Take The Pregnancy Craving Quiz To Reveal The Perfect Baby Girl Name

Pregnancy comes with all sorts of weird and wonderful changes. These are great, but also challenging. Some women are able to embrace these changes, while others may struggle to give up their perfect pre-baby bodies. Part of what influences all these changes in one's bodies are the things that we decide to eat while being pregnant.

There's the 'eating for two' fallacy, which is often used as a scapegoat - but the truth is one doesn't really need to eat that much more to maintain a healthy pregnancy, right? Of course, with the added eating comes the interesting food combinations. Sometimes women even crave non-edible items such as sand or glass!

If the opportunity presents itself, and if the craving is there, then why not indulge? Of course, it's always best to try and maintain the best habits possible. After all - there's a teeny tiny human growing inside, depending on mom-to-be to make the best choices!

We've mentioned that some pregnant women have indulged in non-edible, but that aside, the combinations can include things like avocado and strawberry jam on Captain Crunch cereal. Could this be the way one's body tries to make up for lacking in something else, like a vitamin?

Question 1

Lime ice-cream and sugar cones

Ice-cream has really evolved over the years and this has allowed folks to explore new horizons and new options. Not only have the various flavors been enhanced recently, but textures and type of ice-creams have also been updated. Lime was not a flavor that often came in a standard dairy ice-cream; it is usually presented as sorbet. Now we can enjoy this fresh flavor any way we like – even in a magical milkshake if that’s what we really want to do!

Question 2

Raw vegetables

Raw vegetables are not on the top of the ‘favorite foods’ list for most people. In fact, cooked vegetables might not even be on the list. That being said though, we do need to eat these to stay healthy and help grow a strong baby. If this was never something one may have wanted to eat before, one may suddenly crave this during a pregnancy. This type of craving is probably a good thing too. Just make sure it is OK to eat some veggies raw first!

Question 3


Who doesn’t love a sweet crunchy cereal to start (or end) the day? Cereals come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors and flavors. It’s no wonder they are so popular among the children. This may suddenly be a craving to have to give in to as an adult. And there’s nothing wrong with having cereal for breakfast, lunch and supper, right? The sugar content could be a problem – but let’s just take everything in moderation…

Question 4


Who doesn’t enjoy some chocolate every now and again? These are a delicious treat and come in different shapes, colors, sizes, tastes and textures. Chocolates are not a girl’s best friend, but they are a close second (to diamonds). Being pregnant gives us an all access pass to enjoy just about anything and everything that we can lay our hands and eyes on. Would chocolates be the ideal craving? Of course, there are some side effects to having too much chocolate…

Question 5

Pickles with apricot jam

Pickles can come in a sweet and tangy flavor which is enjoyed all over the world. It’s great on sandwiches, in salads and even on their own. But when one is pregnant they may even be better with a little bit of apricot jam! Apricot jam is usually used as a spread on toast or even in some recipes. It is highly unlikely that this will be the norm for a general snack, but no one wants to argue with, or question, a pregnant lady. Who knows what they might eat next.

Question 6

Crisps with cottage cheese

Crisps are a snack which come in handy when entertaining guests or as a lunch box filler. These also come in a wide range of flavors. There are also many different brands to choose from. Cottage cheese is not the greatest cheese around, and it is nothing like cheddar or Gouda. In fact, it’s a completely different type of cheese but it is often mixed up with cream cheese. Would eating crisps and cottage cheese together be a yummy craving to have?

Question 7

Apples with feta cheese

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This may be true, but does it count if it’s mixed with some feta cheese? Feta also comes in many different flavors but it’s not often eaten with apples. Maybe they’d go well together in a salad of some kind. Feta cheese is a softer cheese that can also be enjoyed on some crackers or pizza. If the pregnancy cravings strike, then no one can stand in the way of wanting to enjoy some feta cheese with a few apple slices.

Question 8

Waffles and coffee

What could go wrong with this pregnancy craving? Waffles and coffee are a perfect combination and can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It all depends what is on that waffle though… If it includes ice-cream and chocolate sauce it’s sure to be a very tasty meal. If it has ground beef and tomato sauce on then it might not be all that yummy. The choice is that of the lady. This even makes a great meal for those who are not pregnant but enjoy a good cuppa and a waffle!

