Take The Never Have I Ever Quiz And We'll Reveal How Adventurous You Are

What does adventure mean to you? When you think of adventure do you imagine yourself hiking through uncharted wild forests without a guide? Diving off steep cliffs? Diving with sharks? Must an adventure make your heart race in order to be worthwhile?

Maybe that's a little over the top for you. Maybe you prefer your adventures to be just slightly safer than that. Maybe you're even the kind of person who can turn anything into an adventure, even if it's just a trip to the supermarket.

In life, it's up to you to keep things interesting for yourself because it's easy to fall into boring ruts. And if you don't make time for a little fun every now again you'll probably regret it in the long run. It's up to you to take charge and experience all life has to offer.

Today we're playing a little game called Never Have I Ever. All you need to do is read the statement and answer either "Never", if you've never done that, or "done it" if you have. Based on your answers we'll reveal which adventurous movie character you are most like. Are you ready for this?

Question 1

Never Have I Ever... Partied till sunrise?

Well, you know what they say; you only live once so you might as well make it memorable. Sleep can always wait till later! Have you ever stayed awake all night partying with your friends and watched the sunrise the following morning?

Question 2

Never Have I Ever... Said "I love you" first?

They are only three little words but they can have a huge impact. Telling someone that you love them opens you up for major rejection so it can be scary to confess first. Have you ever been brave enough to say "I love you" first?

Question 3

Never Have I Ever... Gone zip-lining?

If you love adventures that get your heart racing then we bet you've tried zip lining before. There's nothing quite like that feeling of racing through the air unless you have a fear of heights that is. Have you done this?

Question 4

Never Have I Ever... Gone surfing?

The pros always make surfing look so effortless but anyone who has ever tried it will know that it takes practice to get right. Have you ever tried surfing or you surf regularly? Or would you rather just watch from the beach?

Question 5

Never Have I Ever... Been bungee jumping?

Not recommended for the faint of heart; this heart-stopping activity is reserved for hard-core adrenaline addicts. The kind of people who enjoy diving with sharks and that sort of thing. Have you ever been this crazy brave? Have you ever bungee jumped?

Question 6

Never Have I Ever... Gone fishing and/or hunting?

How do you feel about fishing or hunting for your own food or furs? Do you think it's something you can do for fun or would you only do it if you had no other choice? Have you ever done it?

Question 7

Never Have I Ever... Eaten an insect?

Okay, we know it sounds disgusting but apparently, insects make very healthy snacks. In some countries eating insects is considered as normal as munching on a pretzel! Have you ever eaten a crunchy grasshopper, a chewy bug, or any other insect before?

Question 8

Never Have I Ever... Saved someone's life?

Have you ever played the hero in real life? Saved someone from a burning building? Dived in to help a drowning person? Maybe you finally got to use those CPR classes? Have you ever saved someone's life?

Question 9

Never Have I Ever... Run a marathon?

Preparing to run a marathon takes a lot of self-discipline but the reward of completing the goal makes up for all the blisters, early mornings, and cramps along the way. Have you ever trained for, and completed any kind of marathon?

Question 10

Never Have I Ever... Moved countries?

Moving from one house to another is stressful. Moving from one city to another is hectic. But moving from one country to foreign place? For that, you need to have a real sense of adventure! Have you ever done this before?

Question 11

Never Have I Ever... Won a jackpot at a casino?

Some folks just have all the luck. You know the kind of people we're talking about right? The ones who walk up to a random slot machine, put in one token and win the jackpot. Have you ever had this kind of luck?

Question 12

Never Have I Ever... Fallen asleep with my shoes on?

So it's been a long night. And we do mean a long night. The only thing you want to do is lie down on your bed and go to sleep. Have you ever been so tired that you went to bed without removing your shoes?

Question 13

Never Have I Ever... Been part of a flash mob?

Being part of a flash mob can require months of careful preparation but the results are always surprising and fun. Have you ever seen one in real life? Have you ever taken part in one? Or would you rather leave this to more adventurous people?

Question 14

Never Have I Ever... Ridden a skateboard?

Without a degree of balance, some form of coordination, and a sense of ageless adventure, you're doomed to fail on a skateboard. If falling down is not on your agenda, don't even attempt this one. Have you ever skateboarded?

Question 15

Never Have I Ever... Seen a ghost?

Where do you stand on the issue of ghosts? Do you think that people can return as spirits after they die or do you think anyone who believes that needs a psych evaluation and quick? Do you believe you've ever seen a ghost?

Question 16

Never Have I Ever... Tried rollerblading?

Like skateboarding and any other form of sport that involves wheels and feet, you need a great sense of balance to master a pair of roller blades. Have you managed to get these right? Or would you rather not even attempt it?

Question 17

Never Have I Ever... Got a speeding ticket?

Maybe you'd been watching too many Fast and Furious movies or maybe you'd just had a terrible day at the office but the next thing you know there's an ominous blue flash followed by that all too familiar wail as the cop pulls you over...

Question 18

Never Have I Ever... Had a tattoo?

Getting a tattoo is not a decision that you should make lightly and yet a lot of people still do. You really need to ask yourself whether that star behind your ear is really going to be that cool in 40 years time, okay?

