Take The Mommy Quiz And We'll Reveal The Perfect Baby Name

Being a mom is probably one of the hardest jobs in the entire world. It's also one of the most important. After all, children represent the hope of the entire planet. Kids right now are going to inherit the Earth one day, and how do we know whether they'll do a good job? It's all up to the moms that have raised them. Because of this, moms have a huge responsibility in their hands. It's not always easy to raise children. No one is perfect. But at the end of the day, we do our best, and usually the results are what we deserve.

But if our readers really want to find out what it takes to be a mom, then they need look no further than this particular quiz. It's got all kinds of random trivia, with a few interesting questions mixed in. Don't be alarmed, there are no "right" or "wrong" questions here... At least for the most part. In the end, it's just a fun way to figure out what personal preferences moms have when it comes to raising children.

And at the very end of the quiz, we'll even give you one of the cutest names ever for a future child... Even if moms aren't expecting a new addition to their family!


Question 1

What's A Good Way To Help Kids Study?

Helping kids study is definitely an important part of raising any child. But as most parents know, it's not as easy as it seems. This important role takes focus, discipline, and of course a great brain. As children start to grow older, studying and homework becomes more and more important. But it's important to establish great studying habits early on in life, that last the rest of their school life. What's a good way to help kids study as a mom these days?

Question 2

Is It Okay To Lie To Kids Sometimes?

There's been endless debate about when it's okay to lie. Sometimes, lies can actually be moral and ethical. This is what's known as "the noble lie." However, some people disagree, and say that it's always the right thing to tell the truth, no matter what. Obviously, this entire debate becomes a lot more meaningful when you add children into the equation. Should moms ever lie to their children? Should they tell them that santa isn't real? Should they lie about where babies come from? It's an interesting question, that's for sure.

Question 3

Name This Product

Throughout the life of any mom, they're going to come into contact with a large number of different products. These products come and go, some are just passing fads while others have been important tools for centuries. Moms depend on these products, and they haven't changed much. Some products change because they have been proven to be unsafe for babies to use. Any mom will definitely be able to recognize this particular product. But just what is this product? Take a guess...

Question 4

Name The Show

Here's a show that most people will remember. When the first few episodes started to air, it was a show about young people who were exploring relationships and living on their own in a big city. But as the episodes went on, more serious themes and story lines started to emerge. For instance, some of the characters had meaningful relationships and even got married. Others had children, and that was a big change for us to witness. This show is loved by many moms across the world. But what is it called?

Question 5

Name This Mom

Here's a mom that many moms will definitely recognize. But in truth, our readers don't have to have children to recognize this character. She's the mom of a family that is popular around the world. This show is definitely one of the funniest ones out there, and it's also one of the wildest. The jokes are random, naughty, and downright funny. The family aspect of the show is one of its most prominent features, and the mother of the family plays a big role in many of the episodes. But just who is this particular person?

Question 6

Is It Okay To Argue In Front Of The Kids?

Let's face it - all couples argue. In fact, it's probably unhealthy if a couple isn't arguing on a semi-regular basis. When couples aren't arguing, it usually means that one person is just no communicating their problems enough. And that's not good. Arguing might be pretty straightforward when couples are childless, but it's definitely different when kids are involved. Arguing might take a slightly different form, but then again, that's totally up to the parents. But is it really okay to argue in front of the kids?

Question 7

Which Direction Is The Best Way To Wipe When Changing Diapers?

There are many glorious, memorable and magical moments when it comes to raising kids. Most moms will agree that changing diapers is not one of those things. But it's something that just has to be done, and most moms simply just accept that they're going to be doing it for many years. But even though it's not the most pleasant duty in the world, there IS somewhat of an art to changing diapers. For example, it's better to wipe in one direction than the other. But what direction is that exactly?

Question 8

Is It Okay To Let An Infant Watch More Than Three Hours Of TV Per Day?

Television can be a wonderful thing. It educates us, entertains us, keeps us updated on the latest news, and makes us feel emotions that we might not feel otherwise. But television can also play a negative role in our lives, and it can be quite detrimental to our productivity. It's all too easy to simply go home and watch TV, while watching ours of our lives fading away from existence. But what about children? Most moms know how much TV is okay for infants... But is three hours too much?