Question 9

Ketchup on everything

Ketchup is a tomato based sauce. In other parts of the world it’s simply called ‘tomato sauce’. This can be used on so many different things like: eggs, pizza, chips, burgers, sandwiches, hot-dogs and more! As a pregnancy craving one may want to put this sauce on everything. This could include waffles, chocolate cake, cookies or donuts. Whatever the combination is, we are sure that it will satisfy the craving perfectly. If not, perhaps try a different sauce instead.

Question 10

Boiled potato with mozzarella cheese

Potatoes are a weak point for some folks. It’s just so difficult to turn down a roasted potato, boiled potato, potato wedges and even mashed potato. This is such a versatile food that can be enjoyed with many other food items too. It can even be enjoyed on its own or with a little bit of cheese melted over the top. Now who can say ‘no’ to a little bit of melted cheese? We could add some chives and a sprinkle of black pepper too… OK, let’s not get carried away!

Question 11

French fries and ice-cream

French fries are just another way to enjoy potatoes… But this time we are adding some ice-cream in to the mix. Ever tried dipping a French fry in to vanilla ice-cream? It’s a real delicacy and worth the try. It may sound a little strange, but this is a popular combination. It must have something to do with the warm saltiness mixed with the cold sweet vanilla that makes it so magical. Go ahead and give this a try next time, or don’t… Pregnant ladies are excused!

Question 12

Chicken nuggets and spicy sauce

Chicken nuggets are maybe not the healthiest thing to be craving but a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do. If that means indulging in processed, deep fried chicken then why not? And if heartburn is not a bother yet, then one can even add some extra spicy sauce to the order. Alternatively one’s craving may only call for chicken nuggets only. This is also a easy meal one can make at home or pick up from a fast food place while on the go. Yay for easy meals!

Question 13

Balsamic vinegar

Balsamic vinegar is usually enjoyed on salads, but during a pregnancy one may want to mix it with a few other meals. There are endless options to add this item to. It really just depends on one’s mood and level of adventure. Maybe this would be a great combination if used with some pizza or butternut – there is really only one way to find out! If this is an applicable craving, we trust it will be amazing. Be careful not to over indulge in too much of this acidic item though.

Question 14


Marshmallows are a squishy sweet treat that can be enjoyed on their own, cooked over a fire, in warm chocolate or even melted in rice crispy treats. They come in tons of flavors, colors, shapes and sizes. When it comes to a pregnancy craving though, one may end up being just a little bit fussy about which marshmallows they want. Some women will only eat pink marshmallows while others will only indulge in the white marshmallow. It’s just a matter of taste, really.

Question 15

Crispy bacon

Bacon is another food that is rather delicious and can also be used in a number of different meals. If this is the craving of the day, best be sure to watch out for high cholesterol! That’s because bacon is rather fatty and too much can also cause other issues. Once again, that phrase ‘everything in moderation’ is suitable here. Crispy bacon is also tricky to get just right. If it is too crispy it’s no longer edible but could rather be used for something else.

Question 16

Banana and avocado tacos

Tacos are a tasty dish which usually has some salsa, avocado, meat and spices inside the shell. It’s also a rather messy meal, so be sure to have a napkin nearby. This is a unique dish but has been introduced worldwide. While one can be adventurous in adding different filings, we need to consider this craving; a taco with avocado and banana. One thing is for sure, this is going to be a very mushy filling and the textures could be a little unusual too.

Question 17

Extra spicy curry

Some curries are so spicy that it takes a mouth of steel to eat it, while other curries are so mild they can easily be confused with a stew. Since pregnancy makes some ladies act out of character (in terms of food preferences), it is not unlikely that a lady may start craving a very spicy curry. Watch out though, a pregnant belly can already cause some heartburn so this may make matters worse. Of course, there are also ways and means of getting around the heartburn if needed…

Question 18

Chocolate chip cookies

Continuing with the chocolate theme, why not add them to some cookies? Chocolate cookies are a winner every time. Of course, one can also add milk chocolate, normal dairy chocolate or some dark chocolate too. Even a combination of all of these would be welcome and would make such a yummy treat. Maybe this can be a craving even when one isn’t expecting… Who needs an excuse to eat cookies, after all? This craving can even be enjoyed with ice-cream or coffee!

