

Question 31

What’s your biggest pet-peeve in the dating world?

If you’ve gone on a few first dates that went terribly, you may think you have good reason to stay away from dating altogether. So is there one particular thing that really grinds your gears? Like someone who can’t stop texting when you’re trying to get to know each other?

Question 32

Do your friends keep trying to set you up?

If you have good friends who are looking out for your well being, then there’s a good chance that they’ve recognized your loneliness and tried to set you up on a date. So has this ever happened to you? Or are your friends just as desperate?

Question 33

What’s your ideal Friday night?

Are you the type of person who likes to cut loose as soon as the weekend hits and unwind with your friends at the hottest bar or party in town? Or do you like to keep it low-key and get your energy back by relaxing at home?

Question 34

Do you like meeting new people?

Some people love networking and meeting new and interesting people. But to others, these kinds of activities are the bane of their existence. Unfortunately, you’re never going to have a longterm relationship without partaking in a little small talk first.

Question 35

Do you still talk to your exes?

Maybe you’re simply not ready to meet your soulmate because you’re still hung up on the past? Or maybe you’re ready to give it another go with a recent ex? Whatever the case may be, you don’t want to preoccupy yourself with something that’s never going to work.

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