Question 9

True Or False, Grandma Can Be A Good Source Of Advice

Grandmas can be a little hit or miss sometimes. While many moms might have great relationships with grandma, others aren't so lucky. And some grandmas might be a little on the wacky side. Eccentricity seems to increase with age, and that might not always lead to the best advice. In addition, grandmas might have advice that is incredibly outdated, wrong, or based on myth rather than fact. That being said, grandmas do have experience with raising children. Are they good sources of advice?

Question 10

What Important Piece Of Safety Equipment Goes Hand In Hand With A Bike?

Teaching a child how to ride a bike might just be one of the most magical moments a mom can experience. It's wonderful to witness the slow, gradual process of a child becoming more and more confident on a bicycle, eventually ditching those training wheels and experiencing genuine feelings of freedom as they zip down the sidewalk. But let's be honest - biking isn't always the safest of activities. Kids can (and will) fall off their bikes, and that can lead to injury. What's one important piece of safety equipment?

Question 11

What's The One Thing Kids Need When They Go Out In The Sun?

It's always important to get out and enjoy the sun, whether moms have families or not. Adults need to absorb that sunlight every now and again, and so do kids. Vitamin D is in plentiful supply whenever there's a sunny day. Plus, it's just great to be outside when it's beautiful weather! Kids might enjoy building a sandcastle on the beach, going swimming, or riding bikes on sunny days. But even though the sunlight is a wonderful thing, it can also be cause for worry. What's one thing kids need in the sunlight?

Question 12

What's The Least Enjoyable, Being Kept Awake By A Crying Baby, Or Not Knowing What's Wrong With The Baby?

Crying babies are never fun to deal with. Even if our readers don't have children of their own, they've probably experienced the ear-splitting sensation of a baby's shrieks on a bus, a plane, or in a restaurant. There's no denying it - a crying baby can bring down the mood of any place. But it's even tougher when we have to deal with that on a daily basis. This is what moms have to deal with. Often, moms can't even sleep because they're being kept awake by their crying baby. But is it really worse than not knowing what's wrong?

Question 13

Name This Product

Here's another product that moms might be able to recognize. Getting out and about with a baby in tow isn't always easy. Sure, there are strollers to consider, but can these really allow moms to take babies wherever they go? Strollers can often be hard to deal with. Moms can't take them on offroad paths, and it's sometimes tough to store the stroller or get in tight spaces. That's why it's sometimes better to choose this product instead. This is something which allows a mom to transport a baby in a different way.

Question 14

Name This Show

Fans of this particular show will know this cast as soon as they look at all these wonderful faces. There are many shows out there which focus on the family dynamic, and for good reasons. Families are inherently interesting. More than that, they're relatable. Everyone knows what it's like to deal with certain situations as a family, and that's what makes these shows so widely appealing. But with this show, there's something special that really makes it stand out from the crowd. What's the name of this show?

Question 15

Name This Character

Here's a character that most of our readers will be able to recognize, and it doesn't take a mom to get this question right. However, moms probably found themselves relating to this character more than other audience members. This is a mom that seems like a regular woman on the outside. But as most of us know, she has some amazing super powers which are kept secret. This mom manages to take care of her little ones AND save the world at the same time. If that's not a "super mom," we don't know what is!

Question 16

What Kind Of Person Would You Trust With Babysitting?

Choosing the right babysitter can be one of the most frustrating and daunting tasks that any mom will ever face. It might not seem like a big deal, but let's be real here: Moms are basically putting the lives of their little ones in some random person's hands. Yes, it can be stressful. Sure, a mom might look at resumes to get a better sense of the person's personality, but is that really ever enough? Some moms choose instead to go with the local teen girl, simply because their instincts tell them it's the right choice.

Question 17

Is It Worth It To Read Baby Books?

Many moms out there do tons of research before they even think about having a baby. There's definitely tons of resources out there. Moms might look at YouTube videos, attend seminars and lessons, or simply read baby books. There are a lot of baby books out there, and some of them are really useful. However, not everyone likes to read books, and it takes a special kind of mom to read many baby books before the baby is due. Are baby books even worth it? That's definitely a question that many moms are asking themselves.

Question 18

What's The Best Way To Get A Baby To Go To Sleep?

Getting a baby to sleep might just be one of the most difficult tasks ever. It might not seem like a big deal, but tons of moms out there will tell us that it can be extremely challenging. Sometimes, it might seem like the weirdest things end up getting babies to sleep. Little ones might only get sleepy when we play a particular type of music. Or they might only want to snooze after eating a particular type of food. But at the end of the day, singing and reading are two of the most effective methods. Which is better?