Question 19


Salads are always considered the healthier option. OK, that’s not always true because some salads are made of things that aren’t always that healthy. But, for the purpose of this craving, let’s stick to simple green salads as shown in this picture. If this is a craving one has during the pregnancy, then that is really going to help with keeping at a healthy weight as well. The great thing about salads is that they are so diverse. There are tons of options for added extras.

Question 20

Ribs and cheesecake

Pork ribs are one of the most delicious meals one can enjoy. These can be served with chips (more potato!) or even with some vegetables. Cheesecake, on the other hand, is a magical dessert that leaves us wanting more. But what about having the two together? We are talking about a pregnancy craving which includes having both of these foods on the same plate, at the same time, during the same meal. There’s only one way to find out if this is worthwhile or not…

Question 21

Guacamole ice-cream

We have already mentioned a green ice-cream in the beginning of this quiz. Now we are looking at a different green ice-cream. That’s right – guacamole ice-cream. If flavors have enhanced as much as they say they have, then this is always an option. If this is what a pregnant woman is craving, then she will find a way to make this happen as well. No craving is too big or too small to come by. Where there is a will, there is a way… Would this be a favorable craving?

Question 22

Pickled chillies

Chilies can be an acquired taste. Not everyone enjoys the feeling of their mouth burning off. That being said, not all chilies are extremely spicy. Some are milder and more tolerable than others. Chilies are amazing in various dishes, but they can also be pickled. This takes the burn to a different level. In fact, it puts a whole new twist on the idea of eating a chilly to begin with. Pickled chilies will have a more sour taste to them which may make them preferable.

Question 23

Oreo milkshakes

Milkshakes are a cold and refreshing treat that we should be able to enjoy anywhere, any time. Milkshakes have also evolved over the years and can even be considered a meal on their own. It’s no longer just the average vanilla, chocolate and strawberry milkshakes we see. This particular pregnancy craving includes the Oreo biscuits being made in to a yummy crunchy milkshake. Even if we are not pregnant, we are going to be craving this milky treat!

Question 24

Raw meat

Meat is not on the cards for everyone. It’s a food that is also very versatile and can allow one to express them in their cooking. This pregnancy craving is about eating raw meat. If well-done meat is usually a winner this may be off-putting. But, all those hormones can do wonderful things to one’s body during pregnancy and hence this may be the new favorite way to enjoy a rump steak. Raw meat is completely different to dried out meat, like beef jerky.

Question 25

Sour sweets

A more reasonable craving during pregnancy could be the desire to eat nothing but sour sweets. This may cause some discomfort in one’s mouth and for one’s teeth. But if this is what the craving calls for, then one may need to just give in and accept it. The good news about these pregnancy cravings is that they usually change with each trimester, so it is unlikely that this will be carried from beginning to end. If it does last the whole pregnancy then enjoy!

Question 26

Soggy Cheetos

Cheetos are a delicious snack that is often fed to younger children. The things is, when sharing Cheetos with a young child they sometimes put a half-eaten Cheetos back in to the bowl. This leaves the chip feeling cold and soggy. It really isn’t very appealing – unless it is the current pregnancy craving… If this is what the pregnant lady wants, then this is what the pregnant lady gets. Soggy Cheetos that the toddler no longer wanted to eat. Enjoy it – no one else will…

Question 27

Pot pies with gravy

Pot pies are fantastic and can be enjoyed in so many different ways. The only hassle is the effort it will take to make. Maybe this can be made in bulk and frozen for the next time a craving strikes. These pies can have chicken, beef, lamb or even pork inside. They can be served with a salad, vegetables or even on their own. This is also ideal for those cooler winter months and they’re the ideal comfort food too. Also, leave the washing up to someone else to enjoy!

Question 28

Sloppy joe with crisps

Sloppy joes are really just buns with some ground beef and cheese. They can vary, though. The name here says it all – sloppy. That’s exactly what can be expected when digging in to one of these yummy buns. There’s going to be some mess, so best have a napkin nearby to clean up. As a mum-to-be, it may even be good practice to keep a packet of wet wipes close as well. These are going to come in handy when the little bundle of joy is around.

Question 29

Watermelon slushy

Last, but not least, our craving quiz ends with the choice of a watermelon slushy. Watermelons are best enjoyed ice cold. They make for a juicy, sweet treat on those warmer days. This fruit also has a unique and refreshing taste so it is no surprise that a pregnant lady may start craving this in a slushy. Blend it down with some crushed ice and maybe even some mint served with a slice of lemon. Doesn’t that sound absolutely amazing? And, it is a healthy choice too!