Question 19

Never Have I Ever... Had a body piercing?

Almost everyone gets their ears pierced these days but there are some folks who like to take their piercing game to the next level. Have you ever had a body piercing, like perhaps your belly button? Or do needles make you feel faint?

Question 20

Never Have I Ever... Been the first person on the dancefloor?

You know what it's like at a party, when the music starts to play and everyone kind of looks around, not wanting to be the first person on the dancefloor? Someone always ends up bravely going out there. Has that ever been you?

Question 21

Never Have I Ever... Been on TV?

We're not talking about your Youtube channel here by the way! Have you ever appeared on TV or maybe even in a movie? Maybe you were interviewed or maybe you landed a gig working as an extra? Ever appeared on the small screen?

Question 22

Never Have I Ever... Ridden a motorcycle?

Some folks, it seems, were just born to ride and try as you might, it's near impossible to keep them off their bikes. They crave the freedom that the open road brings...And then there are other folks who are way happier in their station vans. Which type are you?

Question 23

Never Have I Ever... Freaked myself out watching a horror movie alone?

It's just a movie. It's just a movie. That's what you've been telling yourself throughout this entire horror film, which you decided to watch all by yourself. But now that you're lying in bed your brain is telling you something different...

Question 24

Never Have I Ever... Crashed a party?

Okay so you weren't invited, but that's just details surely? They have plenty of food and drink and it's not like they are going to notice one extra guest in this sea of faces is it? Have you ever crashed a party?

Question 25

Never Have I Ever... Been swimming in the ocean?

Swimming in a pool and swimming out in the ocean are two entirely different things. In the sea you never know what kind of creatures you might encounter, there are currents to consider, and usually not that many people to help you if you run into trouble.

Question 26

Never Have I Ever... Been to black tie event?

Receiving an invitation to a black-tie event can be a little bit daunting, especially if you've never been to something so fancy before. But there's really no need to fret, just follow the fashion guidelines for black-tie and you'll do fine.

Question 27

Never Have I Ever... Lived on my own?

There is something very special about living by yourself. Although it may seem scary at first, you'll be surprised just how satisfying it is knowing that you can look after yourself. Have you ever lived on your own before?

Question 28

Never Have I Ever... Been in a limo?

If you really want to arrive in style or celebrate a special occasion, a limo is what you need. Just add some smart clothes, a few drinks, and a couple of friends and you've got a party, rockstar style!

Question 29

Never Have I Ever... Been in a helicopter?

Has anyone ever whisked you away on a helicopter ride, Christian Grey-style? No? Well, maybe you've been lucky enough to take a ride in one anyway? And if not, would you do it if the chance arose?

Question 30

Never Have I Ever... Been ice skating?

Slippery wet ice and shoes with huge razor blades attached to them sounds like a recipe for a b-grade movie flick, doesn't it? Well, ice skating can be pretty dangerous even once you've got the technique right. Have you ever been ice-skating and lived to tell the tale?

Question 31

Never Have I Ever... Been on the radio?

Has anyone ever told you that you have a voice made for the radio? Well, being a radio presenter can be a fun job, if you don't mind getting up before sunrise for those super early morning shows! Have you ever been on the radio, maybe in a commercial or an interview, or even as a presenter?

Question 32

Never Have I Ever... Been on safari?

Going on a safari is a once in a lifetime experience for most folks. Have you ever been to Africa and been on a real-life adventure onto the open plains to see the big game in their natural habitat? Or is it still on your bucket list?

Question 33

Never Have I Ever... Cut my own hair?

Most of us have been tempted at one stage or another to cut our own hair but unless you've had some form of training this usually doesn't lead to very good results. Have you ever tried snipping your own locks before?

Question 34

Never Have I Ever... Been to the movies on my own?

So you want to go and see this hot new movie this weekend but all your friends already have other plans. What will you do? Sit at home and feel sorry for yourself or hit the theater solo and treat yourself to an extra large popcorn?

Question 35

Never Have I Ever... Popped the big question?

Asking someone to marry you is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your life. And as exciting as it is, it's also terrifying trying to get all the details just right. Have you ever popped the big question before?

Question 36

Never Have I Ever... Flown first class?

Is flying first class really worth the extra money or would you rather just rough it out in coach and keep the extra cash for your vacation? Well, that all depends on how much you value luxury! Have you ever flown first class?

Question 37

Never Have I Ever... Been in a graveyard at night?

Have you ever been in a graveyard at night? We don't want to know the details of how you came to be there, we're sure you have a legitimate reason for doing something so creepy. You do, don't you?

Question 38

Never Have I Ever... Been in the newspaper?

Have you ever been front page news? No? Well, maybe you appeared in the paper as part of a story or maybe you wrote a letter that the editor published? Have you ever seen your name (or face) in print?

Question 39

Never Have I Ever...Visited a fortune teller?

Do you believe that some people have the gift of foresight? That they are able to see into the future, and your future? Have you ever visited such a person for private reading or would you never be seen using money for this?

Question 40

Never Have I Ever... Applied to be on a reality TV show?

Have you ever applied to join a show such as Survivor? Have you ever dreamed of becoming a reality TV star? For some folks, this is a great way to break into the entertainment industry. Have you ever done this?

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