Question 19

What's The Most Uncomfortable Toy To Step On?

There are many awesome things about having kids. One of the best things is that moms get to play with their kids, and re-experience all the joys of being a little child once again. Moms might choose to play hide and go seek with their kids, or they might choose to play with toys. But the thing about toys is that they often end up scattered all over our floor. This can lead to some majorly painful situations when we accidentally step on these toys. But what is the most painful toy to step on?

Question 20

Are Maternity Clothes Fun, Or A Source Of Annoyance?

One of the realities of being pregnant is that we can't wear the same clothes any more. Women's bodies just tend to grow, and not just in the belly area. Many parts of a woman's body seem to swell to epic proportions, and this means that our old clothes don't seem to fit anymore. The solution is of course pretty simple. Just wear Maternity Clothes! Some women actually get pretty excited about picking out maternity clothes, while others are a little less enthusiastic. But are maternity clothes fun? Or not so much?

Question 21

What's A Better Name For A Boy?

Naming the baby is definitely one of the most interesting things about becoming a new mom. Many moms and dads have ideas in their minds about what to name their child. Many of us have these names planned out for countless years. Sometimes, people even think about names for babies when they're still kids themselves! But when it comes to boy names, a lot of moms have pretty strong opinions about what constitutes a good name. Take these two options for example: Liam and Elijah. Which is better?

Question 22

What's The Best Reward For A Child?

Rewarding a child is actually a pretty good thing to do as a mom. Rewards help children understand the value of doing good things. Sure, the mere feeling of doing something nice SHOULD be a good enough reward for kids, but sometimes they need a little bit of positive reinforcement. Parents might reward their kids for getting good grades on a report card, or scoring the winning goal in an important sports game. But what's the best reward out there? It's an important question...

Question 23

Is It Okay For Kids To Play Fortnite?

Most moms these days know all about Fortnite. It's quickly emerged as the most popular video game in the world, and it's influence is actually pretty astounding. More kids are playing this game than any other video game in the past, and sometimes this can get a little excessive. There have been many documented instances of children becoming hopelessly hooked on Fortnite. Some children even become angry and lash out when they're asked to stop playing. But is it okay for kids to play this game?

Question 24

Who Usually Learns To Speak First, Boys Or Girls?

For moms who have raised both boys and girls, it is very interesting for them to witness the various differences in both boys and girls. There has been a lot of research on this subject, and some of the most interesting facts come out of these studies. It's definitely true that there are some major differences between boys and girls, especially in the way they develop. This has to do with the way their brains grow and develop, and different areas develop differently with boys and girls. But generally speaking, which one speaks first?

Question 25

What's The Best Way To Soothe A Crying Baby?

Soothing a crying baby can definitely be a challenge for any mom, and it's something that moms get better and better at as time goes on. Moms develop an instinctive talent for calming the baby down, and soothing them to the point where they can drift off to sleep. There are many different methods out there, although sometimes it takes a little imagination to fully sooth a baby to the point where they can stop crying. But out of these options, which is the best way to sooth a crying baby?

Question 26

Is It Okay To Put A TV In The Kid's Bedroom?

Letting a child watch TV is one thing, but putting a TV in their room? That's a whole different ball game. When a mom puts a TV in her child's room, she's basically inviting them to spend as much time watching television as they please. Some children might have a good sense of discipline and self control. Some kids might prefer to go outside and play. But others might end up watching more television than is really healthy for them to do.

Question 27

Which Is The Better Source For Baby Advice?

Getting advice on baby matters is something that virtually every single mother does at some point in her life. There are a few baby related things that are pretty hard to wrap our minds around, no matter how much we try to understand them. Sometimes, getting advice from a real person is simply better than reading about it in a book or watching it in a video. We get to ask questions, and interact. But what about the internet? Sometimes we can find good information there as well...

Question 28

Which Is The Best Pregnancy Comfort Food?

Being pregnant can be a bit of a struggle. There are many stressful situations that pregnant women must endure, and that's why it's important to make the entire experience as stress free as possible. It's not always possible to lift our mood when pregnant, but there are things that we can do to make it better. One of the most common choices for pregnant women is comfort food. Pregnant women might experience all kinds of cravings while they're going through it all. But what kind of comfort food is best?