Question 30


Craving ice during one’s pregnancy can be a sign of an iron deficiency. This is another topic which is best discussed with a healthcare professional. It may also be common to be offered ice chips while in labor. There is something magical about that ice cold feeling when one’s body prepares for childbirth. This is not only a craving that is experience by pregnant women. Just about anyone can experience the desire to chew on ice at any stage of their lives.

Question 31

Pickled fish

There is something fishy about craving pickled fish during a pregnancy… Not really, we’re just kidding. One should just be cautious with eating fish during pregnancy to avoid some illnesses. The dos and don’ts are best discussed with one’s treating healthcare professional. Although some ladies may crave pickled fish during their pregnancy, it can be the opposite for other ladies. In fact, this could make morning sickness even worse for some women.

Question 32

Salty sea water

We are fully aware that pregnancy can result in cravings. These are not always wonderful combinations of food or drinks. Sometimes this can be a non-edible item. These include sand or glass. What about salty sea water? Usually the thought of drinking salty water would make someone gag. However, pregnancy does some strange things to a lady – like craving salt water. We’re not sure if this is a drink that would be best served warm or cold…

Question 33

Gravy on pizza

Pizza is an Italian food and it comes in various different forms. Not all pizzas are equal. That being said, they are not all round either. Some places have enhanced the style of the original pizza in to squares and even rectangles. Gravy is a savory sauce that is best enjoyed over rice or meat. But what about having some gravy drizzled over an Hawaiian pizza for lunch? Stranger cravings have been seen in previous pregnancies, so this is no surprise.

Question 34

Sour cream on hot-dogs

Hot-dogs are a super quick and easy meal to make. It’s often just a bread roll with a sausage filling. Of course, there can be a few variations if needed. For example, one can add some fried onions or a tomato and onion stew on it. Cheese is also a yummy addition. Some pregnancy cravings may include adding some sour cream in to the mix. This is usually added to something like a boiled potato. No one’s going to question pregnancy cravings though!

Question 35

Peanut butter and apples

Apples are so tasty and also come in various sizes, colors and flavors. This fruit can be enjoyed as is, or in a pie. It can also be stewed or made in to an apple sauce. No matter what happens to the apple, it always tastes delish! Peanut butter is also a marvelous treat - provided one doesn’t have a nut allergy! Mixing these two items in to one meal can also make for an absolutely wonderful treat which is good for everyone, not just mums-to-be.

Question 36

Pickle cupcakes

Cupcakes should be a sweet treat that can be enjoyed for just about any occasion. They are tasty and often come with a creative topping. This can be extravagant or simple – it really just depends on the occasion. There are hundreds of ideas and flavors to choose from, but would a pickle cupcake be an option? Ordinarily it probably wouldn’t make the cut. Yet, for a pregnant lady this may be just what the doctor ordered; a sweet and tangy vanilla pickle cupcake!

Question 37

Boiled eggs

Eggs are amazing. They are so versatile and really a necessity in many food items. Most baking can’t take place without eggs. Many meals also include eggs. In addition to this, eggs are also used to make some sauces. They can also be enjoyed on their own too. Often just a dash of salt and pepper is enough to make a simple boiled egg taste absolutely amazing. Too many eggs can also be a bad thing – like most things in life. Remember, everything in moderation.

Question 38

Warm lemonade

Lemonade is usually a refreshing drink that one would consider drinking on warmer days. It is refreshing and delicious. It is also a drink that is best served ice cold. But what if the pregnancy craving in question calls for a warm glass of lemonade… Is this even an option? Will it even be tasty or refreshing? There is only one way to find out if this craving will really hit the spot, and that means to take a sip and test it. They say a glass of warm water with lemon is good first thing in the morning…

Question 39


It is true. Some ladies have been known to want to eat sand during their pregnancy. This isn’t the healthiest option for nourishment, but it is a sign that something is lacking. Experiencing this kind of craving may need to be addressed by a healthcare professional. We’re not exactly sure how yummy this could taste, but perhaps it gives a whole new meaning to the idea of a mud pie… Who knows what pregnancy craving we will hear of next!