Question 29

What's The Most Magical Moment: Baby's First Steps, Or Baby's First Words?

There are so many magical moments that moms get to experience over the course of their child's development. For many moms, every little milestone is a source of celebration and joy. It might be as simple as laughing for the first time, or dancing around to music. But there are some milestones that are clearly more impressive than others, and these have the power to take our breath away. Two huge examples would be the baby's first steps, and the baby's first words. But which moment is more magical?

Question 30

Is It Cute When A Baby Babbles, Or Is It Annoying?

Babbling is actually a very important stage of language development. It might not sound that impressive, but it's the very first stage when the baby tries to form words for the first time. To put it simply, babbling is a VERY good sign. It means that the language centers of the brain are developing, and many moms are thrilled when their babies start babbling for the first time. But after hours and hours, some moms might find it annoying. Others might find the whole thing rather cute.

Question 31

What's More Important? Nature Or Nurture?

Ah, the age old debate. Nurture Vs Nature. This is actually a really interesting topic that many moms find themselves wondering about when they raise their children. Nature Vs Nurture can be summed up pretty easily. It's really just a simple question: Are people "formed" by their genetics, or by the environments they grow up in? How much of our behavior and personality is determined before we're even born? How much of it is actually determined by how we are raised? Everyone has their own opinion about this...

Question 32

What Product Does "Huggies" Make?

Huggies is definitely one of the most well-known baby companies in the world. There are quite a few of them out there, but pretty much every mom in existence is familiar with this brand, and the vast majority of them probably buys and uses Huggies products with their own baby. These products are pretty much essential for any mom, and babies get very familiar with them over the course of time. This is probably a very easy question to answer, but what type of product does Huggies actually make?

Question 33

Formula Or Breastfed?

This is another interesting debate that many moms find themselves contemplating. Honestly, there's no "right" or "wrong" answer when it comes to this particular issue. Every mom can make up their own mind about whether they want to use formula, or breastfeed themselves. Other moms do a little bit of both, supplementing breastfeeding with formula here and there. There's a lot of scientific data to support the benefits of breastfeeding, but in the end it comes down to plain old personal preference.

Question 34

Disposable Or Cloth Diapers?

Here's another interesting debate that moms must think about - whether to go with disposable diapers, or cloth ones. Again, it really just comes down to personal preference, and there's no clear benefits to either process. One might argue that cloth diapers are better for the environment, as there's less waste involved. But the convenience of disposable diapers can't be underestimated. Cloth diapers must be washed, and this might not be the most enjoyable task. But which one would be the best choice?

Question 35

What Type Of Baby Clothing Is Best?

It might be tempting for many moms to go out and buy all kinds of baby clothing and accessories for their little one. But is it really the right path to take? We have to remember that in just a few years (or even months), the baby will completely outgrow whatever we buy for them. So we have to be careful about what we choose for our infants. There are a few things out there that every mom wants to provide for her child. Two examples are booties and hats.

Question 36

Name This Character

This character should definitely be recognizable to the majority of our readers, even if they're not a mom or even a family person. This is of course one of the most iconic characters played by the one and only Robin Williams, who was probably one of the best comedic actors of our time. This character is a man - but in the disguise of a friendly elderly nanny. She knows how to take care of children, and bonds with the kids in this movie quite well. It's a character that everyone should know about...

Question 37

Name This Mom

Here's another character that everyone should easily be able to recognize. Even though this family is completely fictional, it's probably one of the most well known in all of history. Many of us have watched this show since being a very young person, and we've got to know this family very well. This character is of course the matriarch of the family, and she plays a fairly traditional motherly role in the family. She has three children, and she cares for her entire family very much.

Question 38

Name This Show

Here's another show that many moms probably know all about. It's the kind of show that anyone can enjoy, whether they have kids or not. This is what television is supposed to be - an escape from the daily routine of raising kids and trying our best to be organized for the whole family. We switch it on, and instantly we can forget all about the pressures of having a family. This comedy is all about the backstage hijinks that happen on the set of a live improv television show.

Question 39

Name This Show

Here's another show that plenty of people will remember. There are many shows that revolve around families, but there are only a rare few that fully capture what it's REALLY like to raise a bunch of kids. The mother and the father in this show always seem to just barely cope with the pressures of being a parent, and that's why so many people can relate to the show. There are also some brilliant child actors in the show, and they perfectly illustrate what it's like to grow up in this day and age.

Question 40

Name This Product

There are many products out there that moms are no doubt very familiar with, and this is probably one that most moms have in their home. It's something that is pretty much essential when a mom is raising a small child. Chairs just don't reach high enough for babies to sit at the table! And that's pretty much the problem that this product attempts to solve. It's great for getting the family together and eating as a group, even if one young family member is too young to contribute to the conversation!

Question 41

Name This Product

Here's another product that some moms might be familiar with, and it's something that most kids are familiar with too. In fact, most of us probably remember having these in our bedrooms as small children. These little devices serve a number of purposes, but for the most part, they help kids get to sleep in the dark. Because even the bravest of children sometimes get a little spooked in the dark, and this little product totally solves that pressing problem.

Question 42

Is It Better To Relax During Pregnancy, Or Work Out As Much As Possible?

For the most part, new moms don't really know what to expect when they go through pregnancy. After all, pregnancy affects peoples' bodies in different ways, and women never know what to expect. Some women have to just spend their time relaxing, and reducing stress as much as possible. Other women get inspired to work out as much as possible, to try and keep in great shape even up until the very last moment before they give birth. In the end, it's all personal preference.

Question 43

Is Having Pets Around With A Baby A Good Thing?

For many moms, they already have experience taking care of little ones, even before they have their first children. That's because they have a one or two (or three!) pets around the house long before they have a child. The bond between the pets and the children can sometimes be some of the most touching relationships we ever experience. But there are those that would argue that it's not a good idea to have pets around when a baby arrives at the house.

Question 44

What Does Fisher-Price Make?

You've probably heard the name before. But how many of our readers actually know what Fisher-Price makes? This is a company that has been associated with young children, infants and babies for countless years, and it's definitely a good company for parents to spend their hard earned cash on. This company makes products that give children a lot of enjoyment, and perhaps even education. Fisher-Price is a brand that many of us even remember from our own time as small children.

Question 45

What Does Johnson's Make?

Johnson's is another company that many of us are very familiar with. This brand is actually geared specifically towards babies for the most part. But the crazy thing is that adults and people of all ages love to use their products, because they're so amazing. This brand is famous for creating products which are sensitive enough for use on babies, which automatically makes these products pretty high quality, and great for use on a wide variety of different people. But do our readers actually know what products this brand makes?

Question 46

When The Baby Kicks, Is It A Magical Moment Or A Painful One?

Feeling the baby kick is definitely a major event in any mother's life. Many consider this to be a major milestone in the development of the pregnancy, and it's a magical moment for many moms out there. It's basically a confirmation that the being living and growing inside of the mom is very real, and has its own unique personality. This can be a really touching experience. But that novelty might fade fast. In the end, it might end up being more annoying than anything else.

Question 47

What's Good Way To Get Rid Of The Baby Blues?

Tons of moms out there will tell you that baby blues are a very real thing, and sometimes they can be quite an issue. Depression during pregnancy is incredibly common, and some women really struggle with it. Some women never actually experience the baby blues, whereas others get it in a pretty large dose. However, there are definite ways to get rid of the baby blues, at least temporarily. Consider this. Out of these options, which one is the best choice?

Question 48

Name This Show

Here's another show that people might be able to recognize. If we're being honest, this show was probably aimed towards moms, although it is accessible and entertaining to all kinds of people. It's a show about a young woman who emerges from being in a cult for many years, and decides to take life by the horns. It's an inspiring tale to say the least, and most of the time it's very lighthearted and fun. It's the type of show that most moms out there would really enjoy.

Question 49

Name This Character

Here's one character that a lot of people out there would probably be able to recognize, whether or not they have children or not. This character is actually part of a show that is very old, and it's an iconic family to say the least. This character spends most of her days looking after her family, but she is known to have her crazy days as well. This family actually lives in the stone age, and they have all kinds of strange dinosaur pets and cars made out of rocks and wood.

Question 50

Name This Product

Here's a product that most moms will be able to recognize without too much trouble. It's something that is pretty much essential for all little ones to use. As our readers can undoubtedly see, these products were designed to contain liquids. And every good mom knows that keeping babies properly hydrated is a big deal. These little vessels can be used to contain a wide variety of different liquids, but the most notable feature is the fact that they don't spill easily.

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