Question 40

Pepperoni and banana pizza

Pizza is a diverse and delicious food that everyone should try at least once in their lives. If one is feeling adventurous, or has a pregnancy craving, why not explore the option of having a banana and pepperoni pizza? Of course, extra cheese is also optional! It is not uncommon for fruit to be on pizza, just take an Hawaiian pizza for example. This is a pizza that is made with pineapple. It is not ideal for everyone but it definitely is worth a try – pregnant or not.

Question 41

Garlic flavored popcorn

Popcorn is a delicious snack and can also come in various flavors. This includes caramel, chutney, plain salt or butter. Popcorn is also a healthier option – depending on how it is made and what is added to it. This pregnancy craving is garlic flavored popcorn. Not only is garlic a good way to keep folks at a distance, it is also good to keep away vampires and some disease too. Real garlic also has some health benefits – or so we have been told…

Question 42


Chalk is not in any of the actual food groups and carries very little nutritional value. It’s also not something one will find in the fresh fruit and veg aisle. In fact, it is often kept with stationery such as pens, pencils and paper etc. Chalk has no real taste, but it can be pretty dry, so if this is on the menu be sure to keep some water around and stay hydrated. Also, it may be advisable to chat to a healthcare professional if this is a pregnancy craving being experienced.

Question 43

Mushy peas

Green peas are not always a hit with everyone. Some folks will avoid peas like the plague. Yet, pregnancy can change us. This is something we have certainly experienced. If peas are one thing, mushy peas are a whole other game. This may not only look weird, it can also taste a bit different as well. It may be possible to find these mushy peas in the shop, alternatively one may need to mash them up and make the dish from scratch. Is this a craving to consider?

Question 44

Yogurt and Cheetos

We have already mentioned soggy Cheetos – an experience anyone living with young children will know. Soggy Cheetos are not always ideal. In fact, they may be less than ideal! That being said, there are some pregnancy cravings which even include having some Cheetos dipped in cold yogurt. Perhaps it is the cold and the crunch mixed together that is so appealing? Or maybe it is that cheesy taste mixed with the yogurt taste that makes it a great idea.

Question 45


Coffee is another thing to try and avoid during pregnancy. But some doctors will allow this as long as it is in moderation, like most things! This is part of a staple diet for most folks, so having to surrender this for nine months and for the months while breastfeeding a baby would be unrealistic. No one can survive that long without a good cuppa! There are also so many different ways to enjoy this beverage, both warm and cold! So it really is a great drink all year round.

Question 46


So, we have heard of people eating sand, drinking salt water and craving ice. What about a serving of glass? It has been documented that some people (both male and female) have enjoyed this as a meal. Of course, it is an extremely dangerous meal and can really be cut throat! This is certainly not ideal and should be avoided. If this craving is knocking at the door, rather see a medical professional as soon as possible! There are some more nutritional options available.

Question 47

Bone broth

Broth is usually used in cooking something else, like a soup etc. It isn’t usually enjoyed on its own. That being said, pregnancy does wonderful things to a woman’s body and so this could very well be the type of craving she has. Bone broth should be fairly simple to make, so get the family involved in preparing this meal. If a little variety is needed then one could even enjoy some chicken broth instead of boring bone broth… The options are endless actually.

Question 48


Moving on from glass as a craving, people have also gone as far as eating paper during their pregnancy. There are other, more effective, ways to recycle so this shouldn’t be on the table. Some paper can be toxic, especially if it has been printed on so be careful when preparing this meal. Or, perhaps avoid the whole idea. This might not be great for one’s digestive system as there is very little fiber in paper, and every pregnant lady knows fiber is very important!

Question 49


We have already mentioned that some ladies crave non-edible items during their pregnancies. One of these items includes sponges. Sometimes it’s the taste of the dish washing liquid in the sponge, sometimes it can be the actual sponge itself. If this is something on the list to eat, best check in with a medical professional. This can be a sign of one’s body lacking a particular vitamin or mineral. We also have no idea what nutritional value sponges have nowadays…

Question 50

Doggie treats

This isn’t a typing error or mistake. It’s true – some women have been known to crave doggie treats during their pregnancy. We haven’t considered which flavor treat is preferable though. If this is the craving at hand, then at least there is a variety to choose from as well. Like: chicken, lamb, beef, sea food and so much more! We’re not sure if this craving includes wanting gravy over the treats. Perhaps consulting with one of the pets is the best idea?

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